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It won't hurt to wait a little while and see how this things shake out. UCF can always declare themselves this seasons champions no matter if those whiny latte sippin' soy boys play or not.
I'm looking forward to seeing all the top talent from UCF playing in the NFL.
If a want to see players flopping around on the ground faking injuries so they can slow the pace of the game, I'll watch soccer.
1. Send missoo back to the Big 12 or Big eight. I don't care, just want them gone. 2. Move UCF to the SEC West. That way, we never have to hear about their football program again. Or shift one east team to the west and put UCF in the SEC East. That way they can get the crap beat out of them by Florida every year and we never have to hear about their football program again.
Every time I see the gaytors uniform, it reminds me of the rompers they wear at the Alachua County Jail, which is the main destination for gaytor players.
Why not hire that crazy nazi anti free speech professor or a BLM/Travon/Ferguson hate hoaxer for coach. I spit on Missouri. They belong in the same league as berkley.
Clemson is the 2019 version of UCF.
Mizzou isn't a Southern team. They don't belong in the SEC. Their big rivalries are non-SEC teams. Send them back to the itty-bitty 12 and move UCF into the SEC to take their place.
You're forgetting Launch Complex 39. Pads 39A and 39B were used for all the moon shots and all the Shuttle launches. Space-X leased 39A and 39B is being refurbed for NASA's SLS manned program.
NASA HQ is in DC. Houston has Johnson Space Center. Merritt Island has Kennedy Space Center. UCF has traditionally drawn many STEM types from UCF. The still have a second rate, minor football program, but their growing. The need to get out of the AAC (Dolly Madison Division) and start playing other Florida teams if they ever want to crack the big time. I'd love to see the SEC send Mizzou back to where they belong and put UCF in the SEC East. Imaging the UF/UCF rivalry.
I had no doubt that Herbstreit picked the Buttguys for number 1. After all, he uses a Shake Weight.
I would like to see Mizzou sent back to the itty-bitty 12 and UCF moved to the SEC West. That way, we'd never have to hear about either one of them again in polite company.