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I mean. "Before the entire populace of Baton Rouge (229,493, with about 750,000 teeth spread among them) gets its corndogs in a bunch, you gotta hear the argument out. And we say hear, because, well, reading sometimes is an obstacle." This is how Saturday Down South reports news articles to multiple fan bases? Insulting a fan base? Being elite because of some APSE national award crap? This article and David Wasson makes the SDS brand look really bad. Talk about Cancel someone. David Wasson needs to be canceled.
Aww, bless your heart. Miss St fans always feel good after one good win... Remind me again, how did Miss State fair in their National Championship game? I guess that's why Dan Mullen left?
HeRe'S aNoThEr OnE! AlAbAmA fAnS cAnT cOuNt! Lol! Get it?!
Lol, Bayou Buford is a lonely person that has no life. It's sad but I'm o.k. with it.
I've completed my review of your most recent comments posted. I have a factual note here about "Ol' Mizzou". Let's see. Ah, here it is: "No one cares what you think."
Why not help Sean Payton out and land with the New Orleans Saints? Drew Brees won't be around for much longer.
What's the point of this "news headline"? We've all seen slow news days but this, this doesn't even make sense. "Hey guys, I've got it! Let's publish, "It's been a rough year for former Arkansas coaches." We can talk about a coach in the NFL that lost a game. How's that sound?" #Facepalm
Anyone with a pulse could come to the conclusion that any WR at LSU over the past decade has the potential to be better in the pros for the simple fact that LSU has not had a great QB since Matt Flynn.
The ten items on this list include player related issues. While I am not debating that most of this is def part of the sinking ship, is coaching and play calling not to blame as well? The Florida offense is averaging 20.6 points per game and is ranked 123rd in total offense & third down conversions. I understand that QB play is big with those stats but, Doug Nussmeier is still there... Why?
They may be better but they fell short, again. Les Miles and his Cam Cameron offense would have gotten leveled if he was still their coach. The LSU coordinators are helping but they need more talent to execute. Esp the QB position.
Don't fool yourself. Alabama has second a second string team that can start on their own outside of the SEC. They should be fine until they meet Georgia. That might be their toughest test.
The stats on this game would read as if LSU beat Alabama. Give Alabama D the credit for sticking to their plan but the QB play for LSU was the clear reason they never really had a shot to win.
This all comes down to how much pressure a coach and his family are willing to endure. Sure, there is (assumed) more money, a potential for a better quality of life, location of the school, national recognition from the brand, etc. to consider but if Dan Mullen leaves Miss St for Florida, expect that already higher than average stress level to quadruple overnight. All that said, Miss St. isn't the ideal place for the potential that Dan could have with all that support behind him and the staff...
Weagle99 brings up a very good, and timely, point about change and the instant gratification society we live in now. Why rush this and cause more undue harm to an already volatile situation? We can all agree that Butch Jones is likely not going to be the head coach here for much longer but what do we have to call for a coach to be fired mid-season? If the media would stop creating a narrative that people with pitch forks are salivating for, this sort of thing wouldn't even be a story. Since when do we, fans, get to create this artificial timeline on when a coach should be fired? Last I checked, this is still a job like any other with managers that choose to do what's best for the university and their program regardless of what the media and the fan base "think" should happen. Let the professionals handle this and the media should report the news not create it. Emotional decision making shouldn't be the path to fixing this issue.
Firing JA won't happen. The "Good Ole Boys" club in Red Stick are unbreakable. The President will not get rid of Alleva. Someone needs to create and info-graphic to show how far LSU sports have descended since JA was brought on to backup the request to can him.
So, it's is a "fact" that Donald Trump is a racist? Where is that stated so I can educate my multicultural children on where we get our facts and news.
Wait. So, any other race, in this case African American, cannot be racist? If that's what your truly believe, you aren't capable of having an intelligent conversation about race relations and quite frankly seem very defensive in the 10+ replies on this page. Rather than agreeing with someone than isn't doing anything to help the volitle race relations, why not talk about how people of every background and race can come together?
Man, what the heck is going down on the Bayou with all of these transfers? New coach doesn't always equate to losing players... Key talent or not.
So, this "article" was approved to show the public... that LSU is using their normal (Classic) uniforms. Is there absolutely nothing else to post about the game other than this?
Interesting comment. A Mississippi State fan chiming in and concerned about the LSU program. I guess having one great year in 40 gives you a voice now? Remind me again, when was the last time "State" was relevant in the conference or National Championship conversation? Shouldn't you be worried more about the second best team in Mississippi?
Slow media day turns simple, unimportant comments into: "Breaking News! A WAR OF WORDS BETWEEN DB'S!"
Sound advice. Let's hope he doesn't turn into T.O. 2.0.
This is what happens when you join a team with a number of similar or better talented players at a certain position. I don't understand why so many people are blasting someone that wants to start and not bench. If he wants to play, clearly he is better off somewhere else. One player does not make an entire team. Let him go and keep the Tide train rolling.
I agree, firing him in the middle of the season propels you into a chaotic situation with drama filled speculation until sometime around mid-November. Not sure what this gets you from a positive persspective. This move makes the University leadership look confused, pressured and heartless. Why not allow the team to keep their leadership but mandate that they change offensive scheme immediately or fire the offensive coordinator? You stand more to gain in terms of fan base support if they "see" something like that... In the end, his time was up and LSU will have to make the right next move to keep up with the other power houses in the SEC.