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AJ Green can't read how TF did he make it through classes in UGA?
He's good but guys I'll be honest I'd rather have Lock... BUT the tandom of Kelly and very underrated Roundtree III could end looking alot like Snell and Wilson in UK last season
I like the old school rivalries between UF vs Miami and USC vs UNC I expect the SEC to come out swing winning both games by double digits
He also got knocked out by little ole Syracuse
This kid would not only take our run game to a new level but also make the Defense better allowing AJ Turner to go defense full time
He's got made of glass hope he doesn't try running up the field against sec defense
Ok I grew up with Robert my older brother played fb with him and Carlos Dunlap and my step mom babysat his sister and I can tell you that's not how that really happened non the less the Ncaa is inconsistent and plays major favorites
Not really just think it's bs that every school doesn't hold the same academic standards for sports scholarships BT should be playing in the garnet and black
BT is only at Tennessee because he wasn't academically eligible to go to South Carolina
Ncaa probably does nothing... èven though the same thing cost Robert Quinn his college career
Because my phone took put a word? Ha again y'all can't beat Muschamp
I think we torch UNC by +30 points the offense should be much improved this year and the Defense could be a force. This is Bentley's year no excuses if the run game comes together this might get interesting
Totally agree the fact that FL avoids playing between the hedges and GA avoids the swamp kinda makes for a unfair advantage for "the 2 powerhouses of the East" while the rest of us have to visit those two very hostile environments every other year
Oh dude I don't mind you at all I find it amusing how you get under there skin
AlltheSec Section 505 row 41... I got seats 34-35 ranges from % $28 to $45 on ticketmaster
Idk about getting that cheep the day of but check ticket master that's where I got mine