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Well, his top 25 record at SC is a bit skewed considering how devoid of talent they were the first two years. I think Carolina has overachieved with Muschamp there, and that's a good indication that they're heading in the right direction. Their schedule this season has been far more brutal than what was anticipated, and they're two close games, against top 25 caliber teams (A&M, Florida), away from being 7-2. I've said it a few times, and I'll say it again, it took Spurrier, a Hall of Fame coach, six years to win more than eight games at Carolina. Muschamp will need time to recruit bigger guys on both lines of scrimmage before SC can truly expect to contend for the East every year.
It seemed pretty obvious to me that he aimed for his braced knee. He didn't have to go that low to get him to the ground.
Carolina's defense looked small against Florida's offensive line. They don't have the defensive depth to compete against talented teams. It took Spurrier six years to win more than eight games at Carolina, and that is largely because of recruiting. Give Muschamp time to recruit and y'all could get back to the early 2010s type of success.
Well, if Florida wins this game they'll go on to finish 9-3, which would be a fantastic first season for Mullen. If the Gamecocks win, they'll more than likely finish 8-4 with a chance for 9 wins with a bowl, which would also be a good year for Muschamp's squad. I'll definitely tune into this one for a bit.
I like Gary Danielson. He calls a pretty good game and makes it a bit more entertaining. He is a great reprieve from the droning statistic robots that usually call games.
How about we recruit an actual kicker instead of what we usually get?
I am pleased with the effort put forth by the team tonight. It's really hard to win at LSU, and it's even harder to blow them out in their own stadium. Good job by LSU's defense tonight. They played incredibly well despite what the box score indicates. We'll see you in December Dawgs!
They should go with a safer pick. I think Les Miles makes sense for Maryland in the short term.
Coker was definitely better than how Burrow is playing now. In my opinion, Burrow is a bit overhyped. I think he still needs to develop a bit more before he can really make LSU dangerous.
You're delusional. Pinkel was easily the best coach Mizzou has had in decades.
And Georgia Tech gets blasted by any defense that has a pulse. The idea that any team can be elite without a passing game is faulty. Imagine what Kentucky's RB could do if teams didn't play close to the LOS because they would have to respect the intermediate passing game.
I am completely perplexed as to why Stoops still believes in a QB that threw for 18 yards in four quarters. You're going to get run over by Georgia if you're one-dimensional.
Kentucky will not beat Georgia unless they magically get a passing game. I can't remember the last time a one-dimensional offense stumped Kirby Smart.
The injury bug just won't leave us alone. I hope we can recover and continue to get better as the schedule becomes more difficult.
It took Steve Spurrier 5 years to get anywhere close to competitive in the SEC at Carolina, and he arguably took over a better roster than Muschamp did in 2016.
I cannot understand how South Carolina fans are beginning to turn on a coach who has elevated the profile of their program immensely. You guys lost to The Citadel in 2015, and only three years later you really took the bait that you were going to be a dark horse in the East? If anything, that speaks volumes of how far Muschamp has taken this program in two years. The bottom line is, if Bentley looks bad against A&M in the first half, Muschamp will pull him to provide a spark.
I can't understand how you could justify having Storey below Wilson or Guarantano in these rankings after his good performance against us.
It would take an LSU loss against Georgia, an LSU win against Bama, and Auburn to win out. They're pretty much out of the race unless LSU somehow challenges Alabama's offense.
You can't win against good SEC defenses with a glorified RB throwing the ball. Being 1-dimensional is the quickest recipe for an offensive showing like the one Kentucky gave against A&M.
Gus Malzahn isn't the problem. A lot of the play calling on offense was good, but the offensive line is absolutely abysmal. Stidham is not comfortable in the pocket because he cannot trust his offensive line to give him the time. If you want someone to be fired, get rid of the offensive line coach.
High school Jalen Hurts could have probably passed the ball more effectively than Terry Wilson did tonight.
This game is always pretty fun to watch, even when the teams aren't the best.
It was still a blowout, but the defense could be better. Our offense is historically prolific, so I am not worried about being in possible shootouts later in the season.
I think a lot of us are becoming a bit entitled (mostly the bandwagon fans). I understand it's pretty boring to watch a team consistently blow out their competition, but I don't think that's the way we should view it. I think we forget that we are currently watching what will most likely end up being the most prolific offense in Alabama history, but a lot of people are turning off the game at halftime because it's a blowout. It won't be like this forever, and that's why I enjoy every minute of every blowout game.
This is just unacceptable. If you don't like the guy, I don't have a problem with you laying him out a few times. There's just no reason to choke someone and slam their head into the ground multiple times. That kid doesn't deserve to play another down of football in his life. I hope the teams that play him next absolutely lay him throughout every game.
Minus the last few sentences, there is nothing wrong about what he said. When you go to Alabama you have to understand you're competing against guys who are just as talented as you. Only hard work can separate you from the rest at that point because you cannot coast on your talent alone.