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I'm a GC through and through, but the GA win was an absolute fluke! I doubt I"ll ever see us win a game like that again. BUT, I hope I never see us LOSE a game like that again either! The arguments on here about who will be better would be more interesting with some stats and players returning rather than the usual dumb back and forth! Let's see some facts!!
It's a testament to Coach Saban that he can constantly replace Coaches who leave for higher positions and replace those talented players leaving early for NFL $$ with others and still maintain the high quality of their program! If not for a fluky pick six, I would bet AL would have been in the Playoffs this year too! LSU will be faced with that now - we'll see how they do! I hope not TOO WELL since we drop AL and pick up LSU next season!
I am so glad I was sitting down when I read this!! Who "confesses" next? Come on Taters, surely you're not going to let TEXAS steal the spotlight on PAYOFFS!! Let's hear how much you got for each ANAL PROBING! Oh, I'm sure a few of them were done just because they LIKED it, but some might have had a MONETARY payoff!
I LOVE College Football and appreciate Great Performances, especially ones that go along with a Great Person! Mr. Burrows is BOTH of those and what he was part of will take a LONG TIME to beat - if ever! I'm sure some hot shot offense in a nothing league will try to put their guy past the 60 TD's, but will anyone ever do it against such FORMIDABLE opposition? I highly doubt it! #9 should be held in reserve until it can be FORMALLY RETIRED! I often thought that a player could be afforded an immense HONOR to be ALLOWED to wear a certain number. #9 definitely falls into that category. How special would it be for a QB at LSU to be ALLOWED to wear #9? #37 should be the same - What a player and person was Tommy Casanova? I didn't even LIKE LSU back then, but who wouldn't have wanted to be Tommy CASANOVA?? Now kids will fight to be #9!!
I didn't laugh at that nor his idiotic "dog pee" incident! The guy was a good receiver, but that's no excuse to be an IDIOT! I'm guessing he will be on a VERY SHORT "LEASH" if ever allowed back around the team! It's apparent he can't be trusted to use good judgement in an unplanned situation. Stupid stuff like this can bring NCAA havoc, unless you are UNC or Clemson! Ask Missouri!
CU and OSU were about even so I think the results would have been the same - LSU WINS! It must have been excruciating for Herbie to see his top two teams go down like that. At least CU spare OSU from being curb stomped like the lesser Tigers were!
Isn't ND a tad low? Remember now they will be playing Clemson this year!
It helps to have SHEER STUPIDITY too! Beckham's "dog pee" crap should have been enough warning to LSU to make sure he had a "handler" to keep him under control. I hope his NEW act of stupidity doesn't cause the highly regarded and completely UNBIASED NCAA to take a stupid act and make it a monumental molehill! I think I would also ask him to return the cleats!
It will be interesting to see how all the staff turnover affects LSU. Nothing like success to make other teams raid your pantry! It would be hard enough to find anyone CLOSE to Joe Burrow and the others if no Coaches had left! I'm looking forward to the day when people come calling to raid my Gamecocks staff!!
Something odd with Herbie heaping "praise" and The dabo making an ADULT concession speech after getting stomped! Think it has anything to do with ESPN buying the SEC games? It would be kind of hard to be the ALL ACC Network with exclusive rights to the SEC games. Maybe the Execs told them to tone it down a bit and get with the program!
Hmm, might want to ask Saban about how he deals with it most every year!
LSU should ask Beckham to stay FAR AWAY from LSU and it's players! It's clear the man is an idiot (see dog pee) and has no respect for much of anything! His actions and STUPIDITY will lead LSU players into NCAA sanctions - just remember, LSU is NOT UNC or Clempson!
Doubt that. CU won't have 7 Top Ten Teams to tangle with! Other than the Playoffs! Other than perennially overrated ND they might not even have a Top 25 win on their resume! I'm sure they will roll through the ACC (if they get by ND and the mighty Akron Zips) and be right back in the the top 4. CU was the ONLY ACC team in the Final Top 25. LSU beat FIVE of the TOP EIGHT! So NO, 2020 CU wouldn't compare no matter what they do!
He was a "bit off" because LSU was all over his butt and his receivers were covered as well. Fabio had not been under that kind of pressure in ANY of his games - even OSU didn't put that much on him. His receivers also couldn't get away with their pushoffs! OH - and they never went to their famous ILLEGAL PICK play! Maybe the Refs told "The dabo" that they would be watching for it and would call it! Great win for LSU - glad JOE will be gone when Carolina plays them next year - will probably still lose, but shouldn't be as devastating as it would have been this year!
"The dabo" complains about EVERYTHING! He complained about getting stopped for speeding in a 35 mph zone - doing about TWICE that! His complaining that time got the POLICEMAN FIRED! And he didn't have to FLY! I've driven to NO MANY times and it takes about ten hours and I'm an hour an a half further away than Clempson! Now think of how many coaches would COMPLAIN about going to NEW ORLEANS to play for a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! Screw "The dabo" and sheep he rode in on!!
Interesting that he lists my GC's! I don't recall even seeing him listed in recruiting news, but he surely looks like a winner - we can use his attitude and ability!
Clemson is a tad sore too after the physical play of OSU - some of those hits might still linger and it wouldn't take many in this game to "resurrect" that pain! CU is a great team (spit), but they wouldn't make it through season after season without injuries if they had to contend with SEC defenses eight times a year! Pulling for LSU to have a TYPICAL game!!
Kind of a huge amount for part of a pinky! I'd like to see how that happened and if the chair was defective. There is a definite "pinch point" involving the hinge and latch but the part about it getting wedged against a column raises another question if the chair collapsed due to weight or something! No matter how it happened, $3 Million is not reasonable!
Why should he get preferential treatment because of his dad's lawsuit? And how does one go about losing "part of a finger" on a recruiting trip? I think Workmen's Comp puts the value of a partial finger loss around 19 weeks of pay if it's the first phalange! I know how important the fingertip is in Tennessee hygiene, but good Lord - $3 MILLION??? OH, back to Cade, he should have to sit a year just like ANY transfer - he has no "special circumstances" he can summons! His lawyer and family should have to pay GA for ALL LEGAL FEES they incur!
You hope! Imagine what we could do with an elite DL to go with our DB's! OK, y'all can pile on now, but had to at least reply to the SC jab!
I'm with you on that - you KNOW how smart those Vandy guys are - probably set up the whole thing! LOL
There are peckerhead fans for EVERY team - a lot of GA guys prove it ALL THE TIME! That said, I don't get it either - while I was pleased and SURPRISED that we won, I take no pleasure in calling out a single player. I guess kickers and QB's expect it, but still! I've always thought that one of the main purposes of sports was to teach teamwork and cooperation. Too much showboating after a even a tackle! Just remember, not all SC fans are alike, just like all GA fans!
SMART MOVE young man! Take this second chance and make the most of it!
Isn't it more of a "slap in the face" when you just kneel that close to the goal? Isn't that saying "yeah - we could score, but we feel sorry for you"?? Michigan has had a "storied" past - probably due to not playing many SEC teams! I think even my Gamecocks are 2-1 against them!
Great statement by a great player and great young man! Carolina fan here, but I do appreciate the excellence of any team or player. I might not appreciate them whipping my Gamecocks though!
Minnesota BLOCKED them - they created LANES big enough to drive a Walmart truck through!
Did they have any AFTER game tweets?? Minnesota did whip Aubie, but Bama did what they were expected to do with Michigan. Hopefully some of those posters got out and placed some bets!!
Why not add ANOTHER bye week so teams can rest? That might push the last game into early December, but would that interfere that much with bowl practices??
That absolutely breaks my heart! No excuse in ANY American family being homeless - we're better than that!