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We really need a healthy KJ. He'd be really motivated to play well considering the heartbreaking defeat last year in oxford. Gotta wait one more day to hear if he practices.
KJ Jefferson's ability to play is currently up in the air. Without him I doubt we can score enough with our porous defense.
hey Josh be commissioner so you can fix the scheduling. We get the 4 straight road games next year without a bye in the mix. @LSU, A&M in dallas, @Ole Miss, @ Bama.
A&Ms been talking playoffs and natty the last decade and they go 8-4.
Young has less talent than Bennett? Those teams are so clse together they are 1A and 1B. Stick Young on south carolina or missouri’s roster.
If you don't have a strong pass rush it doesn't matter how good your secondary is because a receiver will get open if the QB has over 5 seconds. So I look at it that way. Also getting Myles Slusher back will be a big improvement.
Unless the Aggies run the table the App St. loss will prevent them from making the Playoffs. But they have to take it one game at a time. We can expect the best from both teams. Hogs expect to get Myles Slusher back from injury and that will be a big boost to a shaken secondary. Making Johnson hold the ball just a little bit longer could be advantageous in getting to him.
The biggest key to victory for the hogs will be the WR play. I suspect the Aggies will keying to stop the run which should leave some one on ones in the secondary.
Yes if the Aggie oline gives Johnson time he'll pick apart the secondary. But if the Ark oline has their way we'll be able to dictate on offense. It's going to be a tight game and who has the ball last may come out on top.
Not just him. We are a 2.5 point "road" dog this weekend.
This is a true SDS Hack. We went 3-7 in 2020 not 3-9. We aren't traveling to College Station this weekend. Just think if he wrote more than three short paragraphs.
I heard a lot of talk about Miss St. oline, but LSUs defense just manhandled them. I firmly believe the Hogs were overlooking Mo.St. but our pass defense on the back end has a lot to be desired. Injuries or not an FCS team shouldn't be able to dictate on offense like they did. Odom needs to come up with something different this weekend.
And Jeff Long didn't hire Chad Morris. There can't possibly ever be a worse disaster than the Chad Morris era.
KJ Jefferson looks like a Heisman candidate against every defense he's faced so far.
I look for the Hogs to start bringing out the Malik Hornsby packages. This will also be the first true test of the passing game as A&M will be the best team yet stuffing the run.
Skipper started as a freshman at G when Sam was our oline coach. He was also one of the leaders of the former Hogs that sent a letter to AD yurachek recommending he hire Sam as the head coach.
All other problems? Like turnovers. Sloppy, careless, etc. Players probably overlooked them (oh I already said that). The A&M that lost to App. was an anomaly. Max johnson is a good SEC QB and next week will be a tough game for us. We aren't and never were going to steamroll every one like Bama. And bama will probably steam roll us.
The hogs' players were absolutely over-looking Mo. St. IMO then Mo.St aerial attack were making plays. a lot of that due to the absence of two starting safeties and the starting nickel. shelley (QB) was going to his primary target when he passed if not he took off. Hogs had to overcome two double digit deficits, but they did. and they did with big plays. Glad they had to fight for it. KJ and Rocket had an incredible game on offense and Sanders led the defense again.
Well I'll take it. Even though the defense gave up a lot they made the stops in the 4th Q. Our back end is vulnerable with our two starting safeties out, one for the year. Big plays on offense, two 2 play drives of 75+ yards and a punt returned for TD made the difference. Can't overstate the importance of turnovers. One of our at the Mo.St goal line. This was a game, pre Sam, that we woulda lost.
Max is a no brainer. King can start googling transfer portal.
I think there are several SEC schools that would have canned Stoops during or after year 3. Build the statue. LOL
If Saban cares about breaking the record, he'll stay for it. Not sure he wants to stay another 5 years. Not sure how long Sam stays either, but the program will be in good hands. There is too much impatience in programs to have a long lasting coach. Schools offering the "kitchen sink" to a good coach like A&M did for Fisher. also age is a factor (Leach, Pittman and Kelly). Leach is the closest to breaking Miss St record but 50 wins is a lot to expect from a school like miss St and arkansas too for that matter. Kiffin is younger but will he stay? Same with Heupel.
he'll take that SEC buyout and go back where he belongs.
He had one against SC. He's gotta fix that or he won't play.
Dude, Sam Pittman said it: “Last time Arkansas was relevant relevant was when Coach Petrino was here and we’re very grateful for his time here and what he did for the program, we’ve used that in recruiting,” Pittman said. “Without him and his staff, we wouldn’t have been able to do that. So it’ll be exciting, I’m sure, for him to come back here. They’ve got a good team, ranked seventh in the FCS.” @ESAD up yours
Other transfers are worth mentioning. McGlothern with 2 INTs, Brini has stepped in to fill in for the injured Catalon and had a FF against SC. Terry hampton from Ark St has played well as DT and Domineck (Ga Tech) with a couple of sacks in the first two games. The running game will get an added boost when Dominique Johnson comes back and I hope that is for the A&M game.