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It is WAY more enjoyable to go up against the "Name" SEC programs with a solid team. If we win, no matter how, we WILL have EARNED it. This year that observation goes BOTH ways, I hope you do well, the REST of the season!
Thank you for the respect. May the best team win. It's going to be FUN to watch. Win or loose, I think it will be a hard-fought game.
Remember, KY's Defence is deep & experienced, losing only 5 from last year. One safety - replaced by Two, both of whom are BETTER. The D-Secondary was #2 in the nation last year- we are deeper this year. The D-line -- although we lost two,the reload is BETTER & deeper overall. The D-LB group lost two, Ok, however the new people have very high ceilings. #14-D nationally last year with 7 returners, reloading NOT rebuilding... That's just the D-fence...!
Dream a little dream for me , Rose-Marie... Lalalalalalala... :-)
I completely disagree. The KY-Auburn game was going to bein week 4,I believe, prior to Covid-19. NOW, it's week 1. I don't think Auburn will be ready for the Cats. ...Just Sayin'.
You're snoozin' on a Big Blue Bruisin'! We Are Coming! Da-da Da-da Da-da Da-da .. CHOMP!
In a year where the entire season has been declared to "NOT COUNT" it's highly questionable that the SEC hierarchy can't get Gatewood cleared to play. He may eventually be cleared AFTER the Auburn game, Who's doing the "cookin'" here?
I understand Cabe mays already has recieved a waiver to play.
Yes, We have drubbed louisville 2 years running, Last yaet it was 45-13, in 2018 it was even worse. Miami has already exposed Louisville as "NRFPT". They have to be relieved they escape our clutches this year. Yet,they get the higher ranking, AGAIN!!! LOL!!!
Conner O'Gara asked, "Did I leave anything out?" Yes, Conner, You did. That little orange team isn't likely to get a HUGE lucky break like they caught last year when they caught KY just after the boys in BLUE had lost both their #1 & #2 QBs. The Wildcats are leaving the women & children at home this year, & they're coming - "hunting for Bear"... I wouldn't want to be wearing orange... NOT THIS YEAR!!!!!!
Perhaps, I do know this, last year "the little orange team" got lucky against KY who had lost their #1 QB, & then,their #2 QB is quick succession. KY is leaving the women & children at home this year. ... Watch out Volls!!!! There won't be a bear left alive between Lexington & Knoxville!
If I understand you correctly, you are implying that Auburn will overpower KY in the forth quarter. I am betting Kentucky is in this to the end & the longer this proves true the more momentum KY will have. It will Not be KY who gets overwhelmed in the 4th quarter. Auburn better prepared to play all 4 quarters against KY or the end result will be the same - an Auburn LOSS!
It is clear that rgo606 hasn't done his homework before piping off. Costal Carolina has a recently renovated stadium that seats 21,000. They are also now a FBS football program in the Sun Belt Conference, & a rising one to boot. Congrats to Coastal Carolina University on the win!
That is most gracious of you sir, particularly because that would mean that he might play against the Vols this year. I used to live in Tennessee & still root for the Vols except when they play Kentucky.
I disagree. Again,you underestimate KY's overall team tallent. KY has 12 players on the Offensive & Defensive Lines alone, that would earn playing time ANYWHERE. Terry Wilson would get a SERIOUS Look ANYWHERE, KY has four (4) running backs that find their way into the rotation ANYWHERE. Don't forget the Defensive Secondary, ranked #2 nationally,where SEC quality players are stacked 10 deep, including two NFL quality shut-down corners.)(they returned everyone except one safety from 2019. That one player was replaced by 2 who are actually better. I haven't even mentioned linebackers & outside pass rushers, yet. Pssst: we also have some receivers who are going to surprise some people this year. Better take another look...
Consider: Here is a comparison between Joe Burrow & Terry Wilson in 2018 (below). Wilson got hurt early in 2019. Also, Wilson is the only current SEC QB who has graded out with 5 games @ at least 70%. Food for thought. Wilson is consistently underrated. Player School G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate J. Burrow LSU 12 219 379 57.8 2894 7.6 7.9 16 5 133.2 T. Wilson KY 13 180 268 67.2 1889 7.0 6.5 11 8 133.9 Food for thought...
Stoops to South Carolina? You just made me spit out my ice tea & laugh out loud. ;)
I agree - But again, Bama is always the gold standard. THIS year though, we get to do a direct comparison. It should be fun! You'll understand if I don't say good luck. LOL
It's true. Better have your bonnet cinched tight on OCT 24th. We ARE for REAL... Yes, we have a puncher's chance against you.
Go corkscrew into the ground somewhere else JERK!
The Kentucky Football team did NOT boycott practice, a couple of players did. Personally,even though I support any constructive exchange of ideas that can help restore order and improve conditions for Black America, I disagree with this. These kids are supposed to be focusing in on football right now, This is a distraction to that, It can only hurt the team; break TEAM focus. I say put politics aside until after you have completed your season. WORD.
YOUR insisting on going all political here is just stealing everybody's JOY. Is your politics THAT important to you? REALLY? Lighten UP _ let us have some fun... Maybe you will too...!!!
Good Luck. I wish U well, except when playing KY of Course.
Thank you for some kind words, however you are mistaken on several issues here. Just look at the preseason polls, look at the preseason analytics -- & by the way,you are also wrong on the recruiting regarding UT vs KY. You say that Tennessee is about two seasons away... KY is here. NOW. Be sure to tune in.
Disrespect? -- Respect Earned? Here is just one example: Last year's Final CFN College Football pole listed Kentucky #27 while Virgnia tech was #26; After UK beat Va-T 37-30. Meanwhile, the CFB Winning Edge Final 2019 College Football Power Rankings had KY #20 & VT 31. Proof that there is still a LOT of ongoing disrespect aimed at KY. Want another example? Multiple sources/poles show VT ranked ahead of KY in the 2020 pre-season poles, in spite of the fact that VT lost WAY more people representing WAY more offensive & defensive production. WHAT is THAT all about? Can you say DISRESPECT. I predict Y-O-U will "roll your eyes" again when UK beats AU on Sept. 26th!