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Prayers to the Big Man up there for the recovery of the big man down here. Get well soon! You know, I hate the circumstances, but it's nice to see that we are able to put the usual jabs aside and come together for something. (Bad as it may be.) I'm actually proud of our trolls for once. They at least have a shred of decency. At least they realize this isn't the place for their usual nonsense.
Leghumper, with that being said, I'll retract my comment as I was mistaken. Thank you for clearing that up. Welcome to SDS. Most of the posters on here appreciate the banter and jabs, as long as it stays friendly and not sinking to the juvenile level. Sadly, the worst ones are some of your fellow Dawgs. I won't call them by name, they will reveal themselves. As long as you stay above their level, you'll fit in fine. Welcome aboard!
Man don't throw that out there like you're the only vet. There are plenty of us here and we've all seen it before. The ones that crow the loudest about their deployments usually did the least. This is a football site. Not the local bar where you can brag about the firefights and retell the stories your squadleader told you as if you were involved. Stick to football.
Kirby (not so) Smart has lost control of his program. If you really think that this happened over a year ago and Smart is all the sudden just hearing about it for the first time then you are a fool. This at the same time that the kid from Florida with similar charges just had them dropped due to inconsistent statements from the victim and witnesses. Seems like a perfect time to reflect on all those stones thrown in the glass house...
TDOW, no sarcasm here, that was the most intelligent and thought out response I've seen you post while discussing anything UF related. For once I actually found it interesting and insightful, even if I disagreed with a few points. Please continue to post more like this about opposing teams. Maybe some class and thought will rub off on a certain few of your UGA cohorts...
3 star talent and finished the season tied in the rankings with UGA and a roster full of 5's. Wins a bowl game handily against a top 10 team while UGA gets trounced by a barely top 15. Seems to me that someone's coach is coming up short. I'm no psychologist, but maybe that has something to do with your level of insecurity.
It's one thing to have friendly (cough) banter between rival fans about football. But to personally dig at a kid for an accomplishment is ridiculous. My question to the Franks haters is, what round did the Red Sox draft you? (Or any other team)
Ok, for the lack of reading comprehension here, let me explain. I've stated a few times, I'm not saying either way. Merely relaying what the word on the street is, so to speak. I have not, nor will I, accuse anyone of anything unless I know for certain. LSUSMC, it's not from a Gator fan, unless you would consider a Miami grad a Gator fan. I certainly haven't met any that check both boxes. The guy is a 7on7 coach that the kid played for briefly.
Best of luck young man. Roll Tide and Anchor Down!
Maybe, maybe not. If I were posting a rumor as fact I would agree. I'm not saying I believe one way or another. Just something to keep an eye on. As far as this, I'm 50/50. I believe that most, possibly all, major colleges have bagmen. But I also believe in most cases the teams/schools/staff have little to no knowledge of their activities. But I'm also not sure of this story either. I find it hard to believe this kid would be willing to burn himself to make a point. But a grudge is strong medicine so who knows...
Again, I'm not claiming facts. Just a strong rumor. Apparently the other kid is highly sought after by uga, but not at a position of need. Story is that his position is pretty deep, so they pulled his offer to maintain scholarship numbers for other positions. The kid never verbally committed to UGA because he wanted to do the whole signing day suspense thing. Looks like it may have backfired. (If true)
So don't shoot the messenger, but "if" the word I'm hearing is true, this could wreck uga. Supposedly there was another 4 star that was offered, when this kid recommitted, they pulled the other kids offer. Kid 2 had allegedly been given cash from a bagman and was mad at his offer being pulled and planned to blow the whistle. His coach talked him out of it because he would go down too. Instead, the coach talked him into waiting until after college to drop the bomb. Problem is, word got around and now he has no other D1 offers.... Just a rumor from a pretty solid source. Time will tell.
Lot of chest thumping from a fan of a team that has won nothing of note... You're drinking the koolaid from a firehose if you believe all the babble you just posted.
You, Boxster, Kirby, and a few other rival fans are fun. You dish it and take it, but rarely if ever get immature and ludicrous. You all also know when a joke has ran its course and is getting played out. This fella is just asinine.
LSUSMC, quite a different scenario. It's not like Paris did where he/she would seek you out. This goober is going to the point of which he is trolling on topics not even relevant. I mean come on. To say it's due to Mullen is kinda silly. That would be like me picking on your speech just because your coach sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles.
Corch, just admit it. You're a Gator. Either that or it's the insecurity of having nothing to show for your team this century. It appears they are on your mind even more than the pups. But since you like scores... 26-23 35-28 38-10 32-28 41-30
Gotta go with upstate and BT here. Corch has trolled to the point that his Florida woody would just about lead you to believe he is a closet Gator fan. Kinda like how little boys will pick on girls the have a crush on.
This transfer thing is ridiculous. If kids don't start at the position they want, they leave. What happened to competing and earning a spot? Working til you're the better player and taking his place?
And before anyone tries to jump on my case, I say alleged victims in the legal sense. Not to imply that it did or didn't happen.
Jones was never arrested. They alleged victims filed reports, but no declined to press charges.
I think UF is the only option for them. They know the offer. They get to play the "no respect" card while having an out. They can claim they "want" to play up, but only on equal terms. It doesn't benefit UF to meet in the middle, and they know it. If they look elsewhere, they may just have their terms accepted. Lose/lose for UCF. Look what happens when they played LSU at 50% strength. What do you think would happen if they played any SEC team (save for maybe Ark and Vandy) at full strength?
Corch, I think your view of "Sideshow" Dan may be biased, maybe just ever so slightly. Recruiting, no. But game day,on field coaching, Mullen trumps Kirby. Sorry to say it but it's true. A coach that can manufacture points by play calling doesn't have to rely on depth to win. It catches up when there is better talent and a better coach. With all that said, the UF game is a toss up, and UT is still a year or two away. I think UK takes a small step back. Vandy, next. SC, entertaining through 2(but never in doubt), then uga pulls away. Same with Mizzou. Even if UF or UT can pull an upset you can't say the UGA reign is over unless they both do, and for consecutive years. But you still gotta get through Bama! (Wink)
This shows a level of class rarely seen.(fortunately) A kid struggling academically,gets his grades to the point that he narrowly misses his dream of playing high level college football. Instead of cheering him on and well wishing, you clowns use it as an opportunity to trash talk a coach. I get that it's a rival team, but even other fans have hit the mark. I'm all for trash talk and ribbing other fans, but at least try to hit a minimal level of human decency. There are plenty of things to nag a rival about. A kid busting his butt to make a grade, and barely missing, isn't one of them. Do better, Gentlemen.
To me, seeing the response of his team tells me that there is more to the story than what Steele, his family, and the media would have you believe. The players know waaaaay more than we ever will. With all that being said, this is not the way to address it. Bad look here.
I couldn't bring myself to call it an a$$ spanking. Close enough that it had me sweating. But as it relates to this ranking, I'd say that 1-2 are right, 3-4 a toss up. UGA fans like to point at the final score of the cocktail party and thump their chests. But they neglect the fact that UGA was losing in the 3rd, and it took til the 4th to expose the fact that UF was down 2 potential All American corners. If you put the 2 coaches head to head with equal talent, (purely to evaluate coaching prowess) I'm not sure I could go with Smart.