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Golden coming from the team that felt too entitled to play Oklahoma in a NY6 and effectively embarrassed the SEC on a national scale. A three-game losing streak to end your season really screams dominance, doesn't it?
Sark's a great coach, and he did well at Washington and decently well at USC before he had his bout of personal problems. He should do well at Texas, and I think we should all wish him luck moving forward. He did great things for this program, and instead of bashing him for taking a great opportunity, we should thank him for some of the most prolific offenses in Alabama's history. Saban will find solid replacements just like he always does, and life will go on. No need for all that negativity.
This is an interesting hire. Meyer hasn't failed anywhere he's gone, but plenty of legendary college football coaches can't recreate their success in the NFL because it's such a different beast. Everyone has great players, and those players are almost constantly shifting. I don't see him lasting long in the NFL, but that isn't because he isn't a legendary coach. It's because I think the NFL is infinitely more stressful than a college football job as things seem to constantly shift.
I think a better adjective to describe Tate Martell is entitled rather than embattled.
I would take Tua over Justin Fields any day. Fields doesn't have consistency against good teams. He did well against Clemson, but outside of that, I can't remember him having a monster game against another elite opponent.
This is probably the most impressive team Saban has ever fielded at Alabama, and it's certainly the one of the most dominant in program history. This team thumped four of the final top ten teams by double-digits this season. The offense was unstoppable, and the defense tightened up and played extremely well against teams not named Ole Miss and Florida. When I think of impressive, dominant Saban teams, I think of 2009, 2011, and 2012. This team blew all three of these out of the water and then some. It's incredible that we are able to watch college football history continue to unfold in front of our eyes every season. This is a dynasty nobody could have predicted in 2007, and the best part is that it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Roll Tide, and SEC!
There's no way he wins the starting job at Wazzu. Leach was recruiting well at the quarterback position before leaving, so their room is already loaded with unproven talent. He's too prone to mistakes, and I think Rolovich still runs a more pass-happy offense. Who knows though, he may end up putting the pieces together against PAC-12 defenses.
Dang what a hire! Mason is going to create some tough defenses on par with what Steele coached.
I agree wholeheartedly. This is easily one of Chris Wright's worst takes ever. The BIG10 didn't legitimize anything this year. Their conference was mediocre at best this season with Ohio State being the only great team and Northwestern being the only other above-average team in the entire conference. They attempted to cancel the football season, so giving them credit by saying they somehow legitimized the playoff race is confusing at best.
I agree 100%. There was no reason to bench Fromm in 2018, especially when Georgia had barely lost the 2017 title to Alabama, and they were one win away from securing another playoff berth with Fromm at the helm. It's easy to critique and criticize Kirby for that decision, but in the moment it was by far the most logical choice.
I think Daniels is going to do well next year. He played really well against Cincinnati despite the lack of run support combined with some shaky offensive line play. With some more time in the system, I think he can lead Georgia to much more offensive production than they saw over the course of this season.
Will he be the next Nick Saban? Highly unlikely, but he's likely going to win a title for A&M before he retires. He's a highly skilled coach, and he's proving why the Aggies made the investment to hire him away from Florida State to begin with.
That's a fairly favorable schedule for the Aggies, although you'd have to think that Alabama and, what I think will be, a revitalized LSU team would be the two major hurdles in order for them to win the West. After this season though, we now know the Aggies are more than likely here to stay.
Great win for Kentucky. You guys never play pretty football, on the offense at least, but that defense always seems to step up when they need to. Great job representing the SEC against a ranked opponent!
I'm so excited for Ole Miss getting the victory today! Congrats, y'all really represented the SEC well today by knocking off the BIG10's darling team of 2020. Kiffin is continuing to prove why he's a great coach, and Ole Miss will probably be dangerous a lot sooner than most thought before the season started. Great way to end your season!
Just call it what it is. You guys quit on your team for money. That's your decision, but when you make a selfish move like that you'd better own it. If players want to opt out, go for it, but don't feel offended when people call you out for what you are. A quitter.
Notre Dame is a good team and Kelly has found consistent success there over the last couple of years. If we come out flat against these guys they'll take advantage of it just as they did against Clemson earlier in the season, and I don't want to hear about how Trevor Lawrence's absence impacted that game when his backup threw for 400 yards against the Irish. They're a good, fast, and talented team with a chip on their shoulder. That being said, I don't think that the game will be close so long as Bama comes out with some intensity.
I'm really hoping that Ole Miss goes and beats Indiana. I know with Kiffin that they should be competitive, but I would be elated to see them notch a win there. I think all of the other predictions seem fairly likely though. I would love to see the SEC have a good showing to cap off a strange year of college football.
I agree. I didn't think the BIG10 needed to be in the playoffs this year, especially since their conference was majorly down as a whole. Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Minnesota were all down. Is Ohio State plenty capable of winning against Clemson? Absolutely. However, that doesn't mean they necessarily deserved their spot considering they only played 6 games all season. The only good thing about the playoff selection this year is that it sparked real conversation about changing the system to make it more dynamic.
They're doing what they believe is best for them. It's immature and foolish to call out other players for making decisions that they believe will give them the best chance of making the NFL.
I think Trask would probably be better than Mac in our offense this year. That's not to say that it wouldn't be extremely close between the two, but Trask is certainly more talented than Mac is. I think Mac would do great at Florida as well, but I don't believe he'd be able to put the offense on his back in the same way Trask has done for his team in big games.
I never thought I'd see the day when a kicker from Alabama is nominated for his kicking abilities and not lambasted on ESPN for missing a 25 yard field goal.
Intriguing hire. Not really too exciting or flashy. He's a solid coach, but he has no ties to the SEC, which will be extremely difficult to overcome from a recruiting standpoint. He has benefitted from a winning culture that Chris Peterson cemented at Boise, so it'll be interesting to see what he does with an Auburn football team that has been wildly inconsistent for years. I don't think he will succeed the way the boosters hope he will, but only time will tell. A lot of his success will be dependent upon the staff he hires. If he puts together a solid staff, maybe retains Kevin Steele, then I think he will have a chance.
I hope this comment thread doesn't devolve into a political mess, but who am I kidding it's 2020 and everyone has an opinion.
This is an intriguing matchup and one that I'm excited to watch. I would like to see how Georgia's new, Daniels-style offense performs against a quality opponent. I would think this game will be low-scoring because of how dominant both defenses have been. Hopefully Georgia can do better than Auburn in the Peach Bowl and avoid another UCF crisis for the SEC.
I wouldn't call Notre Dame soft. They've managed to play well against some good teams this year. The last thing this team needs to do is come out flat against a really good team that just got hosed on national television and is looking for redemption. I think Alabama should beat Notre Dame, but I wouldn't be surprised if it stayed close for longer than most expect.
The problem is there aren't other teams that can keep up with that group. Was Texas A&M really playoff caliber this year? They got blown out 52-24 against Alabama earlier this season. Cincinnati hasn't been anything special to watch, and Oklahoma has been somewhat of a non-factor this season despite winning the Big-12 for the sixth time in a row. It's hard to even justify Notre Dame and Ohio State's bids considering Ohio State's weak schedule and Notre Dame just getting smoked by a healthier Clemson team. Outside of 2014, it has been like this every year since the inception of the playoff. Two or three really great teams then 4-7 all having decent cases but no legitimate chance of winning the national championship.
I agree wholeheartedly. It's a shame that parents can't watch their sons play in one of the most historic games in all of college football. They should stick to their guns on it.
He hasn't been successful yet at UCLA, but his team this year has been a lot better than his previous two. I think they're on the right path to potentially becoming relevant again within the college football world.
This isn't the wrong decision, but it certainly came at the wrong time. Who is even available to coach for Auburn currently that is better than Gus? It's not easy to sell a good coach that intends on winning a title at some point in their career a yearly matchup against Alabama and Nick Saban. Napier? Fleck? Freeze? Those are the guys Auburn decided were worth getting over a proven good coach in Malzahn who has had success against not only Alabama, but the SEC? I think Auburn needed to move on too, but this year has been crazy, and Auburn should be returning a pretty good team next year. They should have waited until next year to pull the trigger because I don't see who they could hire and immediately improve with.