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I'm shocked he didn't suggest the other Death Valley in Clemson! I think it's fine to rotate among the TRADITIONAL Major Bowl sites - Rose, Cotton, Sugar, and Orange. Or just let the bowls BID each year and then use the money to pay a stipend to College FB players in all the OTHER divisions! Div 1 schools can afford to pay their stipends but the other divisions need help!
A misdemeanor charge - should result in running a few "gassers" and maybe a curfew. These are still kids with kid brains and maturity - no need to put him away for life!
How many games have we lost where we led by multiple scores because we LET OFF THE GAS offensively and played to lose (prevent) rather than win on defense? It's one thing to not run up the score , but you should always be in an offensive mode - so play the BACKUPS when you can! That develops EXPERIENCE and gives the guys something more to play for. You likely won't continue to score as much but you run the clock, rest your defense, and the players get experience. Defensively, the "prevent" defense usually only PREVENTS one thing - WINNING! When defensive players are not aggressive and attacking they become lax in execution and desire! I've watched too many GC games that SHOULD have been wins that were "coached" away and I'm not just talking the last three years, but the last three have been much worse. In game adjustments don't happen - poorly called and executed plays abound - player mistakes (drops - stupid penalties) nearly every game all trace back to poor coaching. We have to do better - these guys are good players and need to step up or STAND on the sideline - make the changes when REQUIRED!!!!!
Bama has a much better offense than our Gamecocks and I won't even an attempt to apply a comparative to our defense! Saban had better get in the refs' ears early because they haven't seen "push off" like the taters have perfected. Oh yeah, watch out for the little 40 year old slot receiver too! Another point - watch out for ILLEGAL pick plays!
These calls need to be reviewed not only to see if there was helmet to helmet or upper body by the defense, but also whether that person already was on a trajectory and the illegal hit was due to the OFFENSIVE guy lowering HIS head! I've seen quite a few that were the RB or WR's doing the "targeting". Also that incident where the punch was thrown, the UCF player grabbled the LSU player and continued to push him after the play while mouthing all the time. They should review this and see who INITIATED the incident - both of them should have been ejected! Here's another area where a coach should work with his guys - DON'T FALL for the trap! I would teach my guys to simply fall down if someone was doing that and maybe the call would go against them. I'm sure the emotion of the play had an effect, but you have to play SMART!!
Where are those FEDERAL content blockers when you need them? This kind of crap should be against the law!
He's confidant and pretty good, but how much emphasis do the teams REALLY put on that Wonderlic Test?
You need to try recruiting on another site - try tigernet - they will be more likely to engage in that PART TIME fantastical pay fantasy! Just recently I heard about another "get rich quick" schemes in taterland. A red neck gas station/store had a new promotion "Free Sex with Fill up"! Two good ol boys went to check it out - filled up their truck and then asked for the "Free Sex". The station manager, Yabo, told then to pick a number between one and ten. Bubba asked Pete if he knew one (Pete didn't graduate from Clempson - just went six years). Pete said , "Hell yeah - seven". Yabo said "nope, it's 4". Dang! They went back the next week - lost again - next week - lost again. This went on for about three months. Pete told Bubba, "I think this game is rigged - we ain't never won". Bubba said "nah - it's real - I KNOW!" Pete asked "why's that". Bubba says "cause my wife won TWICE last week"!
All this talk about UCF not being "playoff" worthy - would they have beaten ND today? Would LSU have beaten ND? I bet UCF would have given CU a better game than ND, but should they have been a playoff team THIS year? Absolutely not - neither should ND - GA was clearly better than either of those teams and if they hadn't had the misfortune of playing Bama in the SEC Championship game they would have been in. Give UCF credit for two great seasons - just as good as the Blake Bortle team that went 11-1 (lost only to SC backup QB Dylan Thompson) and beat Oklahoma.
Bcreek should just hush with any trash talk or "reasoning" why we got our azzes handed to us by a 6-6 ACC team! We got SHUTOUT so ALL of us SC people should just SHUTUP and accept that we played an uninspired, embarrassing game! Last year we beat the Mighty Michiganders and held up our end of the conference. This year we had many injuries and MANY stupid coaching decisions that cost us all year long. It's OVER - we LOST, BIGLY - we SUCKED - and what we should do is congratulate all the other SEC teams that won and/or put up a FIGHT and use this as another "never again"! I'm as disappointed as any GC fan, but I felt this coming due to the way the team responded to coaching decisions in the second half of the Akron game. We've signed a good 2019 class that should help our depth going forward, but those stupid coaching decisions have to end - after all it's supposed to be best player plays!
Coach Richts is a good man - maybe his philosophy on life doesn't mix well with people today. I'm sure he gave all he had to make good men out of his players and tried to make them successful on the field. If Miami is to get back to National prominence they will need a younger, more connected coach that can "get down" with today's recruits and reel in all those 5*s that it takes to be at the top. Quite possibly they will need to recruit a "bagman" now!
One question was not reported when Coach Muschamp was asked "How do you feel about the offense's execution"? He then replied "I'm all for it"!
Isn't it about the same things he said LAST year after being beaten by the Gamecocks? It could be that playing GOOD SEC teams makes a difference. Other than the lack of serious effort to shake hands after the game, he handled the whipping as well as anyone could have - except maybe Rodney Dangerfield!
Sure the Citadel had a good first half vs Bama but REMEMBER - you outscored 41 to zip in the second half. I know it's all in fun, so get your fun while it lasts. Give OK credit - they DID turn it around! Reminds me of a friend of mine who was BRAGGING about beating me 75-76 in one of our golf rounds. He had everyone really going and then I told him "Ok - now tell them what YOU shot on the BACK NINE"! He said "oh yeah, that was a smooth 61"!
My thought exactly - someone thinks THIS is hilarious? NOT EVEN CLOSE! I swear - most of these articles are more clickbait than that "smokeroom" trash!
If ND's RESULTS and SCHEDULE doesn't influence the committee going forward then the committee needs to be REPLACED! They should either join the ACC or Bee One Gee or be considered a "group of five" team - but then again that wouldn't work since the GOF do have conference championships. I would just say that unless ND plays at least 10 top 25 teams and wins them all CONVINCINGLY, they should not be a consideration at all. Beating 5 lesser ACC teams and several mac/big teams along with a couple of pac12 weak teams doesn't mean a lot. At least Clempsun wins all their ACC games handily!
Interesting to note Tua's ACCURACY! I've been amazed all year at how he's put the ball exactly where it needed to be EVERY time! You don't see his RB's altering their run to catch a swing pass or WR having to leap or dive for the normal passes. I've never seen another QB place a ball like him. Murray is good - accurate passer and elusive runner, but I'd take Tua anyday!
I don't think ANY Coach would think highly of the stupid action by Anderson - no call for the cheap shot. He MAY have made up a little bit of it later with the onside kick recovery - but I DOUBT it! I'm sure Coach Saban would say that "you did your job" with the recovery!
PULLEEAASSEE shut up BELICHICK - it's bad enough that we were whipped 28-0 by an ACC TEAM, but you are just embarrassing yourself with this GA stupidity! Not all GC fans are that delusional and ignorant of facts. GA has a great team, had a bad game against LSU, and a typical outcome against BAMA (who hasn't this year). We realize we have a LONG way to go - might not EVER get there - but MOST of us are realistic in our assessments and GA was one of the top teams! If we didn't have the SEC Championship Game there would have been no doubt that GA would have been in.
As ANOTHER Gamecock, there is NO DOUBT that GA would have been a better opponent that ND. GA had a bad game against a GOOD LSU team. ND won five games in the ACC (they didn't play that juggernaut of UVA), beat Northwestern by TEN who was beaten by the AKRON (team that we LAST scored on in a 28-3 win and they promptly FIRED their HC), nearly lost to Vanderbilt, and their BIG win was against that whopperdoodle defense of Michigan by seven points early in the year. That said, NO, ND did NOT deserve to be considered one of the four best teams in the USA. I would have preferred UGA, OSU, or UCF. One day the VALUE of WINS will outrank the QTY of wins!
Bama's defense was more effective when they blitzed early in the game and ran their Offense at a quicker pace. After getting that 28 - 0 lead it looked like they let off the gas and began to run out the clock. I was surprised to see that. OK does have a great team but not good enough to beat a legit defense. If they ever get a defense in the top 30 they will be unbeatable - IF they keep getting the athletes!
It's a JOKE - it just SEEMS like Renfrow has been at tatertech for a decade or so!
Hopefully he will hang around another year, get even BETTER as a passer, and be a success in the NFL . I KNOW he'll be a success in life - he has his priorities straight and can be a POSITIVE influence on kids of ALL ages! I'm a dis-hearted Gamecock fan, but have admired Mr. Hurts immensely!
So STUPID! The man was down and the DB had as much chance of being injured - probably more! No excuse for this type of behavior!
Yeah, our secondary has been a tad "suspect"! That said, I would change that "BOLD" prediction to "OLD" prediction!
Most of the season they were playing SEC defenses! I had seen "predictions" of a Purdue win due to their superb passing ability and imaginative play calling. I didn't see it then and NO ONE can see it now. AU had too much speed all over the field - hope that trend continues with the OTHER SEC/BigOneGee matchups!
He's a good player, but needs to get a handle on those "emotions"! Besides that, it would be extremely cool to see him go unclaimed this year, go to the Pro Bowl, and wear his GAMECOCK uniform!! I would bet someone will pick him up and add a NO MEDIA clause to his contract!
Wouldn't it be cool to see DJ back on a team that PLAYS the Redskins and he's in ZONE coverage and has a PICK SIX to win or ice the game? No matter what, if he plays against the Skins it's going to be bad news for them - he knows ALL their plays and signals. Oh yeah, he's also a butt kicker on the field! All that said, but he really should have made his comments in the LOCKER ROOM and not to the public!