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Really? Bryant is better than Franks and Mond? Mond outplayed Bryant when they played in the same game together, and Mond was going against the better defense by far. Bryant is way overhyped. He looked hapless against Alabama in 2017.
Kelly Bryant wasn't even a top 5 QB in the ACC.
Connor O'Gara really botched that prediction.
Danny Sheridan and the other NFL analyst have a point even though I disagree with the extent of their comments. Gus doesn't run a quarterback friendly offense, so naturally Auburn won't be getting a 3,000 yard passer every year. He's not the guy who will set you up for the next level. However, when his offense is humming, it's almost impossible to stop. This is a make or break year for him (even though I feel like I've said that a lot over the years), and if he can't reach 9-10 wins this season I'm going to assume he's toast.
Michigan and Wisconsin are probably two of the most overrated football programs in the entire country. Wisconsin plays in the worst division in college football, and Michigan can't ever reach the playoffs because they're too busy being embarrassed by Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan State.
I really want to know why anyone thinks Tennessee is about to contend for the East over Kentucky or South Carolina. Tennessee was a really mediocre team last year, and I think a lot of pundits want Pruitt to pull a 180 this year. I just don't see it happening.
Agreed. Muschamp's entire career has been riddled with key injuries that have ultimately derailed some potentially good seasons.
I hope he has a good career at Oregon. Cristobal will enjoy coaching him up.
Chris, you're usually one of the better writers on this website. However, this take is egregiously stupid. Last year was the first outright win Clemson has had against Saban. They won in 2016 on a final second pick play that wasn't called. Saban has won the other two meetings in 2015 and 2017. Alabama fans are used to the 'sky is falling in Tuscaloosa' narrative when the program falls short of a national championship, so keep the hot takes coming.
This is incredibly embarrassing for Florida's coaching staff. We've all been able to say that a lot this decade, but I believe this controversy takes the cake. This kid had the wisdom to voice his concerns about his dirtbag of a roommate, and they gave him an unbelievably moronic, bureaucratic response. They were practically begging for something horrible to happen between January and the beginning of summer. Soak it up Gator fans, this is just the beginning of the Little Urban era.
I think the loss of Haskins to the NFL will be felt even more for them this year than Meyer's departure.
Larry Scott isn't even liked by the PAC-12 diehard fans. The reason these better programs schedule PAC-12 teams is really simple; they want an easy win. With power programs like Cal, Oregon State, and the conglomerate of mediocrity that is the PAC-12 South, it's really not hard to see why the power programs want to schedule your teams.
Woohoo! Another bowl game nobody will want to watch. 7-8 wins should be the new number a team has to get to in order to qualify for a bowl game.
It's really hard to take anything you write about QBs seriously when you continue to rank Malik Willis above Jake Bentley. One has only about 20 career pass attempts and the other just finished a 3,000 yard season and has had above a 60% completion rate every year he's played. Also, putting Fields and Eason in the top 10 is ridiculous considering how mediocre Eason was his freshman year and how little we saw of Fields.
I would honestly take Grier and Shurmur over Daniel Jones.
Yeah, agreed. I know he wasn't flashy in college, but he was playing for Duke. The talent around him was mediocre at best. If Cutcliffe likes him then he can't be too horrible.
It's statistics like these that make me worry about the coach that follows Saban and the state of our fanbase when that coach doesn't live up to the otherworldly expectations.
How is it that an idiot like Martell can get a waiver but this kid can't? The NCAA needs to be replaced. They're all a bunch of spineless bureaucrats.
I still firmly believe that four is a great resting place for the foreseeable future. Alabama and Clemson have largely dominated the CFP since 2015, and it doesn't look like that will change in the near future. I don't want eight because it will ultimately end up bringing automatic bids with it, and nobody wants a crappy P5 champion getting an automatic bid.
Not even close. The only link between the two would be Cutcliffe.
I agree. Our defense hasn't been the same since the 2015-2017 guys all got drafted. It really hurt us last year, and I suspect Clemson will be hurting on defense this year.
A team that is beaten by almost three TDs is not the better team. You're completely delusional if you truly believe Florida was the better team that day.
I don't think stats really matter when arguing about whether a QB is a leader or not. He most certainly was a leader on the 2017 Georgia team, it would be dishonest to ignore his natural ability to lead. Statistically he was never going to be dominant because of the offensive system Georgia was running. That doesn't mean he was any less of a leader.
O'Gara has had some pretty awful post-spring takes. He thinks Malik Willis is going to start for Auburn, and he wrote the article about how 'concerned' people should be about Tua's spring game performance.
That's a pretty awful take by Alvarez. It essentially boils down to 'the conference I coached in deserves a chance too!' The BIG10 will get a shot at the CFP when they start playing decent football again. The conference hasn't scored a point in the CFP since Ohio State in 2014.
I am not concerned about him at all. This was a spring game, and he still performed well despite a few drops from receivers. Nobody should be scared that he's going to regress.
You could argue that, but the defensive line got good pressure the whole game, and the secondary looked much improved despite several drops.
Willis is just about as experienced in playing college ball as all three of the other QBs on the roster. I don't think he has over 20 career pass attempts. While I don't doubt he is definitely still in contention for the job, arguing that he has the edge because of his 'experience' is fairly weak.