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PITIFUL! You surely have a thing for bag men! It could be that he just sees a more lucrative future in possibly jumping to the NFL rather than that six year Naval Officer Commitment!
The NFL should lead the way in the WAR against the COVID-19 and just not allow ANY spectators in the stands!! They already don't have any spectators in MY HOME!
Keep flogging that Kung Fu Flu bunny! It's the FLU and the VAST majority of positive tests are from people with NO SYMPTOMS! Could it be that WARM weather and SUNSHINE has rendered it nearly impotent? Protect NURSING HOMES and let healthy YOUNG people get on with their lives!
I saw a sign in the Hobby Lobby store "That which does not kill you only makes you stronger, except for a bear. A bear will definitely kill you"!
AGREE 100%!! And if they allow the players to dictate policies that will be the end of a TEAM! I hope the adults in the room tell the young man that the flag issue is for the State Legislature and if he wants to play he can but he cannot be a distraction for the TEAM!
And the Gamecocks play SIX of them! If we can squeeze a 6-6 or better that would be awesome! Anything over 6-6 should garner Coach of the Year Honors for the hot seated, embattled Coach Muschamp!
I look back at that game and it pisses me off more each year! The peckerhead Miles was in a position to run out the clock. First down run for 8 yards and then what "cute" plays did he call? Two stupid passes when you needed TWO YARDS and also would have caused the Tigers to call TO's! Les blew it big time there! Of course there was also the HORSESHOE that the Tigers pulled out of their arses with that fourth and long that dropped in the middle of four LSU db's! Still, TWO YARDS???
Why do I read your comments and the first word that comes to mind is PITIFUL??
The SKY if FALLING!! I think I'll quit calling it the Kung Fu Flu and start calling it the Poontang Pox - seems like all the hype and overreactions have a certain "effect" on certain people! Stop the Insanity and get back to your lives!!
Holy Smokes! I actually AGREE with something that Danny Kanell posted! Now let all the HYSTERIA erupt all over because young people are testing POSITIVE and yet HAVE NO SYMPTOMS!! Guess what? If they hadn't BEEN TESTED then NO ONE WOULD KNOW! If you're a medical worker or someone with EXTREME medical conditions wearing an N95 CERTIFIED - not one of those CHEAP CHINESE FAKES - makes sense. Anyone else wearing a cloth mask or one of those construction DUST MAKES is just fooling themselves! You can actually make yourself SICKER with those masks! Stop the hysterics and get on with your lives!!
Now just think if the "brains in the outfit" had not decided to go full shutdown! A lot of people infected NOW would most likely have been exposed MONTHS ago and would have the antibodies and no longer be at risk! Shutting down everything only DELAYED the spread - it didn't DESTROY it! It's already shown that the Kung Fu Flu is little more than THE FLU except for the elderly and medically weakened! I'm 67 and had it back in Feb. - felt like crap - took Mucinex - lots of ibuprofen - laid around - COUGHED - had no taste - and got over it. I don't have any health issues so I might not be a "typical elderly" case. Young people have very little to worry about and most don't even have symptoms. Paul should worry about other stuff - like getting some sunscreen so his head and ears don't get massive sunburn!
Maybe it's time to "pull the plug" on a few PLAYERS!! So they DEMAND that THEY will make decisions on whether to play AND keep their scholarships! No wonder they have a 7-17 record! Just change the college to ACLU!!
"Dr." Falsi! That guy has been WRONG about everything he's said. He has flip-flopped more than a half pound bream on a hot dock! The CDC has shown itself to be highly political and cares more about making money of their patents than dealing with their intended mission! Who would recommend a drug that costs $1000+ per dose with a 50% effective rate over a $2.00 per dose with 90%+ effectiveness? The second "wave" is directly due to expanded testing and people getting on with their lives! Deaths have fallen since April (now that the dems have killed off as many of the Nursing Home residents as they could). If the TRUTH was told about the REAL deaths caused by the Kung Fu Flu, there wouldn't even be a discussion about it!
If you read ALL the tweets it was evident he was playing with a liberidiot and simply posted an absurd tweet that any INTELLIGENT person could see that it was in jest! This was all just another libermedia crapfest!
So Coach Gundy is not entitled to wear a T SHIRT? Should the players be allowed to wear a BLM shirt? It's not a conflict unless you're HYPOCRITICAL! This ONE WAY crap needs to end! I'm not sure why Universities are not lining up at Paul's door trying to HIRE him to run their FB operations! He knows so much so why aren't they clamoring for his intelligence??
The SENSIBLE thing would be to allow Nursing Home Residents to attend games unless they were checked for the Kung Fu Flu. Everyone else in decent shape can attend! Time to end the hysteria and get back to LIFE! The CDC and WHO keep changing their "opinions" on the Flu so they can one day say - "see, we were right"! OK, if you have like 1000 opinions then yeah, you might hit one!
The RIOTS proved there's nothing to the Kung Fu Flu unless you're in a Nursing Home! Just get back to a normal life, except for people living in democrat run cities - they'll have to do without the businesses that got "protested"!
I'm a tad partial to the Gamecock's 2010 win! I was watching and the only one awake at home. When Mr. Merrifield hit that winner I jumped up and was so excited - but no one to be excited with!! Was hard to get to sleep that night - had a good day at work - then slept REAL good the next night!
nottttt - it's one thing to have good natured ribbing of a rival, but your post is just disgusting! I know there are some guys who had legal issues, but there's nothing to suggest Mr. Caldwell was a felon! A man has died - show some respect by keeping your crappy comments to yourself!
We were at my high school's first game of the season. My Daddy turned to a guy behind us and said "I bet you $20 we go for a touchdown on the first play". We ran up the middle and LOST two yards! The guy said "well - pay up"! Daddy said "No, I bet you we'd GO for a td - never said we'd SCORE one"! Mullen can AND SHOULD say he expects to go undefeated - doesn't mean he WILL!
Hey - what even happened to the Kung Fu Flu? More evidence is coming out that it was WAY overblown and not as deadly as the "experts" predicted! If the nursing homes had not been infected by political leaders, the death toll would be much lower and if the REAL cause of death was listed instead of COVID-19 for people who had cancer AND the Kung Fu Flu If it's not dangerous for thousands to gather to "protest" and do "democrat discount" shopping, why can't the rest of us sit next to our friends at games and tailgate??
It doesn't sound as bad when you read the ENTIRE statement! When having a discussion with an anti-gun advocate you have NO chance to win. His "elite white person haha" clearly indicated that he was joking. That "no gun is good" line is ridiculous too considering his love of the outdoors. Once again, the media makes a big whoop de do out of much of nothing by "cleverly" leaving out the THRUST of the conversation!
I was being sarcastic! I still think he'll be fired or will simply "do the right thing" and step aside! How can you overcome a complete lie to a team composed of mostly black players?
Another of the LEGENDS gone but not forgotten! I grew up in the era of only one or two games on Saturday. It was a treat to see the Iron Bowl so you could see two great coaches in one game!
Man of INTEGRITY - hope he has much success, until he plays the Gamecocks!
Great job of VIRTUE SIGNALING - can't wait to see what he does on the sideline!! I had a friend who lied all the time. We used to say he'd climb a tree to tell a lie rather than stand on the ground and tell the truth. Why in the world would Coach Norvell climb that tree?? I remember Alabama firing Coach Price for having a wild night at a strip club and then an overnight "guest" who ordered $1000 in room service charges! Coach Price was not given a second chance - guess times are different now for the INTEGRITY of Head Coaches!
Now why would Norvell even think he needed to make a "statement"? Last time I checked FSU was in FLORIDA and had nothing to do with the "murder in Minneapolis"! The entire episode was staged so organized "protests" could begin! There are as many or MORE white people shot or killed by police than blacks. Where were the RIOTS when that immigrant officer murdered the sweet lady from Australia? Did Norvell need to talk to his team then? Did multiple stores get looted and destroyed? Did a 77 yr old BLACK retired Police Captain get MURDERED by looters? This whole incident is BS and just another excuse for public unrest! Now what Norvell did was EXTREMELY STUPID - did he not think that he would be asked who he talked to or that his players would be asked? If he makes a SIMPLE STUPID MISTAKE like this, just imagine what he'll do on the sidelines! Ask yourself another question - I'm not being racist here - just want an HONEST answer! Would a WHITE coach still be at FSU??