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They should win against Tennessee, and I think they will beat Florida this year. 7-5 is more likely than 5-7 in my opinion.
I would rank Fitzgerald 7 and raise Shurmur up to 5. He's by far the more polished passer.
Oh boo hoo. It's so cliche to blame the refs when you're on the losing side of a close game. You guys choked and embarrassed yourselves in the second half/overtime. The refs couldn't have saved your poor secondary from being carved up when Tua came in. You'll probably be in the hunt again this year, so don't get your panties in a twist about one game.
I'm not necessarily bashing anonymous sources, I just believe that they should be, like you said, a starting point to find the rest of the story. Anonymous tips should be used to search for the full context and not be presented as a complete story.
It's also irresponsible to bite on an anonymous source and then post it all over the internet without any proof coming out yet. Journalists want to get every story out first so badly that they could care less about its content being fully factual and backed up with evidence. Still, I agree that Muschamp needs to take a back seat and let this play out. We'll see if these accusations are true soon enough.
Switch Texas Tech and South Carolina around and I think you have it about right. 6-6 would be another win for the Rebels.
MSST has no chance to upset Alabama with their overrated QB. I think he's a good runner, but he is easily the most overrated SEC passer I've seen in the last five years. We're talking about a guy that has never thrown for over 2500 yards. He has always struggled with his accuracy as well. I just don't get how he has gotten any Heisman love whatsoever. He is not a QB that can beat Alabama with his arm, and that's what every QB has to do in order to give their team a chance. LSU's chances aren't that great either, but they always have enough talent to put a good season together, and it's the same story with Auburn. Both definitely have a chance to knock off Bama.
He had a good four season run. He didn't have much time to whoop butts.
Fitzgerald is the most overrated QB I've seen in a long time. The guy can't throw the ball effectively enough to knock off top tier teams.
Washington made the playoffs in 2016. It really doesn't matter how highly rated your backfield is. Chubb and Michel carried the team on their backs last year along with a few key playmakers on defense.
I think TAMU is going into the season a bit underrated. Talent has never been an issue for A&M. It is the lack of development and a mediocre strength and conditioning program that held this program back. They'll go 8-4 or surprise with a 9-3 season tops.
You're either the most pathetic excuse of a football fan, or you're a troll with nothing better to do than twiddle your thumbs and trash the state of Alabama. He is criticized for his play not his character, but it's obvious when reading your ignorant paragraph that you're far too dull to separate the two. Alabama fans almost unanimously believe Jalen Hurts is an extremely mature young man who has shown great character when facing adversity. This is a kid who has been given the best tools in the game to succeed and develop into a championship level quarterback. He hasn't shown progress, so naturally fans and coaches start looking for alternatives. That's the way the game has been forever. Every great football program has a win at all costs mentality; that's why they win. If Jalen breaks under the pressure of competition, then that does not fall on the coaches, it falls on him.
There are some strange names on that list. Jim Grobe? Houston Nutt? You also missed another SEC tie: Alex Grinch. He was the safeties coach at Mizzou while they were in the SEC.
This is a site that is mostly opinion based. I don't understand why you're so upset about writers voicing their thoughts on college football.
He should be gone. There's no excuse for covering up domestic abuse. Ohio State will probably fire him due to the backlash, which will make this season extremely interesting in the Big Ten.
Stars don't mean as much as production, and the Gamecocks have a lot of talent coming back on both sides. They weren't necessarily 5 stars coming out of high school, but they play well nonetheless. So maybe on paper the talent gap is wider, but that doesn't mean much so long as the gap on the field is smaller.
There are certainly not more than four teams capable every year. Every single year of the playoff there has been a blowout: Florida State (2014), Michigan State (2015), Ohio State (2016), and Clemson (2017). And every one of those teams were considered championship caliber before the playoff. I also don't understand why you think any of these teams, most of which were undefeated before losing, should have been penalized more for losing one game. You could get into the BCS championship game with a loss. If anything losing those games puts those teams into a bad position, because they can't lose another game unless they have a schedule similar to Auburn's last season. I usually agree with what you have to say, but this opinion just doesn't make much sense when you take a look at the scoreboard from several of the playoff games.
Agreed. The playoff was implemented because of how difficult it was to differentiate between 2-4. It wasn't put in place to get a bunch of above average teams in. The goal is to put in the teams that are of national championship caliber. Most years so far there haven't even been four deserving teams: Florida State (2014), Michigan State (2015), Ohio State (2016), Clemson (2017). All four of those teams were blown out and the games didn't feel close. There's a difference between being a national championship caliber team and having a good season.
Oh please. If you can sit here and say you think the college basketball season means anything and that you pay attention to it closely you're an anomaly or flat out lying.
You guys were fantastic last season because of the incredible leadership a few of those seniors showed. They led and energized that entire team and instilled confidence in the younger players while also keeping their heads on straight. Good leadership is the toughest thing to replace.
Do you really think that Missouri is on par with South Carolina? No offense, but it's not really close. Missouri's defense is so porous, and it doesn't look like it's going to dramatically improve anytime soon. Missouri will do well to battle Florida out for 3rd place in the East. Carolina will have a better offense with the hires they made and the pieces they have returning, and the defense will continue to improve with Muschamp there.
That's a pretty good hire. Kansas might be competitive in something outside of basketball for once.
What a dumb statement. People criticized their schedule last year and they've already begun to criticize it this year! Man, he's a complete hack if he genuinely believes what he said.