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Should def be Spurrier. He is the best thing to come out of east Tennessee.
If your team wants to start strong, then fizzle..... Stoops is your guy.
No golf balls or mustard this week, gotta chaulk that up as a win!
But everybody hates the Vols so that can't count.
Be careful Jeremy, they got golf balls and they ain't afraid to throw them.
I mean according to ut fans it was only like 3 people right? Lol
Lot of Alabama and Georgia fans hate him unless he only says good things about their team and NEVER compliments the opponent. Everyone else think he is OK.
Nobody watched Bomani Jones on ESPN, so why would anyone watch him on HBO?
Talent, slight edge to Florida...... Coaching, HUGE edge to Kentucky.
I watch live sports and the maybe college football final. Not sure who actually watches these shows. Turn it off people, we don't need to hear these woke clowns!
Vols thought they were too good for Schiano, turns out he was way too good for them.
I see two major areas of improvement needed by the vols.... offense and defense.
They still have the Vols so 2-9 is more realistic.
I don't deny it, I'm just refuse to let fear rule my life.
Thank goodness our government overlords in Nashville feel benevolent enough to let the plebeians gather in mass. Thank you for keeping us safe from a cursed disease with a 99.96% recovery rate.
UGA is way more relevant than UT. This 1980 crap is so stupid.
Nice work Will, wonder who his bagman is now?
Auburn will definitely be a tough team in the tournament. As a UK fan, I have always liked Pearl. He is a great hype man and a good coach. Doughty is a crybaby! He def should have been T-ed up towards the end of the game.
Maybe he should be publicly flogged? Fired from his job, $10,000 fine? I mean, what's good enough for you?
I heard it live. He apologized pretty much immediately. Not really much to be upset about. It might mean too much?