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Wow ... Arkansas doesn't have a spot anywhere in the top 25??? Lol . I believe that is a mistake! I would look at our schedule and some of these other teams schedules... I get that not every team can be there, but come on guys!? Lol .
Even when complimenting Arkansas over an easy win at home, they somehow find a way to down them!?!? Astonishing really! We put 30 pts on Alabama!!! After 4 top 25 teams winning 2 and loosing 2 to top 10 teams at the time 9 Texas AM and 1 Alabama...... we limp in to Auburn and take a beating from a team that found themselves, coached by an Arkansas boy! All judgement and more they lost instead of us winning! Lol
Oh well glad we cleared that up!?!? Lol grown ups are talking...
Thanks! We limped into the hedges! TAMU, Ole Miss, Bama and then Auburn a team that "found themselves" lol... hell of a time for that! On to Florida and LSU, Miss. St. and Mizzou! For f*<k sake!? I think the SEC should play more out of conference games....pread the love and injuries! Espically if BAMA is going to buy...... ahem... recruit all the backups! We lost Tre Greenlawn and now we don't have a defence!?!? Whats up with that Rob Smith??? Belima... Long!!!
Bamapayseverybody has a lot to say about the razorback team that sent them to the SEC Championchip last year! Good luck with Auburn this year though...maybe kick it out of the in zone!?!? #100yardreturn #hunterhenerytoss
Have you seen their defence when their not high? Their pretty good, I would say they rival T A&M Defence...
I guess anything can happen in the SEC, but I heard the buyout is "impossible"... Again, just roomers and talk, but I don't believe Petrino is going anywhere! What scared me the most and no one has brought this up that I know of, is how John L. passed an interview with Long for the head coach spot? That coo coo bird had no business in the locker room at U of A but somehow ended up embarrassing the program further as HEAD COACH!?!?! Then Jeffery gets the director of the board spot on some committee for his integrity...All kinda weird to me, maybe I can call Vegas sometime and ask what's going on with that and the NCAA!?!? Or I can just keep pretending this is all doing its purpose of distracting me! Lol. Anyway... Just like Brandon Allen's stats and Jeff Longs "integrity" neither ended up with an SEC title or even a better than 8 win season at the University and all of us fans are really, really cool with that it seems!!! But if it's cool with everyone else then we can just give all the coaches a raise and charge into another mediocre season of 'in the middle somewhere' even if we manhandled our way through the SEC west like last year, they would just dump us out of the top 25 in favor of more popular schools! (☜fact) But everyone thinks their school is hated on... I guarantee Arkansas is frowned upon quite often and I'm not sure why? Listen close to the ESPN announcers during a hogs game! It's scandalous how they talk the other team up, I though numb nuts calling the game last Saturday was going to put a TAMU hat on and call the rest of the game! It wasn't until Arkansas fate was sealed did the announcers squeak out a few pathetic compliments! I challenge anyone to watch it again and listen close! Rant over!!! I would be saying WAY more stuff than Belima is during interviews! Anyway...WooPig
The Aggies are going to get exposed this evening! Let's get this over with! WooPig...
You are the coolest LSU fan I have ever read a comment from! Sensible and correct! Are you sure you're an LSU fan?
What other options are their? Lol. A spaceship lands on the field and kidnaps the players so it's a tie and a nail biter?
Obviously none of you have ever been to Louisiana! I am glad for for the old school mentality, the only thing keeping our country together right now! Good for North Carolina...Sports teams and the ACC (which North Carolina started) are trying to bully the STATE???? over bathrooms??? What BS! We can do without the ABC and whoever else is crying about bathrooms! Why are bathrooms such a big deal for less the .5% of country? Or is the bullying they don't give in to, that pisses the LGBT off? Either way! Good for North Carolina and the fact they still have balls! To all 2% of the LGBT nation of sports fans (lmao) you can get married and do whatever you want just like before! Nothing has changed in NC! I am sure you can find one of the original gender neutral bathrooms...they have a Cresent moon on the door just like the Flagg of Islam and they both mean the same! It's a good place to take a Hillary and wipe your Clinton!
Hogs beat Ole Miss 2 years in a row now! You can put as many stars as you want by a name! Lol 😉 miss state and Alabama barely got away with their skin still attached! We're going to get it together here real soon! We will see though!
If you make people money....You get what you want! It's okay to cheat! Ask Hillary... get caught or don't....either way. "It's a process!"
80% of the teams outside of the SEC would get stomped by a mediocre Arkansas team with Belima at the helm! Jim is jumping at the $ Notre Dame has to offer! And saving himself the embarrassment of a game with the Hogs on any field! I probably would too! If Arkansas goes to another outback bowl with a 500 big 10 team again, I will probably just check updates on my phone while I am fishing!