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I think like every other team that LSU has played lately is LSU needs to build the lead at the beginning of the game with quick strikes on the offense and three-and-outs on defense. Then suck the air out the ball in the second half slowing the offense and playing more of a prevent.
We have not got to see much Brennan's passing skills. They mostly let him hand off to Curry. Besides having a big arm I hope he also has some touch and that some of Burrow's ethic has rubbed off on him.
He is trying the stir the pot, be different. The problem is Hurts turns the ball over. Okie pass defense though improved will be garbage against LSU even if Clyde can't play. I bet LSU punts once. Hurts can run but when you go into the second half down by 18-21 you can't run the ball effectively. Okie might make a push at the end of the game because LSU might not be playing as hard.
No blitz for me. I want to see the four man rush struggle and learn how to win. Just like the zone play did... and is.
That is interesting because the Oline played very well against Utah as well.... Ed's first game back. I wonder if his presences is also one of the differences.
A bolder #3 is Justin Jefferson will only drop 2 catchable passes.
LSU schedule is predicted to be harder than last year. SOS was 10 last year before the season started. This year it is 6. UF is always a problem (great rivalry). Unfortunately, LSU is catching Auburn later in the season this year. Bama has LSU's number though I would not be surprised if Saban throws that game to pump up his boys. Texas will be the game that will tell how the season could go for the offense. I am not concerned with the defense this year....Talented and deep. There have been many players missing fall practice but that is fine long as they can play the season.
In a way Fulton getting injured was huge for LSU this year. It is my opinion that he is as good a Greedy. I have feeling that QBs will opt to test the new young buck. For as good as the LSU secondary was last year, they have the potential to be significantly better this year. Scary. Especially, if the line can get pressure. I was very sad when Ed A announced for the draft. You could see on the field that he was too raw. Now he is not going to be a part of an LSU defense that is on par with the talent that was on the 2007 team. I am really looking forward to see what sort of mind-games Aranda will play this year. However, I do think the D-line could stand to have some new faces step up for rotation.
When Beckem and Landry were sophomores they dropped too many passes. When they came back for their Junior year Landry didn't drop anything and Beckem dropped an occasional pass. I am hoping this will be the same for the current LSU receivers.
Joe was a fairly accurate passer last year, but when receivers are dropping balls and Joe is throwing it out of bounds because he is running for his life it is going to lower the stats. Joe's only problem is there always seems to be a quarter where he loses his edge. He disappears. Not sure that is fixable, but an improved running game could help.
I can guaranty that LSU hates UF infinitely more than UCF at this moment. UCF is a no win situation. If you win you were suppose too, if you loose than the rest of the SEC picks on you for then next year. No doubt UCF is a good team and no doubt that it is a must win for LSU. We will get to see how LSU handles the pressure and we will get to see the young CB talent on the team. That blow heart, Finebaum is wrong. LSU fans won't be looking at 4 losses. They will be looking at a loss to UCF. Geaux Tigers!!
I do think that UCF can beat LSU, but they there is no way they will score 30 points even without William and Fulton on the edge, LSU has some serious talent out there. I am glad that these young guns get a chance to start as it will be an indicator of the season next year. However, If the LSU offense can move the ball some early in game and keep the D somewhat rested UCF will be in big trouble. Aside for the questionable play calling in the aTm game, LSU lost that game due to a muff punt by giving aTm offense a second opportunity and the defense as well. UCF is a no win situation for LSU unless they kill them and that isn't going to happen. LSU historically doesn't play well at the Fiesta bowl, but they also aren't under the same leadership. It should be an interesting game.
I would love to see more bigs on the oline. LSU got killed in the trenches this year. Joe B got sacked a bunch and even more throw aways. A real RB could kept the defenses honest. WR Giles was a bust and there way too many dropped passes. LSU did do well targeting many receivers.
Alabama doesn't like to play in the SECC. I think Saban likes the extra week of rest.
I just laughed so hard that the water I was drinking shot out my nose.