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I heard in Clemson they refer to your losses as #kirbying....You had 3 losses and ended rank behind or tied with Florida. Those National Championship tee shirts from 1980 must be mighty tight by now. In Athens they know.....
As they say in Jacksonville-Why does the St Johns river flow North?
No. Let them continue to look up to ALA and Clemson. The way you did CMR will haunt the program.
You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. But you should never lower yourself to pull for GA over anyone.
Aubbie I am not in ALA but I do notice that most Auburn types would take Nick in a minute. #youprotestoomuch
It's been said Georgia girls don't expect rings! Nice to see that trend continue. Your ex CMR has to be smiling tonight! #facts
That man never got it going at UF and maybe a smaller stage is what he needs.
I am sure he was really popular in FL. He like most DAWGS has FL on the brain! #wedontlikeyoueither.
Snell is leaving after this season. Are you declaring this to be a rivalry again? Asking for a friend.
Oh a DAWG lover hurling insults! Now there's a surprise. Does your 1980 National Championship shirt still fit? You refer to pre-spurrier because since then UGA has beaten FL a lot less than FL has beaten that DAWG. Your wins have come with UF either firing a coach that week or a team with MAC's distractions. You might be better now but lets not forget where YOU have been for decades. #Facts.
I can tell you what's not in your trophy case that's for sure.
The Dawg lovers have short memories. They fled Jax many many times after their doggies got a spanking by the gata. I would say act like you been somewhere but the world knows you haven't. #1980 National Champions. We will just have to wait for you to fall which of course you will. #Barkfornow
@bigdaddy11 You must have forgotten your a Vol Fan? What has your school done in any sport in the last 15 years? You wont be pulling any trucks this year. Enjoy your champions of life rings. #Orangecrushed
Are you still showing your VHS tape highlights to your recruits? Don't talk about championships when you have 1 in 50 years.
Of course a VOL would know about not being a top 25 team.
I'm all for the Vols going to Atlanta for another ass kicking. If you can beat UK that is.
You see what happpened to poor oregon for getting in bed with those vols!
Do you really want to discuss that loss 3 seasons ago? Gators can discuss your decade of losses and irrelevance. How about we relish your loss to Carolina a bit more! Are your fans ready to jump yet?
Cue the vols meltdown. What those vols won't address is the fact that the gators won the 11 before their 1 win. We do understand either collapse of your team and season you need to hold on to something in those hills. Rocky flop for real!
Poor soon to be unranked vols, those nasty fans thought this was the year.....
When you have been as irrelevant as they have for over a decade they need something to hang on to...the new streak will start in the swamp next year....
Yes you vols seem to conveniently forget you lost the previous 11. Wasn't this supposed to be the year for UT? Will is 5-0 vs the vols. Hmmm. Maybe the citrus bowl is a stretch for you now....
Seems like the 3 loss in row vols fans just wont die. Stay salty vols. We will start another streak next year in the swamp. Will is 5-0 on your voluntears. Chew on that.
You mean after your flop yesterday? Your lucky top days are over.