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Black athletes need to consider going to their own school....? You mean like segregation? You know, that little thing we fought to get rid of.
Am I reading this right? Mullen told a coach he was interested in a player prior to his junior season being over. That COACH texted the player and told the player that Mullen was interested and that he would be at the school. Did it say anywhere that Mullen actually met or spoke to the player? 2nd, multiple, likely travel ball, teams toured the facility and had incidental contact with an assistant? Like what? He introduced himself and took a few pictures? Or did he speak to them about wanting them to come play? Seems like a lot is being left out. I mean, I know the NCAA makes mountains out of mole hills, but without more information, none of this seems like a big deal. With out the rest of the info, it sounds like Mullen is in trouble because he wasn't monitoring a HS coach's conversations with his players. As for the visit? What is the problem if it was incidental? What are they supposed to do? Hide and speak through the blinds until everyone is gone? Anyone got more info? This article seems like it was meant to stir the pot.
Clemson and Bama, no. But as I said, ND and OSU. At what point this season has OSU looked anywhere near elite? What does their resume show? The 2 games they played against decent teams were both struggle wins. ND is better, and not sure how that game would go vs TAMU, that seems like a toss up.
Really? Lawrence had 412 total yards. (322 pass, 90 rush) accounted for 3 TD's 1 int. Uaigelelei(sp?) Had 439 through the air alone and accounted for 3 TD's 0 int The only stat line that Lawrence did more of was throw picks in that game. So please e2e, tell me how I now know how Lawrence could do more. Again, not making the point that Lawrence is the lesser player. Only that against the SAME opponent, he would not AND DID NOT account for more production.
Let me be clear. Bama, top to bottom is obviously a better, more complete team. With that being said, what the OP asked was "is UF good enough to beat Bama?" The answer to that question is yes. They have enough talent to beat Bama. The question was never will they, or did they beat Bama, or are they a better team than Bama. Basically Vandy had ZERO chance to beat Bama or UF this year. To contrast that, UF definitely COULD have beat Bama, but they were just too much in this game to handle. That is the question, and that was my point. COULD they win, not did they.
Also, I agree that TAMU should be in. Personally, I think that both Aggies and Gators would boat race ND or OSU. Now trust me, I get it. A 3 loss team shouldn't be in over undefeated conference champs or 1 loss conference contenders who beat the eventual champion. But I still think that Aggies should be in over ND/OSU, and The Gators are better than both also.
Let me start out by saying I'm in NO way a ND fan. But I keep hearing that they wouldn't have won with Lawrence saying that game. Maybe not, but don't discount the fact that the backup QB in that game put video game numbers. I don't have the numbers on hand, but it was something like 400+ passing and 70+ rushing if I remember correctly. I don't know how much more Lawrence could have done in that game.
If that game was ran back 10 times, and you HONESTLY are confident that Bama would win 10-10 times, you're an idiot. Bama had 2-3 scores off turnovers alone and won by 6. Yes, they were forced turnovers, but you can't count on that every game.
Everyone, please pay no mind to BT. He's the unclaimed child of the Bama Family. Unfortunately, his IQ is roughly equivalent to the temperature outside the stadium tonight, so he doesn't know any better. The realistic part of our base realize how easily that game could have gone the other way. If not for one or two mistakes on Florida's part, we could be talking about a different outcome. Most of us had our hearts in our throats for the entire second half. Congrats Gators! Your boys played a hell of a game. No reason at all for Gator Nation to hand their heads tonight! But with that being said...ROLLLLL TIIIIIIDE!!!!
I hear Mcelwain is looking to get back to the SEC. Given the USC trend of getting old Gator coaches, this one is all but in the bag!
Slowing down an offense is one thing, stopping an offense is another. UK would have to stop an offense to have a chance because they aren't putting up the points to hang with the big boys by just slowing them down. Say they hold Bama or UF to 28, a season low for either. UK still has to find a way to top that, and I don't see that happening against any top tier team.
Just curious, but with the way that UF's defense is coming around and offense looking better every week also, does anyone think that TAMU would actually beat UF if they played again? I mean UF was driving for a win and had a fluke turnover that lead to a last second FG for the win. UF need 1 stop in that game, and the defense now looks capable of getting a few. It's all hypothetical, but I think if they played now, it would be something along the lines of a 42-31 UF win.
UGA doesn't even have a QB on their roster list. How would you put one on a power list?
Noooo, he wasn't reaaaady!!!! Nash, take it easy with those stats and facts. You can only kill someone so dead. Nevermind the most obvious fact of all. Mullen came into what a 4 win team? All he did was win 10 games and a NY's 6 bowl over a top 10 team with what was mostly the same roster, and definitely the same quarterback that led the team the year before. Nah, he didn't develop the team at all...
So just Mullen? What about the multiple Mizzou staff members that threw punches? I get that you're blinded by the rivalry, but Mullen was a good 10-15 yards away, with his back turned, when the fight started. Not sure how he is responsible for that.
After watching the replay on my computer and being able to slow it down and pinpoint certain areas, I see 2 suspensions for Florida. Only 2 players threw punches. One was retaliatory to two punches from Mizzou players, so that MAY be considered. HOWEVER, that doesn't take into account possible suspensions from things that may have been said. I've heard of players being kicked out of games for certain things they said to another player that were considered egregious. As for Mullen, after watching it several times, he went to the refs to tell them off and turned on the Mizzou players/coaches after something was said to him. I obviously have no idea what was said, or what he said in return, but you can see that he was facing a ref and yelling and a player says something behind him that pulls his attention from the refs.
I'd take his sage advice Devil Dog. If there is a fanbase here that knows how to deal with beatdowns, its Vandy.
No matter how you slice it, that offense vs the UGA defense will be must see by the time the Cocktail party arrives!
Curious to see them play next week. Is it first game rust? Or is it going to he a struggle all season. The Gator defense didn't look good against Miami in last years opener, but ended up a top 15 defense by seasons end. (I'd have to double check that, but pretty sure) If the defense gels like last year, and the offense maintains this level of play, look out.... Definitely need to see if there are improvements next week to know for sure.
Sure they have the opportunity to be considered, but doesn't mean they will be. Hell, they aren't considered during a normal, full season.
The only realistic upset options this week are UT/SC and Aub/UK. Ole Miss may cover, and I don't really think that's likely. But unless UF has an entire 1st team fail their 'rona screenings, I don't see that upset even on the radar.
Hey SDS, STOP DISABLING COMMENTS ON ARTICLES!!! If a topic is too controversial to allow people to comment on, then it is too controversial to post. If the editors allow it to be posted, we should be allowed to discuss it!!! Here's an idea, instead of stopping discussion from the (mostly decent) people on the site(you know, the ones that are literally the ONLY reason you have a job here) how about posting some rules or bylaws that must be followed when posting. That way we can discuss topics/articles, and you can weed out the bad apples. There are several here that no one would miss anyway, and they would likely be the first booted. Maybe first offense is a warning. Second gets your account locked for 5 days. Third gets you booted. Much better than locking down healthy conversation.
As a black man from the South, I find this offensive. Not the chant mind you, the thought that this is a step in the right direction for any reason. How about you take the thought effort you put into this and find ways to actually help the black community. How about coming up with a plan to shorten sentencing for first time nonviolent offenders. That way black fathers could be in the home to teach our boys how to not make the same mistakes, thus giving them a male figure and not pushing them to gangs for male role models. Or how about ending the everlasting social welfare programs like section 8 and food stamps. Instead of handing it out, make it contingent on having X amount of verifiable hours of job searching, education, community service, or vocational rehab. Anything that would help our black families become a tighter and more productive support structure. Just because your team hasn't been hit yet doesn't mean they won't. UGA: Must have a dog with a certain percentage af black or brown spots. UT: Gotta get rid of Smoky because a slave hunter may have once used a blue tick to hunt runaways. Auburn: The oaks a Toomers gotta go. Black people used to be lynched in tall trees. The list goes on but you get it. As someone said earlier, this is just virtue signaling and DOES NOTHING but let a rich white man say "Look at me. I'm woke and I'm helping."
You realize,according to this article, that a former UGA player was the one with the gun, right...? Now granted, all is not always what it seems and all the facts are not out yet, but to throw stones at a rival fanbase while someone from your own glass house was involved seems pretty foolish. If this article stands as factual when everything is available, it would mean that one of your own was committing armed robbery and very possibly forced others to collect the items while he held a gun on everyone.
Humper, as I said, the trolls. You have some trollery in some comments from time to time. But yours seem to be in jest and friendly, rival banter. Others however, are pure classless troll trash. Those are the ones of which I speak.