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Our screen time in these things is almost non-existent LOL
This is the kind of thing that memes are made out of. I'll take the W and live with it but we're going to be the butt of a bad joke for a minute
We Florida and Auburn so they belong in the two lowest tier bowls Birmingham and Gasparilla
Auburn belongs in the Birmingham Bowl Florida belongs in the Gasparilla Bowl neither one of them deserve to being anything better
His best friend is going to be a Gamecock so he's going to be a Gamecock
They really went with the guy we passed up on who was begging for the job how hilarious
Alabama isn't going to the playoffs because they don't stand a chance of beating Georgia in the SEC Championship
So let me get this straight because we won a few more games than you thought we would have at this point we have less of a chance to beat Clemson? Okay?
On that note I would absolutely love to play North Carolina in the Gator Bowl would be huge for us if we could pick up that win in a bowl game against them
Auburn makes it into the Gator Bowl over South Carolina I might throw up
Agreed I'd much rather take the trip to Tampa for the Gasparilla Bowl hopefully the Seminoles take care of business so we can go down to Florida in December
I really miss Arkansas versus South Carolina year and year out
Y'all smoke crack South Carolina v. Clemson is the greatest rivalry in all of sports. There is no argument about it it's not even remotely close. Y'all don't like you're opposing rival we f****** hate ours. Just go on YouTube and look up South Carolina Clemson brawl it speaks for itself
Wouldn't mind bringing him in as an assistant
South Carolina wins in a blowout victory over Clemson
Darth for the record I'm only singling him out because me and him have been going at it since before the season started he brought all the s*** talk upon himself.
Thanks Darth i actually didnt know that. And Aubie obviously it has to be indisputable I believe the call on the field was that he did Muffet so the camera had to prove that he didn't which it could not. He touched it stay mad and better luck next season. To put it simply enough for you I told you so y'all never had a chance
What was stupid was thinking y'all were going to beat South Carolina.
Well you just got smoked by our 3rd string running back and quarterback so