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Nice one would think they would proof read before posting...
Reinforces the average iq of the gamecock fan base…
What’s with you and Afan? Same person who’s mom ran off with a UT grad ?
Afan - do you have a job or bashing UT taking up too much of your time ?
Go Cats. Beat Alabama. Let’s see if the tide gets away with the holding and pi’s like they do at home.
UT has the 2nd best rushing defense in the SEC. Schrader YPC is pretty low and he may have to carry it 40 times to get close to 100....
Gamesmanship - I bet he will play....If doesnt, thats a HUGE loss.
Gheeze, you Missou fans sure are something. You are out of the race for the SEC East and consequently the playoff and you are worrying about if its a loss is good or bad loss? A loss is a loss. You just better hop UT does not hang 50+ on you again
Man, I’m a UT fan and that’s absurd. We make too many mistakes with less talented players. It would have to be masterful coaching job to beat either one of them
It’s being reported they stole signs from UT and Clemson and have them to South Carolina to knock both from playoffs- makes sense now how they were horrible then beat two top 20 teams in a row-
These stats, as the writer somewhat states, have to be taken with a grain of salt. If the SOS were even, these numbers would mean something. All in all, it exactly what people can see with their own eyes if they watch the games. UT cant pass downfield, Bama cant run well, they both have good run defense....
When you own the recent series against a team, people become complacent. Its natural with every writer in the country picking Bama to win and Saban knows it. Great coaching if you ask me and I am a Vol fan.
Hurting for motivation ? Dont look now but they might still finish 5th....
Its Milton. And he has never been on this list.
Correct bama tn…it’s all about man on man and matchups- we will see if my Vols can continue to match up with the best sec lines. It didn’t happen At flordia but did vs a&m. Gotta love college football
Not even close. Saban is the goat and knows he can get away with it. If burton was in a parking lot and a bunch of kids ran by him and he hit your sister, how would that turn out? That’s what I thought.
Now you know why saban didn’t kick him off the team last year for hitting a woman. He knew he was the best receiver he had coming back this year.
Yes. And his post UT record proves it was a good move firing him
I think that was the take bore the A&M game too correct ?
Looks like most people posting on here agree with you including vol fans. Try harder
Your point is ? Saban had plenty of close games against very poor teams. Even NC seasons.
Jimbo definitely won’t be calling the plays next week vs TN. But suspect you will see the same result
Man, don’t be that guy. Have some class. We aren’t exactly “relevant” either with Milton at qb.
Danielson shows favoritism. That’s the issue. Just watch a bama or ga game. It’s nauseating to hear him make excuses when either team gets beat on a play….
And if this was a story on how he didn’t admit it, you would have said something negative too. Go troll elsewhere.
Thats a horrible assessment Dhenry- UT averages 230 ypg rushing and A&M averages 140...They are basically tied for sacks and TFL....
I disagree. The Vols at home have the best chance. KY is one dimensional as is Mizzou.
They even do it at basketball games....Stay Classy Mississippi