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Nice work Will, wonder who his bagman is now?
Auburn will definitely be a tough team in the tournament. As a UK fan, I have always liked Pearl. He is a great hype man and a good coach. Doughty is a crybaby! He def should have been T-ed up towards the end of the game.
Maybe he should be publicly flogged? Fired from his job, $10,000 fine? I mean, what's good enough for you?
I heard it live. He apologized pretty much immediately. Not really much to be upset about. It might mean too much?
All the vol fans come crawling out from under their rocks, salty as h3ll with their homemade t shirts. lol!!!!!
I think he is a home run hire for State. He will be successful, interesting to see what he does against SEC defenses. But as far as coach speak goes...... Everyone in America HATES the cowbell, makes their games unwatchable. It represents annoyance!!
I mean, it is the dEcAdE of the vOls?!?!?! so why even bother showing up.
After Pruitt tried to choke him the vol fans thought they were just helping out.
Every fanbase has idiots like this, its sad. But UT just seems to have way more.
Paris, go outside and enjoy the great outdoors, read a book, volunteer at a homeless shelter, get a puppy..... do something to help alleviate the hate in your heart. Time is short brother. Real UK fans don't go comment on your louisville board this way!
People acting like this could never happen but its a proven fact that Fulmer pulled a fast one on Majors to take his job and then pulled a fast one on Currie to take his. TN is sh!t show for sure and Phat Phil is definitely thinking that he is the only one that can step in as a savior to bring back the glory days of old. Now, we all know he can't do it but I am sure he thinks he can!!! Pruitt better get ready to pack his ponchos and look for greener pastures. I am sure Saban will welcome his back as a quality assurance coach!!
Pruitt is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Its going down anyway man!!
Urban Meyer can't wait to get to Knoxville, right fellas? I mean UT is the best job in the country! I mean, Urban would have to fist fight Gruden for the job but he would definitely want it!!!
Pruitt: "Why have lot player when few player do trick."