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I say make t-rob the interim coach I mean why the hell not why do we have to lose maybe he find some way to win the next two games by a miracle and becomes are Dabo you never know but this this isn't working
LSU's got this one I've said it all season said it before the season started LSU is the best team in the nation
I remember that game from last year Mason was ready to cut ass Vandy wins this game but only because Derek Mason and his team will want it more
Win out. Beat Clemson and win our bowl game and Muschamp deserves coach of the year
Gamecocks are going 7 - 5 either going to the music City outback or gator possibly liberty
Right and y'alls mascot is a fat unintimidating dog that is also highly unoriginal
Considering how the refs handed you 14 points. yeah really go back and watch that game, we out played yall
Lmfao ok sure your one boarder line call compares to the game changing 14 points handed to you even when we stopped you and intercepted the ball in the endzone and then turn around and miss an obvious holding call to hand y'all the lead
Everyone knows it's Lance Thompson. Everyone always knew it was Lance Thompson. Part of the reason he got canned. Besides the fact that he wasn't working out already
Oh wait I read that wrong carry-on wish I could delete my post but I can't
The likes of South Carolina? We just stomped y'all and the refs had to save y'all to cash a paycheck don't be so cocky. Wouldn't be surprised if Vandy came out angry and beat ya'll in the next few weeks
The NCAA is in the process of investigation. They do intend on stripping this win from the Gators and taking away 40% of there scholarships
Oh really? Please give an example
I'll take a rematch vs Iowa been wanting that since we lost to them in the outback bowl in 09
Wonderful because we've lost a few games the same one