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Bcreek has a history of hysterics so don't take him too seriously! Not many of us Gamecock fans do! I guess you could say that he's our "negan"!
He may have a point there! I can't tell you how many Saturdays I've been lying in bed at 3 am and wishing I could watch some football! With OK and TX and TAM in another time zone we could already have some Noon, 3:30, 7:00, and 10:30 PM EST live games! That would be a tad more relevant than ASU vs Colorado!
If Cincinnati continues to improve and beat more of the "big boys" they would be an interesting addition to the Bee One Gee! Kansas would enhance the Bee One Gee with it's BB but their football days are long gone and show no signs of returning. But then the B1G doesn't really need any competition for their B1G TWO!
Maybe a few others will try this just to see how impressive it is! Let a few of the youngsters have a go!!
You can forget OSU leaving the Bee One Gee! They ARE the Bee ONE Gee!! I doubt the Bee One Gee will seek to add any real competition. They may reach out to ND but the "big heads" at ND will likely cling to their "higher calling" and remain Independent. If the Bee One Gee takes Kansas (bb) and Iowa St. (more corn) that would be about it. Those people are just as FANATICAL up there as we are in the SEC! Clemson is not going anywhere! The ACC may add Central Florida and maybe a Big 12 leftover, but there too, they're not looking to add teams for a competitive reason!
You were EAGER and HONORED to be allowed INTO the SEC - now SHOW some gratitude! Just hope your school doesn't get taken over again by an unruly mob that demands ending all football activities! We KNOW how your administration folds like a cheap card table!
Sounded rather ignorant to me - couldn't even tell a stupid joke correctly! Auburn would quickly be the #2 or #1A team in the ACC. ND would be more likely to remain Independent rather than become a full time ACC'er! They know value!
Good for him - hope he has a great season and gets First Round Money next year!
"babies cry"?? Maybe you don't understand the difference between BUILDING UP and DECLINING! The UCF fans have every right to knock him for his ridiculous comment!
I thought I had paid a lot of attention to my Gamecock Baseball team this year, but only recognize Wes Clarke out of the 8 drafted! Either I didn't read the fine print or nothing much was written about their exploits!
Shouldn't it be "Norvell copies Coach Snyder's 2018 strategy"? Also, why is the SEC limiting to only 2? My goodness, can't they wear masks, sit six feet apart, display their vaccine certs, and have THREE guys??? The BIG question is whether Vandy will bring male football players or send a female soccer kicker who's lined up to pooch kick in a late season, meaningless game!
Good for him and MS. State fans! This will probably be just the beginning of Collegiate cards. Nice touch to return to the school too!!
That's pretty gruesome looking! The only other really bad ankle injury I've seen was Tony Finau at the Master's Par 3 Contest. He made a Hole in One and was running down to the green, stepped in a sprinkler hole, turned his ankle 90 degrees to the outside, and before getting up he took his foot and rolled it back in place! He TRIED to play the next day but couldn't! Mr. Prescott's injury looked even worse since it was evidently in a position that a foot should NEVER be! Hope he makes a full recovery. I don't watch the nfl, but always enjoyed watching him a MS State!
Get ready for a butthurt letter from the greatest football mind and prognosticator - DANNY KANNEL! HOW could the committee not snatch Danny from his mediocre career and put him in charge?? Bigots!!
Walk On's is GREAT! I think I had "Devil's on Horseback" -bacpm wrapped shrimp! Onion rings tasted like caramelized onions inside! Awesome! Raisin Cane's chicken fingers are awesome too! Don't know if these athletes will do anything for the businesses since the ones I went to were packed anyway!
Just cut back to 11 games in the regular season. There are so many bowl games now that most teams will get in another game. The others can use an extra game as extra motivation! BUT, teams that are not in a bowl should have the option of the same practice period as the bowl teams. OR let teams have "potential" 12th games lined up. Teams not going to a bowl can work out a deal with another school for that 12th game. OR the extra tv money for the expanded playoffs could be shared with the teams not getting that 12th game!
Here we go with ND again! Also, looks like they have my Gamecocks a tad high! I wonder what led Steele to completely disregard Florida?? Maybe he's not a fan of DeSantis! (I know it's not my Gamecocks - just threw that in there for the one who can't resist jumping on a comment!)
Let's see - Corral has established his "meeting" rate at $10,000 PER HOUR. I guess that will be for OUTSIDE meetings and not TEAM meetings! I know one thing. If I was a DC I'd make sure to assume that Corral will be keeping the ball nearly every play to enhance his sellsbility! I get it that Young has talent, but maybe they should wait till he actually sees the field in a meaningful situation before crowning him!
Quick and powerful, but ahh - just a 3 star!! We'll take him, add a few pounds of muscle, coach him up a bit, and turn him loose!!
You talking about "tiers" "tiers"??? You ALREADY see "tiers" and it will get worse! The hotshot QB with his $10,000 PER HOUR fee as opposed to others with $25 per video or $50 per video! How about the "Iced Tea" guys? I'm sure they're somewhere in between $10,000 PER HOUR and below! I see a lot of resentment and destruction of a TEAM attitude. NIL will be the end of college football unless the PAID players simply spin off into nfl minor league teams and the remaining players settle for educations and scholarships and POSSIBLY a path to the nfl!
Look for the avalanche of deals being pitched! No way a big auto dealership in Ohio is going to sign you if you're going to play in Alabama! And vice versa! NIL will make recruiting kids like this look like a BIDDING war! Maybe "neon dion" will get some big boosters to join in!
WHY oh WHY can we not have an IGNORE button? I know we can just SCROLL down past hegan's diatribes, but it would be SOOO much easier if we didn't have to be subject to he/she/it's/zers whatever posts!
And soon the POWER 5 will no longer be needed by the millionaire athletes! I posted many times that this will be the beginning of the END of College FB as we have known it! Kids will be getting deals based on their "names". And HOW do you make your name more valuable? Look for an increase in showboating, selfish play, and stupid penalties!
Look for the "New Springs Church QB" throwing to the "New Springs Church WR" while the "New Springs Church Offensive Line" blocks like their CONTRACT RENEWAL depends on it! Or, watch the "New Springs Church QB" get flattened by the "Hooters DE" because the UNSIGNED and UNPAID LT just "ole'd" the "Hooters DE"!! All this will most likely lead to resentment and questionable performances. I also question the Universities' right to recoup their EXPENSES for training, nutrition, and facilities! All those would now be considered "extra benefits" for a PAID athlete! Education and room and board would still be considered the same benefit for an UNPAID athlete! At what income level do you "claw back" funding??
That was rather RACIST! One of the players looking at $10 MILLION per year is Arch Manning and he's lilly white. He doesn't support paying ANY player because he sees what it will lead to - the end of college football and the beginning of COMMERCIALIZED College Football! There had better be strict adherence to PERSONAL FOULS and UNSPORTSMANLIKE Conduct so all the "look at me's" will be somewhat controlled. If it get's TOO commercialized then it will go the way of the nfl, nba, and women's soccer!! UNWATCHABLE!
You're worried about mental issues when there's a fig newton masquerading as President??
That's the way it SHOULD be with EVERY contract. The only way to continue to function as a TEAM is if it's equal shares for everyone. I know that's a socialist look at it, but college fb is a TEAM sport. When you get to be a PROFESSIONAL professional your own contract is just yours on a team where EVERYONE has their own contract. That is more of a capitalistic view!
Surely there are strip joints within 30 miles of Bama's campus! How can the NCAA call this a "violation" when players are already demanding $10,000 PER HOUR?? Will agents be able to buy them lunch to discuss deals? I can't imagine many multi-million $ deals being done at McDonalds! Just do away with ANY and ALL rules since it's a matter of time before some auto dealership tells a recruit that it will be awarding a big contract to the QB at "X" school next year - "now where did you say you were going?"!
WOW - how much will he charge each WR per PASS?? Just go ahead and let all the ones who want to play for money go to the nfl minor leagues and let the ones who value an education and college athletics sign a waiver and stay in school! OH, yeah that's right, the nfl DOESN'T HAVE any minor leagues! Well, they DID but it was called NCAA Football!
This NIL will most likely lead to the end of College Football as we know it! I think it will soon devolve into the HAVES and HAVE NOTS! The HAVES will be compensated - some VERY well and others will not get anything. I see this leading to resentment, charges of "racism" when a white QB,RB,WR,LB, or any position starts and gets the big bucks while a black QB,etc is the backup and has no exposure or contracts, and a general need to showboat to increase exposure! Can you imagine the attitudes of the big uglies who plow the way for the RB with the big contracts? How about the QB who throws to a guy and he drops a sure TD? Will he throw to him again and risk missing another TD? I surely hope the costs of their education, training, nutrition, and use of facilities are deducted from the HAVES' contracts - otherwise I'd say they have received an unfair benefit! Sorry for the 'negan like" post, but this is a tricky subject!