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Yeah, definitely didn't sound encouraging, but that is to be expected. We all know Gus has zero quarterback development skills. Nix could still end up being a good quarterback, and he has some pretty great guys teaching him right now. Hope he succeeds this year, just not against us haha.
Every time I remind myself of the head coaches in the SEC West it absolutely blows my mind. Saban, Kiffin, Leach, Fisher, Orgeron, and even a coach like Harsin who churned out 10-win seasons at Boise like clockwork. This division is going to be incredible to watch over the next several years. Mason is a great defensive mind, and he's going to give Harsin a very solid unit next season. Auburn will be dangerous if Bobo and Harsin can figure out their offensive identity sooner rather than later. I'm not sure what the folks at Auburn think, but I would assume they'd attempt to build the offense around Bigsby and control tempo. Not sure, but it'll be interesting to watch.
I don't shed any tears for McCarron. He's off in the NFL living the good life as a backup QB. I was simply stating that he should not be considered underrated due to his obvious success on a national level and within the SEC.
I don't think Fitzgerald, McCarron, and Shaw really count as underrated players. McCarron won two national championships, and he was a kick-six away from more than likely playing for a third in just as many years. Shaw was the most winning QB in South Carolina history, and I would argue Fitzgerald was overhyped throughout his tenure in the SEC.
I'm not yet sold on Emory Jones being a difference-maker SEC quarterback. He just hasn't looked good in mop-up duty when he has gotten the chance, but if anyone can develop a quarterback it's Mullen.
South Carolina has been an enigma to me, and with the Beamer hire followed by the seemingly mass exodus I have even more questions than before. I think he's going to build the right culture for winning, but it might take another guy who has more X and O's experience to build upon that solid foundation. I hope that Carolina can return to prominence. They were a staple in the early 2010s version of the SEC that completely dominated the college football world, and the more SEC teams that can compete at a high level every year the better.
Alabama is a beautiful state. I've enjoyed many places in SEC country. We're blessed down here y'all.
I truly get such a kick out of these. He's an institution at this point!
It's not as though there aren't other teams out there equally loaded and just as well-coached. If they don't win this year it's not because they aren't a good team. They will have a good defense, a difference-maker at quarterback, and some decent skill players to work with. I think they'll win the SEC East, but the West should be strong this year with Alabama, A&M, and LSU all looking as though they could stack up against the winner of the East.
Tennessee still holds the winners of life title if that makes y'all feel better.
This dynasty is unreal. It's hard to remember what it was like during the Shula days. That was a little over a decade ago, but it feels like centuries. We've been so blessed to have the opportunity to watch a dynasty unfold before our eyes.
Great hire. Obviously, SEC fans aren't the fondest of him because of his 2017 UCF National Champion debacle, but he's proven his ability to hire great coaches that fit into the culture of the university. Hope he does well, as I like to see all SEC schools do well across the board.
I hope he does well at Northwestern. With Ramsey leaving, he should probably win the starting job for what is a pretty solid team that has a serious shot at winning the BIG10 West next year. Too bad he couldn't make it work at South Carolina. He impressed me in the game we played him in last year.
Watching Tennessee from a safe, respectable distance is a never-ending rollercoaster of entertainment. In all seriousness, I hope that the Vols can finally find the coach that can turn their once great program into a consistent contender again. This hire will be extremely important, and will more than likely be a great litmus test to see how this next decade of Tennessee football will turn out.
They waited way too long to make this move. If there is no candidate in mind right now, then Tennessee might end up with another disastrous coaching search that ends with a head-scratching hire. Their best bet would be Freeze, but who knows if he wants to come back to the SEC so quickly.
Golden coming from the team that felt too entitled to play Oklahoma in a NY6 and effectively embarrassed the SEC on a national scale. A three-game losing streak to end your season really screams dominance, doesn't it?
Sark's a great coach, and he did well at Washington and decently well at USC before he had his bout of personal problems. He should do well at Texas, and I think we should all wish him luck moving forward. He did great things for this program, and instead of bashing him for taking a great opportunity, we should thank him for some of the most prolific offenses in Alabama's history. Saban will find solid replacements just like he always does, and life will go on. No need for all that negativity.
This is an interesting hire. Meyer hasn't failed anywhere he's gone, but plenty of legendary college football coaches can't recreate their success in the NFL because it's such a different beast. Everyone has great players, and those players are almost constantly shifting. I don't see him lasting long in the NFL, but that isn't because he isn't a legendary coach. It's because I think the NFL is infinitely more stressful than a college football job as things seem to constantly shift.
I think a better adjective to describe Tate Martell is entitled rather than embattled.
I would take Tua over Justin Fields any day. Fields doesn't have consistency against good teams. He did well against Clemson, but outside of that, I can't remember him having a monster game against another elite opponent.
This is probably the most impressive team Saban has ever fielded at Alabama, and it's certainly the one of the most dominant in program history. This team thumped four of the final top ten teams by double-digits this season. The offense was unstoppable, and the defense tightened up and played extremely well against teams not named Ole Miss and Florida. When I think of impressive, dominant Saban teams, I think of 2009, 2011, and 2012. This team blew all three of these out of the water and then some. It's incredible that we are able to watch college football history continue to unfold in front of our eyes every season. This is a dynasty nobody could have predicted in 2007, and the best part is that it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Roll Tide, and SEC!
There's no way he wins the starting job at Wazzu. Leach was recruiting well at the quarterback position before leaving, so their room is already loaded with unproven talent. He's too prone to mistakes, and I think Rolovich still runs a more pass-happy offense. Who knows though, he may end up putting the pieces together against PAC-12 defenses.
Dang what a hire! Mason is going to create some tough defenses on par with what Steele coached.
I agree wholeheartedly. This is easily one of Chris Wright's worst takes ever. The BIG10 didn't legitimize anything this year. Their conference was mediocre at best this season with Ohio State being the only great team and Northwestern being the only other above-average team in the entire conference. They attempted to cancel the football season, so giving them credit by saying they somehow legitimized the playoff race is confusing at best.
I agree 100%. There was no reason to bench Fromm in 2018, especially when Georgia had barely lost the 2017 title to Alabama, and they were one win away from securing another playoff berth with Fromm at the helm. It's easy to critique and criticize Kirby for that decision, but in the moment it was by far the most logical choice.
I think Daniels is going to do well next year. He played really well against Cincinnati despite the lack of run support combined with some shaky offensive line play. With some more time in the system, I think he can lead Georgia to much more offensive production than they saw over the course of this season.
Will he be the next Nick Saban? Highly unlikely, but he's likely going to win a title for A&M before he retires. He's a highly skilled coach, and he's proving why the Aggies made the investment to hire him away from Florida State to begin with.
That's a fairly favorable schedule for the Aggies, although you'd have to think that Alabama and, what I think will be, a revitalized LSU team would be the two major hurdles in order for them to win the West. After this season though, we now know the Aggies are more than likely here to stay.