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Yes, let me get out the recording of his games VS UT, LSU and AL. Deflating another generation of DAWG lovers. #kirbying #rodrigo #best3lossteamin America. #gotrings?
I see it will be UGAly for Georgie when the TIGERS whop that DOGS ass real soon....#KIRBYISINOVERHISHEAD
I see it will be UGAly for Georgie when the TIGERS whop that DOGS ass real soon. #CURBSTOMPKIBY
Yes he does, they lie when they open their mouths in Athens. Dawg lovers sell hope BAMATIME. They sure as HELL don't have rings! #curbstompkirby
Ways to shut up a mouthy dawg fan...when was the last time GEORGIE got a ring that mattered? Ill wait. #kirbying. #ringlesspuppies
Dawgs you really need to get a job. #biboveralls
If only UGA had a ring every 40 years---oh wait.....Justin and Jacob knew to get out of that hole fast. Why are you so concerned over the GATORS is a better question?
Georgie Bulldog you should know you sold Justin and Jacob on that Hole of Athens and they got out fast. Anyone could have told them. Georgie's been lying for years to their recruits telling them they can get a ring.#kirbying
The 2 best players from GA are playing at National Champions Clemson Tigers and OSU so your point? FL is twice the size of GA so they cant get them all. He can commit to the G and be disappointed like the rest of the dawgs. Dont hear you dawg lovers mention Clemson, they seem to have surpassed your FB dawgs thats for sure.
His father Jason played for Spurrier in the 90's. They routinely took those silver britches to the cleaners in Jacksonville and Athens, GA. We are almost at 40 years for them dawgs so theirs that too. #kirbying.
Why don't you get out of your BIB Overalls and get a job. You seem more concerned about FL than you are about them DAWGS last pathetic performance. Any year of watching Georgie whine about being left out of the playoffs.#kirbying #1980champs
Kast we checked he had gotten blown out in the Sugar Bowl and chocked in the SEC game but whatever makes DAWG lovers feel important. #kirbying.
Sucks to be U! We will revisit after the game though. #tropicaldepression
#kirbying its what them dawgs do. #canthebigdawgREAD
Aubbie lets just say it has been #14000 days for your 1 tile in the modern era. At least we can remembers ours as we know you do. In Athens they know. I guess you are not on LSU or Texas's level seeing as georie got their ass beat in both. #kirbying. #facts #14000 and counting.
Your poor dead dawgs rolled over at LSU and FL beat LSU. Keep barking though we know those 1980tees shirts dont fit under those bib overalls. #kirbying
Dawggie you know what else is true? Your team lost 3 games last season ended up tied with the GATA in the polls, Nice try though. #canthebigdawgread. #barkingdawgfans
Your rolling? Georgie you lost how many games last season???? Rolling over is what DAWGS has done for decades. No change there. #kirbying
They sure do nothing is better than watching the dejected Dawgs with their heads down. #Kirbying
Dawg Lovers need something to make them feel good. They kill me with all their FL jabs and then get bent when It comes back on them. In Athens they know.....39476 and counting...and your right about Spurrier he despised everything about UGA. He can commit and leave like Eason and Fields...
Yes you were so impressive at the Sugar bowl. Take the L. oh wait you have 3 didnt you and of course Dawg lovers forget the played in one at home National Championship game and lost. Keep thinking its 1980 though it seems to help your fanbase who wants to talk about beating UF. We have more National Championships than you but keep talking about what Kirby is going to do at GA. Last we checked you ended the season with an L. Your end of the season ranking was equal to UF. Of course you are #1 to a fan base so staved for attention. #Hookem
Lost SEC championship games, the one National championship game you have played in basically at home that you lost, at LSU 2018 or the Sugar Bowl vs Texas? Got rings? We do and that what's got UGA do bothered.
Who else was looking for Bruce other than Auburn? No guarantees he can get back to the Final 4 again.
Go try in fit in the 1980 National Championship tees from your last Natty. You can dream big but in reality you have had 2 years of success, you were losing to Vandy on Homecoming now so long ago. #facts #sugarbowl
I think we found out what Danny Kanell does in the spring! He has jumped off the UCF UBER for now.