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Mike Leach took what was definitely a bottom-5 program and has turned them into a perennial contender in the PAC-12. Even though he is currently having a down year, his overall success at Wazzu is undeniable. On top of his success at Texas Tech, a program that has floundered without him, Mike Leach is most certainly capable of turning Arkansas into a winning program in the SEC.
Both Tua and Najee played their hearts out last night. There shouldn't be a Bama fan out there that isn't proud of their Herculean efforts to keep us in the game.
Unfortunately this post lacks the comical e-signature he puts at the end of every CAPS-induced rant.
Agreed. There's way too much football left to be played. I think, as of now, that this year wouldn't even need a playoff because there are two teams that clearly look better than the rest (OSU and LSU).
We need to hope that Utah/Oregon drop a game and Oklahoma drops another game for us to have a shot at a playoff berth. The PAC-12 is dismal, but our SOS is still so mediocre. It'd really help if Auburn beat Georgia then loses to us.
In that entertaining scenario I think those four teams get in. Georgia would have a head-to-head victory over LSU. Clemson could potentially be left out for a much more battle-tested LSU team, but I don't know if the committee has the guts to keep an undefeated Clemson out.
We're 0-2 against the last two top 2 teams in the country we've had to play. If Georgia loses in the SECCG, which I would argue is likely considering how great LSU is, they won't be ranked ahead of Alabama going into the final week. I'm not advocating that we get into the playoffs this year because, quite frankly, I don't think this team is playoff caliber. The defense is a liability and our offense isn't what it was last year, but if there's enough chaos (2-loss conference champions) this team may slip in.
Good riddance. It was a shame to watch him turn a respectable Arkansas program into a complete dumpster-fire. It won't be too hard to find an upgrade over Chad Morris.
Agreed. Our playoff chances are pretty much nonexistent after this game. There are way too many teams still alive for the playoff. We will only get in if there is an insane amount of chaos.
It's the year of the Tiger. Congrats to LSU, y'all have a heck-uv-a team. Bama looked extremely undisciplined most of the night, and they shot themselves in the foot a few too many times to keep up with Burrow and Co. All we can do is win the rest of our games and hope for chaos. LSU is the real deal and they should be the favorite to win the NC at this point.
Did I discredit LSU? Alabama played horribly, and a good part of that was because of how well LSU played. It's the year of the Tiger, and hats off to LSU.
This is the softest, most inexplicably undisciplined team Nick Saban has ever fielded at Alabama. The secondary, what should have been our strength this year, has looked utterly lost, and it's not all because of Burrow's outstanding play. They're blowing coverages left and right. Our offensive play calling has been horrendous - I don't even know if we ran the ball 5 times in the first half. Sark is proving yet again that he can't call big games. Tua doesn't look close to 100%, and our offensive line has tried their hardest to get Tua injured again. The penalties and turnovers have been the biggest disappointment. Danielson said it best, the battle-tested team was prepared to play this game.
It's an interesting start to the rankings. I'm not buying the hype around the B1G this year. Ohio State and Penn State are great teams, but I don't know how difficult their schedules have really been (I am well aware how ironic this criticism is coming from a Bama fan). Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa don't strike me as fantastic teams. They've all played above-average football at best. Either way, it'll play itself out, and I'm excited that we are creeping closer to a backloaded slate of great games.
I personally think Clemson will lose a game before the season ends. The ACC is all sorts of weird, and Clemson has been spotty at times throughout the season. That may be wishful thinking, but it's clear losing that incredible D-Line talent has made facing them less foreboding.
I think he could continue to build this historically bad program into a consistently good team like Bill Snyder at K-State, Frank Beamer at VaTech, and Mike Leach at Texas Tech and Wazzu. Why walk into a dysfunctional mess when you could stay and continue to build upon the success you have created at a school that's happy you're still coaching for them?
Bo Nix isn't in a system that benefits his talent. If Auburn was running an offensive system similar to Baylor's under Briles, the system that also maximized Sidham's talent, I could see Nix performing at a much higher level in big games.
I hope Mason can be pushed out the door at Vandy. He deserves to take his skills somewhere he can have the opportunity to win football games.
"When comparing teams with the same number of losses" Ohio State and Penn State were both 2-loss champs. Ohio State was jumped by 1-loss Alabama and Penn State was jumped by 1-loss Ohio State.
Alabama made the playoffs in 2017 because Ohio State and USC were both two loss conference champions, and Alabama's only loss was in the Iron Bowl to a 10-2 Auburn team that won the West. Wisconsin was the only other team that could have been put in, but they had just come off of a loss to OSU and had a terrible schedule. Alabama has to win the SEC this year in order to make the playoffs unless, much like 2017, there are a couple of two loss conference champions.
That's embarrassing. I'll spare reading the comments on this despite how juicy they may be.
The committee isn't going to put Alabama in the playoff with a loss to LSU unless something strange happens, period. You Gator fans are becoming increasingly arrogant which is strange considering y'all haven't won the SEC in over a decade.
Average receivers*** Anyone who has watched Georgia this year knows their receivers haven't been able to get open. That's not Fromm's fault.
Auburn's offense was downright putrid. Nix is obviously struggling to see the field, but he's a true freshman so I give him a pass. The defense for Auburn continues to look legit. They made LSU look human, and that was with absolutely no help from their offense.
Man, some of you Cajun folk even type with a raised, cookie-monster voice.
I think you echoed my sentiments exactly. I love SEC football and growing up not only did the SEC field the best football teams, they also fielded the best refs in the sport. The quality of officiating has declined at an alarming rate over the last few seasons. If coaches need to speak up to make a change, then I'm all for it. But at this point, Muschamp needs to move on and focus on the remaining schedule because nothing is going to change until after the season is over.
Surprised it wasn't just another name for the quick slant.
At this point in Saban's tenure, how stupid do you have to be as a reporter to ask a question like this? These people should know by now that he's going to make you his next viral video if you insinuate in any way that Bama's opponent is going to be blown out. I love it when he goes on these rants.
Mac Jones isn't a bad backup, and he has a lot of talent surrounding him that can help him ease into games. My only current concern is whether or not we have the ability to lean on our running game to keep the offense moving. Mac isn't a bad quarterback, but he won't be able to carry the offense solely on his arm.
Here's to hoping he's back before the LSU game. I think we need to revert back to ball-control offense until he's healthy. Mac Jones isn't going to torch anyone's secondary, and it will give our injury riddled defense time to rest. This is as good of a reason as any to start to focus on running the ball effectively.
I think they're experiencing some growing pains on offense without Trayveon Williams working miracles in the running game. It also doesn't help that Mond hasn't developed as well as many thought he would. Their defense looks good, but that offense needs playmakers to step up.