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Will that hot shot RB be interested in transferring? How many recruits are now going to decommit? I'm sure the next coach will be a big name hire, but will the guys willing to play for Orgeron feel that way about the next guy??
Yabba Dabba Dabo is not INTERESTED in the LSU job nor the prospects of having to beat six or eight GOOD to GREAT teams each year! He's perfectly fine to be the knob of the ACC !
WHEW, my Gamecocks dodged the bullet of "bad"!!
I couldn't believe all the passing after the way they ran the ball down the field! You'd think they would have run the ball on first and second and then third if needed! Those passes were just not there! But then again I just watched it from home!
What an outstanding young man! I've said it before and I'll say it again : the only bad thing I can think of Mr. Jones is that he is not married to one of my daughters!
I would bet my GC's would do well against a 3-2-5! Actually GA and Bama should be restricted to no more than 9 or 10 on defense!
Never heard of him but then I never watch espn for anything other than college fb!
Dancing on a barstool? Was he really dancing or just getting a lap dance? Must suck to be rich and famous!
You should note that the last two games were shutouts and blowouts! Even the 55th ranked offense was shutout so if anything the GA defense is getting BETTER! My GC's got a few plays against that first team defense and managed a couple of field goals. Our TD was against some reserves but it counts!
No Clemson (dang it's hard not to spell that "clempson")?? I bet Herbie will have them in his top 25! Florida at #6 seems a stretch! And Iowa so low? Fortunately we'll see how all the actual games rerank these teams!
I keep looking at my Gamecock's games vs GA/KY and see that no one else did much better! Maybe we're not as bad as we seem. Our defense is fairly decent but with a bit more offense we would be right there with KY, but still many players behind GA and the other big boys. I was just in awe of what GA did and then Bama did their thing! Even with all the sloppiness, they were great games!
Arkansas found out they're not in Kansas - I mean TEXAS - anymore!
That penalty explanation was second only to the ACC Ref's "he was giving him the business"! I've seen a LOT of games and never have I seen three penalties on one play! I've seen a live ball penalty and then a dead ball penalty many times though!
I think you're right! I watch a lot of college fb and don't remember a year when two teams seemed so far ahead of all the rest! Good luck to you Hogs the rest of the year!
That's NOT a streaker! Looks like he has on black pants! I KNOW PERSONALLY that you wear NO CLOTHES when streaking! Well, you CAN wear sneakers but that's IT!
All the Bama haters have at least ONE thing going for them - Gary Danielson will make the telecast unbearable for everyone! If we all have a "personal hell" where we spend eternity, mine will probably be having to watch college football with Beth Howlings doing the play by play with Gary Danielson on the color!!
They keep getting better each week and Mr. Bennett played a good game against a good defense! I don't see anyone on their schedule stopping GA or GA not stopping them!! If GA and AL meet in Atlanta as 12-0 #1/#1A it will be the best game in the history of college FB!! How could it be anything else??
I'm surprised he didn't say that Saban stoled their popcorn!
It doesn't matter what the "fan base" says! It's the Athletic Director that makes the decisions and NOTHING has happened to make any changes necessary! We won TWO games last year! We've won THREE so far! No one that I know of thought this team would win six games! I think Vegas put us at 4.5? We should - SHOULD - beat Vandy and if our offense can make some improvements our defense should put us in position to win at least one more SEC game so we'd end up with five and who knows!!
Look who we have lost to : Georgia by 27 and we scored 13 - 6 against their #1's! #8 Arkansas just got shut out by GA! We lost by 6 to KY and they lead FL by 7 with 3:26 and WOULD still have the ball had they stuck with their strength on a 3rd and 2 where they tried to pass instead of just handing off to Rodriguez! If our offense could find a clue about how to block we might just win a few more!!
How many times have we seen players do this? I agree with others about running him till he pukes, but it would be the same play over and over and each time he runs the ball to the BACK of the end zone and then places it on the ground! We're not good enough to make stupid mistakes like that!! I hope Beamer installs a TD location! Make it the base of the goal pole - any touchdown has to be placed at the base!
That's not really "trolling" - more like disrespecting! I've never heard of him and I'm only thirty minutes from Greenwood! I don't even think my GC's offered so I'm sure GA wasn't very interested. Good luck to the kid at ASU - he should enjoy the cross country trips! Kind of lame!
I think KY was FAVORED by 5.5 and won by 6! Vegas knows what teams are SUPPOSED to do and sets the odds accordingly! Now, could we have had more offensive success? Sure! Did our defense play good enough to win? Sure! Will we get better offensively? Hopefully! Will our defense get better? Probably! I support Coach Beamer and his staff and hope they will see something that other teams are keying on and fix that! If nothing else, pull a TE and use another lineman! If we're just using the TE to block and not throwing off a fake then why?? Lotof questions! I hope the answers come quickly!
My goodness! We're not talking about a team like "clemson" that has a roster of five stars and was in the CFP last year! We won TWO games! But this is really a big letdown in the running game. I know other teams are keying on Harris or any other back so better blocking and scheming are definitely needed! Downfield blocking also has to be a priority! We need to utilize the same plays as the successful teams ran this weekend where you have one receiver cut in front of the other and block that cb and the other receiver runs by both of the cb's being cut off! I used to think that was like an illegal pick play but clemson proved that wrong many years ago! We should utilize a FULLBACK as well! How many runs are stuffed by one defender? Get a FB on that one and who knows!
I'm in SC too and it's so nice after the Tigers lose! You can go to the "Official Tiger Souvenir Shop" or Dollar General as the sign says with being swamped by orange clad clemmers! My GC's are having a rough stretch with little hope of much improvement this year, but we're trying!
Better watch out next time! They might try that old "hey, that's a penalty and I'm going to step off five yards" trick! That play might actually work on a defense that isn't paying attention!
Oh Good Lord! I'd rather stick a pine cone up my butt - pointed end first - than listen to that human skreeching chalkboar voice! It's bad enough to have a wife whining at you every now and then, but to have to listen to Beth HOWLIN for three hours? Where's that pinecone???
One missing aspect of the downfield passing is the wide open receivers that were so abundant over the past seasons! That and the quick slants that turned 7 yard passes into 65 yard touchdowns! Is that due to the schemes or maybe a drop off in elite wr's? I guess we'll see those emerge as the year goes on.
I would expect a much more complete domination compared to the SC game. We have some legitimate athletes that were shutdown but had a few successes. I doubt GA allows Vandy any breathing room and only a ridiculous mistake by their cb's could allow Vandy to have any explosive plays! That and the "revenge" for last year's cancellations might make this one for the record books!