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I don't like all the transfers, I understand them, but they still hurt the team. These kids may not get on the field as much as they would like, but they add a body to the practice squad and help everyone get better. With the increase in recruiting quality, kids that came to Kentucky expecting to play are seeing the writing; step up or watch from the sidelines. Good luck to all of our transfers, I will root for them where ever they land.
Is it just me, or is calling a man a douche not really as negative as one would want. I mean, really think on that.
LOLOLOLOL, really?!? He basically said that he appreciated her putting on some cowboy gear. This is no different from telling a man that is typically in street clothes that he looks good in a suit. But let's be honest, too many people are butthurt about something these days. The media is not the news and news channels and websites are overfull of opinion pieces. It is all becoming white-noise background. If you want to distract yourself from reality a bit and jump on and given disgruntled bandwagon taking up a cause, good for you! The cogs in the dysfunctional machine don't make themselves. Now, on a more important note, I didn't think she looked that good. Just sayin'.
Mark my words, nah, I have no idea what is going to happen in this game. But the last point of the article is probably the most profound. Kentucky needs to believe in Kentucky and not buy in to all the hype (legitimate hype) around Georgia. They can't get beat before they play the game, and if they listen to the media and fans on all sides, they could have the mind set that the game is already decided. I don't get the sense that this Kentucky team is going to look at Georgia as insurmountable. With them saying all year long that they have not been playing to their ability and then the game last week being the most complete thus far, I think this team could be starting to peak and is looking at Georgia as a test to see just how good they (Kentucky) really are. I got 200 on Kentucky ATS for this game and 100 on the money line. If Georgia wins but doesn't cover, I break even, if Kentucky wins, I'm going to Sizzler!
If Kentucky doesn't get the offence going, UK is over-rated. However, everyone thinks that Levis isn't accurate and they are wrong, he has horrible timing. If he can get in sync, watch out because UK might just be rated appropriately. Regardless, UK is (5-0, 3-0) not (5-0, 2-0).
Wow, you mean that the count NEVER resets!?! I mean the last time was 3 years ago, and that counted towards the total. This is stupid.
When people count out UK, that is when they play their best. It's when everyone thinks Kentucky is the gimme for a win that Kentucky forgets that they are playing a football game. I have no illusions that Florida is very good and the favorite to win, but I like the underdog role with this team.
I bleed blue always, when Kentucky is good and when they are bad. But for the brief time that SC is playing Clemson, I am SC's biggest fan. I would love to see SC take Clemson down this year.
Going for the low hanging fruit I see. I believe he does love him some English. Especially since he correctly used a literary device called solecism. But it was very generous of you to create the opportunity for a "teachable moment".