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Thank you so much for your insightful comments! Your canned insults are always a breath of fresh air, on every, single, UK story.
The cowbells are terrible and the whistlers are terrible, throw them all out.
I think this is a bad idea. It is already impossible to take your kid to a pro sporting event without people acting like fools and screaming profanities. Some fans already do that at college events but its not as prevalent. It not like the SEC teams need the revenue.
Two of these are contenders and two are definitely not.....
No mention of Kentucky, might as well pencil that loss in as well.
I am sure you can find an bama fan or two that get mad at Saban. 99.9% of UK fans love Cal.
Don't feed the troll. Paris is just an angry person.
paris pick up a hobby, get outside, do something productive. The bitterness isn't good for you!!
On the NCAA/Mizzou call with David Roberts, the chief hearing officer for the panel, I asked if schools are now being encouraged not to cooperate or tell the truth. Roberts replied: "You can certainly make that argument." — Nicole Auerbach (@NicoleAuerbach) January 31, 2019
Look man, everybody hates the vols but you are going a little too far.