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I don't dispute that. I'm merely saying that there is a lot more to this than a lot of people want to say, and Lord knows what we'll learn over the next two to three years as it runs it's course
Wanted to add....people of the opinion you're espousing are forgetting how a virus works. As we approach flu season (and this is what has people in the medical community worried. My wife is an MD and a CDC liaison for the hospital) we'll see people contract both flu A or B as well as COVID-19. Those people will be human petri-dishes for new strains as each virus will share it's genetic material with each other. Viruses are notorious for sharing strengths with other viruses like this. So take that particularly nasty strain of flu we saw two or three years ago that killed a lot of people of all ages, and now give something like that the ability to attack the lower lungs instead of the upper and you now have a virus like the Spanish flu (although a different viral family) roaming around. Except with the other ways COVID attacks the body you're probably looking at a much higher mortality rate. Worse yet, it might encounter a flu strain that has become immune to all but one or two of our current anti-viral drugs....or it could be novel enough that there were zero drugs or immunity to it. I'm not saying crawl in your closet and cry.....but I am saying COVID isn't something to dismiss
COVID-19 is in no world the flu. About the only consistent trait is has that could be compared to certain flu strains is that it attacks the lower respiratory system (your lower lungs) like the Spanish flu did instead of the upper area like flu strains we've gotten accustomed to. And warm weather means higher humidity which can shorten the range droplets are a risk but warm weather doesn't kill or weaken it. This is why people contract the flu in the middle of summer. In no way am I saying shut everything down or advocating mass quarantines, but this nonsense line that young healthy asymptomatic people are fine is completely false. There is a condition they call Post-COVID fibrosis that they're finding in asymptomatic patients of all ages. Even someone asymptomatic will have blood clots formed in their body due to what virus itself, and it's these blood clots that are causing organ damage. Speaking to the lungs, the clots will fill in the air sacs in your lungs (or they get filled with fluid created because of the presence of these clots) and essentially suffocates the tissue. It literally creates holes in your lungs. There has already been some healthy 20 something girl in the US whose had a lung transplant from this.
Gah......anytime I think of Moulds I think of wasted talent since we had a QB (Taite) who did all he could to not throw him the ball. Taite was dating Sherril's daughter, who had dated Moulds prior. That will always be the Sherril legacy to me......a legacy of, "how many different members of my football team can my daughter run through?"
Abrams definitely fits the bill when considering the notion of a "recent" time constraint, but best DB in State's history? You remember this dude named Fred Smoot?
Why would it be difficult to extend his contract? Anyone not expecting some growing pains this season needs to be real with themselves, and must not have been around during the years when Memphis and Southern Miss beat Miss State like a drum. We lost BOTH starting CBs before the season even started, have talented, but YOUNG players at QB in a very complicated offensive scheme, and a defense on their third coordinator in three years. That's on top of being in the SEC West, with Alabama, A&M, Arkansas, and Ole Miss. Even Auburn and LSU, for all their problems, have enough talent to compensate for most of their issues. Anyone thinking Mullen should be fired, or simply allowed to leave, is either young (you don't remember how it used to be), or some "coat tail fad fan". Patience is a virtue. The SEC Network is helping to even out the money field for the entire conference. Schools like Alabama are losing recruits due to being so loaded, which is allowing some 5 star, and more four star players to go to other SEC schools so they can play before their senior year. It doesn't mean those schools are hurting for talent, but it means we are starting to see a more diverse spread of talent.
You didn't finish that. If I may? Gus will go back to coaching High School, where he'll remain. UNTIL he comes across another HS player whose recruitment he can guarantee if he gets a college job. I despise Auburn, but even I felt bad for them for thinking that idiot should be a head coach in the SEC.
LOL I'm not saying anything. If I was a judge, and had been on the bench Monday after watching my Miss State Bulldogs getting embarrassed by South Alabama, The headlines would have been crazy Tuesday. "Crazed judge hands out death sentences in small claims court all day! Mutters 'Hail State' after each case..."
I'm curious to see how we fare (Hail State) with our two suspended DTs able to play, as well as having Malik Dear back. Of course, we could get Jerry Rice on the field Saturday and it wouldn't matter if we can't get a pass beyond 5 yards to him. But having lost both starting corners in the off season to injury really showed against South Alabama, so I'm really dreading SEC play / SEC QBs. My hope for the game being a win for Miss State is hinged on two things though. One, it's at home. And two, the embarrassment and the self contempt of being beaten at said South Alabama......on the SEC network for all to see......well, that Miss State will come out mad at the world and use that to find a win. And prayers that Mullen suffers the growing pains of allowing Fitzgerald to gain experience (which I wish we had done last week) in the game, and letting him find some kind of groove. Fitz may have been out of rhythm to start, but even then his passes were within 5 yards of someone. Williams made several throws that were 10 to 15 yards away from anyone....on either side. Should be a good game though. Best of luck to USC, but I hope we send you home in a foul mood. Hail State!