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Hey SDS! Chad Kelly reached out to Mia Khalifa via text before the Arkansas game to initiate the 2nd interaction. She then took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it online to burn him again. How do y'all fall so in and out of step with this stuff???
The Georgia Combo? Josh Dobbs? If you're using a simple statistic to make your judgment about a player/group, you're not watching the games, because despite their win, UGA has only beat an FCS by less than 30 points, one time, in 50 years. Josh Dobbs can only run. He's not Cam Newton or Tim Tebow. He's gonna get ripped by Bama and FL. Why not go with the SEC Player of the week who has the best and most phenomenal performance of the year thus far. Guys it's not even close - Austin Allen
LSU has only lost back to back games 3 times at LSU. Each of the 2nd losses came to Arkansas, with the last 2 happening the past 2 years. You guys play Alabama, then come to Arkansas. Good luck.
Kody Walker is not "gone for sure". He was granted a 6th year of eligibility and will ALMOST CERTAINLY stay. Be good journalists. Don't embarrass your profession
This list is a joke. I know you guys just put out fodder for clicks and views, but Avery Johnson? Ben Howland? What has Avery Johnson done since being in the SEC? And who in the hell is Ben Howland? This list is idiotic to begin with considering that you put Alabama (#1 in football) and Kentucky (#1 in basketball) as the top 2 in the league, when both the counterparts of their respective strengths are simply AWFUL. Where's Arkansas? The Razorbacks were the only school in the country last year to win a bowl game, win an NCAA tournament game, and win an NCAA Baseball regional (en route to a College World Series berth). I know this wasn't meant to include baseball, but if you're looking for parity, you lost me at Bama and UK. Bama's good at Football and irrelevant in everything else. UK, same thing, but Basketball is King. Just take a second and think about this list, cause it doesn't make any sense at all...
We didn't go to overtime against Miss. State, but the rest of the article seems on point. Reality is that yes, from the the expectations set forth before the season, we had a disappointing year, considering I think a minimum 2 game improvement over last year would be needed to see true growth. That said, I think what makes Razorback fans feel good now is how the bad start was handled so well to end the season, when going into the year, neither Ole Miss or LSU were expected wins, and yet, we beat both of them (while they themselves had for the most part, met their own fanbases' expectations up to that point). That said, positive year overall with yet again, some good momentum headed into the offseason