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All of us Vol fans love Butch. That's what they tell me anyway. Unfortunately, you're not a true fan if you refuse to accept mediocrity.
Yea our offense has sucked hard and is so predictable it's stupid. Dobbs running 15 yards on a busted play doesn't count as an offense.
Nah, I think all that crazy ran it's course.
I agree with you as well as footballgirl above. He is among the elite as an all-purpose player considering his receiving ability out of the backfield, punt return threat, etc. I can think of a couple I'd take over him in the backfield as a pure runner though.
Lol @anstro76...I wondered if anyone else was going to catch that.
Bama was down 24-3 to Ole, the better team didn't win? I was surrounded by bama fans during that game that turned it off and left them for dead. Fans will be fans.
Odell Beckham Jr. is 5'11, 200. Antonio Brown is 6'0 200. The rules allow smaller, faster receivers to excel. You don't have to be Calvin Johnson's size to produce any longer.
Ummm ... I believe you missed the sarcasm font on CockyMike's post.