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I'm sick of the disrespect screw SDS and espn.
You're a tater fan nobody cares what you think
It's just going to give the media another excuse to downplay another gamecock W
He'll matchup on Shi.. should give Jalen Brooks a chance at having a great debut. That should also open up the field for Muse as well and spread things out for the run game
Nah I think he should do that next week... Lmfao
One? He's been a lockdown CB since day one... Auburn was just dumb enough to throw to him alot
It ain't just one though. Izzy is back this week too John Dixon is a lockdown, Shilo Sanders is a bruiser, and the entire defensive line gets after it
Should have been eligible from day one. The NCAA is so dam bias....
It doesn't matter that he didn't play it matters that he's eligible and shouldn't be when in our case with Jalen Brooks there is literally no reason in the world why he shouldn't be immediately eligible
*of... Hate this phone
If course we get the shaft...
I'm sick of this Transfer crap they should have to sit out a year no matter what
The Ncaa also cheats for you blue bloods.... Cade Mays shouldn't be eligible and they saved y'all by ruling Jalen Brooks ineligible.. typical BS. Must be nice
Tennessee really didn't do anything to deserve that win. We stabbed ourselves in the foot too many times. Other than that y'all had one WR make a miracle catch that put y'all in the game.and the refs don't know what pass interference is....
Keep smoking that sh*t the Bama dynasty is dead.
Have y'all ever beaten UGA like at anytime in the past decade? Can UF hold on to a Coach for longer than 3 seasons without the dumpster fire rekindling? Can y'all beat SC without Major assistance from refs And blatantly cheating... Yeah I didn't think so...
The defense and special teams will score 21points by itself. Tennessee will be lucky to even score on this defense
Shut up I-95 go F*ck your cousin we all know you're a Clemson fan
This is the difference in being Carolina and being UGA,UF,Tenn,Bama,LSU,Auburn, Clemson, Ohio State.....
Yep the ncaa cheating us again..... Must be nice to be on there good side.... Cheating bastardss
In the west Auburn or Texas A&M In the east????? Your guess is as good as mine. I'd say Tennessee or South Carolina I'm not high on Florida and UGA I won't comment on until I see a product on the field they replace alot and QB is a big ??? But I won't count them out yet. As for Uk haha honestly if they get a few skill players on offense and Terry Wilson bacl the way this year's playing out they could pull it out on some weird scenario. But I think the SEC as a whole but more specifically the East is wide open this year. I don't see one team that could just dominate the rest it's just too close.