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If he is all that, then why didn't he play more for an average UNV and secondly, why is he going to Auburn ?
UCLA was better, free throws are part of being a great team. UCLA was tougher physically and mentally
Kelvin Joseph, a transfer from LSU, but will be a top five at his position drafted this year. I'm sure the Vols remember him..
Mike Edwards? Starter for Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay? Did I leave anyone out? Josh Allen was appreciated but these other guys never got the respect they earned until they went to the NFL
Bud Dupree, Zadarious Smith and now Jamin Davis.. Wait and see where he is drafted and didn't make All-Sec this year or any of these lists. Love the disrespect for the Cats and understand it based on our history and record. As Lynn Bowden said "Come see about it!"
Raferty was insulting to a really good basketball player in Krutwig. I'd take him anytime over our three "one and done" athletes sitting at home because they cannot play basketball with true fundamental excellence. He may not jump very well, but he is a terrific passer, great hands, soft touch, uses his body for position well, rebounds and hustles his ass off to compensate for below average speed. Loyola is a great team.
I shouldn't use my platform at work, and these players are being compensated, to force my views on others before I perform. And the Anthem is unifying what we all aspire to be and believe in, equal justice, etc. Stoops did it on a Saturday morning walk with players and that is fine with everyone. Speak up and speak out. But at a game, with tickets PAID for in advance is no time to force your views. It is their right, but wrong place and wrong way to protest. We should ALL love our country, support it and work to make it better or leave.
Very true, hard to admit, but you are correct sir
See you in Lexington Mizzou.. the only thing you will enjoy will be the horse racing.
Mizzou fans are delusional as are USC fans. Cats are a long shot but we are solidly climbing. Respect is earned not given and until we earn it, it won't be given. Faurot Field needs ANOTHER renovation based on this past years game. We laid an egg there but do your homework into what our team faced the week of the game and it is an outlier. Mizzou is below average now by any measure.
Glad we shut down the smack from the Vols. Our only hope for the post season is the tourney
True, but at least for today, we don't have to listen to the smack from the Vols
And is UF is ahead of us, then that will be proven wrong head to head
Cats should be no lower than 5th.. Love the disrespect.. UT ahead of us?? How is that possible?
Truly sorry to see a proud program with a rabid fan base fall so quickly. Beamer is a great hire so good days ahead for USC just not soon
Given that your coach is a serial liar and cheater and has AU headed for probation, notwithstanding your "see-imposed" ban, maybe you should stick to pigskin prognostications.
How can we? You Mizzou fans are crazy about him after a mediocre year. Let's see how he does with his own players. Why would anyone want to go to Columbia after all?