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And probably initially gets call the touchdown to begin with just because it's Alabama
the fact that it wasn't reviewed is what makes it a bad call if Harris would have been the one running that ball in for Alabama it gets reviewed every single time.
Last time was actually 2014 Dawg fan. But that's irrelevant the point is the score really should have looked more like 37-47 . we are a good football team and if we play with the kind of passion we did against Bama against the dawgs yes we do have a chance
So now blocking is illegal but only when done against Alabama
Those seven penalties were all false starts hard not to call that not get questioned for it they can't be too obvious even though they already are as far as bias goes
The Gators are a joke so what we're 1-2 to if our first three games would have been UK Bama and Florida we'd be 2-1 all I know for sure is when we play Kentucky and when we play Florida we are going to get the W
It also had a freshman it also had a freshman playing his first SEC game Passing for over 300 yards and putting up 471 total offense on a Bama defense. Imagine what he could do to y'all's sorry-ass defense
It's true when you take away Harris's one big run Bama didn't really run well on us today
Sure say what you want but Kentucky and Florida are still going to lose to South Carolina
Not really just Saturdays. And I'll go back and watch games I missed I do that rather than watch the news or movies or sitcoms or whatever the hell people watch
Esec seriously where can we meet up so I can punch you in the Face
That's what makes it holding otherwise it's considered blocking. Which is what that really was blocking he kept himself his hands and his body in front of the defender the entire time therefore it cannot be considered holding
Momentum is everything in the football game if we'd have gotten those two touchdowns we win that game. To say the least we would have at least had a Fighting Chance
He stayed in front of my shoulder pads the entire time his right hand went behind his back but never grabbed that's not holding
And honestly wouldn't be surprised if we manage to beat Georgia
Wrong better than every team in the East not named Georgia
He never grabbed the back of the Jersey he stayed in front of him the whole time
I watch every Sec game so don't try to make something of it.
the refs are the only reason y'all managed to pull away from us
Okay by that logic Miami only lost to Florida off of muffed punt and UNC manhandled Miami try to put sense into that also we are light years better team with Ryan hilinski snapping the ball
Because bama only had the ball in their hand because of the missed calls
Because I guess it's holding now when he's clearly keeping in front of the shoulder pads
Retirednuke bama only gets those kind of calls called against them when the games are already put away
And again we will beat y'all and we will beat y'all significantly by three scores on more I guarantee it