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Speaking of LSU, great hire in Kelly. Looking at your schedule, etc. I predict 9-3.
Looking at 2022 schedules, recruiting & current rosters (2 deep); I predict the following records: Vanderbilt 3-9 South Carolina 6-6 Tennessee 7-5 Auburn 8-4
Classic Spurrier trolling. He hates no team more than Georgia. Giving false hope.
It’s the pattern of bad QB personnel decisions that has kept Smart from winning it all. Nothing else.
Stetson Bennett ain’t beating Alabama, only decision is how much to bet Alabama +3?
I read this twice to make sure. Hilarious! You’re already ceding defeat.
Mason not going to ND. He’s been a head coach. It’s Ash or Golden if they’re lucky.
Agree but it’s now or possibly never. Most Coaches have “shelf lives.” Recruits see this. If a Coach is going to win a National Championship it doesn’t happen in year 10. The clock is ticking on Coach Smart.
He is guaranteed immediate eligibility. However, most mock drafts have him going in round 3-4. Also, weak year for Qb’s(could go higher). I think he declares for NFL soon after Championship game.
I’m SEC all the way but I ranked this one highest confidence. Only way SC wins is if UNC turns it over five times.
Could Dave Hooker or someone please explain this sentence, thank you. “ There was a devastating comeback defeat, a one-sided loss to an underdog and another collapse against Auburn’s archrival, Alabama, that could have changed the entire tenor of college football’s postseason as well as Auburn’s bowl fate.”
Also, you almost always have to have a Heisman winner or a future NFL QB or both to win it all. Georgia has neither.
Mullen has the personality of weird 15 minute cartoon character from Adult Swim. He couldn’t convince Cam Newton (look at his offers out of JUCO) to come to Mississippi State without paying him (& don’t say Auburn paid more proven false ad nauseam). Tells you a lot about his character & ability to recruit.
A&M mute now. I can’t argue w/ the exception of there is no way Arky beats Pedophile State. Also, don’t see Houston beating Auburn or UCF beating Florida.
Announcement imminent, Bigsby is staying at Auburn. Stay tuned.
Nix was not “favorite” in the locker room or with Coaches. For reasons that may be beyond his control he has not lived up to his original 5 star designation. He’ll never play pro football. If he feels like another situation is the best path for his future; we all have to choose our paths and hope/plan/prepare the best we can. Wish him the best.
Memo to SDS writers: y’all missed on this scoop. Next up, Fisher will be next LSU Coach. Get an article ready.
Malzahn will never coach in SEC again. Lots of speculation. However, those in the know Understand that Woodward already got his Man, Jimbo Fisher.
An Industry Source I spoke with told me Phil Knight will do whatever it takes to retain Cristobal. Also said Mullen is gone no matter what happens last two games & Fisher will be named LSU HC sometime early December.
Nope. Riley doing what most would do (raise & extension). Jimbo is coming, get ready. It could be worse.
You have your own problems w/ Cousin Eddie/Hunchback. Focus on that & FSU to make a bowl game, Jorts.
Adam Spencer, please print the question that was asked of Nix. The answer makes a lot more sense that way. Journalism 101. W,w,w,w,h.
Jimbo’s credibility has always been in question. His judgment is not. Way easier to recruit & compete at LSU. He will be HC at LSU next year.
I believe both defensive lines will have the advantage over the offensive lines. This is where scheme & QB play come into play. Auburn has the advantage there. Aside from turnovers & penalties, see this as a toss up. A & M home but AU a more complete team & better coaching. Auburn 30 A&M 24.
Line dropped quickly from 6.5-7 to 4.5. Early $ on Auburn. Sharps like Auburn & over in this one. I’ll guess 30-27 Auburn.
Rogers & Nix both clearly better than Jefferson & Hooker. QBR ratings overrated.
Pass pro has been very good for Auburn. Tough to sack Nix (that’s when he gets dangerous). Should be easier for Auburn to make A&M one dimensional (shut down run). Also, like the way line has trended since open.
Surprised if it is not a close game. Defenses should be on display. Turnovers, field position & penalties may decide this one. Auburn appears to be a more complete team. I’ll go 27-24 Tigers.
Unfortunately, Coach Mullen has an emotional intelligence deficiency. Excellent football mind but his “make up” as a person is the main problem.
3-1 is reasonable & respectable. Loss will be to Auburn (hitting their stride). Other SEC opponents are falling apart. 9-3 (5-3) is a good season & worthy of good bowl. Gig ‘em.