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I think calling it no contest at speeds is a bit of an exaggeration Definitely think shi Smith could give him a run for his money. Just saying
Ok so here's a fun fact for you then, 23 of top 100 recruits in South Carolina History are either signed committed or currently on the SC roster (via 247 sports) The talent is there find consistency at QB and everything else will come with it
Actually Talent has been recruited at about the level as what spurrier has done. For muschamp it's more or rather the concern of the injury bug. Can we stay healthy and put it all together on the field so far that alone has determined success under Muschamp above anything else at UF and South Carolina... Dillman is gone so we shall see
Worked out fine for Clowney the highest rated HS recruit in history
What are you talkin about Jackson muschamp never even got an offer from South Carolina
Sure cause listing a team that pulled off the upset of the year is setting the bar low. Don't be scared of a little competition.
Interesting that's he's considering us. I'd have to assume that he's already made a silent commitment to Muschamp which would explain why we haven't made things official with Zaquandre White. If not White is our back up plan but you have to assume Fenwick is going to transfer so I personally think we should bring in both Henry and White
How many 9+ win Seasons have y'all had this decade? sorry but our relevance has gone nothing but up this decade while y'alls has done nothing but gone down. Get your head out of the 90s. Maybe it's y'all who truly don't belong
How many 9+ win Seasons have y'all had this decade? sorry but our relevance has gone nothing but up this decade while y'alls has done nothing but gone down. Get your head out of the 90. Maybe it's y'all who truly don't belong
You're so ill-informed. We played Akron in place of Marshall not FL who can only beat us with the help of there Zebra friends. We were also bowl eligible already at that enjoy your petty bragging rights for your mediocre season lol don't worry you'll get back to losing the Vanderbilt every year here soon in Florida your successes is based solely off of everyone else's lack of success balong with heavy favor from the officials. At least we don't go hiding after a disappointing season ya bunch of fair weather fans. Spurs up and Go2Hell
You're crazy he only retired from the Nfl because of injury. He was on his way to atleast becoming a reliable backup
But Aaron Murray still has nightmares of Clowney. It's got to be a 3 way tie for 1st place between Shaw, Lattimore, and Clowney
Sounds fishy how would he know the spot was even available to him without being in contact with the coaching staff ahead of time
Lol your team is hot garbage. Maybe y'all could actually try winning a game without the refs being Player of the Game. Pathetic.... the only dumpster fire is your locker room that your boy Mullen has no control of. Enjoy your offseason Championship
Who ever you're a fan of I promise we are going to smack y'all come next season. Keep on hating cause once Bobo gets the Offense running we'll be contending from then on out. The of the east will be left behind
Bcreek what tf happened to you stop being such a downer
Hey Bill I can't seem to figure out where all these Tennessee fans came from we sure didn't hear from them at all this time last year.
There is no way a 17 year old kid who literally has everything you could ever want would commit suicide. I feel like media and investigation is always way too quick to Mark things as a suicide. All that aside my prayers and condolences go out to the family truly a tragedy.
Be patient. Its coming, We will compete for a championship. Just stay positive it's better than it looks we'll get things going back in the right direction next season
Watch out for Perkins... He can single handedly hand y'all an L if y'all sleepwalk into this game
Some of y'all make me ashamed to be a Gamecock fan Jesus.... He's only coming here to basically be a player Coach and help the young guys learn the Bobo offense he knows he won't be a starter he's basically starting his coaching career. Also give us depth I expect this move to make Joyner a full time Skill player. Doty and Hilinski will duke it out for the starting job
I'll bet money on that. Ignorant.... And yes he was an SC favorite at 1 point in his recruitment so it could reason to think it be possible
Like you're talking about a game against a team that was the worst we've had in 25 years.