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I wouldn't call reusing speeches from years past "inspiring and motivated".
Do you know anything about football?? Or I'd this just your bias showing? FloridA is guaranteed a NY6, whether it be the Sugar, Orange or Cotton (ranked in order of how good they are). Georgia will be going to the Sugar, Florida will be in the Orange and Bama will go to the Cotton. "Even that's unlikely". What a ridiculously stupid comment.
Florida's D-line monsters were coming off multi-week absences and were clearly not 100%. Auburn's D-line is fully healthy and much better. They'll get to Fromm.
Georgia has 14 five stars and 45 four stars compared to 1 and 38 respectively for Florida. There's only 105 guys on a collegiate roster and a 5* is the highest rating a player can receive so I'm not sure where you got your information.
Let's be clear here. Just because Texas claimed to be DBU does not mean they are a good defense. LSU ripped them for 400 yards? Okay. So did WVU, to a QB who had never thrown more than 250 in a game. Their defense is Big 12 good, not SEC good. That being said, I dont think UF has the firepower to score on LSU enough to win, but this will most certainly be the first real defensive test for the Tigers. We'll see how that run game is "igniting" when it's not Vandy, Northwestern State and Utah State.
You bring in all those stats and forget to mention that Georgia has played just TWO offenses with S&P+ ranked in the top 50, one of those being Mizz who Georgia struggled mightily with until the 4th and the other being LSU. They've also only played ONE defense with an S&P+ ranking in the top 50 and that was LSU and we know how that turned out. You post all those rankings but dont add in the why or how. Meanwhile Florida has played 3 offenses and 3 defenses in those same top 50 lists.
Dude automatically resorts to calling someone special ed because hes still butthurt about the Natty. I'll take the ass whooping Georgia gave to Florida because I can say Florida has had 3 Championships and 2 Heismans since Georgia won it all.
I completely agree. I tell everyone that if we could only win 4 games a year they need to be Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and FSU. So if we can get 3/4 (which we definitely should) and Trask or Jones at least get a CHANCE in real game action, Florida fans should be excited for the future.
UT has been receiving participation ribbons for 11 years straight against Florida...
No he knows when he comes back he'll have to battle Franks as the starting QB. Regardless of where he transfers, if he does, he has to miss the entire 2016 season. He stays, misses 6 games, he goes, misses full season.
He's gone. Give it up.
We'd have wiped the floor with Ole Miss even with Treon at the helm.
You're bragging about one loss less hahaha hilarious. Come talk when you can beat Tennessee...
Of course you can't comprehend it, you're a Georgia fan.
Don't get your panties in a bunch. Nobody uses it with the intent of being racist and if you're offended by it then don't follow anything that could be remotely related to UF because it WILL pop up. It was a sad part of history, but today's meaning of it is completely different.
Don't act like Georgia is any better. They got 38 dropped on them two weeks in a row...
Except Matt Jones + Kelvin Taylor > Sony Michel + Keith Marshall. And UF will just stack the box with 8 not having to worry at all about Lambert.
I'd say that's the right word to use for yalls season...
Florida will have one SEC loss, that's not a record.
"Which likely won't relinquish their title all that easy..." Missouri has already given up their title. They can only clinch it for Florida by beating Georgia this weekend.
Maybe next year, but much respect to you Larry.
I won't say too much because you did include him, but it's Andre DEbose, not DUbose.
No. It's because that game is there every year so no need to point it out. Besides, GT will rail into Georgia just like they did this past year.
Cool so Herbstreit gives no insight and just follows what everyone else has been saying. Surprise....
Obviously. But you completely missed the point.