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I don’t think the timing is a coincidence. The game of college football is completely different from how it was when he returned to college ranks back in 2007. Early signing day, transfer portal, NIL, and now the 12 team playoff. It’s a young man’s game. Thank you Coach Saban for one heck of a run. What an honor it was to witness it.
Oh boohoo. Bama gave Michigan their tightest game of the season and, without a very late collapse on defense, could have sent this team packing after the first round. Congrats to Michigan. They've accomplished so much since being dead in the water back in 2020.
Certainly not the same team that beat Georgia, lol. I’m unsure what the last play call was. Just a bad performance all around, but this team was flawed and it was going to eventually bite them. Great season though. Glad they fought and congrats to Michigan they outperformed my expectation of them.
The ACC as a conference does not deserve better. It got what it deserved this year and this bowl season. Their conference is why there was not an expanded playoff this year. What’s really puzzling is why Florida State’s players after whining for weeks about the injustices of the playoff committee decided to sit instead of compete and prove the committee wrong. I suppose they’d rather have puff pieces like this defend them instead of going onto the field to prove their point. Or they also knew what we all did, which is Georgia would have slapped them regardless of opt-outs. Good game Georgia, you guys should have been in the playoffs this year too.
It couldn't have been that Ohio State proved against a very competent 11-win opponent that they deserved to still be in consideration after boat racing them 59-0, could it? No, it must be those darn TV ratings because everyone knows Florida State doesn't have a loyal fanbase!
But they didn't lose those close games you clown. They won their close games just like Florida State did. Florida State doesn't own the most wins again current top 25 teams, but Bama does. Florida State did not just beat the #1 team in the country that was on an SEC record 29-game win streak. Bama did. Bama's 12-1 is more impressive than FSU's 13-0, and that's why the committee put them into the playoff. And everyone likes to forget Bama was winning against Texas in the 4th quarter. They weren't smacked around the entire game. Oh, and I'm glad you didn't put Tennessee on the list of games the team had to sweat out. At least you're self-aware enough to do that.
Dang, you're right, they aren't! 1-5 against Nick Saban. Enjoy Florida State!
What about the games Florida State struggled in, even with Jordan Travis? You guys just pick and choose criteria, then when that criteria gets thrown back into your face, you pick another bullet point that can be just as easily sidestepped. I get defense wins championships, but not when you offense is on the level of Iowa against a very mediocre defenses in Louisville and Florida. It doesn't matter now. The committee made the right decision even though it might leave a sour taste in the mouths of FSU fans. That's why we're expanding and moving away from this terrible format.
Yeah, and Ohio State blanked #11 Wisconsin in 2014 55-0 proving without a doubt they could compete against good competition. Louisville won’t even be a top 15 team today, and they beat them by 10 in a game that was much closer and uglier than the final score indicates.
Yes, and I think the argument should be that Alabama’s 12-1 is much more impressive than Florida State’s 13-0. Alabama has beaten Georgia, Ole Miss, LSU, and Tennessee, and lost a game they were actually leading in the 4th quarter to a playoff caliber OOC opponent in Texas. Florida State’s best win will be LSU, and they will have no more wins from top 15 teams. And this Florida State team is not comparable to the 2014 Ohio State team. Ohio State and Cardale Jones blew out Wisconsin, a team that was favored to win, 55-0 in their conference title game leaving absolutely no doubt Ohio State could absolutely beat down good opponents even without their top two quarterbacks. Florida State looked awful last night against a mediocre Louisville team that Kentucky, yes offensively deficient Kentucky, hung almost 40 points on a week prior. Anyone lobbying for Florida State is using surface level arguments that do not hold up to scrutiny when challenged to try and justify what will be one final first round blowout in this CFP format.
Well, Alabama still controls its own destiny. Beat Georgia, and that's a tough resume to leave out. The team that played tonight would not have beaten Georgia, but this is a team that can play at a high level. Maybe they were caught looking ahead, or maybe it really was just Auburn voodoo striking again, but I hope that this team can rebound and put up a good game against what will be a very motivated Georgia squad. Great game Auburn. I hope you guys can take some solace in the fight that your team showed this evening.
I'd have to assume a lot of them were a part of the senior class who just became the first class since the 1940s to not see a single Auburn victory over Alabama. Tough loss for them. I do feel pain for them.
Ah yes, the good old transitive property. Yeah, and Washington State got clobbered by Arizona State who is probably one of the worst P5 teams this year, and yet Washington is going to get by them by the skin of their teeth too. Turns out football games each take on a life of their own, dummy. And Oregon lost to that same Washington team, right? Your logic is so incredibly flawed.
I'll certainly miss that CBS broadcast. It'll be strange to not have that theme echo throughout the home anymore signaling what would be one of the best SEC games of the weekend.
Here goes the BIG10 again getting lots of love despite their horrific record in the CFP against teams of a similar caliber. They're probably close to the worst conference in college football right now with almost all of their traditional powers looking mediocre and underwhelming, except Michigan. Ohio State being number one is just comical. Not that it really matters. These rankings only matter as the season draws to a close.
Not sure he would be the kind of guy suited for Kiffin's offense anyways. He likes a pro style guy that can run it like a truck.
Their coaches have been battling all season to see who could waste more talent at the quarterback position. Why change the offensive philosophies for two deeply entrenched starters going into their final seasons? I will never understand either of their offensive coordinator hires. Arnett is a tool and will deservedly fail for what he's done to Will Rogers, but at least Pittman is likable and I hope he either turns it out around or lands on his feet somewhere nice.
I'm glad Milroe is developing, but man he's still frustrating to watch at times. He'll overthrow 5-10 yard balls then throw a missile 40 yards for a touchdown. If the offense limits mistakes like false starts and manages to stay ahead of the chains, they will be able to put up enough points to win games. But the real story of Alabama this season is the defense. It just makes one frustrated to know that Bryce Young probably wins a title or two without the giant liability that was Pete Golding coaching defense. I haven't seen a defense this physically dominant from Bama since 2017. I'm not sold on this team being a title contender yet, but if they can continue to develop every week I could see them possibly sneaking in. I'd love to see that happen, but I'm not holding my breath.
Ehh, with that offense you guys will still win some games. The defense won’t play that poorly every week. LSU will still have a decent season because Daniels truly is playing great ball. Hope y’all still get some good wins this year. It stinks the House hire isn’t working out.
They deserve 0 credit for whipping your defense harder than FSU? Get over yourself lol. Hope Matt House sticks around the rest of the year!
It’s a bad defensive night for any team that fields a defense worse than Golding’s. I’m more impressed he didn’t let LSU score again at the end there in usual fashion. Great and exciting game. Probably best of the season. Congrats to Kiffin. Was really rooting for him to get a good win here.
I wish this team were as plucky and easy to root for as the 2015 team. They make it so hard to defend them when they lay an egg then make tone deaf statements like this. At least the defense did a good job minus penalties.
I don’t blame Saban for playing the other QBs this week. It was worth the experiment. This was an ugly game though. This will go one of two ways. Ty or Jalen finally make separation and develop similar to how Coker finally broke away from Bateman in 2015, or we never see either markedly improve and this season becomes the first time since 2007 we do not win 10 games in a season. I’m going to remain optimistic because I remember when games like these were the norm. This team still has the pieces to make something happen, but the QBs and offensive line need to get better. The silver lining was the ground game, albeit against a weak opponent. And the defense did a good job too. A win is a win, despite how empty this one feels.
This is going to backfire in the long-term for this sport. The backbone of college football has always been regionality and tradition. That goes for players, students, and fans alike. Each conference has always played their own brand of football. The PAC-12 has always been the high-flying, finesse league, the Big 10 has been a brand of ground-and-pound, wear you down in 10 degree weather football. What incentive is there for fans to travel to a UCLA at Rutgers game? What about the advantage teams like Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Iowa will have in late fall games over west coast teams that are used to playing in 70 degree and sunny weather? These moves are just watering down the sport. They're stripping regional identity and play-style away in favor of TV contracts. The sport is going to be less interesting in the long-term because of these things. And let's not forget all of the rivalries that will be broken because of these moves as well. I'll still enjoy college football, but the aspects that made it so special to begin with are slowly eroding away.
It took Pinkel a while to figure it out as well. Mizzou isn't the easiest place to win. Drinkwitz seems to have a higher ceiling than Odom ever did. And if they fired him I don't know who they would get that's objectively better.
I think Georgia is still the cream of the crop in the East, but I think the next tier would be South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky in no particular order. I think Tennessee has the talent to compete, but their success will largely hang on the improvement of Milton, which could be likely given Heupel's track record. Kentucky has nowhere to go but up on offense, and they've completely overhauled their pieces from last year. I think they will be competing in the East this year. South Carolina is a tricky one to pin down. If they can play similarly to how they played on the backend of the season, then I see them as a legitimate contender in the East, but they were so inconsistent last year it's tough to have much faith in them consistently competing. We'll see though. The SEC should be fun to watch next year. There has never been more parity and the arms race in the SEC has never been at a level this high.
I think for the first SEC offseason in a while there are not really any coaches that are on an extremely hot seat. I can think of maybe Drinkwitz at Missouri being the only one with a possible make or break year. That being said, these buyout figures are absolutely nuts. 95% of the coaches on the list Connor gave are not worth a fraction of what the school is paying for them. Mel Tucker and Mario Cristobal having the most insane buyout figures of the bunch. Schools need to reign in the spending. It's ridiculous at this point.
Hope he does well! A great QB and young man.
I've been perplexed as to why he hasn't gained more traction, especially with a coach like Freeze. I recall Harsin saying he was the best passer they had on the team last year. Maybe it's decision-making? He's certainly the most talented passer on the roster. Geriner starting would be great news to me if I were an Auburn fan. He'd be dangerous if he put it all together.
We don't desperately need a transfer quarterback. All of this is being driven by the media because it's the offseason and they're the ones in desperate need of something to write. We have two potentially good options. They need time to learn a new scheme and develop. What realistic individual was expecting those two to light up a spring game with a new offensive coordinator while playing vanilla football? I'm quite happy Saban is making a shift away from the finesse football. It won't be as pretty to watch, but it will produce better results.