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Can we stop with this narrative already? They still had the best recruiting class in the West. Kids don't want to go to an already stacked school knowing they're sitting behind 5* players who have been there a year or two longer.Alabama is fine, and nobody in Tuscaloosa, except for some fringe 'fans', are angry over a top 10 class.
I hope he never comes back to the college ranks. He was a terrible, unimaginative OC.
We'll be able to leverage Saban's success to get a pretty good hire. We should also be fine for 2-3 years afterwards because we'll still have Saban's players.Nobody is really panicking at all. I think most of us just feel blessed with what Saban has accomplished, it wouldn't matter if he had 3 straight 5-7 seasons.
I'd replace Michigan with Michigan State. Michigan State will be a playoff caliber team next year with all of the youth they return.
Nobody is upset about a top 10 class. The media desperately want the dynasty to end, and they'll report anything to show the 'cracks' in the system.
You obviously paid no attention to what I said. He had top 7 class coming in 2018, and in 2019 Florida held the No. 1 recruiting class under McElwain. It doesn't matter what his rankings were before. He had zero knowledge of Florida recruiting and he had just gotten the hang of it.Keep grasping for straws bud. He still made SEC history whether you like it or not.
Couldn't recruit? The guy had two top 5 classes lined up this year and in 2019 before they canned him, and a top 10 class the year before he was fired. And he coached up a fairly talentless team and won the East twice, accomplishing what no other coach in SEC history has.I know you have a vendetta against him because he made remarks about your team that you obviously hate, but trying to discredit what he accomplished in such a short time is just foolish.
Because South Carolina isn't a recruiting hub, but they still managed a top 20 class. I wouldn't say that's 'insufficient'.
He didn't back into anything. He took two hapless squads left behind by Muschamp and won with them. You dumb Gator fans will be up in arms when Mullen doesn't finish higher than 3rd in the east anytime soon.
I think Mullen got his head taken off by Georgia early in the year. You Florida lizards are going to spiral down to 3rd and 4th in the East every year with Mullen.
Bowl games are fun, and it's always a pleasure seeing conferences go against one another. People can skip the meaningless bowls if they want, but I always enjoy watching 7-9 win teams playing against one another.
In 2016, McElroy was the only ESPN analyst who predicted better than FPI. He's typically pretty good at choosing games, but I agree that Finebaum typically has zero clue about football.
100% I would take a chance on him if I'm a team that has an established QB that's close to retiring. When he was on, he was nearly impossible to stop via the passing game. When he was off, it was usually because his offensive line gave way early in the game and he let the pressure get to him.He'd be a project to an extent, but his arm talent and ability to read a defense when given a decent amount of time is undeniable.
It wasn't like UCF was playing great either. Their QB in the first half had like a 4-18 type of completion percentage, but your offensive game plan was so poor it was somehow close at half.I don't think Gus is a good coach, I think he's just barely above average. We'll see if he can get another 10-2 type season next year.
I would take Austin Allen before I took Josh Allen. He crumbled against Iowa and Oregon this year.
Really good for him. He would have been a killer QB had he not played at such a weak program. I remember he thew for 400 against Alabama in 2016.
I still don't understand why a coach would sit a QB that can throw better than he can run and play a QB that can run better than he can throw. Based off of 2017, this would be my rankings.#1- Jarett Stidham #2- Jordan Ta'amu #3- Nick Starkel #4- Tua Tagovailoa #5- Nick Fitzgerald #6- Cole Kelley #7- Myles Brennan
If we get Dan Enos as the QB coach, I'll be elated. He turned the Allen brothers into great QBs when they were healthy.
No doubt South Carolina is Georgia's #1 and Auburn is Alabama's #1.
A&M has clearly been the better team 3 out of the 4 times, and should have expected the win. SC blew a 10 point lead this year, so I will give you that. However, this will be by far the best SC squad that A&M has faced up to this point.I wouldn't side with history on this one considering how down the Gamecocks have been since the end of 2013.
The 2009 Boise State team has more of a right to claim a national title than this above average UCF squad.
I have SC at 10-2 or 9-3 next year. I think 11-1 is setting the bar really high for a team that's still lacking the depth when compared to elite teams. You guys should beat A&M even though I believe that Jimbo Fisher will instantly make them more competitive.
Talk trash about Alabama when you can beat UCF and not embarrass not only our own conference/take away from the real title game, but give just an above average team the chance to 'claim' a national championship.
Who cares? It's the Pro Bowl, and half of the NFL's audience is focused on fantasy anyways.
To be fair, he was knocked out for a good portion of the season. They would have been better than 8-5 if he had managed to stay healthy, but I don't think calling yourself Aaron Rogers does you any favors.
I think this is fairly close to what we will be looking at by the end of November this year. I would say Auburn and MSST have a solid chance to push Alabama, and I think they could be interchangeable at the moment. I also think the Aggies can thrive next year with the pieces on offense they have. It'll be a real battle in the West next year.I like South Carolina's odds this year. They always seem to play good teams really well early in the year, so getting Georgia early is extremely beneficial. Florida and Missouri could explode out of nowhere this year. The East is always more interesting.Either way, I can't wait until the new season!
UCF doesn't have anywhere close to a case. Their schedule was weaker than any of the top 10 teams and they are trying to use the transitive property to claim a title. They'd still have to beat Georgia again, and then they'd have to beat Alabama who beat Georgia and Clemson both of which beat Auburn. So, no UCF, you're not national champions. You were a team that beat 0 top 5 teams in a season and then decided that they are #1 for winning out.
I guarantee Saban wasn't aware of the incident until after the game. Coaches don't know about everything happening on their sideline other than what other players, assistant coaches, or refs tell them.