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...with that weird final sentence..."South Carolina will visit Texas A&M in a matchup between a pair of disappointing 2019 SEC teams"
HAHA...Losing to #1 twice and #8 doesn't put A&M in the same space with a team lost to App St.! LOL
Players getting paid would be the next phase in that discussion but also not getting an education because it is no longer necessary if you start operating as your own entity. With more than 12 difference sports program, that will be a hard quote to fill but unfortunately, that seems like the direction he is going which I'm ok with being wrong on that. Question now is who wins and who loses in the middle of all this. Of course this is all hypothetical talk.
Would Baker Mayfield be the 4th Heisman trophy winner?
"but Monday night was a nice step towards making that dream a reality for the former Aggies star." There is no such thing as former Aggies. Only former students or former players. Gig'Em
Adam Spencer...There is no such thing as an ex-Aggie! Only former students or former players. Gig`Em
Aggies still recruit very well in the DFW area. It's not really a concern! Gig'Em
I agree. Not much for sip kids who aren't interested in A&M and likely A&M is not interested in them as well if we don't know your name! LOL
LOL! The sips are all over this. They are hoping it helps there recruiting! Sumlin is going to have a 10 win season while Sorry Charlie will please the sips with an 7 or 8 win season! LOL
Good point...guess who penned it???? Guess that young lady will have to offer an apology
LOL. Old Army is on it!!!! But you are right, t.u. will play the game in the media about what may happen in the future, but they are not really serious. Not to mention, we are not interested in helping their failed shorthorn network as I am sure they would try to air the game live to help their rating!
Of course they did. This is only the 4th year if them doing it. It doesn't matter if A&M has been a part of the conference for 3 years. Midnight Yell is a tradition for a very long time and bonfire is actually a pep rally
I'm sure you are not good with the thrashing they received last night! #GIGEM #WHOOP #12THMAN
So after last night, does Spurrier's words hold weight????
So after last night, does Spurrier's words hold weight????