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How many 10 win seasons (with 12 on the schedule) have the Vols had the last 4 years. Don't get tired of it now, get USED to it!
And you need to stay in your lane with your lying, cheating basketball coach and a football coach you all hate already. STFU
He can't fire him and with Cal, who can get a word in edgewise. He simply cannot be fired with his lifetime contract. He will be a lifetime "ambassador" for the university at 1 million per year when HE decides to stop coaching. Cal IS the riot act, especially on the sidelines. The only way for him to leave is if the FANS fire him by not attending and booing him like we did to get rid of others in the past. Not likely to happen, esp if he has a good season. Starting with his knelling at the Anthem at Florida, he has just lost the majority of the fan base. I gave up my bball tickets because of him and will not attend another game as long as he is the coach. I will root for the Cats and always bleed blue, but I do not support a coach like Cal. I would NEVER give up my football seats however.
Last time in Neyland, 34-7.. We'll see who gives who fits this year. UT is going on probation anyway. And deservedly so
What exactly does a basketball team need to practice? A hardwood floor, a basketball and two ten foot hoops with showers. For crying out loud, if Cal can't convince players to play at Kentucky, then get someone who can. Rabid fan base, excellent arena with plush locker room there ( I know, I've been in it) the Wildcat Lodge to live in, come on... He's been exposed as a carnival barker, not a coach and is trying to throw shade on a truly great coaching staff of Coach Stoops and company.
Are you kidding me? Where are Mizzou's trophies and banners hidden wolfman? Your facilities stink including your football "stadium". Your own fans boo your players off the field until they transfer. What are you smokin?
I gave up my basketball tickets of 25 years because of Cal. Poor scheduling, one and dones, and now, with Sharpe, none and dones! His constant screaming and yelling, being dismissive of the fans has worn out his welcome with me.. before this. Stoops has been nothing but solid, consistent, determined and gracious. Worst move we ever made was giving Cal a lifetime contract. Stoops has done WAY more with less, while Cal has done way LESS with more. UK basketball can't draw 70K in 4 games now much less in one. Easy choice for most UK fans to make now if Cal really wants us to choose. He can ride off into the sunset and will keep Mark, Vince and the gang for sure.
W against the same Iowa that played for Big Ten championship. Lest you forget. Of course they dropped in the rankings because we beat them! Our worst game of the year was at MSU and UT wasn't much better. The reason the teams you list that we beat were so low in the standings is partly because WE BEAT them on the field when we played them.
As long as Beamer doesn't break an arm patting himself on the back, y'all may be on the right track. He made too many stupid and risky play calls last year so until he gets better players and we see what he is capable of on the sidelines, then so far, he's just all rah rah stuff to me.
It will be a thriller! Battle for third in the East!!
Best of luck to Beau. It says a lot about our program when 4-star QB's can't get on the field now and have to transfer. Go Cats!
That was to gwhite, btw. Can't wait to play them and beat them AGAIN in Knoxville.
True. And Mizzou fans can't see it yet. He's in way over his head.
What a knucklehead. I'm no UT fan but Drinkwitz has enough to worry about in his own program. He reminds me of my recurring Hal Mumme nightmares I have on occasion.
Spurrier actually quit and ran back to Gainesville with sacks of cash.
Uh, turned yourself in? After you were on the pavement in handcuffs does not qualify as turning yourselves in.
You need to apply, or better yet, volunteer your genius to go along with the "Boy Genius" head coach you are so enthralled with. How could he not accept and use such brilliance that you consistently display in your posts? Coach Wolfman, special assistant to the almost brilliant Coach Drinkwitz.. fresh off the excruciating loss to the powerhouse know as Army Football.
What a stupid comment "Wolfman". You continue to be the biggest Mizzou knucklehead of them all. And that is quite an achievement for you. Congrats..
Just like Hal Mumme proved, right? He needs visitors now so maybe he can draw up some plays for you on his cell floor.
And you also though UT would win the Music City Bowl.. no way, UT will be on CBS that much, they will be exposed as a 3rd tier SEC school like they have been for the last decade.
Hell no, they charged the court like the idiots they are the last time we played. They are down and hope they stay there.
Get back to me when you bet teams like Purdue.. In the Music City Bowl for crying out loud!
You definitely won't beat Kentucky next year.. keep overlooking us and counting it a W. See you in the Neyland trailer park next year.