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You're a moron. That was a catch, fumble and scoop and score. I'm not saying it the HEAD of the NCAA Officials is also saying as well as the Head of officiating for the B10.
So what? The next day the Head of NCAA officiating said replay had no business overturning that call, that it was a BAD call. In fact other than the clown on the air, NO ONE from the NCAA officiating worlds agreed with them Secondly what the HELL is the SEC doing officiating this game. Someone needs to explain that decision! No officiating crew from a conference that has an "interest" in the playoff should be allowed to officiate either of those 2 games
Like Bucky you too cant seem to grasp basic math! That play cost OSU 7 points 23+7=30 So yeah IT LITERALLY cost OSU the game
Wrong Bucky. Since you incapable of doing fundamental math I will help you. The final score of the game was 29-23. If the play in question had occurred in the endzone is ANYONE here stupid enough to suggest that it wouldn't have stood as a touchdown? I didn't think so. Second, the official that called and SPOTTED as a fumble had the Clemson player coming towards him with an UNOBSTRUCTED view of the play and he NEVER made any indication other than it was a catch with a strip fumble. So now Bucky. A touchdown is worth 6 points if the extra point try is good its 7 points. Here is the tough part that you seemingly are too dull to grasp. 23 + 7 = 30 Now, since I know you struggle with basic math Bucky but believe it or not 30 is more than 29