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Not a good clip. There is an article here on SDS with a better angle, and longer video showing what happened, including Trask's reaction afterwards. I won't say either way, watch for yourself and form your own conclusion.
Remember when Brandon Spikes admitted he did it, apologized publicly, then voluntarily sat out the following game?
I've been baffled by the arrogance and superiority complex of many UGA fans for the last few years. It didn't make sense for fans of a team without a championship in the modern era to be so arrogant. But now it all makes sense, and your comment explained everything. You feel as if changing a couple plays in your mind somehow alters reality. So you do it, and bam! The best team to ever grace a sideline! Change 2 plays and UF is 1-2 Change 2 plays and UGA beats Bama for the Natty, and the SEC which puts them in the playoff, where the only logical conclusion is that they will steamroll their way to the second consecutive title. But unfortunately we live in the real world, where Florida, at least for now, is still undefeated at 3-0, and UGA still hasn't won a natty since Noah cut the first board for the Ark.
Yes my comment is long. It is my culmination of thoughts after reading the entire thread. I like to be thorough. Save your comments about the length. If you agree or disagree, cool, let's hear it. If all you have to say is how long it is, don't bother. Just move on.
Guess my thoughts are about as valuable as the next fellas, so I'll throw them out there. UK was dominating the LOS on both sides for 2.5 quarters, but you see that slowly start to swing. Sure Stoops takes a beating for running the ball in the 2nd half, but with a lead late, that's what you do. Try to shorten the game. Florida was starting to tighten up on the pass, and that gives them chances. To say they played below average is an understatement. But you know what they can do when they get it together and one play can swing things. (As we saw with the int and ling return.) An incomplete kills the clock and gives the other team time. I see no fault in running it and trying to milk clock when your line has been up to the task. The FG was a no brainers. Florida's D had gotten their legs under them by that point and was starting to flex its muscle. They had just stopped you twice in a row for no gain. It's a feasible fg try for the lead, or try for a 3rd time to pick up a yard against a surging defense that has already stopped you twice. The numbers say you kick and trust your kicker. UK was forced to back off on defense. Already playing a young D backfield, against a stout recieving corps, then injuries and ejections leading you to play more backups, pretty much prevents you from playing press man and loading the box. Yes UK missed a Fg, but so did UF. The Gators also had 1 or 2 TD's called back on penalties. 1 of which was late in the play after Franks had passed by and didn't impact the outcome of the play so that was a gift to UK. Also, even hitting the FG for UK wouldn't have mattered much, if you consider that UF hit a long TD run next drive anyhow. So we can play the what if game. If UF hits the FG and doesn't lose the Frank's scramble TD to a late holding call,as well as 2 failed 2 pt tries which would be kicks in this scenario, we're talking about a UF blowout. That's 12 more UF points on the final. If UK hits the FG to take a lead, it was a good call and we are praising Stoops for having guts and making smart adjustments and relying on player to do their jobs to win. If UK hits and UF still has the long TD run, we're still talking about a UF win. Same if they go for it, pick up the 1st and get a td, then UF hits the long run. But in the end, if UK goes for it and UF holds, everyone is bashing stoops for not kicking a makeable FG for the lead. Bottom line, Stoops is wrong any way he goes in fans minds. Such is the life of a coach. But I dare say, that aside from Bama, UGA, and LSU, with Mizzou and Auburn being 50/50, UF and UK both pull out ugly wins against any other SEC team with the type of game played last night. UK played above the level expected, but not phenomenal. UF played below, but not horrendous as most here would have you believe.
Queen Vegan, on that note, I guess you think Herschel is still roaming the backfield. That's the only way your crew would have a chance to win a Natty. At least most of the people you attempt to troll have been alive long enough to see their team win one. (Or more) For a fan of a team that is the Heisman of choke frontrunner, year in and year out, you sure run that "South Carolina" holster of yours an awful lot. You don't see anyone calling for these analysts making preseason predictions for uga to win it all to be fired, but here you are. Just buckle up, shut up, and enjoy another season of almost.
Glad to see he's doing well. He deserves to show what he can do.
Just for clarification sake: By +1 in the box, I mean that the defense has 2 high safeties or doubles coverage somewhere allowing Bama to have a +1 or more advantage. Not the defense having 1 more man than the offense.
It's called a RPO. Tua has the option to run, hand off, or pass. The numbers and coverages that the lil cocks were showing set up for the pass. If you have a +1 in the box, you run. If you play press man with a single high safety against the best receiving corps in the league, you throw. Pretty straightforward really. Now if this were a game that they were determined to establish the run and couldn't, then I would agree with you.
Who will you beat? You guys can't get out of your own way. Better get that pass defense in line. If Tua goes off for 440+, I feel confident that UK and UF both go for 275, UGA and Mizzou for 300. Don't worry. You'll have a chance with the teams from Tennessee.
Funny how people are so down on Franks. He was 12/17 for 174 and 1/1. Not bad numbers considering he left the game early, and the Cats knew the pass was coming with UF not establishing the run. He was smart (minus the one bad play on the pick) and efficient. The kid just went down for the season. Hold off at least 1 night on the criticism.
Lot of football left to play. If UF can get the run game straight they'll be a tough out. Besides, it wouldn't matter. Pups can't beat Bama or LSU anyway...
You know, Butch caught hell about the whole "Champions of Life" comment, but even with a season looking on the verge of collapse, UT shows the best class in the conference. Maybe Butch was on to something...
Well, considering that's probably the closest UGA has come to a Natty since the 80's, keep up the good work...
Cocky, you just said Franks is a running QB. That alone shows your level of ignorance on the topic. Franks is a passer with running ability. He basically took runs that were there when routes or protection broke down. Later 8n the season he found his legs and got a few more designed runs, true. But that is mainly just because he is a big dude that finally realized his ability to the point the coaches felt they could rely on him to get the yards. That still doesn't put him in the "running QB" category.
I'd pump the brakes on Franks being awesome this year. He definitely has the talent and was impressive in the improvement made last year, as well as all reports saying that he has looked better so far in camp. But, can the line hold up? If the line can buy him just enough time, I think he'll shine. If not, he may be running for his life which in turn will (unfairly) put the crown of blame on his head.
I think one would have to consider the laws for obtaining records in various states. For instance, the laws in Florida for what is and isn't publicly available, or available with a written request and a small administrative fee, is (very) extremely loose compared to surrounding states. Basically any criminal complaint, whether tried or dropped, is open record. Only major exceptions being sexual crimes in some cases, and crimes against minors. Both of which are even still usually available after a set time, though usually redacted. The majority of other states require some level of involvement in the case, or a higher level of approval,such as the judge, DA, etc. Having been involved with many programs in different states and levels, you would be quite surprised at what is behind a lot of suspensions that are labeled "violations of team rules that were handled internally."
Prayers to the Big Man up there for the recovery of the big man down here. Get well soon! You know, I hate the circumstances, but it's nice to see that we are able to put the usual jabs aside and come together for something. (Bad as it may be.) I'm actually proud of our trolls for once. They at least have a shred of decency. At least they realize this isn't the place for their usual nonsense.
Leghumper, with that being said, I'll retract my comment as I was mistaken. Thank you for clearing that up. Welcome to SDS. Most of the posters on here appreciate the banter and jabs, as long as it stays friendly and not sinking to the juvenile level. Sadly, the worst ones are some of your fellow Dawgs. I won't call them by name, they will reveal themselves. As long as you stay above their level, you'll fit in fine. Welcome aboard!
Man don't throw that out there like you're the only vet. There are plenty of us here and we've all seen it before. The ones that crow the loudest about their deployments usually did the least. This is a football site. Not the local bar where you can brag about the firefights and retell the stories your squadleader told you as if you were involved. Stick to football.
Kirby (not so) Smart has lost control of his program. If you really think that this happened over a year ago and Smart is all the sudden just hearing about it for the first time then you are a fool. This at the same time that the kid from Florida with similar charges just had them dropped due to inconsistent statements from the victim and witnesses. Seems like a perfect time to reflect on all those stones thrown in the glass house...
TDOW, no sarcasm here, that was the most intelligent and thought out response I've seen you post while discussing anything UF related. For once I actually found it interesting and insightful, even if I disagreed with a few points. Please continue to post more like this about opposing teams. Maybe some class and thought will rub off on a certain few of your UGA cohorts...
3 star talent and finished the season tied in the rankings with UGA and a roster full of 5's. Wins a bowl game handily against a top 10 team while UGA gets trounced by a barely top 15. Seems to me that someone's coach is coming up short. I'm no psychologist, but maybe that has something to do with your level of insecurity.
It's one thing to have friendly (cough) banter between rival fans about football. But to personally dig at a kid for an accomplishment is ridiculous. My question to the Franks haters is, what round did the Red Sox draft you? (Or any other team)
Ok, for the lack of reading comprehension here, let me explain. I've stated a few times, I'm not saying either way. Merely relaying what the word on the street is, so to speak. I have not, nor will I, accuse anyone of anything unless I know for certain. LSUSMC, it's not from a Gator fan, unless you would consider a Miami grad a Gator fan. I certainly haven't met any that check both boxes. The guy is a 7on7 coach that the kid played for briefly.
Best of luck young man. Roll Tide and Anchor Down!
Maybe, maybe not. If I were posting a rumor as fact I would agree. I'm not saying I believe one way or another. Just something to keep an eye on. As far as this, I'm 50/50. I believe that most, possibly all, major colleges have bagmen. But I also believe in most cases the teams/schools/staff have little to no knowledge of their activities. But I'm also not sure of this story either. I find it hard to believe this kid would be willing to burn himself to make a point. But a grudge is strong medicine so who knows...
Again, I'm not claiming facts. Just a strong rumor. Apparently the other kid is highly sought after by uga, but not at a position of need. Story is that his position is pretty deep, so they pulled his offer to maintain scholarship numbers for other positions. The kid never verbally committed to UGA because he wanted to do the whole signing day suspense thing. Looks like it may have backfired. (If true)