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I don't know if you're an avid Bama fan if you genuinely can't see that Tua is by far the more talented QB. Jalen should be our 3rd string QB after his abysmal spring performance. 26-2 is unimpressive considering how elite his surrounding cast is. He had the best defense ever fielded in 2016 and still lost the championship because of his inability to move the chains. He looked lousy throughout 2017 without showing much improvement in the passing game, and now we see him struggle mightily in the spring game against a secondary that lost just about everyone.He's a glorified RB who can throw decently against mediocre competition. I think you'll be the one 'who sees' when Jalen transfers out when he loses the job.
He didn't want to be stuck behind a person who has significantly less talent. Not really the same as the Blake Barnett transfer.
I think it's fine to stand up for your team, just don't attack a program that's building itself up to be more than a doormat in the SEC because of an internet troll. It can come off as arrogant, especially when the team you represent hit rock bottom last season.I wouldn't know about this guy's post history. If he is a troll, then I can see why you might be agitated with any post he makes regarding UTenn. I think you guys have a fine coach, and you'll be back up in a few years.
What a pitiful response. You couldn't even avoid sounding arrogant after I pointed out your arrogance. Anyways, South Carolina has won 19 more games over the past 10 years than Tennessee. That takes your 'fact' and nearly multiplies it by 10. I also don't know what "BS" he was shouting, all he said is slow the roll on Tennessee considering you're a team that hasn't won more than 10 games in over 10 seasons. There was nothing inflammatory about his comment unless you consider facts offensive.Enjoy your losing season, and I, like many others, will certainly be pulling for South Carolina to clobber your team to make it three in a row.
I hope Tennessee goes 0-8 in SEC play again. Talking down on SC when they've beaten you the past two years in a row is laughable. They've accomplished more than Tennessee over the last 10 years, and it's not even close.You would think an 0-8 season would humble a fan base, but you Vols fans are still arrogant as ever.
That 2012 game was the National Championship. I know it wasn't labeled as such, but I think everyone would agree whoever won that game would have destroyed Notre Dame.
How Jalen Hurts sniffed out a top 15 spot baffles me nearly as much as Tagovailoa being touted as the 2nd best QB in America. He may very well be Nick Saban's first Heisman QB in the future, but he's played 1/2 of football. Let's slow our roll on him until the season starts.
Florida being considered a top 25 team is hilarious. Did they not see them go 4-7 last year? South Carolina should be thrown in around #21-#22 instead of Florida.
Allen will be a bust. There won't be any controversy in this QB battle.
Because everyone is the same person they were 7 years ago... give me a break.
Not surprised at all. This kid is a moron who has thrown away millions.
I think the FAU transfer would make a lot of sense. It would make way too much sense for Hurts. He'd get to develop with Kiffin, and he'd get to play a really easy schedule.
It's just more of the same: mediocre downfield passing, antsy in the pocket, and an inability to fully read the field. Hurts is not a natural talent at the QB position. He should play to his strengths and switch to a different position.After a performance where he was outperformed by the third string QB, I expect Hurts to do something drastic. He will either transfer or switch positions. I am leaning towards the first option considering the comments from his father.I don't think it's much of a loss, I've always believed he has been overhyped and lacked natural passing ability. It's dangerous to be only 2-deep at the QB position, just ask Maryland last year, but Tua proved he has a huge ceiling while Jones proved he could be serviceable through the air. I hope Jalen stays and switches positions, but I don't have the feeling he will.
The Alabama staff is stacked. If Locksley performs poorly, Dan Enos could step in for him.
Tua looked the safety off of his initial read which sealed the deal for Bama. There's no way Hurts looks off the safety. Hurts has no passing ability, and that hurts us against good defenses. He's looked lost against every big time defense he has played against. He was mediocre against Clemson both times, and he was below average against FSU, Washington, and Georgia.
Agreed. I think 7-5 is more realistic rather than 9-3. You guys will most likely finish 4th in the East behind Georgia, SC, and Mizzou.
Funny that a Georgia fan is telling another fanbase to get used to coming up short. I'd call blowing a 13-0 lead 'coming up short'.
I have looked forward to this game the last few years. For whatever reason they're pretty good games no matter how either teams season is going.
Fantastic. He may have a chance to start in the future considering we didn't get a QB in the 2018 cycle.
Much like last year, I feel like the SEC has a lot of talented QBs. It was disappointing to see the SEC notch only two 3,000 yard passers from a group that had the most potential of any group the last few years. I think this is the year that we have four or five 3,000 yard passers barring any injuries.Or this group could come out flat much like last year's group and produce only one or two.
Yes, Hurts maintained the starting position because he had played more games and had just won SEC Offensive Player of the Year. Why would Saban throw Hurts out game 1 to a true freshman QB even with the hype surrounding him?Tagovailoa is going to throw all over the SEC next year barring bad play calling from Mike Locksley. I also think calling Tagovailoa 'fools gold' when he threw 3 TDs against one of the best defenses in the country last year is misguided.
He made mistakes that are fairly normal for young players to make. I think with Dan Werner and McClendon running a more up-tempo offense, Bentley will thrive.
You're correct. The presumed starter committed suicide which is absolutely terrible. I do think they have a QB recruit that broke records in Utah and another talented QB they nabbed last year, so he'll really have to compete to win the job.
Weird that he's going to Wazzu, especially with the QB recruits they have. I suppose Leach wants experience there, but I doubt he'll win the job.
Luckily this happened in spring practice and not summer or fall camps. This will be a setback for Tua, but spring isn't the end-all for a heated QB battle. He'll still have more than enough chances to claim a starting position before the season starts.
This basically says that UCF would lose 135 times out of 136 to the number one seed in an expanded playoff.
Was he the starter in 2009? No, so I do not say he 'won' that title.