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I didn't know Costello was thinking about MSST. That'd be a fantastic grab for y'all, and it'd make MSU a much more intriguing team in 2020.
Yeah, like I said, I'm glad he turned out to be a great coach. I remember not too many were excited about the hire in the beginning.
I'm delighted to see Coach O has found success at LSU. I remember heavily doubting the hire. He felt like a placeholder when Herman and Fisher both declined the job, but he has proven himself to be a perfect fit for LSU. Glad to have him in the SEC.
I don't see South Carolina doing much this upcoming season, and I always root for Carolina to do well in the East. There are so many losses on both sides of the ball. It makes it hard for me to believe Muschamp can turn it around. With the rise of Clemson, and the resurgence of Florida and Georgia, winning at South Carolina has become even more difficult than when Spurrier was there.
Preseason polls are useless. You can look back every year and find 4-5 teams ranked in the preseason that fall out of the AP Poll completely within the first month. I am a believer that A&M will be a good team this year. They have a lot of returning starters, and teams like Auburn and LSU are going to be dealing with a lot of turnover. This is Jimbo's year to prove that he was worth the investment.
Oh well - when Mac leads us to an SEC Championship next season, I suppose he'll get the respect he deserves, but until then he'll continue to be undervalued by other fanbases. Our QB room is loaded, so no offense to Emory who does have talent, but he wouldn't come close to starting with Bryce, Taulia, and Mac all competing for the same spot.
He impressed me when I tuned into Miami games early in the season. SEC teams should definitely give him a look.
Mac Jones would beat Emory Jones in a quarterback battle without a doubt. Mac put on a clinic against Michigan. Emory Jones would be about 4th on the depth chart at Bama. I know you Florida fans are clamoring for one of Mullen's deadly dual-threat quarterbacks like Nick Fitzgerald, sub 60% completion percentage and all, but Kyle Trask is easily your best option going into 2020.
Jones didn't impress me at all in his limited action. Mullen didn't trust his ability to properly read a defense and make the right reads, which is why he only dropped back 38 times the entire season. Trask is unequivocally the best quarterback returning to the SEC in 2020. He could have thrown for 30+ TDs had he been the starter going into the Miami game. I don't understand the 'quarterback battle brewing in Gainesville' narrative when you have as proven of a commodity returning.
This could have been a championship year for Bama if the offense and defense weren't decimated by injuries. Our defense lost the game against LSU - and Mac threw the Auburn game away (literally). However, I'm excited for what's to come next year. We'll have some strong leadership on both sides of the ball, and a lot of young guys coming back that were thrown into the spotlight last year. I believe, if we stay healthy, we'll win the West next year.
Losing a fluke game to South Carolina suddenly invalidates your season in the eyes of many I suppose. Georgia just finished #4 in the country in route to a 12-2 season, capturing the East for the 3rd year in a row. I wouldn't bet against Georgia winning the East again next year; Kirby hasn't lost to Mullen since 2008.
Maybe, maybe not. There's no telling what LSU is going to look like 2-3 years from now. All we really know is that they will not be at this level again going into next year. They're going through the Bama treatment right now with the departures of staff and key players, but the difference is Coach O isn't Nick Saban. Also, Herb needs to calm down and let LSU have their moment. It's so hypocritical of commentators and writers that heap praise on old, scummy Miami teams to criticize LSU for having some fun.
Hopefully they're a decent team by 2030.
No way we were ever a top 2 team this year. Our defense was way too injured to compete with the top teams.
Yeah - going 12-2 and winning the East for the third year in a row is doing 'less with more'. Florida will still probably end up losing to Georgia next year despite the holes they will have to fill.
D'Eriq King is easily the most overrated QB in CFB right now. He's the same guy that flaked on his team within the first month of play. LSU's current QBs could all probably beat him out in a competition. I would like him to come to the SEC West so I can have the pleasure of watching him get shut down by SEC defenses week after week.
Good job LSU! So happy for you guys. What a great team to watch.
Wazzu fans didn't appreciate him enough this year, and they certainly lost perspective regarding their program's ceiling. They'll fall back to Earth in a flash if they whiff on their new HC. It'll be interesting to watch how he'll stack up against the talent in the West.
Well, Newman was playing in the ACC. The teams in the ACC, especially recently, do not stack up against the SEC in terms of talent, coaching, and competition. Trask is undoubtedly the best QB in the East heading into next year. That doesn't mean Florida should be favorites over Georgia in the East. Smart has owned Mullen from his time at Alabama to present day.
Interestingly enough, he had focused more on playing defense at Wazzu than he ever did at Tech. Grinch and Claeys led some fairly good defenses under Leach from 2015-2018. I would be surprised to see him whiff on a good defensive coordinator hire.
I think Mac will get the start in the season opener. Saban typically leans towards starting the most experienced within the system at the beginning of the season. I don't believe that Bryce Young will factor heavily in the race this year. It's definitely going to come down to Mac and Taulia.
Injuries derailed any hopes of a title this season, but this team still fought hard to notch 11 wins. This is one of Saban's best coaching jobs considering the attrition at so many key positions.
Franks is a great guy and a good player, but he wouldn't sniff the starting job in Mike Leach's offense. His system isn't complex, but it does require his QBs to be decisive and quickly progress through all of their reads. Franks doesn't have the instincts to excel in an offense like that.
O'Gara you've always been a Moorhead apologist. I remember you writing about how he'd take MSU to a 10-2 record his first year because he 'saved James Franklin at Penn State'. When he went 8-5 with arguably the most talented roster MSU has ever had, you made excuses for him. Firing Moorhead is ultimately the right move. Mullen proved you can get 8 wins and be consistently competitive at MSU.
Good job Vols. I was beginning to think you would lose the game. C'mon LSU bring home the championship to finalize a dominant SEC postseason!
It's a four quarter game, so I don't know why the halftime score means anything. We would have been up 14-13 going into half if not for an amazing field goal by Michigan, and that was against our 2nd and 3rd string defense.
I'm so proud of this team. This was a great season despite the circumstances! Good job guys, one of my favorite Saban teams.
Stoops has built you guys into a respectable program. Y'all would have won some more games this year had Wilson not been injured. 8-5 is a great way to end the decade of Kentucky's resurgence.
MSST has arguably been one of the most forgettable teams this year. They had zero toughness and lacked the motivation to play good, SEC football. Moorhead has been a failed experiment, and he should get the boot before he gets the chance to further ruin the foundation Mullen built during his tenure.
LOL. The ACC is absolutely horrendous outside of Clemson. A&M played Clemson closer than anyone else outside of North Carolina this year, which is truly embarrassing for a 'powerhouse conference' like the ACC that boasts championship teams like Miami and Florida State.