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I think Darius Rush is going to surprise a lot of people
Kind of figured we would slip up eventually glad it’s happening now. Hopefully we can adjust and continue to play our brand of baseball
I’ll say this the man can’t throw into zone coverage to save his life at the moment but he sure can run through it. I expect he will do well under Nick Saban
Oh look who it is haven’t seen you in a while buddy how are you hanging in there? See you’re still trolling on your fake account lol
We are in good hands. Thanks for everything Cam.
You also can’t spell it without USC but hey we want to go there this year
Wow what a loser you are. literally all you do is run around here talking sh!t to everyone. You are a sad man
No because there are only 3 real teams in that conference (Penn st, Michigan and Ohio st ) everyone else is garbage juice
I think we got more gamecock articles this week than we have all year
Don’t worry we will put the poor thing down
How is UCF and Texas better then us????
This bowl projection is absolute garbage the gamecocks belong no lower than the Texas bowl.
The rest of the SEC should be rooting for LSU solely for the purpose of moving everyone up a ball position
And send Alabama to Orange bowl and Carolina to Citrus
That’s a great idea so do everyone a favor and take one for the team and lose to Vanderbilt next week
I’ve never really thought it was a hard place for Carolina to play in because we always fill up at least 40% of the stadium