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Go away Oskie, your own teams fans hate you for your posts. Don't you need to be underpinning your trailer for the winter or something?
BTW, it is embarassing to me to acknowledge that you think we need validation from a UT Vol fan in basketball. Just sayin. We don't need or want their compliments on our basketball competence. They've won nothing and we do live rent free in their minds. So if you are embarrassed, I submit to you that is a testament to how fall we have fallen the last few years. We will be back when we start hanging banners again and not one minute before. And Cats64, I have been a Cat fan before you were born in all likelihood. Speak for yourself as I am speaking for myself. Cal is a recruiter but you are showing your lack of knowledge if you think the man is a great coach. He recruits great talent for sure, but a great coach would have 3-4 Natty's with the talent he has had. His new assistants may take us "back" this year and I will credit Cal if they do. But a "Real Cat" fan hates all things Orange and loves banners, not "road wins". I love UK and the Cats and was here before Cal and hopefully will be here after.
You can believe whatever you want and whoever you want but what I said is first hand knowledge.
Thanks for backing up my point. Back is when we are in the last teams standing in March. Until then, we are in everyones mind because of who we have always been.
Stoops wasn't coming for 1 mil less for him and 3mil less for staff. I know it for a fact and thats all there is to it. A&M did the pursuing, Stoops listened as would anyone in his position. After hearing the offer, he said "No, thanks". Anything else is just not what went down Saturday night in Lexington. You can call it whatever kind of move you want, but Stoops has it really good here and we want him and he wants to be here. Listening to offers doesn't change anything. I understand why A&M has to tidy this up since a KENTUCKY coach turned them down. But he did and thats an absolute fact.
Go kiss the big fat pumpkin CrankE.. He's a dolt and so are all your trailer park rocky top singin hillbillies
You dont know what you are talking about Bill. Saw the contract with my own eyes. Mark said No Thanks. From the horses mouth
Thank you for reminding us for the umpthteeenth time about Stoops contract. Had drinks with the man himself tonigt and he turned down A&M cold. I saw the contract with my own eyes on his phone. Go Cats!!
Bill, find another team.. please. I've been to all but 6 games since 1975. You haven't and your post show it. Go root for someone else OR stop being such a negative about the Cats, who you say you love.. supposedly.
Absolutey right Southen Man.. glad he's staying too!
I'm not sure why you are so negative, and have been all year while saying you love the Cats. Maybe you need another team to support that meets your standards?
Vandy beat us 30-0 the year before he came. I hope he stays at UK. He has done a very good job here.
Like UT? With Dooley, Jones, Pruitt and now the Great Pumpkin? Of course, Knoxville is a truck stop with a Buccees
33-14 dude and we clocked it inside the 10 to finish the game.
Really, well Stoops is 7-4 all time against MU so you guys have a ways to go. Y'all have one good season and all of a sudden, youre an elite program in your minds. He's been at UK 11 years by the way. Enjoy your season and how about being gracious instead of stupid.