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I’ve always been here BamaTime it’s jus been awhile. No sense in chopping it up and couldn’t get to the big dance until now. Thanks coach Smart and “Go Dawgs”
So anxious to see this new breed play....only hope they carry that same fire and intensity into the new year like the last. Gonna see if they’ve reached that reload status versus the infamous rebuild. “GO DAWGS”
A day of reckoning is near my friend and sooner than you think and I'm out.
You know I only interject about BAMA fans because of the constant gloating on a yearly basis and you're almost becoming as intolerable as UF's fan base. You know what though;you don't hear as much from them anymore since they were brought back down a peg or two but everyone has their day; can't remain on top forever my friend.
You do realize that this isn’t a post for BAMA fans and why are you so infatuated with UGA.
To all the trolls out there it looks like we’re seeing who the real recruiting juggernaught was while their stay at BAMA, but go ahead and bash till your lil hearts are content.
Since the recruiting outcome I haven’t heard or seen anything on any of “DAWG” pages from “Voltrainconductor”.....what’s wrong no rumors about these signed recruits jumping ship. Just like any other troll all mouth......GO DAWGS!!!!!
If he’s anything like he was when he was the DC at UGA then there shouldn’t be much to get excited about.
Sorry to hear that he’s decommitted and only wish him the best but I’m sure that we only want kids there at UGA who want to be there and I say again the best of luck young man.
You know voltrain the truth already is out about your program.....your coach isn’t going to pan out and it’s back to the drawing board in another 4yrs.
What gets me is what makes Vol nation think Pruitt is any better than when he was the DC at UGA when he gave up over 200 yds apiece between 3 backs against UF. Two other games when it counted he couldn’t get it with that said good luck on your upcoming seasons.
It's the Sooner's my man but don't sweat it; Georgia should be fine if they come out playing like they did in the SECC.
It just means so much more when UF loses only because they swear they invented football.
Not counting my chickens but I sure as heck felt as if that corner was turned tonight, but I'll be patient and wait. "GO DAWGS"!!!!!!!!
It's high time someone said something. Now all they have to do is ask the same of the OL, correction, grab someone and slap 👋🏿 the crap 💩 out of them and ask them are they here to play football 🏈 or bake 🍪
Sorry about that, cont: y'all do is continue to do is be negative then there's really no need to voice your displeasure thru hear. Write the A.D and see if he he takes notice to your heart felt opinions in Kirby's 1st year.
Honker down boys and go "DAWGS"!!!!!!!
You know I'm a Dawg thru and thru but did anyone really think for a second that we would contend for anything without an offensive line that can't block for two of the finest running backs in the game.
Easy there Arty, let's give the man at least a full recruiting cycle before jumping to judgment
We've closed that book on Richt and its on to newer things, who knows maybe Kirby will own you guys once he gets his recruits in place
Pounding your chest on a 🙏🏾 of a throw but nevertheless you guys won, but we all know who was the better team so enjoy 😊 this year
I've got my pom-poms ready, and by the way, how's that undefeated season miracle season working out 💪🏾 for ya 😂
Whatever, he knew it would lead back to him and he cut him loose and on the back end still offers to 💰 for his silence. What a coach huh, he's known for covering 💩 up.