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Sad - he was great at OSU and had the sense to change to WR where he SHOULD have been special! Hope he recovers and gets back in the game!
Man, it must be difficult to find an idea for an article when you you have to "click bait" for an article on our back up punter! Have you asked Coach if this will impact the game planning?
Poor sportsmanship to troll the kicker - should have been the one who pissed away the chance for OT or as you correctly pointed out, going for two !
Are you serious? Crawling around and then acting like a complete idiot - who did he think he was - ODELL BECKHAM?? No, that's NOT football NOR an acceptable celebration. If I was a coach I would put a designated "celebration" space behind the bench where you come to celebrate with the ENTIRE TEAM! This individual showboating should be penalized out of the game! I honestly think a penalty of a game suspension would be appropriate for such INappropriate displays! Kids watch these games - there's no room NOR excuse for "pissing" away a chance to win a game!
How can Missouri question the integrity of the NCAA? Didn't they see how severely they punished UNC for their DECADES of tutors and fake classes? Or how about the overreaching investigations of Clemson when their players failed drug testing for osterine? Oh wait - never mind!!
I hope he can make it back and has an awesome game! It would be TRULY AWESOME for him to catch the winning TD!
Just take care of business when the REAL game starts! The best thing that USC's Student Body could do is simply turn their backs or do like the Dukies do - read a newspaper! Let them do their little "unity" thing and then play them a tough, close game! Be positive and play intelligently - they will try to intimidate you - just tell them "thanks, but I don't date guys"!
Now what happens if, IF MIND YOU, the Gamecocks upset #3 ??? Would it be OSU, GA, LSU, AL???????? It probably won't happen, but it could! OR if Mich or Minnesota upsets OSU? Lot of turmoil with just a couple of upsets!! I think they would go with OSU anyway if they lost - probably won't happen, but it COULD!
Mr. Davies always seemed like a classy guy - wish him well in his retirement or next gig!
BLIZT on every down! Run post patterns every down except when you run draw plays! That's it! Oh yeah - run ILLEGAL PICKS every play too - even on defense! PLAY HARD and ANGRY! ONSIDE KICK every time! PUNT on 3rd down! Use the "element of surprise"! Use the Tackle eligible a lot! Go to the Triple Option with a lineman as the fullback! Use the "hidden" player gimmick! Use the "hidden" ball gimmick! Use the Fumbleruski! and FINALLY, USE YOUR BRAIN!!
NO - beating clemson is not the most important game! EACH WEEK is the MOST IMPORTANT GAME! NOW beating clemson is the most important because it's the ONLY game left! I feel bad for our Seniors and really, ALL the players! They have been abandoned once again by poor coaching ! I'll be pulling for them to beat Clemson, but won't be upset if they don't - THIS YEAR! How can we continually have top 20 recruiting classes and not end up in the Top 20?? It can't be the "jimmies and the joes" so it must be the "x's and the o's"!
Hope it's not a career ending injury. I quit watching the nfl a few years ago, but would still enjoy hearing about his success playing on Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays!
GA nearly "prevented" themselves into a loss! I just don't get it unless you are up 42 points with 3 minutes to go! Stupid move that nearly cost them the game or at least having to win in OT.
The young woman was in the background on the previous play and then the next play she was run over - purely by accident and she was taking pics when she was hit. She didn't have time to move. Danielson didn't have time to tape his MOUTH! Hopefully CBS will be inundated by WOMEN raising hell and they will fire the mealy mouth piece of crap! I hope the young lady is ok and if they do indeed fire Danielson due to his stupidity someone should start a go fund me for her. Call it "I got Gary Danielson Fired Fund"! She can then buy a new camera, car, house, pay off her student loan, and RETIRE! That's IF everyone who wanted his fired will only give $1.00!!
Well now, it looks like my Gamecocks took their "off" week a week early!
Just beat A&M and then upset Clempson and then Appalachian STATE can claim they beat the team(UNC) that beat the team(SC) AND beat the team(SC) that beat Clempson! Let's make AS the CHAMPION of SOUTH Carolina AND NORTH Carolina! At least we weren't ranked #5!!
We were visiting friends this weekend and I was unable to watch the crapshow - THANK GOD for that! There is NO excuse in the lack of running against AS! Our OL outweighed them by 40 or 50 pounds - PER MAN! NO EXCUSE!! Is the AS run defense better than ALABAMA? NO! Better than FLORIDA? NO! Then is HAS to be the execution or play calls! I know Feaster makes a difference, but we've had five or six 100 yard rushers - THIS YEAR! What's the answer? New coaches? New players? WORSE OPPONENTS?? South Carolina should not be losing a game like this! At least AS will be ranked next week - not as embarrassing as losing to the Citadel! Ironically, BOTH games could have been won with a successful FINAL PLAY!
If it's a TEAM SPORT then the entire TEAM should benefit! Sure you can have #13 Bama jerseys, but that big ole lineman #74 that's making the blocks that keep him upright deserves something too - right?? I posted on another site that allowing individual players to benefit would be the beginning of the END of college sports. The "stars" who get the money might find themselves not getting the ball thrown to them if the other receivers decide to cut the QB in on their cash! How would it all work anyway? Tax the players who want to make money on their scholarships, training, FOOD, room and board, and a prorated share of operation costs! They might find that their share of the costs is fairly healthy!!
Good to see the Gophers doing well. It's been a long time since that skinny kid six miles up the road in Laurens, SC had them winning big! Ricky Foggie should be in their Hall of Fame if he isn't already! I haven't seen Minn play this year - have they even been on network tv?? I'll be looking for them on the 9th and switching channels to keep up with several games. Should be a good one!
Good LORD man - CLempson should get a PATENT on the PICK PLAY! They have used it ILLEGALLY to win one Natty for sure! No one from CU should ever weigh in on officiating!
Haven't watched GD since in years - why miss a good episode of "This Old House" or that wild man , Roy Underhill??
There might have been 3,197,000 watching, but that number surely didn't include the REFS!!
Why not have a "SUPER REF" sitting in a nice comfortable recliner with a supply of snacks and beverages handy while he watches the game on a big screen tv? When a penalty is so obvious on TV he can signal down to the Referee - "hey, Right Tackle was doing the Teaberry Shuffle prior to the snap - bring it back and tack on five yards! Check the replay on your headset small screen!" Or - "HOLY SH9T! did the line judge just go BLIND?? Call that friggin ILLEGAL PICK, take off the points , and backem up 15"!!
Can't argue with that! I hate a blown call even when it benefits SC - to me it makes the play meaningless! I know the Refs have a hard time seeing everything - OBVIOUSLY, but when you're sitting at home and see it it just defies logic that a Ref ten feet away doesn't see a guy do the Teaberry Shuffle before the ball is snapped! I do want my GC to win, but ON THEIR OWN and if they lose it's because TN played better!