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Tennessee is having it rough but they're not losing to vandy.
That is probably the dumbest post ever. One of the main reasons kids commit to a school is because of the coaching staff. Stay off the meth.
VLS take care of auburn. A bold prediction is Vandy upsets floriduh by 3.
Right! They had to take a break to get more practice.
Your comment is suicide. You've never stepped foot on the grass. You're a clown. Stfu!
The blowout is over with. Now everyone is back to putting all the blame on J.G and wanting the coaches fired. SMH!
Alot of respectful fans. Always love to see that. The Vols is a good team, but georgia is a great team. How ever I think we pull an upset. Im just anxious to see what goes down when cade comes back to G.A. All I've seen is derogatory comments back to back.
Ouch! That's not nice.
Wouldn't mind showing BYU that was a fluke. ALLVL! GB!
I believe it was because the OC left and his brother committed.
Thank for your services and your support for the underdog. God bless and GB