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Keep smoking that sh*t the Bama dynasty is dead.
Have y'all ever beaten UGA like at anytime in the past decade? Can UF hold on to a Coach for longer than 3 seasons without the dumpster fire rekindling? Can y'all beat SC without Major assistance from refs And blatantly cheating... Yeah I didn't think so...
The defense and special teams will score 21points by itself. Tennessee will be lucky to even score on this defense
Shut up I-95 go F*ck your cousin we all know you're a Clemson fan
This is the difference in being Carolina and being UGA,UF,Tenn,Bama,LSU,Auburn, Clemson, Ohio State.....
Yep the ncaa cheating us again..... Must be nice to be on there good side.... Cheating bastardss
In the west Auburn or Texas A&M In the east????? Your guess is as good as mine. I'd say Tennessee or South Carolina I'm not high on Florida and UGA I won't comment on until I see a product on the field they replace alot and QB is a big ??? But I won't count them out yet. As for Uk haha honestly if they get a few skill players on offense and Terry Wilson bacl the way this year's playing out they could pull it out on some weird scenario. But I think the SEC as a whole but more specifically the East is wide open this year. I don't see one team that could just dominate the rest it's just too close.
Actually 90% of his winning was done with Collin Hill on the field he lost after Collin got injured.
I-95 is a Clemson fan don't pay him any attention
That might just be the funniest thing I've heard all off season
So we received votes last week but not this week?
Completely disagree I Expect a full turnaround from last year to now
Watch hill throw for 5 td in opener now. Lmao you have no idea whats coming..
Well that wasn't really much of an analysis.... Can we run the football and block ? ... Good job man.
Honestly think Kellen Mond is the best quarterback in the SEC this season
Keep in mind you have to play us in the time slot and normal circumstance that we would be playing that dirty team from the upstate.... "Rivalry week"
This kid has had it rough. He's actually the reason I'll always remember fondly of Jake Bentley. That year y'all almost beat us on Rocky top and lost on the last play of the game... I'm sure y'all don't want to hear about that. But the sportsmanship that Jake Bentley showed that day is something I'll always remember. But I like Jarrett seems to have good character I hope he wins every game this year except for week one. SpursUP I'm ready for some football
First ever actually. The 9ers haven't even had a football program for a decade if I remember correctly