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Cling to that 2008 and 2006 and 1996 as all of those are decades after yours, its laughable that you dawg lovers think you are going to win a natty Get back to us if you do. #9 years and counting. #Runrodrigo
You should have another Dr check those meds. They will need to be adjusted when GA disappoints you like the are going to AGAIN.
That's Ok. I pull for Clemson over you yearly as well.
Your reaching. We don't count SEC East Banners and runner up stuff. I guess being as devoid of titles as UGA is you need hope. Funny you failed to mention the 2 FL/GA games before your last 2 wins! You know you aren't capable of finishing! Enjoy your small victories.
We will see. Let me get back to watching Georgie get stomped by LSU and Texas, now those are the Dawgs we know and loathe. #1980NC
We dont care what a Dawg Fan thinks about anything. Once UGA starts kirbying this fall you all will run and hide like you have for going on 4 decades.
Does anything at UGA win? If you want to see a top all around sports program its NOT in Athens. Thats what's got DAWG lovers so upset. That and you lose 2 games or 3 a year in FB. Hang your SEC East banners high. In Gainesville they dont have room to put them up nor would they. #ina thenstheyknow
Yes, of course they have to run their mouths so often as if they had won numerous titles. Wait, they haven't.....
Nice I see that UGA is going to disappoint a whole new generation of Dawg lovers. #1980 National Champions. Always nice to see the disappointment in your fans yearly.
@barkingdawgfans you haven't won a Natty in 40 years. Go take a seat.
At Georie they tell the recruits they can get a rin. We all know thats not happening. We will wait for the #kirbying. 1980 National Champions.#nobite
It still won't help your program. #kirbying2019
Yes, let me get out the recording of his games VS UT, LSU and AL. Deflating another generation of DAWG lovers. #kirbying #rodrigo #best3lossteamin America. #gotrings?
I see it will be UGAly for Georgie when the TIGERS whop that DOGS ass real soon....#KIRBYISINOVERHISHEAD
I see it will be UGAly for Georgie when the TIGERS whop that DOGS ass real soon. #CURBSTOMPKIBY
Yes he does, they lie when they open their mouths in Athens. Dawg lovers sell hope BAMATIME. They sure as HELL don't have rings! #curbstompkirby
Ways to shut up a mouthy dawg fan...when was the last time GEORGIE got a ring that mattered? Ill wait. #kirbying. #ringlesspuppies
Dawgs you really need to get a job. #biboveralls
If only UGA had a ring every 40 years---oh wait.....Justin and Jacob knew to get out of that hole fast. Why are you so concerned over the GATORS is a better question?
Georgie Bulldog you should know you sold Justin and Jacob on that Hole of Athens and they got out fast. Anyone could have told them. Georgie's been lying for years to their recruits telling them they can get a ring.#kirbying
The 2 best players from GA are playing at National Champions Clemson Tigers and OSU so your point? FL is twice the size of GA so they cant get them all. He can commit to the G and be disappointed like the rest of the dawgs. Dont hear you dawg lovers mention Clemson, they seem to have surpassed your FB dawgs thats for sure.
His father Jason played for Spurrier in the 90's. They routinely took those silver britches to the cleaners in Jacksonville and Athens, GA. We are almost at 40 years for them dawgs so theirs that too. #kirbying.
Why don't you get out of your BIB Overalls and get a job. You seem more concerned about FL than you are about them DAWGS last pathetic performance. Any year of watching Georgie whine about being left out of the playoffs.#kirbying #1980champs
Kast we checked he had gotten blown out in the Sugar Bowl and chocked in the SEC game but whatever makes DAWG lovers feel important. #kirbying.
Sucks to be U! We will revisit after the game though. #tropicaldepression
#kirbying its what them dawgs do. #canthebigdawgREAD
Aubbie lets just say it has been #14000 days for your 1 tile in the modern era. At least we can remembers ours as we know you do. In Athens they know. I guess you are not on LSU or Texas's level seeing as georie got their ass beat in both. #kirbying. #facts #14000 and counting.