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No it's not, UT has earned the crap that is happening to them.. Until they learn to quit pining for the past and Peyton, etc.. this is they're fate.
I'm sure he'll come and fill y'all with cliches, platitudes and promises and that should be more than enough!
How about Bill Curry UT fans!! he's all you ever wanted and all you'll ever need.. bahaha!
Peyton Manning is not walking through the door UT fans... Y'all are a crazy lot for sure!
Breaking news, this just in.. Florida will finish third or fourth in the East behind Kentucky and possibly Mizzou. Georgia out of reach now unless injuries take over but get ready for the Cats... y'all put us down and overlook us all the time and that is fine by us. You heard it first here and will discount it later when it happens but that's how it is in the SEC
We are always underestimated. I will be very surprised if we aren't second in the East next year with at least 9 wins including the bowl. UGA, LSU will be tough to beat but everyone else is definitely beatable including UF who is heading for a very down year next year.
I thought UT fans could read... see standings since 2015 knucklehead
See ya Vols! Headed to the basement with with Cocks and the Dores! For awhile!!
We're on track with Wan'Dale and other returnees.. NY6 or SEC East or bust.. Just need a QB to come thru.. So happy to be a Cat, not a Vol, Tiger (either one) Gator or even a Bulldog... BBN all the way!
Bye PHAT PHIL! Live by the sword and die by it. Even me as a UK fan thought your stabbing of Johnny Majors was awful. I was there in Neyland when he ran thru the T 6 weeks after a by-pass while you held the scapel to his job. You deserve it... go to the Golden Corral and live it up! XXXXXL Phil!
HaHaHaHa! Couldn't happen to a finer bunch of people! So sick and tired of the arrogant Vols and their condescending holier than thou attitude. Just a bunch of vinyl siding trailer park toothless hillbillies to ME! WOO Good Ol Rocky Top!! You're screwed Tenessesse!
sds 1967.. I rooted for your elephant asses but you can lick our Wildcat tails. When Saint Nick leaves and you hire a couple of Shulas and whoevers we'll will kick your asses too. Be happy for your success but we are building a program the right way, the least you could do is admit it.
Hey I'm on now to help my blue brothers. So sad Mr. Potato Head is gone.. yes UK is on the way up and UT, UGA, UF and all the East can be seen from our rear-view mirror soon. Wishing UT kept the turmoil going for another year but hey, go ahead and get Freeze now while you can. Can't think of another coach and fan base that deserve each other more than these two!
It is sad for Stoops, his wife and children as he has made a big emphasis on family during his time here. Gotta respect all parties and hope for the best for all concerned
You are completely spot on, see below.. why many of our fans don't see this is beyond me
Well, it was more like Turnover Terry. Our team won despite him most of the time and he is a way below average SEC QB. He did us a favor by leaving. He's a great athlete and my all accounts a really good person, just not a QB. Strangely, Stoops stuck with him when he was woefully inaccurate as a passer. His shuttle passes to Josh Ali accounted for many of his yard and his % rate as a passer. Slow to make decisions in the RPO and many times made the wrong one. He took too many sacks, made too many fumbles, and failed to understand that when the opposing defense is offsides, it is a FREE play. Thanks and goodbye Terry. Get a masters degree and pursue a well paying business career for you and your family's sake.
Its so fun to watch, keep Pruitt!
Keep talking about firing Pruitt! Then let him die on the vine.
good luck but honestly he had way too many personal fouls... hate to say punk, but you are what you're record says you are
All we need now is #44 Jamin Davis to come back and the D is set
We have two ready to go... we are the story for '21. We'll beat everyone but UGA in the east for sure... but it's in Lexington so can't wait for the season to begin... Stoops has built a solid program and the results next year will speak for themselves.
Keep on forgetting the Wildcats... We are the story for next year that no one gets but us
And that way, y'all can talk about it for another year and keep the dumpster ablaze that much longer!
We beat Mizzou 5 years in a row until this year.. you shouldn't be ranked in front of us in any way. Come to Lex next year and you will have your tail tucked all the way back to CoMo