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Yet ANOTHER friggin Amish shooting over drugs!!
You should contact Mel Kiper! He seems to have problems with his evaluations - could use some help!
Go woke Go broke! When you can't SUPPORT an umpire and make a friendly recommendation that he obtain corrective lenses for an obvious medical deficiency, that's BS!! I guess the fans need to utilize the old hateful "we beg to differ" chant! I agree with the vulgar or threatening, but "you need glasses" is neither!
Great for him! Now he'll be able to put his mouth where his mouth is! He's well known for his opinions and predictions about what makes for successful players and teams. Now he can put all that to use - for the FIRST time!
Makes sense go me, but what was he thinking doing that Progressive commercial? Surely he doesn't need money THAT badly!
A "fine motor skill"? He evidently doesn't play golf - or not very well! The golf swing has MANY "fine motor skills" in it - it ain't easy!! Now as for applying the Master's STANDARD of excellence, good luck! Let me know the next time you ban an announcer for saying "they bikini waxed the greens"! Set a MAXIMUM of errors that Gary Danielson has to exceed before he is banned! Set a MINIMUM of officials' errors before they are watching the games from the stands or their living rooms! Oh yeah, sell hot dogs for $.75 and a bottle of water for $.50!! AND have those bathroom expediters to keep the lines orderly and MOVING!! I admire your intent and will keep watching
Hope Joyner does have that awesome year and cashes in on his ability AND CHARACTER!
GREAT POST! If the nba/nfl want minor leagues then THEY should foot the bill and allow REAL STUDENT ATHLETES have a pleasurable college experience!
If it's true then nfl teams know and will consider it in their evaluations. This is serious money and ALL aspects of a prospect have to be considered. Idle talk by "talking heads" won't make a bit of difference to the guys making the money decisions!
It's ACTUAL spelling is (c)rap - the C is silent!
Watching Jones play QB was like watching a well coordinated dance group in one of those old Gene Kelly movies! I think he will be a very successful nfl qb and probably on the level of Brady - IF he has a good organization. I just hate to see him end up in that socialist "utopia" looney bin!
I have BEGGED for an ignore feature - just do it and call it the NEGANator!
GREAT!! Now I can NOT WATCH an additional game during the regular season! Why not just do away with the preseason and make roster decisions during practice? When will they have the "designated woman kick off specialist" rule? Make sure she wears a pink jersey so they know not to touch her! You know with all the sexual assault and all!
Just make marijuana legal and all these issues go away! Yeah!
At least he has a few million from his first year! Yeah, bet he does!!
Danny KANTnell actually had a good one - must have hired a ghostwriter!
Maybe there should be a LAW that if you exercise YOUR First Amendment Right it should NOT be ANONYMOUSLY done! The net would get a LOT cleaner if everyone had to use their REAL NAMES and Picture! Some of the comments warrant LEGAL INVESTIGATIONS! People should not get to post those DEATH threats and get away with it. As far as the other nasty comments, let the Hate Crime DOJ get on it!
Imagine how it would have been if ORAL's lesser known brother ANAL had not been such a lackey!
On the article today about all the bad crap happening to TN I posted "what MORE could happen?". I guess MORE BAD just happened! Maybe, just maybe, TN will find the cure for covid!
Hopefully the nfl will go to a PAY PER VIEW only setup! I hate to think that something I might buy cost more due to the companies' advertising!
REALLY? Where's the WHITE version? Surely someone would want to see all those white guys get a chance to "showcase" their abilities after sitting all season behind black players! I guess I'm kind of old fashioned and think that if we are NOT supposed to base any decisions on RACE, why are so many events exclusively for blacks?? BLACK Miss America - white women are NOT eligible yet BLACK women are WELCOMED into the Miss America. BLACK Caucus in Congress - will a WHITE Caucus be ok?? We either ARE or we're NOT going to make allowances for race!
WOW - has there EVER been a program having as many issues as TN? What next? That HAS to be on their minds!!
Good lord - change your name - you can be sued for FALSE REPRESENTATION - "brilliance" is NOT your game!!
Yeah, I guess if the dawgs fell on hard times you wouldn't be supporting the young men who are giving their all! We had large crowds even during the 21 game losing streak. Your opinion on anything concerning the Gamecocks is about as useless mine about the value of a dawg ticket! Except my opinion would be an intelligent one!
Looks like Coach Beamer is letting the players feel like they are the SUBJECTS of the news rather than the Coaches! Hopefully all the guys will be POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! I often wonder if players are given the opportunity to take SPEECH classes? I know the trend now is to "act less white" whatever that entails, but these guys are working towards a BUSINESS career and their ability to speak clearly and intelligently could make them a lot of money!
PRESIDENT TRUMP didn't lose - The USA did! Even ignorant people KNOW that IMPOTUS joe did not get 80 million AMERICAN votes! I would guess there must have been close to 15 - 20 MILLION Chinese votes that were counted! Hopefully your family will be spared physical harm from all the new "biden buddies" spilling into our Country!