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What is the justification for UGA at #3? New OC, replacing 4 starting OL, new QB. I would be shocked if they are a top 5 offense in the SEC. Ole Miss at #5? Why? I could see 4 or 5 teams ranked below them being significantly better.
If the Vols come close to leading the league in rushing, they will be a top 5 offense in the SEC. That's not saying they will be in the top 5 in total yards or scoring. It does say that they may be a dominant offense, controlling the ball, wearing down defenses, and keeping the opponent's offense off the field.
The Vols OL was a big issue last season and Guarantano took a beating. With what could be one of the top 3 OL in the SEC, and a really good running game, Guarantano should look much better in 2020. The Vols could be one of the top 5 offenses in the SEC, with one of the top running games and a serviceable passing game.
You hit the nail on the head: "This is a societal problem of kids not having fathers in the home or any kind of discipline." I work with kids that don't have a father. IMO, it's the biggest societal problem facing our country. Far worse than "inequality" issues, but you don't see prominent people addressing the issue because they fear being labeled a racist. It's not a race issue. White kids without fathers have the same issues.
Jamal Lewis brush with the law occurred 5 years after he left Tennessee. The point the writer is making that someone with with repeated major problems just months removed from college probably did some things in college that were covered up. What about the Bama lineman that had was arrested with a gun and dope and St. Nick told everyone to stick it, the kid was going to play.
Wouldn't be surprised to see the dogs come limping into K-town after being physically bludgeoned by Bama the week before. If your QB can't move the ball in the air, Chubb could have a long day against the Tide. In K-town, it will depend on how well McKenzie and Tuttle play in their rotation against UGA's awesome OL. If they hold their own, Chubb could have another long day. I predict Chubb will get over 100 yds. in each game, but it won't be enough in either contest.
Actually, only lost one of the two-deep OL. Sanders was not in the 2-deep rotation. Jackson was a HUGE loss. The Vols OL is the ONLY question mark on this team. If they perform better than expected, the Vols could be very good. If they are not much improved over last season, there will be a lot of disappointed fans in Big Orange Country. We'll know after the OU game where the Vols stand.
Which is more likely (1) Vanderbilt winning 3 games or (2) Tennessee winning 8 games?
Maybe because Mizzou lost to UGA 34-0 last year at home and played arguably the two weakest teams in the SECW. 10 pt. wins over Vandy and UK, a one-point win over SC. They over-achieved and won't do that this year with the loss of arguably the best DE in the conf. and their top three receiving targets. Pinkel did more with less than anyone in the conf. in '14, but he ain't gonna repeat that in '15. However, their schedule is very favorable with SC, UF, MSU, and UT at home. Road games at UK, Vandy, UGA (beat down),and AR (loss). If they over-achieve again, with the tough schedule UGA has, they could sneak in, but, like last year, they are no where near one of the top 5 teams in the SEC.