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Jeudy Lipscomb and Edwards are the top 3 in no particular order
As does mine but please if you could please point out the holes inside my team I would happily show you where and why you are wrong
My only Toss up would be A&m. despite the fact that none of you want to believe it muschamp is doing a hell of a job rebuilding this program
Look this year y'all go back to being as irrelevant as Vanderbilt
For real though I'd take Connor shaws desicion making and game management over Jake Bentleys arm strength any day
Lame hate this kind of change. UK could use a name change tho
Fuzzy.... We will run straight through the entire east with the exception of UGA the only team that concerns me outside of that is Mizz the only team of concern with a healthy(ish) Defense we go 9-3 with the possibility of upsetting 1 of the big 3 if the ball bouncing our way
As of now the only teams I see giving UGA a game this season In the east are SC and maybe Mizz not saying confidently that we could win that game but I do see a gap being closed and under the right circumstances we could win. But we would need some help the ball bouncing our way and what not
The Gamecocks are better than every team not named Georgia in this list more talent more depth but sleep on us for a bad season that was mainly caused by a ridiculous number of injuries on defense
We will he was most interested in SC before Dan wrote him a check
Who want to bet on the sc vs 2nd game please I want to take your money
I know y'all are RBU but I like our chances to land Lloyd
Oh wow just read the whole thing... that was a waste of time
Dennis Daley will be in rotation by the end of this season
Yo seriously can someone explain or is this satire
Well you can't have Lloyd without a fight
Wtf are they talking about with ours?