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Haha.. yeah see but the thing is in regards to that whole qb remark he made hes not lying and history proves that he never hesitated to bench Stephon Garcia,Connor Shaw, or Dylan Thompson if 1 or the other wasnt getting the job done
Spurrier would have 10 straight if he chose to to go to Alabama instead of South Carolina and would have another with SC if the playoffs started a year earlier
The Gamecocks are the only team in the East capable of making a run at Atlanta with UGA the east comes down to that one game in Columbia
This average fan picked his teams to go 9-4. And did just that SC is better than every team from 15-25 how lsu stays ahead of Msst or South Carolina is mind boggling
What it is is bs
Where do they come with this crap
Wow..... morons
Still betting on your sorry ass tigers
They beat auburn who beat bama and uga enough said. They deserved a shot thats what the playoffs were for to give the little guy a chance its bs they didn't get a shot
Youre an idiot if teams can claim NC back than they can now get over the fact that Ucf is better than you. They deserved a shot more than any other team in the country and the only undeafted team in the country who just beat the team that both teams from the playoffs lost too
Ucf just destroyed a team that destroyed both of these teams in the playoffs personally i think they should have another game this year ucf deserves a shot at the NCs to claim the Championship they are pretty convincing i told you guy auburn would lose
Ha we destroyed yall 31 to 10 i dont think a guy on the sidelines not being there is going to change that maybe if deebo went down against yall and thats still a big Maybe
Im sure. I hear that Aaron Murray guy still has nightmares of Clowney
You keep stating that youre saying "facts" im starting to wonder if you know the definition. When you get to class today you should ask your teacher about it
Horn is ours to lose. Dean could be playin in garnet soon enough as well
6-7 2010 10-4 2011 12-2 2012 8-5 2013 36-18 overall Aaron Murray11-2 11-2 11-2 27-5 overall (connor shaw)