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Because Coach Saban has never said anything like that in a locker room... Newsflash, I've been in that locker room with him. He does. A lot. Honestly, he doesn't wait til the locker room. He let's them fly on the sideline. My most memorable play was a colossal F up against LSU. I made eye contact with Coach on the sidelines and seriously thought about asking LSU if I could get on the bus with them and head to Baton Rouge. If only the transfer rules were the same back then. I would have walked straight out of the stadium and into the portal rather than the tongue lashing I knew was coming.
I should say, say what you want til that team beats you again. Winner gets the bragging rights.
No problem with it. You win, you get to say just about whatever you want til you play that team again. But I agree, F*** THE GREEN BEANS!!!!
Here we go with that crap. I wondered how long it would take.
I readily admit that UF is my second team behind Bama, but NEVER have I pulled for the Gators more than I will this season. To watch them beat UGA and run Queen Vegan into hiding is gonna be great! Just don't take it too hard. Leave the rope in your mama's sock drawer. It's just a game, it's not worth it!
To answer your question, I love both teams. I was a walk on at Bama, but rarely played. I went to UF for grad school. I'm Bama, to the bone, but UF has a very special place in my heart.
Correct it against Arky so it doesn't happen against LSU or Auburn or UF in Atlanta.
A win is a win. Dominance is dominance. Doesn't matter if its Arky or Clemson. We coulda pulled an Oklahoma after all.
Ya know, it's sad really. Billy Bob wants to try and troll UF fans about a game they won. He does so by saying that the refs gifted them the game. Like all those flags were on 4th downs or something and UF wouldn't have had a chance to continue the drive had the flag come out. Sadly he acts as if UF fans or players were the ones responsible for what penalties were or weren't called and as if SC would have declined the points had the shoe been on the other foot. If that's the case, SC should have refused the points from the opening drive against the Gators. Since that's the case, UT should he extra proud and SC lucky they didn't lose by 50. Refs were clearly tiptoeing around SC today.
Wait wait wait, I wanna make sure I'm seeing this correctly. So Billy can't let last week go, so even in "congratulating" UT, he has to whine about it. Then he tries to argue and say that all the UF fans that are mocking and laughing at him are the ones actually whining and crying about a game their team won last week? What's more, after people quit replying to him on that part of the thread, he moves down to the bottom and makes yet another post, about UF, and still tries to call them out while "congratulating" UT again....but UF fans are crying....about a game a week ago....that they won....? What. The. Actual. Cluck? (See what I did there?) (Did ya?) (I said cluck) ('Cuz they're chickens) All that aside, round of applause for you Vols! You guys deserved this and I know it had to feel great!!!
Here's a good way to settle the debate. Take whichever arguement you choose to your booky or betting site of choice. If your booky or betting site pays you, your arguement is valid. If you have to pay them, your arguement doesn't hold up. As a secondary means to settle the debate, go to the CFP website. Look at the record for each team following the game. Whatever they show is the only thing that matters at this point. I've never heard of any team getting into a bowl game off of a "maybe" or a "what if".
Not exactly sure what a "chest match", but I'm nearly positive I would not want to see one between Mullen and Smart.
Because receivers that can block are HIGHLY coveted in the NFL.
Chitwood, you know Bama is the most penalized team in the SEC, right? SDS did a full article on the penalties by team just a few days ago. How could Bama be the most penalized team, but "the refs ALWAYS favor" them?
Shhhhh, don't tell anyone. How else would we ever win? It's not like we have superior talent and the best coach in college history. Just keep your mouth shut and we'll keep loaning you guys our refs. Its obviously the only way Bama or UF can win.
Dude, your team is literally named "The Cocks" so I get it. But that doesn't mean that you all have to be d!cks. I guess the fact that I graduated from Bama, then went to UF for Grad would set your head spinning. I guess I make up the single graduate for each teams fanbase?
Boxster, I respect you as you are one of the levelheaded UGA fans, but UF and USC played in very similar conditions and both played better today than UGA.
The rest of the conference? Minus Arky of course.
The arguement could be made that he is a better coach all around. Looking at the talent composite of each team and what they have done with what they have, the edge swings pretty solidly towards Mullen.
Come on man. You've seen enough football to know that the transitive property rarely holds true in football. Last year, Uf beat LSU, who beat UGA, who beat UF. Michigan beat Purdue, who spanked OSU, who destroyed Michigan.
When he got used. Obviously I didn't watch as much UGA football as you did while he was in Athens, or ever for that matter. But what I did see, he was largely forgotten and under utilized.
I was honestly just asking, and I was serious about the no judgment thing. Not to attack you or anyone else personally, I'm just curious as to the feelings and confidence around the UGA fanbase. Just wondering because up until last week, they most arrogance seemed to come from the UGA camp. Again, this isn't to point fingers at you or others, just collectively. Though I readily acknowledge that not all you guys are obnoxious, but y'alls trolls certainly make up for your logical fans! Text isn't the best means of communication, so if anything g came off as offensive, my apologies as that was not my intent.
Interesting analysis guys. But reading that raises another question for me. Do you think that Smart's emphasis on recruiting and not as much on development is coming back to bite him? I ask because I have heard rumors that UGA didn't try harder to keep Chaney because Smart believed that they could get a better recruiter in that position. I have no idea how try that is, but it appears to be the case when the replacement higher is a middling OC from a bad team, but has a good reputation on the trail.
Just off the "eye test" I could see UF running roughshod over UGA this year. But UGA has the athletes, and the games are played on grass and not paper.
I'm thinking UF, AU, and Mizzou. They have the talent, but it's as if they are playing handcuffed.
Ok, but it did happen. If we want to get into hypotheticals, imagine that player wasn't even on the field. The plays the same because before he even touched an opponent, the back was gone. All the hypothetical nonsense aside, are you going to sit here on a public forum and say that from what you've seen, you're confidence is unshaken? No judgement, just asking.
I have 2 serious questions to the handful of reasonable UGA fans, if you're one of the delusional trolls, please don't bother. 1, after the Bulldog's last 2 outings and seeing how UF is playing, how do you see the game going? 2, do you still think Chaney (sp?) Was the problem? The playcalling doesn't appear any different to me, but I admit that I haven't followed UGA that closely.