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"after a brief stop in SC"? I'm not even sure he slowed down for the yellow light!!
I'm surprised an enterprising journalist has not gone back and analyzed Bama's record per year, the assistants who left, assistants hired, and subsequent record. Another twist would be how those who left fared at their new schools! Here's looking at you Mr. Farner!!!
That was special! You could see how those guys cared for each other on the field and the sideline! You can't coach that level of caring and respect, but you can set the environment and processes that allow it to happen. I can't recall the last time when I've seen an Alabama "showboat"! That was one MORE thing I loved about Marcus Lattimore - no matter how great his play was he acted like it was nothing special that required a dance or other antic!
Great policy and one that probably helps his players focus on the task at hand rather than overheating, losing their heads, and drawing unnecessary penalties or commit stupid turnovers! That's one issue I've had with Shi (not too shy) Smith! I know from experience that it affects the other person more if you just take his trash, smile, and then beat him again!
It's time people! Yep, the only way Coach Saban can keep a full, LOYAL staff is to simply CLONE HIMSELF! I'm surprised the AL School of Medicine is not working on this as we speak - or ARE they? It's truly amazing what he has accomplished with the constant turnover of staff. I had hoped that one day my Gamecocks would be so successful that people would raid OUR staff and lo and behold, Auburn comes along!!
A long time ago tOSU went undefeated and won the NC, but their last game the previous year was a LOSS to MY GAMECOCKS! We beat them two years in a row in the Outback Bowl - with Mr. OHIO, Ryan Brewer playing a major role! I can't take tOSU seriously until they show they can beat us! And they have the audacity to think they were somehow "cheated" - they were spanked and then mercifully allowed to finish the last quarter without a serious effort by Bama to add to their total.
I thought all the "cheating" comments were COMICAL! But I guess it was somewhat "cheating" to have Mr. Smith against those db's and lb's! Maybe the Bee One Gee can lobby the ncaa and get permission to use barbed wire or chain link fencing next time to keep wr's out of the end zone!
While these HYPOTHETICAL articles are amusing to read, henceforth let's dispense with the "weaklings of the East" references! HYPOTHETICALLY, I'm sure my Gamecocks would have acquitted themselves nicely against Bama! In fact, it's probably a BLESSING that Bama did not play us this year! The sheer exhaustion of having to kick extra points and kickoffs might have damaged their awesome kicker (who should have won the Groza) and poor Mac Jones' arm would have been worn out prematurely tossing so many deep, undefended passes! And let's not forget how fortunate Najee was not to have to hurdle all those attempted tackles! So let's just concentrate on what Bama REALLY did to much better teams than us and leave the "what ifs" to The dabo!
Odd that he opted out of the bowl game and then comes back! What a better way to PROVE your abilities than playing against a really good OOC team?
Should be lot of good matchups - let's hope the libers call off their cancel campaign to allow a "normal" season! I'm sure there will be the gestapo at all the gates to check for anyone wearing anything that actually SUPPORTS the United States of America!
Actually the correct call should be that the offensive player initiated the contact and NO FOUL! UNLESS they start calling Targeting on the offensive players! I've seen some very blatant targeting that warranted the foul and others where the defender had nothing to do with the helmet to helmet contact but still got the foul. Now that they are all reviewed, they should look at WHO initiated the hit!
You should have gotten one from some of the idiots who kept Indiana at #12! I think they were #11 before you all beat them. The entire poll makes little sense once you get past #4!!!
Just more evidence of the decline of sports (all) journalism! Good for MR. Harris to speak the truth - you know that meant a lot to the OSU defense guys to hear that! They absolutely dominated the Tigers and held Bama pretty good. It's just a tribute to MR. Jones to recognize and make the plays he did.
That was very sweet! I was surprised to see him dressed out but even more seeing him trotting out there - he has his Championship Game Memory!
OSU found out what it's like to play in the SEC! Imagine if you had to face teams like this three/four times per year and then the other ones that are on par with INDIANA! Northwestern beat a somewhat crappy Auburn team (what was left of it) that my Gamecocks beat earlier in the year for our SECOND win after thrashing Vandy. That Indiana team that held up pretty good against OSU (who were "purportedly" missing 22 players) got beat by a five win SEC Old Miss team! OSU's win against Clemson was only ONE of the SIX losses by the ACC in the bowl season - a PERFECT 0-6!!
Seriously "scribe"?? What's wrong with you? And really, isn't it way past your bedtime - all ten year olds should be in bed now! No wonder people have such a negative attitude towards Gators! That was MR. Jones' FIRST and ONLY fumble lost in his career! Grow up!
Yep and to think how often that defense had to retake the field after another quick three or four play drive! LSU had that "problem" last year - an offense that was so effective it contributed to their defenses' exhaustion! What a GREAT problem to have!! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching last year and this year. I would say that this has been the GREATEST two years in the history of the SEC!!
You have to admire and CONGRATULATE Mr. Jones for what he has accomplished! What a handsome, intelligent young man! The only thing I don't like about him is he isn't engaged to one of my daughters! I expect him to have a good nfl career and then probably begin a coaching career - probably at Bama!
Imagine taking a job where you get to work with the GREATEST FB Coach and lead the level of players that Bama recruits!! To me it would be like the guy that bragged about his bra fitting job at Victoria's Secret for only $50 per week - he said "it's not bad, but all I could afford to pay"!
14 arrests on 13 different charges - seems like Bama fans are as diverse as Bama's offense!!
OSU had a full team and got spanked just like everyone except FL - the Kung Fu Flu had no impact on that at all. Just acknowledge that this was a GREAT TEAM that had a GREAT YEAR! Last year it was LSU that had a Great Team and year and I'm hoping that ONE DAY - before I leave this corrupt world that I get to see both LSU and Bama fans arguing about how my Gamecock team was only the THIRD best National Champions from the SEC!!
They should be glad they didn't play MY Gamecocks! Just imagine the sheer EXHAUSTION that they would have experienced celebrating TD after TD after TD! You should thank the scheduler that you avoided us this year and were able to conserve your energies for that scrimmage against that Bee One Gee monster!!
It could have just shown that Clemson had not seen a DL that was up to Championship level!
I was wondering if this was another West VA game where the Clemson defense just gave up! They looked out of position and didn't seem to give much effort in tackling once their lead maniac was sent to the sidelines for good!
Nice words from Jake - sorry it didn't work out for him here! I do hope Hilinski makes it bit somewhere if not here - nice kid and wonderful family!
Gump - you give a whole new meaning to "imbecile"! It's one thing to be a fan of a team, but the level of your insulting another fanbase is just ignorant!
I think that the dominance of Bama now is impressive due to the scholarship limits. I remember seeing games from long ago where it looked like HUNDREDS - HUNDREDS of players on the sidelines! The big schools could afford to have teams six or seven deep!
Clemson has struggled with physical teams and got smacked in the mouth and had little experience with that. Bama has faced many and adjusted accordingly. I expect a good game from both sides.
Your ignorance of history and current events is astounding! I’m guessing you’re a northern transplant or an uneducated liber! Could be both!!
That is the most puzzling award not given to the kicker that was demonstrably the best this year! I guess with all the prior years of not having a lot of success the committee didn’t even monitor Bama this year.