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Nothing wrong with what he said, except that it will MIGHTILY impact any future Mizz appearances on Gameday! There's no reason to have such negativity to make people's outlook any less bright! A MUCH better statement from Herbie would have been "let's just hope that our current policies will put a quick end to the outbreak and we'll get our lives back to normal this summer."
FSU!! All the others have enough and Oregon is too far from home!!
All amazing plays - the kind we will miss if the CHINESE FLU manages to cause 2020 to be cancelled! If so, we should have a class action suit against CHINA for the harm they have caused us and be entitled to all the Chinese crap we can order online! Free crap!
This might be ok up north, but in the deep south, it's still 80 degrees and 90% humidity! Most colleges have EARLY morning workouts in Aug to beat the heat. I don't think it would be wise to put all those young people in such strenuous situations week after week. And remember, a LOT of CFB fans are OLD PEOPLE! Nah, we'll get back to our normal lives after this hysteria has passed and treat any new outbreaks like we have in PREVIOUS FLU SEASONS - stay home if you're not feeling well and go to the doctor for the LOW COST GENERIC DRUG that is working so well against the Kung Fu Flu!
I was going to suggest Idiocracy 2, but that's already playing in the House of Representatives! I'd love to see another Tucker and Dale vs Evil! If you've never seen either film I highly suggest them - they start slowly, but end hilariously!
I think we'll be fine by summer and then we'll get into next fall, people will start to get the FLU and then the dems will crawl out from under their rocks and garbage cans to start the hysteria all over! We'll most likely have our "miracle" drugs fully distributed by then and it won't shut down the world - just like last year when tens of thousands died in the USA from THE FLU!
This "PANDEMIC" will be over as soon as the liberdem Governors get their first checks for their BILLION$! Heat is not a friend of these "flu's" and the KUNG FU FLU will be no exception! If we're not back to somewhat normal lives by football season it will be because of something worse than the flu!
If the Falcons are smart they will use him more than Baltimore did! I would definitely work on a play to throw him a reverse pass and let him wing it downfield - he has an arm and accuracy! I'll never (I hope) forget that pass he threw for the Gamecocks - went in motion to the right - stopped and threw a perfect pass to the left sideline! It was a shame we didn't use him more like that!
GREAT for Pharoah! I hope he has tremendous success and a LONG career with the Panthers!
OK, since you just want FACTS, the FACT that you posted such a hateful post shows you are a complete JERK! Now that's not a PERSONAL attack, that's simply a FACT that YOU proved yourself!
Put "MUST EAT MEAT" in his contract and he might be a good addition to a team!
Sounds like you had a pretty good Grandpa! Sorry for your loss, but there's a lot of farmland needing work in Heaven!
Nice article and some great life lessons AND MEMORIES! I don't see anything here that the usual nitwits can argue about!
Is there any analysis on the makeup of winning teams and college affiliations? Would be interesting to see a Pro team made up exclusively of former SEC players.
A great man - he is an example that young men should follow! He has the right ideas about America and will make a pretty good Representative if he decides to go that route. No matter what he does going forward though it will be positive!
High quality young man with a very solid foundation! He's also had some very good coaching - should be a great addition to the QB Room!
Why not let the most healthy and physically fit go about their sports even if spectators are not allowed? This is so much overreaction it's ridiculous! I don't blame PRESIDENT TRUMP for this - he's doing all he can to protect Our Nation from crap coming in and the crap that's firmly embedded here! The threat to the young is minimal - just keep the "old coots" at home!
Wondered about that too - just scroll fast! But then again, if this gets any crazier, we might be watching solo hotdog eating contests for entertainment! UNLESS we get the same deal that Italy got the other day - FREE PREMIUM PORNHUB!!
Where you getting the 15000? Out of you azz like your other statements? And for your edification, PRESIDENT TRUMP banned travel one month from the first reported case. Your POS oblama waited six months and 1000 DEATHS before he addressed the situation! And THEN he made the most awesomeness decision of his Presidency by naming Quid Pro Slo Joe to head the process, and whoosh, only another 20,000 Americans died!
Volman, I bet you also condemned him for that horrid attack by all that high powered artillery on that poor Syrian village just over your border in Ky! You must be one of those recently indoctrinated graduates!!
NYC - now THAT explains a LOT! And who exactly is to blame for the stock market's meteoric rise that enabled you to lose a piddly $10k and STILL be way up from where you were?? Actually, there's no reason for the huge decline in the market, other than the short sellers making a bundle off idiots who panic and sell! The whole overreaction is nothing but another "peachment" attempt - won't work either! You should worry more about your Communist Mayor confiscating your 401 so more of your illegals can live more comfortably!
Will they eliminate one or two preseason games? The last preseason games always suck anyway!
Will they be able to file a claim of the additional $40 BILLION that was requested from Congress? I'm sure this is a serious issue, but so is the REGULAR FLU! Tens of THOUSANDS die each year in the USA from the regular flu and yet we've gone about our lives - Wuhan Flu is SOOOO special!
I went to a Chinese Buffet for lunch yesterday - came home and SNEEZED TWICE! Should I head on over to the Emergency Room or call CDC??
When the TRUTH is CONFIRMED about the WUHAN FLU, there are going to be a LOT of pissed off people! The interesting part will be how this impacts the cases of REGULAR flu!!
I can still see that "interception" he made to beat us! Actually, I think it was more of a steal, but still counted as six point! It's a shame he was not physically able to play longer in the NFL or he might have been inducted there too!
Incredibly stupid! Sure it's a risk, but so is the REGULAR FLU!! People don't believe that the USA experiences 12 - 50 THOUSAND deaths each year from our run of the mill FLU! This is a political weapon to inconvenience our Nation and try to sway support from PRESIDENT TRUMP. His early response to limit travel to/from China has made a big difference. This will prove to be just as a massive failure as the Mueller Misasma and the Impeachment corruption! In case you haven't heard, Hunter Biden finally stepped up to the plate and made a settlement with the stripper to support HIS child!