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Bret Bielema went from star qb's and rb's in Wisconsin to being arguably the SEC's TE destination. We need a bump on the former. Austin Allen probably won't be a first rounder but come oooon DEVWAH DEVWAH DEVWAH!
Sounds a lot like Devwah Waley.
WOW!, I think this article gave me an aneurysm but I'm alright now, and think I understand. I'll talk to you guys later, I think I smell my car keys burning. Must have left the dish soap on the radioshack.
In hindsight, anyone who thought Austin Allen was going to come out and be the next Drew Brees in year one was probably drinking the kool-aid with the mushrooms in it. This sip of kool-aid is for the "perfect storm". Cheers!
I used to live in a town a quarter the size of Fayetteville and their were gangs you twat. I'm not calling the kid a murderer.
Exactly. And if his grades are bad that means he's probably more about that street life. That's a little harder to disregard when the kid is a Fayetteville native. You don't want the street scene bleeding into the football program.
*update* Obama is taking Condoleezza's spot. Pretty cool.
Minnesota..... Isn't that where Leslie is headed?
It took a long time for the wheels to fall off but...I think they're off. lol, smh.
Also, that's the best picture of the drunken master I have ever seen.
The public opinion that Arkansas is fine with the way things are makes me smh. You can't put BB on a seat cooler than Kirby Smart and Ed Orgeron. LOL! It's a nation-wide troll I tell you..... Or, like all things Arkansas Football, who the *&~ knows.
"BB on staff changes: There was some movement discussed with us, but nothing right now. I expect some things after the bowl game to pop up" If I know BB this comment is bursting with huuuge undertones. Look for something like Bob Shoop or Geoff Collins for DC if this tweet is any indication.
"Thankfully, Texas A&M stepped up, joined the conference and put this failed rivalry out of its misery." I second this. For LSU A&M you get a tough contest and then sweet hugs all around. The aggies door wide open policy when it comes to welcoming opponents I'm sure LSU happily obliges.
Not here at all surprisingly but LSU is getting picks.
I liked it. Hype videos are for the players not the fans, imo. What do you want? A video of LSU saying bama we're coming to take you out? You have to look at it from an LSU player perspective. Between this one and the cool/weird video bama just put out I really don't want to watch ours.
Tessitore finally getting out of Arkansas, lol. This definitely won't be a Tess type of game. No homeruns a minute in this one.
Some good to take out of this. A mediocre Arkansas team is about to beat that gator ass raw. Merry Halloween Vols.
If it's dark out shouldn't the numbers be white?