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Wesley Saunders ,Justice Cunningham, Jerell Adams, Buster Anderson
No NE is still better then Tampa and its still Bill>Tom the problem will be fix but tom Fkd Bill with the whole Garoppolo thing
Lol stop giving Kentucky fans hope they'll fall from grace soon enough
So this little tiny baby school is going to dominate it's little tiny baby League because the coach has a big name big deal produced some NFL Talent and get Jackson State in fbs-level then you'll have the world's attention
You know they're good but the fact is we were terrible last year and the year before last and the only thing that made a difference in the game was poor calls from the refs if Florida so good they should have been able to dominate Us in the same fashion Texas A & M did
Honestly thought EJ Jenkins would be on this list the 6'7 mismatch nightmare could be special
That's really what y'all got taught in school?? You really believe that's all that was about?
Gary Pinkel was pretty awesome though... Its a shame he had to step down
Y'all get the best of them here and there and y'all never recruit better than them.
Cola its good to know im not the only one who believes Coach is making all the rigjt moves. I have a I have a feeling this team is going to achieve way above expectation this year wouldn't be surprised if Beamer earns National coach of the year 8-4 would honestly do it
He would have had more than just that touchdown if he hadn't started getting covered by Stephen Gilmore for the remainder of the game
RollTide651 do you know what they say about making assumptions?
Well we will be playing the 4-2-5 so we'll kind of need them honestly from the schematic point what they're doing actually is genius all 5 of those db transfer will fit right in
This is just too good to be true if it pans out it's just going to be even better y'all just don't make any assumptions
That's exactly why I'm perfectly happy with my schools new coaching staff and the players they brought in this year (eight transfers )everyone's hungry and everyone wants to be there.
you say that as if Auburn didn't have to PAY Tim tebow's delinquent understudy dropout from Florida to win that national championship...
Crouch would be a game changer for us. Would love to see him in the G&B
No nobody should like Georgia Georgia's a terrible place. Everyone in Georgia is a P.o.s. If you live in Georgia die
This kid needs to be hit with the truck. Stupid kid. I guess it makes sense to go to Georgia where you don't actually have to do school work. Still I hope this kid gets hit by a truck I want his hand ran over so he can't throw the football.