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None of which were dire enough to suspend or fire Pearl.... kind of like an innocent recruiting violation involving a barbecue that ended his career in Knoxville?
I get the "Butch's days are numbered" talk, but who the heck is UT going to get? Texas, which has way more spoiled boosters and cash on hand just hired a coach that lost to SMU. LSU had an entire season to search for a coach and they picked a guy who has a talent for watching people above him get fired (safe bet LSU AD is next) and whose best accomplishment as a coach was an appearance in the movie Blind Side. Maybe UT can get an Alabama assistant and just settle that no former Saban assistant has notched a win on the Tide? I'm all for jumping, but I would definitely like a place to land first.
Seems like Andrew Olson drew the short end of the writing assignments at SDS, if the only thing worth covering at Vanderbilt for a football site happens to be the band.
Not to undermine the seriousness of these allegations, but the real question for Vol Nation is now whether or not we'll be hiring Jon Gruden as the QB coach instead of Manning.
Generally speaking, college gymnastics (especially women's gymnastics) are where Olympic dreams go to die.