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How is Freeze not a good "fit" for Auburn? His so-called Escort Service number on his cell phone? Isn't Auburn the same school that hired Bruce Pearl as it's basketball coach? Someone needs to advise you that the recruiting miscues attributed by some to Freeze were actually done under Houston Nutt's tenure as Ole Miss's head coach. Also many of the infractions are no longer infractions under the new rules- - unless you've been living in a cave for the past several years- you'd know that SEC football is now a professional sport with payments for the athletes- no more tiptoeing around the tulips regarding paying players! Freeze knows how to navigate NIL and the transfer portal. Saban's recent problems are due largely to the fact that he doesn't know this and is old school enough to resist learning.
If Auburn hires Kiffin and he doesn't work out, you'll have to pay 100 million to buy him out. If you don't give him a Jimbo Fisher style contract you won't get him - period. He'll just wait until Saban retires and go with Alabama- which is where he wants to go anyway. f you don't give him a Jimbo fisher style contract, you won't get him- period!
Any coach that can get Auburn 8 or 9 wins at this point should be worshiped as a demigod!
You're forgetting that we have the transfer portal now- you can come back next year if you get a good portal recruiter- Freeze fits that bill! How do you think Liberty got to be 8-1 this year?
If Auburn passes on Freeze they'll regret it- a proven SEC winner- who else out there has those credentials? There are a lot of ex SEC coaches out there who are available because they didn't win enough- Freeze is available because he won too much- and against the wrong opponent- Alabama! Has Kiffin or Deion ever beaten Alabama? Kiffin will want a Saban or Jimbo Fisher type contract- You can get Freeze for less. Deion looks to me like the next Charlie Strong- he can recruit but can he coach at the power 5 level? Freeze is gift-wrapped for Auburn- don't look a gift horse in the mouth! Harsin shows you what happens when you get someone with no SEC pedigree to coach in this league.
Do you really think Deion can coach and win in the SEC?- if you do we need to talk later- there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you!
You really think Deion can win in the SEC? if so, see me later- there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you!
Auburn would be crazy to pass on freeze- a proven SEC winner they can afford. If you go for Kiffin you'll have to pay him Jimbo Fisher type money- look at the pickle A&M is in now because they have more money than sense. there are a lot of ex SEC coaches out there- most are unemployed or out of the SEC now because they won too few games- freeze is out of the league now because he won too many- against the wrong opponent- Alabama! I remember hearing somewhere that beating Alabama was a big priority for Auburn fans.- So he likes women- you want a coach who doesn't? Whiff on freeze and Auburn will be saying 'Aw Dern" instead when your next coach turns out to be a dud- like Harsin!