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this is the most promising team we have had in years. we are excited. its only natural to want to build the hype if we pull a W in week 2 and you look at the schedule the ceiling is high as its been in year SECC maybe a playoff birth. so yeah WE COCKY!
and just to remind you we left 15 points bc of a sh*t kicker we beat ourselves
We are going to destroy UK by 21+ get tf out of here
they just threw a number out there they dont research a thing.
ill never forget the UGA vs Sc 2014 game Gurley punches our guy and we get an unsportmanlike penalty but yeah UGA is forever getting cheated.... right
Frommm honestly. He's gettimg benched week 2
im sick of this talk about Hurts. anyone who knows football knows Kirby was ready for hurts. Kirby is a great Defensive mind and was ready for that offense what he wasnt ready for was for Saban to throw back Tua out tgere which completely changed the dynamic of that offense and thus the game if it came down to it and Tua had been the starter all season and going into that game UGA would have won and thats a fact
NC? UGA wont make it past week 2 in Columbia
Im not going to say anything.... but it should be a fun year
PG Bruce Ellington. But that would be my only change
Wow.... you know...kiffin would actually be a great coach if he would just shut his F*ckin mouth why do you thick saban is so mellow cause if it's not talking football on the field hes not talking about it
Its Defamation of Character and yall can be mad all you want shes doing the right thing.
As a Gamecock fan I have to say its harder for us
I live George Rogers but personally i consider Marcus Lattimore our best Rb of all time. He started something so much more than our fans could ever of expected and really helped build a winning culture that we are building on today.
Cheaters! Nah but for real congrats yall are the only team capable of knocking off UConn my girls just dont hAve it this year
The ESEC account has actually been around longer than dawgdayz but i suspect they are both the same pathetic loser but in regards to the other comments up top about Tindal and Sandige i found hilarious and i personally think the East will come down to week 2 in Columbia and its going to be the best East match up all year looking forward to it
Different years different teams and a first year hc i give Eason a pass. I personally think hes going to take Washington to the playoffs. But thats just me
Not true hes not the only one Esec does the same crap to my team
Yep came in 3rd to Rg3 and Andrew Luck