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Let's see Mizzo play AL that close. The LSU loss was atrocious I agree on that point. Don't come for the Gators it's not a good look for you. No SEC championships or Natty's at Mizzou. Work on that first.
Your program went away years ago. Except dawg lovers are so thirsty for the attention you failed to notice all of your rivals have national titles EXCEPT The G. #facts #commit to the G if you don't want to win a natty.
Why Georgia great till they gotta be great? #songaboutGA #underacheivers #1980NationalChampions.
Yes they need something to put up on that stadium, it's almost empty on those walls. As far as UGA haters don't think for a minute they are here because of only that...have you never been around their fans. If so, you'd know why.
We were all watching your beardown with delight and we were not alone it seems from what I am reading.#kirbying. Sit back for more humiliation coming your way! #fields
And look where it got you? Beatdown on National TV again. It made all of our holidays that much brighter though!
Really? 7 points? You just got punked(again) nationally in your own backyard. Also, we didn't lose to SC so there's that.
We have the titles you are so thirsty for and thats why you are so bothered. DOW and USMC are the same person. #thatdawgdonthunt
Georgia certainly did not rollover ND at home. You were down at the half and hung on to win. Maybe Rodrigo can try another fake!
Name another sport UGA is in the top 5 in? If you want to see trophy's take 75 South.
We can always wait for your annual meltdown. Always nice to see!
You are so concerned about them, why don't you speak to UGA about scheduling them along with all your other cupcakes. FL has dealt with them and their failed attempt at PR and attention. Move on.
Think of where you'd be without him! Clarke Central could beat most of the teams you have fielded in the last 25 years. How about a turnover coloring book for Georgie. #canthebigdawgread
Last we checked Georgie was a 3 loss team looking up at others AGAIN!#1980
You need a life. Does your 1980 Tee still fit? I guess watching all your rivals win National Titles has Georgie a snit! #facts #canthebig dawg read?
With a GATOR on the committee I don't see him getting an invite. He does have GA too low. Wonder where he ranks the Noles?
I have. More than once. sadly. those years Clarke Central had better teams.
Since when do you think any GATOR gives a you know what about anything a DAWG thinks? Worry about winning a Natty when you play in your own backyard and can't do it. I'd take Mullen over coach no neck! The Canes are an in state rival and the W is the same as yours over Vandy. Congrats on your 1st win since November 2018. #allbark #factsdawglovers
Hey if SC hired Mus after seeing what he did to UF then its on them. TN MO and Ole Miserable did surprise and lets not forget the Noles!
And yours is so great he ended up ranked behind the gators in the final poll? Coming off your last 2 games from what I saw same old dawgs.....
Cling to that 2008 and 2006 and 1996 as all of those are decades after yours, its laughable that you dawg lovers think you are going to win a natty Get back to us if you do. #9 years and counting. #Runrodrigo
You should have another Dr check those meds. They will need to be adjusted when GA disappoints you like the are going to AGAIN.
That's Ok. I pull for Clemson over you yearly as well.
Your reaching. We don't count SEC East Banners and runner up stuff. I guess being as devoid of titles as UGA is you need hope. Funny you failed to mention the 2 FL/GA games before your last 2 wins! You know you aren't capable of finishing! Enjoy your small victories.
We will see. Let me get back to watching Georgie get stomped by LSU and Texas, now those are the Dawgs we know and loathe. #1980NC
We dont care what a Dawg Fan thinks about anything. Once UGA starts kirbying this fall you all will run and hide like you have for going on 4 decades.