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Instead of a BLOCK or IGNORE button - just put a "Ron Mex" button - even if you have to watch an ad before confirming - just DO IT!!
WOW - bad enough to want Danielson but not bad enough to elicit a Beth HOWLINGS call?? I tried an experiment one time - listened to Beth call a game rather than using a half tube of Preparation H to shrink my 'rhoids! Beth in a breezer!!!
"The SEC Schedule begins next week"? For GEORGIA?? You mean the SAME GEORGIA that trailed my Gamecocks in their SEC OPENER before taking over in the Second Half? I know Mr. Hayes is rather slack in a LOT of his columns, but dang man, it was an SEC GAME!!
They are seeing the results of EVERYONE being able to offer NIL MONEY to prospects! When they threw the pass that resulted in an INTERFERENCE call - VERY questionable - I thought this was just ANOTHER ACC "gift" to the Tigers. In the end I guess it was "poetic justice" that they missed the FG! All the people who proclaimed The Dabo as the NEXT Savior or Bama might now realize that he was only the Head Cheerleader and those very talented ASSISTANTS were the REAL BRAINS of the Outfit! Oh, but never forget those GENERATIONAL QB's and Receivers and those awesome defensive minds! Oh, they'll still win a bunch of games and NY 6 bowls, but the ELITE Asst's won't sign up for The Dabo - they can do better!
Boomers get "forced FREE MONEY from working class citizens when they RETIRE"?? You actually BELIEVE that?? The rest of your post seems reasonable, but the "free money" that you call it just happens to be the SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES that WE PAID while we were working for 50 years or so! Don't be STUPID - well, you can be STUPID, but don't post idiocy like this so EVERYONE KNOWS IT! I'm a "boomer" as you call it and just happened to grow up in a time where most "kids" were WORKING in some kind of job beginning at age 14! We actually looked forward to GETTING A JOB - WHY?? Because Our Parents barely made enough to provide a home and the necessities! You need to make sure you know a LITTLE BIT about what you're talking about and from most of your comments on here that's about it - a LITTLE bit!
I really like his enthusiasm AND his common sense! It's one thing to be positive and uplifting, but you also have to have the responsibility and the desire to be BETTER! We have a long haul to get anywhere near the top of the SEC but I'd rather be where we are than near the top of the ACC! I always loved to play golf with people who were better than me rather than those I could beat easily! I'm sure Coach Beamer will get us there - someday!
I value the contents of my TOILET slightly more than I value Danny's comments - and then I flush it!
GREAT NEWS!! Now we won't have to listen to Gary mess up call after call and second guess EVERYONE! the Bee One Gee DESERVES a genius like Gary!!
Doesn't their SCHOLARSHIP and related benefits sort of amount to being PAID??? Supposedly people are RUINED FOR LIFE because of their student debts!
We had a "bomb threat" where I used to work - retired for 8 years and LOVING IT! Our Company's HR/Safety then sent out a NEW FORM in the event we ever got another threat!!! The FORM would be used by the person who received the threat and suggested asking the following : Is this real? (reasonable if the bomber is an idiot) What time is the bomb set to go off? (also reasonable so we won't have casualties) WHERE is the bomb? (pushing it a tad) But this CLINCHER was "What did you say your name was?"!!!! (now THAT would provide not only the SUSPECT but establish his DEFENSE for being a COMPLETE RETA D!!!) Never found out who did it - but once the WORD got around that we had a FORM then no more bombs!!!
We've always said that if Clempson was playing the RUSSIANS we'd pull for the RUSSIANS! I like to see ALL SEC Teams win their Bowl Games and out of conference games! Why?? Because that makes us the BEST! My Gamecocks have not been terribly successful in the SEC but that doesn't dampen my support for them OR the rest! The way I look at it is that I'd rather be playing THE BEST than in the ACC with all those lesser programs. What we usually see in SEC vs ACC bowl games is a tad distorted because the TOP teams in the SEC are in the MAJOR bowls and that shifts some of the power to the Top ACC teams against the mediocre SEC teams, but even then we tend to come out on top!
My Gamecocks usually play TWO Power 5 teams each year in addition to the 8 game SEC gauntlet! I'm sure we'd keep Clemson as a Rivaly Game and then have to give up the other ACC game. I don't think we'd be too hesitant to vote for the 9 SEC games!
Notice she didn't answer the question - just accused OTHERS of ACCUSING the team of being "bullies"! I've never watched ANY of their games so I don't know but if people who get PAID to watch and report on women's basketball think your team is a bully then there must be something to it! I've seen officiating that allowed one team to play tackle and not let the other one play tiddly winks so I know there are refs who have a preconceived notion about calling penalties. But, didn't watch so can't say about this game not any other the Lady GC's have played. A SMART team should recognize the situation and make adjustments! Oh well, she won't have to decide whether to go to the White House!
He had accomplished all he could at the college level! WOW - a One and Done for my GC's!! Go find out where Princeton gets their players!
Spurrier always said he like playing GA early in the year because they would always have several players suspended! Times have changed!
You hit the nail on it's crooked head! His "excuses" sound more and more like someone who doesn't really CARE about the optics or thinks everyone else is stupid enough to believe him! Either way I wouldn't want to be associated with him!
Well, that ONE way to look at it, but from OUR side it looks like WE are getting BETTER while TN is just stagnant!! If WE gain points like that and reduce the margin of defeat each time it will only take FOURTEEN more games and then we'll see!!!!!
Where was this lawyer on Jan. 16th? or 30th?? Why didn't the University know this and have the lawyer present this earlier?? How long will it take and how many incidents will it take before some College Coach lays down the law on "college students being out"?? You have an OBLIGATION to represent your school ON and OFF the court or field! I'm still having trouble reconciling how he "didn't even know the gun was there" and the text "bring me my gun"! A simple "no" or "why do you want it" is nowhere to be found!
The entire tragedy is just that - an ENTIRE tragedy! For all the criticism that Oats has taken over his non-discipline and recent mind boggling statements, people seem to forget that the MURDER took place over a month ago! Surely Alabama's Athletic Department has had a FEW meetings to discuss this and to make sure any statements are reasonable and accountable! I'd have to say they've failed in EVERY phase! Now I guess they'll have to make a new rule that no student is allowed to transport guns to friends after midnight! That'll stop the NEXT MURDER!
A BETTER Replay Review would be to have four or six guys watching the TV FEED on big screen tv's and have them make the decisions rather than that dinky little screen you see the official squinting into! They have to have a bigger screen in the booth - don't they?? But with having these four sets of eyes on what WE see??? THAT would put more credence into each call! It's odd how often the most EVIDENT calls take so long to confirm - it's almost like having a lawyer looking for a "loophole"!!
So if he was "already on his way" when did he decide to get the GUN?? Did he just ASSUME he needed to bring the gun?? If there's any "confusion" it should be WHEN DID HE DECIDE TO BRING THE GUN???
These are the TERMS of use of this website! I do appreciate "playful banter" between rivals, but SOME posters on here are simply over the top vulgar and attack persons! RonMexico1 surely violates the threatening, libelous, obscene, and a few others! This detracts from the overall "enjoyment" of reading about our SEC! WHY is this allowed to continue?? Transmit any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, inflammatory or profane material or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any law;
And do what?? I doubt he EVER retires! If he's mentally and physically able and having success - why retire?? He already has all the money he'll ever need! Think he does the "Duck commercials" for the money? No, it's the EXPOSURE! And for people saying it's a NEGATIVE that he "controls the coordinators" - that's nonsense! If YOU are RESPONSIBLE for the RESULTS of the Team or Business then YOU make sure that those working WITH you are doing their jobs because that could result in YOU losing yours!
I'd have to say that given the talent of the OTHER receivers on each team that what Wells did was more impressive! Also would have to give him the edge with OFFENSIVE GAME PLANNING as a HINDRANCE to being even more productive! Notice how many of his yards were SECOND HALF?? Wonder WHY that was? Maybe the play calling? Next year Juice will have a few more opportunities to "run free" IF our new OC pays attention and utilizes the OTHER weapons to keep teams from over emphasis on covering him! "Nyck" might just be the weapon that's needed to make DC's move people around!
Thanks for a nice compliment - this site usually is so infected with just a couple of nitwit knowitalls that make it not that interesting to read comments so a NICE comment is noticeable!! Great two seasons for you guys - hope it's OUR TURN next!!
Yeah, and that's a move UP from where we usually fall - around tenth or twelfth!! I do hope that he can be OUR "Brock Bowers" and make the difference in a few games! So yeah, you're right about being THIRD best, but watch out!!!
Shouldn't they be more concerned with WHERE Joe biden is stashing his dog? People nearly worship those UGAlys so leave them alone and go hug a grizzly or something!
He'll be in the Georgia Hall of Fame and it's a shame he won't be eligible for the College FB HOF! What a CROCK!