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I rarely care where College Gameday goes unless it's in the SEC. I typically just turn on SEC Nation when I wake up on Saturday.
This will be a very tough game. State matches up will with us against our young secondary. We will need to both hurry the passer and have huge gashing runs, both of which are possible. I think if we lose the turnover battle, we lose this one unless Levis has a monstrous game. This game is easily one of my favorite games each year. As always, I hope for no injuries.
KY will only remain a basketball school if we don't invest in and prioritize the football program. Personally, I'm not even slightly interested in basketball but I closely follow the Cats football team.
Couldn't agree more about your comment regarding the SEC (supposedly) having a down year. Maybe a couple teams are having down years but maybe even more teams are just becoming much more competitive. Bowl season always seems to prove this even though they try and stack the deck against the SEC teams.
As a KY fan, if Stoops left I still wouldn't want Franklin in Lexington. His personality is simply not a good fit down here.
I agree that Franklin's shine seems a bit misplaced. Regarding Stoops, I agree he may leave KY eventually (maybe even this year) but it's very hard to guess at that. I don't think his style would fit LSU though. He would get better recruits but with better recruits comes very inflated opinions of themselves. Stoops excels at developing talent and motivating a team that they need to prove something to the world. I'm not sure that would translate well to LSU.
If a 11-1 Bama beats a 12-0 UGA in the SECCG, both are in the CFP and Cincinnati will go to a NY6 bowl.
I would have been excited about two teams from the east, maybe VT and UNC/NCST. I was never excited about more western teams joining.
And KY was ranked 11th recently, which I get isn't in the top 10 but your point still stands.
These rankings make a lot more sense than the AP poll.
TX and OK will be in the SEC next FB season imo. They'll negotiate reduced buyouts and they'll be in the conference very soon.
I'd like to see him up in KY improving our recruiting. Him and Vince would be an amazing combo on the recruiting trail.
Could two SEC teams get into the CFP while two more got into NY6 bowls?
At least we have a consistent source of motivation. Glass half full
Arkansas will go 7-5 in my opinion. They'll definitely go bowling as 6-6 is their floor.
If Bama beats UGA in the SECCG, both are in the CFP. Kentucky doesn't fall any lower than Citrus Bowl.
I'd say that LSU is the better job as well. I may be bias, but I'd pick all but 1 SEC job over the Southern Cal job.
Very realistic possibility. I'd rather play an ACC team though, maybe Wake.
The kid should take a look at the offense Liam is building at UK. Great receivers are a huge value add in his system.
Georgia's defense has a way of making good offenses/players seem underwhelming.
Woodward would have squared away the financing aspects of this move long before making this move. If he didn't, he'll be removed soon as well.
LSU won't take Stoops in my opinion. LSU AD needs a homerun, big name coach to justify to the boosters the cost of turning out out a national championship coach. I love Stoops, but he doesn't make the big name splash that Woodward needs.
Thanks! I hope Heupel is the solution for TN long term. TN has a great tradition and fan base.
B1G fan on an SEC site trying to stir the pot. The B1G is good this year, but that's it. Bowl season should be fun.
Assuming OK or OK State win out and an undefeated emerges from the B1G, they are locks. Then a big "what if", what if 11-1 Bama beats 12-0 UGA in the SEC championship. Do both teams have to make it into the playoffs? I'd say yes. Then Cincinnati is left out by default. Lots of games to play through first.
The LSU AD might be gunning for Jimbo. Would be interesting if they actually got him.