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UCF used to be a team you could root for. I remember their great 2013 team led by Blake Bortles, but now their fanbase is truly obnoxious. Florida's offense would eviscerate UCF's porous defense. Sure, UCF would put up some points and some yardage, but Trask could probably throw for over 500 against UCF without breaking a sweat.
Mac isn’t going to lose the starting role unless he gets injured. He is a great QB, and it’s a pleasure to see the offense move back towards the running game. I dislike that people continue to push a narrative that he’s battling for the job.
I'm wondering if Jimbo will stick with Mond here. I really think it's not fully on him, but I think A&M needs a leader on the offensive side of the ball. Mond has just been so painfully inconsistent, but I don't know what else A&M has at the position behind him.
The defense looked much improved, and they'll get better with more reps. Mac performed really well, and that was nice to see. Mizzou was hitting hard, and they played much better than I expected them to. You guys have a good team. Awesome game overall, and I'm happy that CFB is back.
Crazy times indeed. The honeymoon period did not last long for LSU, but that was to be expected. You guys had way too much production to replace, and it’s not easy to play your first game against Mike Leach and a top-tier PAC-12 QB transfer in Costello. Great win for Mississippi State and don’t be too disappointed LSU fans. Your team is going to grow and get much better by the end of the season.
Where are all of the Georgia tools that bashed Jake Fromm hiding now? It's laughably poetic that both Heisman candidates Mathis and Bennett have performed so poorly against Arkansas of all teams.
Awesome! It's always great to see Oklahoma lose, and that's a major upset for the BIG12 title race. Maybe it's finally going to be Texas's year? Just kidding.
Trask and Pitts were unbelievable. That's going to be a tandem to watch the further we go into SEC play. Florida's defense looked fairly bad, and Kiffin showed why he was hired to coach Ole Miss out of the cellar. They could potentially upset a team or two later in the season if their defense tightens up a bit. Great game, and, as always, I'm happy that Trask continues to prove the doubters wrong with another excellent game.
Kentucky proved that they're going to be legit this year. They made some really out of character mistakes, and it cost them big-time in the second half. Nix looks much improved from last year, and his deep balls were pretty good. Auburn's defense looks like it didn't skip a beat from last year either. Also, Auburn looks like they might have a good running back again with Shivers.
We'll see if that comes to fruition. If the guys can avoid the injury bug, they should definitely be much improved! Either way I'm excited to see some college ball.
Glad to see you're still lurking on an SEC website while your conference implodes.
This season is going to be fun to watch! I think the schedule will provide for some really entertaining games like A&M, Georgia, MSST, LSU, Kentucky, and Auburn. I'm just happy we get any football at all.
I'm shocked they kept the comments open on this one. I don't really watch ESPN anymore because they've decided to jump into the world of politics and report the news almost as much as an actual news network. It's a joke really. You used to be able to escape the often toxic culture surrounding politics by tuning into channels like ESPN. I respect their right to have their own opinions, but nobody is willingly tuning into Herbstreit to hear about social justice. Nobody on either side of the aisle wants to be preached to by a multi-millionaire living a life so disconnected from the vast majority of Americans.
If I were him, I'd stay put in Kentucky. He's been able to have the freedom to build the program the way he wants it there, and at a big ticket school it's more likely he'd be battling through the usual 'win-now' university politics. If he continues to churn out successful seasons in Kentucky, he could have the opportunity to build a true contender down the line.
This weird season will provide for some really interesting entertainment. I think we'll see some teams take advantage of the strange year and really shock people. Kentucky is a real contender this year.
Your conference is a joke Tom, and soon they will be the laughingstocks of the college football world alongside the always-mocked PAC-12. It's also not shocking that you attempt to gloat about revenue over actual performance on the field. Do yourself a favor and let the BIG10 know that it's not illegal to win a playoff game, or even score points in playoff games.
I don't understand your hard-on for hating Will Muschamp. He's just a mediocre SEC coach. Your condescending responses to Gamecocks fans is embarrassing. Just congratulate the Gamecocks on a great recruiting victory and move on.
Y'all will be back competing again in the future. The SEC West is always better when Arkansas is a good team.
If the SEC continues forward on its current trajectory towards Fall football, and the SEC manages to work its way through the Fall season without an implosion, the "Little Ten" and the PAC-12 will be mocked for years to come. It's honestly a shame Frost and Day 'carry zero weight within the conference', because they seem to have spines unlike your conference's horrendous commissioner. Good luck to your conference! They'll need it after this debacle.
This is not surprising at all. The PAC-12 is absolutely spineless, and they don't care about their players. I'm more shocked the B1G decided to cancel their Fall sports, but I suppose inexperience at the top makes their rash decision easier to understand.
This comment section is a war zone. I hope that we can all agree, despite our politics, that football is able to return in some capacity this Fall.
GatorRoll, your post, although made in good faith, is largely based on a faulty narrative. The death rates for COVID-19 and the seasonal flu are extremely similar. They're both sitting around 0.2-0.3%. Study after study has shown that younger people are dying from COVID at a significantly lower rate than the regular flu. A large percentage of young people infected with COVID do not even display symptoms. Comparing the death count of a seasonal flu to COVID is pointless. There is no vaccine for COVID-19. The rate of infection is much higher because of this. The amount of people dead doesn't carry any weight without the context of a denominator. The denominator for COVID-19 is much higher than that of the seasonal flu because of how easily it can be spread without any vaccination or treatment to prevent it from moving quickly through the population.
This class is starting to really shape up into something great! RTR.
In recent years, Leach has had a knack for grabbing up-and-coming, and even established, defensive coaching talent. Alex Grinch, who didn't have a name before Leach hired him at Wazzu, has now coached at Ohio State and Oklahoma as DC. Studying under a great defensive mind like Rocky Long doesn't hurt either.
This is great news for Georgia. I wouldn't count Daniels out of this QB race. Kirby has always seemed to favor pro-style quarterbacks over dual-threat, and that offensive style tends to help a defense out as well.
I still can't believe Kiffin didn't retain MacIntye. That just looks like such a huge mistake especially when he has such a proven track record. Odom is a good defensive coordinator, and I think he'll provide a great boost for Arkansas this season. Arkansas will most certainly be better this year than any of the Morris years.
Last year was actually the first time since the 2014 season we haven't been playing in the national championship game. That's crazy to think about.