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If you've ever taken the Dale Carnegie class "How to Win Friends and Influence People" you know the 3 C's are : Do not Criticize, Condemn, or Complain. Since I did rather well in that class (with a few awards) I'll just offer a tad of advice here. If you write an article alluding to a Porn Star Award Show outfit - SHOW A PICTURE! After looking it up I tend to agree with the radio guy. I'm sure her outfit would be ok at some swanky nightclub, but not on the sidelines of a football game - even it it was a pro game! Other than him losing his job over a SINGLE comment that he APOLOGIZED for (where are people's common sense and FORGIVENESS), I could not care less about what she wears at an event I have no intentions of watching!
Hmm, how about comparing records to the six or eight HIGHEST RANKED teams they play? Should one team get credit for beating a bunch of bad teams while another wins most against much harder competition? I know, it happens every year!
Corch - BY FAR this is the best post you've ever made! Sorry to hear you were homeless - hope that situation has been resolved !
I surely wish I could get "cursed" with a Heisman, National Championship Ring, and MASSIVE pro contract, but instead we're cursed with nonsense comments on nearly every LSU article "COO"! You really should get out more and go places so you can learn new insults, but don't be to buford by the fact that they'll be directed at you! It's TIRING to see your "COO" on every post!
I do like your POSITIVITY! Last year we beat GA with an outstanding (and a little luck) defense and just enough offense against their world famous defense. Next we were totally hosed by incompetent or corrupt officials in the loss to FL. With Ryan hurting in multiple areas, he was just not effective and it showed in a couple of the losses where he flat out missed wide open receivers (App St)! Our defense should be solid and if the offense can be better I think we will surprise a few teams. Well, that is if I-95 doesn't manage to talk the coaches into forfeiting all the games!
"transparent"? What did he say other than "most" have had it? Now if the AD needed to chunk in the liberal PC point about WHERE they got it then have at it, but don't make this about Coach O! He could have just said "yeah, most have had it, but they contracted it away from our football operations". Peckerhead ad!
I saw an ad today for a VIRTUAL 5k race that cost $20 to enter! I plan to win it! I'm 68, have a bad left knee, get shin splints when I do run but I VIRTUALLY plan to run the entire 5k in an INCREDIBLE time of one minute 38 seconds!! It's as "reasonable" as Pathetic 10 and their lunatic liber leaders! There's an old saying "politics makes for strange bedfellows". Is ANYONE any stranger than the current version of "MOONBEAM" California governor?
AWESOME! That's the funniest reply I've seen in a LONG time!! Just three words and it's hilarious!!
How old is Gunner? 16 or 17 at the most? He'll mature a lot in the next two years and will be well grounded when he arrives on campus. If everything works out well we will have Hilinski in 20/21 and then Doty for 22/23 and then Stockton 24/25. And by "working out well" means Doty and Stockton both play sparingly backing up the starter and then show out for two years before moving on to the NFL. I don't "wish" for much!!
No Coastal Carolina?
IT was a great game - both QB's played well - OURS played better though!!
He should NOT apologize - he has NOTHING to apologize for! He's right ALL Lives Matter and if you want to single out black lives then that's up to you, but I don't distinguish between a black life or a white life or a yellow life or ANY other life! Only a pure racist would single out a specific race to say that ONLY that race's lives matter! ALL LIVES just so happen to INCLUDE black lives! Coach Saban was right - sip that Coke Coach!
Will the democrat GOVERNORS allow them to play?? That is the $64 question.
So are we - after seeing them over and over and over and over and over! Got any stock tips?
The opt outs might still get drafted, but lower down. Jamarr will most likely be First Round but many of the others who sit will watch those who played and played WELL get the higher draft spots and subsequent higher contracts! The BEE ONE GEE seniors will be hit hard as well as the few Pathetic 10 guys who get drafted!
Hope he turns out to be another Melvin Ingram - one of the best athletes I've ever seen! This is a testament to the kind of players that Coach Muschamp and his group have recruited.
Let the B ONE GEE sit this one out. Their "opt out" should impact recruiting for years! Coaches will tell recruits "yeah, they're a good team and program, but what happens the next time someone sneezes?"!! This is all political BS - there have been fewer than 10,000 out of 330 MILLION who have actually died FROM the Kung Fu Flu!! There are a lot of people who have died WITH the KFF - mostly older or already medically compromised or MURDERED by having infected people forced into nursing homes by demented democrat Governors!
Little Richard had other songs more appropriate for the new nfl - Tuity Fruity would be a better choice!
Honestly I usually skip your posts due to the length and smack talk with other fan bases - I tend to let actions speak rather than talk so that's why I DO like this post! You have laid out the different choices for the upcoming election. Actually, there really is no choice if one wants to live in the REAL United States of America!
Please read my post above on the dangers of glue sniffing!
Good one, but will be lost on those under 50 or 60! When I was a kid we could usually build two or three cars with ONE tube of glue. A friend of mine somehow required three or four tubes to build ONE car! Really sad though as he moved on to harder stimulants and essentially was brain damaged from age 20 till he died in a nursing home at age 64.
Probably just a few guys discussing the finer points of BLM/Antifa vs Privileged white guys!
Gamecocks at #23 - I'm shocked! Even at that look at the teams ranked ahead of us! Six opponents ranked higher in the SEC. Tough row to hoe!!
Good point - who wants a guy who doesn't live up to expectations and then feels ENTITLED to still get paid! I guess not being claimed must have been a shock to him. He shouldn't have any reason to still get paid if he's no longer employed and the pay cut off is per his contract - he has no injustice to grieve about! Welcome to the REAL world! Now get your butt out and work hard and then try to hook onto a team and PROVE you are worth getting paid!