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Daniels is too injury prone and too weak for SEC.. Give Bennett his due
LSU won the "Wildcat Consolation Bowl" today. How about the Cats on D? Missing two of three down lineman today and still better than the Tigahs or the Gators! Neither of those offenses scored on us like they did each other today. Proud of my Cats!
Really? Must be tough to lose to the "slightly over-rated" Cats.. Mizzou and your boy coach are heading down for the count.
And Kentucky is "slightly over-rated and needs help from the refs" Right? You lost your credibility then with that analysis. I won't let you forget it either
Corch is right, Stoops let you know who he is by calling the TO. He is a fighter as are all of us. We slayed UF, LSU and UT in the past, UGA is next on our list.. Bring it and bring it with your attitude. We will take your best shot and give you ours. Get used to it!
Ask LSU and UF about our D... Hats off to UGA, we want to be where you are soon!
So proud of my Cats.. nothing but blue skies ahead for this program under Stoops.
Really, so we are supposed to take a knee to the Dawgs? To hell with that.. This is your best team in 40 years, ours is yet to come.. Come to Lex next year big boy and we will play another 60 full minutes. Get used to it.. you and the rest of the East!
UGA.. Congrats to a better team. We should have had a fumble recovery and been 7-7 at half. You got the spots, but UGA is the better team, if there is a better one, we don't want to play them. Hope y'all win out. As for the timeout.. HELL YA, we aren't backing down from anyone including the Dogs. Come to Lexington next year and we will play another 60 minutes. Stoops is a battler so get used to it
UK 24 UGA 21. Shock the world Cats!
Thanks for the respect, seriously, now we will see if it is earned and deserved
Bet the farm on that one instead of typing! Cats may well shock the world and 22pt spread is a joke.
It was a bright sunny day in Lexington last year, I know, I was there. We had a backup QB to an ineffective one. This game will be close, decided in the 4th Q and all I am going to say is what I have said all week, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Bigger they are, the harder they fall. Y'all act like you have mopped the field with us every year. We'll see Saturday but as 3.5 faves last week, we only beat the spread by 17.5. Go ahead and bet all the peaches and peanuts on the Dogs.. That spread is a joke.
From the analyst who said " Kentucky is slightly over-rated and needs more help from the refs".. LOL. Glad Mizzou won, y'all needed it for sure.
What kind of statement is that? Like the "Kentucky is slightly over-rated and needs more help from the refs"? comment. Drinkwitz is way over his head and your team is the worse for it. It's obvious and your "analysis" is lacking.
Arrogancelike yours is part of the reason why UF lost. The other is we kicked your butts up front on both sides of the ball. Get used to it.