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The SEC should go 7-2 or 6-3 in bowl games. There's no way A&M loses to Wake Forest, and South Carolina isn't going to lose to Michigan. There are only 2 teams that should lose their bowl games: Mississippi State and Kentucky. One of those is because they lost their HC/QB.I don't think your predictions will hold up.
As a Bama fan I agree. He won't win a Heisman and neither will Fitzgerald. They both are average passers.
Yikes. Trash talk is usually reserved for those who actually win.
Hey, at least he can throw a better ball than Hurts, (Before you rant at my "jealousy", I am a Bama fan as well). Under the right OC this guy will flourish.
Go for the Toledo OC. If he brings in that UCLA guy, I don't believe that it will be an upgrade.
I think the Joe Moorhead hire is #2 on this list. He is a home-run hire for Mississippi State, and he made Penn State explosive on offense in his two year stint. He saved James Franklin's job. We'll see how he performs as a HC, but he should have that offense working well.
I hope our boys do the SEC and SC proud. Good luck against Michigan. Hope you guys whoop Harbaugh.
It was 5. Two of those five were G5 teams. Keep trying though, it's cute. You'll find your rare exception to validate your incorrect opinion.
I'm telling you right now your scenario is so extremely farfetched that it would happen maybe once every fifty years or so. The previous four years we've had this system there have been a maximum of four teams that look the part to compete for a NC. The past two years there have only been three. We do not need college kids playing 16 game seasons.
Really Weagle? Did you even bother watching the B1G championship game? Wisconsin should have been blown out by halftime. It was only because of OSU's inability to stop making boneheaded plays that kept them close. That's why both of them got left out and deservedly so.Shouldn't an Iron Bowl win be enough for you Auburn fans? Those only come about as often as a Tide national championship these days.
My Predictions:Texas Bowl: Missouri, 42 Texas, 21 Belk Bowl: Wake Forest, 28 TA&M, 35 Music City Bowl: Northwestern 31, Kentucky, 21 TaxSlayer Bowl: Louisville, 28 MSST, 31 Outback Bowl: Michigan, 17 SC, 21 Peach Bowl: Auburn, 42 UCF, 31 Citrus Bowl: LSU, 31 Notre Dame, 17 Rose Bowl: Oklahoma, 34 Georgia, 28 Sugar Bowl: Alabama, 27 Clemson, 24That'd make the SEC 7-2 in bowl games. This Rittenberg guy hasn't got a clue.
You guys have played way better QBs than Michigan, and you've played far better running backs than Michigan. The question is whether or not you guys can effectively move the ball. I'd be willing to bet on Bentley in a close game.
No. No automatic bids in the playoff world. People seem to forget the reason why we added the playoff in the first place. It was to make sure the best two teams could make it to the NCG. Sometimes #3 would look as good as #2 or #1, but they wouldn't get in because of the system.This year perfectly embodies why we should not want to expand the playoff. There were only three teams (Clemson, Georgia, and Oklahoma) that really deserved spots. The last spot was a tossup because there really have only been three great teams this year and then a bunch of above-average teams.
I don't think so. Louisville has an atrociously bad defense.
That 2013 UCF team was better than the 2017 version. I remember them pushing South Carolina to the 4th quarter that year, and then their great win over a good Baylor squad. Still, Auburn shouldn't underestimate these guys.
That was in 2013...? Alabama went from NC bound to playing #11 ranked Oklahoma because of a ridiculously amazing play on the last second. They didn't want to be there. There was a sense of entitlement and they lost because of it.Tell me when LSU wins something of significance in this decade.
Agreed. I'd love to get in, but if we don't it's not the end of the world. We still had a fantastic 11-1 season.
Alabama will be healthier on defense come bowl time. The last two Clemson vs. Bama games have been classics. The last two Clemson vs. Ohio State games have been blowouts favoring Clemson. It'd be a complete tossup of a game.
Clemson will blow Ohio State's wheels off again if Ohio State gets the nod. Ohio State struggled to put away Wisconsin! They had opportunities to put the game away before halftime and they just made mistake after mistake.
Who knows at this point. I think it'll be Ohio State even though anyone who watched the B1G championship knows Ohio State isn't going to come close to beating Clemson. I think if Bama gets in this will be an extremely interesting CFB playoff especially since they'll be healthy again come bowl season.
"you could of said something"Good thing you're good at football kiddo.
I personally think that Harris is our most explosive back. Scarborough hasn't lived up to half of the hype he has gotten. I do like Jacobs as well. We also need to stop throwing as much. It's obvious we don't have an AJ McCarron in Hurts, but that's not a bad thing. Hurts can run the ball really well and make guys miss.Tebow is right though. To beat Alabama you need a fantastic QB, or you need a QB who has the game of his life. Alex Hornibrook is not a good QB. All Alabama would have to do is stack the box and force them to throw.People are just tired of Alabama winning, but the truth is if Wisconsin loses today Alabama is going to get in. I've seen Badgers fans say their SOS is better than Alabama's, but Wisconsin only has 1 ranked win versus our 3. If Ohio State wipes them then we're in.
I don't think it's that lateral of a move. It's clear that the Aggies have been trying to build themselves up into a power ever since Sumlin got there. Sumlin could never get over the late-season slides, but they always started off really well. I'd be willing to say A&M is the best job in the state of Texas at the moment. Texas is still down, Baylor has returned to the basement, TCU is not easy to recruit, and Tech is still mediocre.
He actually has a defense this year at Washington State. It's a top 15 defense. His DC is Alex Grinch, and he was the safeties coach at Missouri not too long ago. Leach has updated his philosophy by also focusing on having a good defense.The problem with Leach is his inability to make in-game corrections. That's why you'll see him drop games he shouldn't drop against inferior competition.
It's not like he was 6-1 as a starter or anything, or that he played injured in half of those games. Just some food for thought :).
He was fooled like many others were by the Bama hate train.
He said this back in the BCS era. You had to win your conference during the BCS to have a shot at a championship. Alabama was one of the only exceptions to that when in 2011 they made it.Anyways, people will relish in Alabama's third defeat in three years. Nothing new.