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No matter how you slice it, that offense vs the UGA defense will be must see by the time the Cocktail party arrives!
Curious to see them play next week. Is it first game rust? Or is it going to he a struggle all season. The Gator defense didn't look good against Miami in last years opener, but ended up a top 15 defense by seasons end. (I'd have to double check that, but pretty sure) If the defense gels like last year, and the offense maintains this level of play, look out.... Definitely need to see if there are improvements next week to know for sure.
Sure they have the opportunity to be considered, but doesn't mean they will be. Hell, they aren't considered during a normal, full season.
The only realistic upset options this week are UT/SC and Aub/UK. Ole Miss may cover, and I don't really think that's likely. But unless UF has an entire 1st team fail their 'rona screenings, I don't see that upset even on the radar.
Hey SDS, STOP DISABLING COMMENTS ON ARTICLES!!! If a topic is too controversial to allow people to comment on, then it is too controversial to post. If the editors allow it to be posted, we should be allowed to discuss it!!! Here's an idea, instead of stopping discussion from the (mostly decent) people on the site(you know, the ones that are literally the ONLY reason you have a job here) how about posting some rules or bylaws that must be followed when posting. That way we can discuss topics/articles, and you can weed out the bad apples. There are several here that no one would miss anyway, and they would likely be the first booted. Maybe first offense is a warning. Second gets your account locked for 5 days. Third gets you booted. Much better than locking down healthy conversation.
As a black man from the South, I find this offensive. Not the chant mind you, the thought that this is a step in the right direction for any reason. How about you take the thought effort you put into this and find ways to actually help the black community. How about coming up with a plan to shorten sentencing for first time nonviolent offenders. That way black fathers could be in the home to teach our boys how to not make the same mistakes, thus giving them a male figure and not pushing them to gangs for male role models. Or how about ending the everlasting social welfare programs like section 8 and food stamps. Instead of handing it out, make it contingent on having X amount of verifiable hours of job searching, education, community service, or vocational rehab. Anything that would help our black families become a tighter and more productive support structure. Just because your team hasn't been hit yet doesn't mean they won't. UGA: Must have a dog with a certain percentage af black or brown spots. UT: Gotta get rid of Smoky because a slave hunter may have once used a blue tick to hunt runaways. Auburn: The oaks a Toomers gotta go. Black people used to be lynched in tall trees. The list goes on but you get it. As someone said earlier, this is just virtue signaling and DOES NOTHING but let a rich white man say "Look at me. I'm woke and I'm helping."
You realize,according to this article, that a former UGA player was the one with the gun, right...? Now granted, all is not always what it seems and all the facts are not out yet, but to throw stones at a rival fanbase while someone from your own glass house was involved seems pretty foolish. If this article stands as factual when everything is available, it would mean that one of your own was committing armed robbery and very possibly forced others to collect the items while he held a gun on everyone.
Humper, as I said, the trolls. You have some trollery in some comments from time to time. But yours seem to be in jest and friendly, rival banter. Others however, are pure classless troll trash. Those are the ones of which I speak.
According to an article posted over at Noles 247 and referenced by Canes Warning when announcing his decision: "Walker has chosen the Hurricanes in order to be closer to home for unspecified family reasons." Wonder if it is Covid19 related? Hopefully he and his family are well. If it's not that, hopefully whatever it is works out. Also wonder if the UGA trolls have enough conscience to feel even a tinge of guilt over their previous mudslinging on an earlier article before any information had come out....not likely though...
If they do, they do. I'm just thankful for the NC I got to be a part of, and the others I got to witness. If Bama never wins another, I'm satisfied. I've been able to witness my team hoist the trophy more in a decade than most people will in a lifetime. With that being said, fingers crossed for a few more ha!
Pettiness is accurate. The pups can't win an actual NC, so they've settled for the moral victory of being the "Preseason National Champions" for the last few years. Now it looks like they may have some competition and butts are hurt. In all seriousness though, congrats to UT for the recruiting success, but stay cautiously optimistic. These are 17-18 year old kids that are fickle as the breeze, and there is a long time until signing day. Good luck to UT with trying to hold onto them. The SEC is better with all the traditional powers playing at a high level!
Curious, how is CO a troll? You realize this is a Florida article, right? That would make you the troll by negative commenting here....
Thank you. That actually means a lot.
No. Unfortunately I was laying my daughter to rest. This is the first attempt to get back to normalcy. I realize what you meant. I was just coming at it from the POV that the article was written.
Just curious why Dean doesn't get some time at safety? I mean, that's a struggle spot for UF outside of that one cat with the long hair. Steiner is a liability everytime he lines up. Sure, he'll make a highlight reel play every so often, but more often than not he is out of position. Why not let Dean prove that he can't do it as opposed to sitting him? Hes big and physical, and has shown some coverage ability. He just didn't have fast enough hips to flip around and cover slot guys that can break routes either way. The further away from the ball the easier it is to learn (usually)
On the season in its entirety, yes. As for looking at the bowl games in a vacuum, no.
He hasn't committed to any team, so I'm not sure how anyone lost him...? Now Braun on the otherhand.... Glass houses and stones and whatnot.
Not sure how Spurrier peaked and the was replaced, beings he won a Natty between the beatdown by Nebraska and leaving for the NFL.
I think the conference tie In's should go. We'll likely have an unranked ACC team in the orange, and the possibility of a top 10 UF being left out. Lose the tie ins and have 5 play 6 in the rose, 7 play 8 in the sugar and so on. The most deserving should matter more than a contractual obligation.
Obviously I'm on the outside looking in, but I always felt that Luke was a place holder until the NCAA sanctions were done. I mean, what other big name coach would come into a program with that over their head? Luke seemed like a guy that loved the program to the point that he would have done it for free. So get him cheap to get you through, if it works out, great. If not, find someone else after the punishment was done.
Still waiting on that edit button SDS...
I'm thinking the same. That Joe whatever at LSU that came in as the passing game coordinator will make bank next year. He is the main reason LSU is as good as they are this season. He'll either get a big bump from them, or someone else will scoop him up as an OC or possibly head coach. Probably not quite ready for a head spot yet, but a smaller schooling the right situation, in 5 years I could see him moving up to P5 and causing the old guard some trouble!
Well, I guess this is as good a time as any to announce my website offering betting advice. As a freebie, my first lock of the week is Utah. Back the truck up boys!
What my fellow Bama fans are trying to say is this: Congrats to Auburn and auburn fans. Your boys played a great game and deserve the win. Enjoy it! We played hard and made some mistakes, but Auburn was the better team tonight. Good game and congratulations, again.
Because Coach Saban has never said anything like that in a locker room... Newsflash, I've been in that locker room with him. He does. A lot. Honestly, he doesn't wait til the locker room. He let's them fly on the sideline. My most memorable play was a colossal F up against LSU. I made eye contact with Coach on the sidelines and seriously thought about asking LSU if I could get on the bus with them and head to Baton Rouge. If only the transfer rules were the same back then. I would have walked straight out of the stadium and into the portal rather than the tongue lashing I knew was coming.
I should say, say what you want til that team beats you again. Winner gets the bragging rights.
No problem with it. You win, you get to say just about whatever you want til you play that team again. But I agree, F*** THE GREEN BEANS!!!!