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Yeah but the main reason UF and UT are better this year is because they fired their coaches after getting throttled by UGA. Georgia’s winning and recruiting forced UF and UT to make changes to not get left behind.
In fact, in the 11 times the two have played in BR, both have won 5 times and they tied once.
You’re right, the last time UGA won in Baton Rouge was 10 years ago. The problem with using that as an argument is that that was also the last time they played in Baton Rouge...
Just read all the comments to see if someone had said this before I commented the exact same thing...
Against another high scoring, weak defense team. When Georgia plays weak defenses, their offense scores a lot of points too. The difference is they have a strong defense.
I wouldn't say he made a foolish mistake. From what I've read he chose the Youtube earnings over football. Perhaps he sees a career in media, whereas backup kicker at UCF doesn't exactly scream football career.
You've clearly never been inside a Bass Pro Shop.
So the quarterbacks have to play well for the teams to win...