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I thought South Carolina played a really great game. Muschamp was extremely aggressive, and I think he should coach like that more because the players seemed to respond to it. Hilinski played really well; I didn't even remember that it was only his second start until Danielson said it. The offense looked great as usual. Our defense did an alright job, but they need to get better in a hurry. Otherwise, A&M, LSU, and Auburn will exploit them on the ground just like SCar did today.
I initially thought he got in. It was a close call, but the fact that they didn't review the play was extremely odd. SCar is looking really good though.
A true freshman with an awful offensive line threw for over 200 yards against Florida. I'm not saying he's going to pick your secondary apart, but your secondary didn't look great against the only P5 team you played.
I think the one aspect Saban lacks is a culture of family with his assistant coaches. That's not to say Saban has been disrespectful to his assistants, but he most definitely keeps it professional. I think that's why assistants are more likely to leave at Alabama, and it is most certainly why Dabo has managed to keep his assistant coaches even with the recent success. I think those coaches have a tight bond with one another in both the coaching world and personally.
That's awful news. Kentucky was in a great position to go on another run this season. I hope he fully recovers, and good luck to Kentucky the rest of the season. I know I will be pulling for y'all every game.
Yes, there are several. Jimbo Fisher won a national championship at FSU. Mark Dantonio has been really successful at Michigan State. Kirby Smart took Georgia to the National Championship in 2017. Other than that, you have a bunch of McElwains, Muschamps, and Jason Garretts.
I wouldn't be surprised to see UNC have a good year at this point. Y'all and Miami aren't pushover teams. They'll also benefit from being in the mediocre Coastal division.
I think we all know who the mastermind behind Alabama's offensive success was last year, and it was most certainly not Gattis or Enos. Both are already struggling at their new schools. Locksley didn't get enough credit this offseason for what he did last year, and he's proving everyone wrong already.
Auburn's in an eerily similar spot going into week two as they were last year. We'll see if they can keep things from falling apart this year.
I think the SEC's top 5-6 teams are going to be much better than the bottom half of the conference. This weekend proved that there will be less parity within the league than we've seen in recent years.
What a dumb statement. They played Clemson better than we did. However, I think we can all agree that Tennessee should never be let into the playoffs ever after what they did this weekend.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but Kentucky could probably go 9-3 again this year considering how mediocre the SEC East looks after week 1. South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, and Vanderbilt looked completely lost in their games.
The SEC has had a lukewarm beginning to the season. Losses like these are going to hurt the SEC's SOS later in the year.
To be fair, none of the RBs faired well because of our offensive lines' terrible play. I hope they can get the o-line fixed, otherwise we'll be in trouble when we have to play an elite defense like LSU's.
The offensive line was extremely suspect. They couldn't open up the running game at all, and they couldn't protect Tua the entire game. The secondary looked fantastic, and our defensive line looked fairly good as well. Overall, I am happy with the effort minus the offensive line.
And to think this was supposed to be the SEC's 'most improved team'. What a pathetic performance.
I think this will be the beginning of the end for Muschamp. Bentley has shockingly regressed, and I think if Muschamp wants to calm the waters he should start Hillinski next week. There's just no excuse for this loss; it's extremely embarrassing.
This made my stomach sink. I feel horrible for Moses, especially when the season is so close to starting. There's no way we won't feel the loss of him this season. I understand that players will grow, but he is an insane talent. Absolute bummer.
WVU isn't going to be 'lucky to win 5 games' this year. That's delusional. They will probably compete in the Big 12 this year with the Austin Kendall pickup and Neal Brown taking over as head coach.
Tua was a first-year starter last year. I know it's hard to remember that because he was incredibly efficient against the majority of our opponents last year. He delivered the most efficient quarterback play Bama has seen since McCarron in 2012. He faded down the stretch, but there's no doubt he'll be better this year against the top-tier defenses.
Wow. I remember Claeys and his team threatening to drop out of their bowl game in 2017 because of 'false rape accusations' or something along those lines. I think a bunch of players were suspended indefinitely. Then the QB that started 6 games that season gets charged with 6 felony counts of rape.
I'm not someone that has bought preseason LSU hype in a while. This year they should have a great offense with the typical strong defense. They should be the 2nd best team in the West this year.
I agree with the cost of travel for fans. It isn't fair for the fans to be forced to travel to the Rose Bowl for a semifinal and then to the Peach Bowl for the final. I disagree with automatic bids because the point of the CFP is to give the best teams in the nation a chance at a national title. Automatic bids will hurt the quality of the playoff itself.
The roster is just too stacked for SC to have a losing season even with the brutal schedule. I feel like this team would be getting a lot more attention and preseason love if Spurrier was still coaching. The talent is there, but few believe Muschamp can get it done. I can see anywhere from 6-6 to 9-3 if they have a miracle season.
Dak Prescott is not worth 30 million a year. Outside of his rookie season, he's been fairly mediocre.
Most years I would completely agree with your statement about LSU being overhyped, but this year I believe that they will finally have an offense to complement their good defense.
I think their win total is a bit too low. I think they will benefit from minimal coaching turnover and a good amount of returning production. They'll easily be a top 5 team in the SEC, and I think they'll go about 9-3.
I think Ole Miss will surprise people this year. They have a loaded coaching staff and some key players back. If McIntyre can turn the defense around early, I think they'll be a bowl team for sure.
I'd put Bentley up to number six, and I would knock Bryant to number seven. Guarantano at eight and then Franks at five. If Bentley and Franks had benefited from better supporting casts last year, I think they would have put up gaudier numbers. Other than some reshuffling in the middle, I think this list is as accurate as a preseason ranking can be.