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So much for that "Hurts is a future Heisman candidate" BS. The last 2 games he's played like a high schooler, hopefully now the media doesn't over-hype him and put him up on an undeserved pedestal. (*ahem* John Crist) In all seriousness I felt like I was an Alabama fan for this game even though I'm not usually. I was really pulling for a Bama blowout of Clemson, it was the first time I was ever pissed off when things didn't go Bama's way lol
The fact that you're paid at all for this ultra-classy article is unbelievable.
Exactly, I love how the media likes to portray Tennessee as having a disappointing year, but did they ever stop to consider that maybe UT had a relatively good year (with a couple disappointments obviously) and the media's expectations at the beginning of the year were just wrong? But no, leave it to the media to pass off the blame. I tell you what, next year I'm predicting Bowling Green to win the national championship. Oh wait, they didn't win? Man, Bowling Green was such a disappointment.
It's tough to say. My opinion is that it's Debord who held UT back. Yes the defense was far and away the weak point of UT's team, however the defense were the ones who sustained the majority of the injuries. Meanwhile UT's offense had a normal amount of injuries and it felt like the play calling was what was holding the Vol's back. So Debord may or may not be a worse coach than Shoop, but it's impossible to say because of the amount of injuries on the defensive side. IMO on the offensive side it's clear to see the Debord is just not SEC coaching material, he was carried by Josh Dobb's play-making ability all year.
Dobbs will definitely be missed. What a playmaker
John Crist receives the award for the worst SDS writer, if there was such an award.
No kidding. Maybe one day he'll leave his person feelings out of an article and be objective, but i doubt it.
Wow. You couldn't have waited a day to post something negative after an SEC win? Keep showing your true colors Crist. Very classy of you.
I said nothing about his team, so go ahead and assume that part of your argument is invalid. He quarterbacks a good team, but quarterbacking a 13-0 team shouldn't make an average player an All-SEC player, unless he was a large part of why that team is good (which he isn't). He's an extremely average dual threat QB being made to look a thousand times better by an extremely above average team. Try again with a better and more relevant argument.
No way should Hurts be All SEC, first or second.
This is an article that lets me know when a sports writer only reads a few stats and makes an opinion. Debord was a TERRIBLE play caller at Tennessee, and was a huge reason for what made Josh Dobbs appear inconsistent. Granted he got a little better in the final few games, but when the opposition defense is better he starts making very predictable and inadvisable play calls. He should be near the bottom of this list
I think you're the only person who thinks Hurts is Heisman material. He's AWFUL under any sort of pressure, and most of his yards come from short throws to receivers followed by receivers doing all the work.
I hope this is a joke. Dobbs had an incredible season
I would love if TN dumped CBJ and hired Miles. He's an opportunity that shouldn't be passed up for a program like Tennessee who would be unlikely to score higher caliber if they wait until next year to fire him
Hurts is a terrible passer under pressure. You cite his running ability (which I'll agree is outstanding) in a question of whether he has the edge against Florida's PASS defense. Florida clearly has that edge.
It's a great idea but the staticians would never go for it. There would be too much discrepancy on where the ball was caught. Also i like the idea that a quarterback gets credit for where a ball is strategically placed if beyond the LOS. I agree that a quick WR screen where the WR makes all the effort to get extra yardage shouldn't count, but if he passes it on a post to a TE 20 yards down field, just over a LB with the safety trailing him, then he should get credit for extra yardage. just my opinion
Auburn with Louisville's schedule would be a 1 loss team at most. 8-4 Auburn is still much better than 9-3 Louisville. Same for LSU, Tennessee, Florida, TAM... Honestly do you guys only look at W/L records and go "yup, less losses means they're better"? Unbelievable.
Jalen Hurts is a Heisman candidate? Are you smoking something?
As another fellow engineer (software engineer) i agree. I cringe at every one of John's articles.
Will you ever read past the W/L records John? The East is not inferior. Alabama is carrying the West. And the Big10 is not a good conference by any means
Obviously Dobbs will have a career in engineering after graduation, but I wonder if he entered the draft how well he would do. Maybe 5th round? Idk
Agree to disagree I guess, I don't want to make any "excuses". After all the injuries, I lowered my expectationd. Had their been no injuries, this would have been an F season, but you have to reevaluate expectations in relation to team injuries. Extreme hypothetical example, but let's say every one of Alabamas starters AND 2nd string got injured, and their backups were all freshman walk ons (i know this isn't the case, but again it's hypothetical). Would you expect Bamas walk ons to win the West? No, and if they only win 4 games it's a disappointment for sure, but the team isn't disappointing and I think that's where the disparity lies. UT's season has been disappointing for sure, but the team in my eyes isn't a disappointment because of injuries. The media doesn't recognize the difference.
The four teams IMO who deserve to be in are Bama (duh), Clemson, Penn State/Wisconsin (whoever wins), and Michigan. Michigan got screwed in the OSU game. I'll never understand why the media loves OSU so much after so many weak performances.
John Crist really hates the east for some reason I haven't figured out yet
Exactly. Remove Bama from the equation and the East/West is about as close as it can get. One of the losses in the 5-7 record (after removing Bama) was a double OT loss. That's an even game. He also calls a Kentucky team "lowly", a team that just finished with the same number of wins as LSU and includes a win over Louisville :/
Tennessee overall of an F is just pandering to the SDS commenters. Defense yes, F. Offense was an A-. Overall C.
I love this comparison. Two very very good offenses stifled by miserable defenses
SDS is rarely right in their projections.