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One of the most satisfying wins in a long time. Good game Georgia. You guys will definitely get another shot in the playoffs.
We were lucky to win this one. If Auburn had a QB worth anything they would have won and I don’t think it would have been terribly close. Finley has to be the worst QB Auburn has fielded in a while. Lots to learn and build on for this game and I am glad we got the win. However, it’s going to be tough playing like that to get a win against Georgia. The offensive line needs to get it together.
I'd take Will Rogers over every QB in the league outside of Corral and Young. He's efficient, understands Leach's offense, and throws a great ball. State could win out if he plays like he has been.
I agree. He should stay put and keep Cincinnati relevant until they move to the B12. Southern California is very different from Ohio. It doesn't seem like a move he'd want to make considering all of his ties to the midwest.
I definitely don't disagree. We're going to be tested against both, and I wouldn't be surprised if we lost to Auburn on the road. The path to a national championship seems a bit overly-optimistic, but Saban is still Saban and he could turn this ship around if the team grows a little more and clicks.
We're really experiencing a lot of growing pains this year. This has still been a great season, also keeping in mind our eyes have been spoiled by the last several years of insane offensive production, but this team is not championship caliber. We can still win the West, but I can't see us beating Georgia this year unless we have our best game of the season against them.
How can Baylor only drop one spot after getting throttled by TCU? How does Auburn drop four spots for losing to what should be a top ten A&M team? How is a 2-loss BYU ranked in the top 15? Why is Ole Miss ranked so low? And how in the world does Michigan get ranked ahead of Michigan State one week after losing to them in embarrassing fashion? The committee is making some really questionable decisions so far this year. I even think we're ranked too high at #2. We haven't looked like it for most of the season.
Leach goes and wins at programs that don't normally win. He'll average 8-9 wins a season once he gets his system implemented. I followed him closely at Washington State and he managed give Wazzu their best four year conference stretch in the history of the program. He made Tech a consistent 8-9 win team almost every year. He's going to be fine at MSST, they've taken a huge step forward and it's only year 2.
Holy cow that defense! What a spectacular win for A&M! Congrats y’all
Gonna go with Arkansas on this one. It'll be very close, and Mike Leach is already producing results at State even though he found a way to drop some earlier games he probably shouldn't have. That's kind of par for the course with Leach. But I take Arkansas winning by around a field goal.
Notre Dame is overrated O'Gara. It's not impressive that Cincinnati went and beat a mediocre team that has fluffed it's 'resume' with a horribly weak schedule. Their best win is against a 5-3 Wisconsin team that has been embarrassed against every ranked team they've played until they took a hapless Iowa team to the woodshed. The only other win over a ranked team they have is Purdue, who also got too much credit for taking the same hapless Iowa team to the woodshed. Notre Dame will get the doors blown off of them in whatever upper-tier bowl game they play, and Cincinnati will be playing in a NY6 bowl watching the playoffs from the sidelines. Deal with it. They aren't good enough.
Yeah I definitely don't disagree. A&M could easily be 7-1 right now sitting firmly in the playoff picture. I think this season for A&M feels somewhat like a reset following the Mond era. I think Calzada is growing, and now that he's getting more of Fisher's attention I wouldn't be surprised if he continues to grow and improve enough to hold onto the starting job. I'm just not sure if y'alls offense has matured enough with Calzada at the helm to consistently beat good teams yet. I think you guys match up well against Ole Miss, but I think Auburn's defensive line is capable of keeping the running game in check. It really is a 50/50 game, and I am excited to see how it plays out on Saturday.
This will be a very evenly matched game. I think what will decide the game is Auburn’s defensive line v. A&M’s rushing attack. If Auburn makes Calzada beat them through the air and can consistently take away the run from A&M, then I just don’t see how they could keep up with Auburn’s offense. A&M played an amazing game against us then squashed the #12 and #13 teams in the conference. Those wins don’t really tell us how much progress they’ve made. I think I will take Auburn in a game that is decided late in the 4th quarter.
Not sure how I feel about these. Honestly I liked what the AP had more. I feel it’s more representative. Wisconsin doesn’t deserve to be ranked. We are ranked too high. Notre Dame in the top 10 is a joke. Have they even watched the season?
Yeah I agree. Patterson was an anomaly for TCU football, definitely not the norm. Nobody really won consistently there in the modern age of college football until he showed up.
Agreed. Jimbo is building A&M up slowly but surely. Even if this is an 8-4 season for A&M, that's not bad considering their starting QB went down early. You have to respect the job Jimbo has done there.
Listen, no offense to you because nobody has a crystal ball and I am generally no better as a fellow Alabama fan, but you have been consistently wrong on predicting Auburn football in every article I see you on. You predicted an LSU loss, Arkansas loss, and an Ole Miss loss. Heck, I am surprised you didn’t pick them to lose in the bye week. Auburn is an 8-4 team at worst from what I see. I could see them giving us a hard time since we aren’t playing at home. Either way, continue to discredit Auburn at your own risk. They look like they’re playing good football down the stretch here. The Iron Bowl could end up being the division title game.
I honestly think that Ole Miss, A&M, and Auburn all round-robin one another. I think Auburn beats Ole Miss this weekend, loses to A&am the next weekend. I think Ole Miss loses to Auburn but beats A&M, and of course I think A&M beats Auburn but loses to Ole Miss. They all seem to be good enough to beat one another on any given day, so it’ll be interesting seeing how those three end up closing the season.
It was actually 31-24 in the 4th quarter. We pulled away at the end because Tennessee didn’t have the depth on defense to stop our offense at the end. The game was much closer than the final score indicated.
Also just to clarify, Tennessee had a great game plan, and that definitely impacted how well we played on both sides of the ball. Again, cannot give enough credit to Tennessee. Hope y’all can keep improving.
This team is so Jekyll and Hyde it’s equal parts entertaining and frustrating. The defense will produce a game like Mississippi State then get beat over the top by Tennessee all night. The offense was a bit inconsistent, but they found their rhythm by the time Tennessee’s defense began to wear down. Tennessee played their butts off, and they’re so much better under Heupel than I thought they’d ever be. Great game, hopefully we can clean some stuff up over the off-week. This team is great, but it isn’t elite. However, it has the potential to be elite. If they can overcome their inconsistencies then this may be one of Saban’s favorite teams.
Defense is becoming more and more of a concept in the SEC as well.
I hope we pile it onto Tennessee this weekend. I think we can score 50 if the offense is clicking and Bill doesn’t have a bad day calling the plays. I do worry about the defense still, but I am hopeful they have a good outing as well and build on what they did last week.
Not sure how you can rank Nix or Levis that low. They’ve both been better against better competition. Nix has had a strong three week stretch in some tough environments, and Levis just put up what could be the most efficient performance a quarterback has against Georgia this year. Hooker, the Florida mess, and Rogers all deserve to be below those two guys without a doubt.
You would seriously take Michigan, Michigan State, and Cincinnati to beat Alabama right now? Not every undefeated team is created equal, and being undefeated does not automatically make a team better than a one loss team. I think Ohio State is about to prove that point within the next few weeks. And yes, the CFP Committee has shown that the eye test is what they look for the most over records. Look at 2017 Auburn - they were ranked #2 with two losses going into championship week. 2016 Penn State was a two loss team that was seriously considered for the playoff, and in all honesty, should have gotten in over Ohio State. Records can be fools gold - there are plenty of examples of that. Obviously, as a team, you don't want to be in the habit of dropping 2-3 regular season games if you have playoff aspirations. However, one, and in some cases two, loss teams are always in the hunt for the playoff, and to rank them based off of wins/losses is completely silly and not at all conducive to getting the best four teams into the playoff.
I felt like in the preseason that Auburn was an 8 win team. I felt as though they could beat anyone outside of Bama, Georgia, and Penn State. So far, that looks to be true. I think y’all beat Ole Miss because I don’t see how they won’t be emotionally and physically exhausted by the time they play y’all. I think A&M is the next game that could spell real trouble for this team and it will determine if y’all have an opportunity for 9 wins this year. Beat A&M, and 9-3 looks really plausible. Very impressed by Hardin so far as a Bama fan.
The AP pollsters want a G5 team in for narrative reasons. They’re hacks that are more interested in a narrative rather than correctly ranking each team. Per usual, we will see some massive rearranging in the CFP poll that more accurately portrays where teams sit.
We don’t know how bad/good that loss will be until the end of the season. A&M could finish 8-4 or 9-3, and that would be considered a quality loss on the road against a team that played out of their minds to get the win. The narrative around that loss will change as the season progresses. Records are less important than the eye test. There aren’t many people that would bet money that teams like Iowa and Cincy could beat Bama handily. That’s because Bama, when they’re playing to their talent level, is able to beat just about anyone. It’s been that way for years now, and to discredit Bama because they have one loss is silly. Penn State in 2016 had two losses, but they should have gone to the CFP when they won the BIG. Losses don’t matter as much as the eye test and head-to-head matchups. None of the rankings matter right now. If Bama wins out they’re in.
I’m gonna miss Coach O. There won’t ever be another coach that fully embodies the state he represents the way Coach O did at LSU. It’ll be interesting to see who they target.
Not to mention the cheers when Corral went down. Your fanbase is toxic and deserves every fine coming their way.