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Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to play that vaulted San Jose St. team!
I agree completely! Can we also unite behind prematurely blown whistle’s?
Hugh Freeze??.... If you wanna go that far... HELL!!! Hire Bobby Petrino!
You make a great point. The thing that scares me the most about next season is Arkansas not being better on the offensive line. Their is no excuse for our quarterbacks to be scared/running like their life depended on it anymore! That is CSP area of expertise and it must improve! I understand we are going to be playing against the best defensiveness in the country but we have to improve in that area to prove to me the coaching hire was a good one... Again not expecting us to “smash mouth” Bama we just have to see an overall improvement in that area or I will have no hopes that our program will rise from the cellar it currently resides in.
Has Auburn been in the gutter of the sec the last 3 seasons?
I bet poor ole GA is really scared about meeting their former O Line Coach in their season opener??... ..Seriously though Georgia fans you think Coach Pittman has any kind of upper hand being as he’s been with Georgia’s coaching staff the past few season’s or is that just a razorback pipe dream? Not saying the Hogs will pull off the upset, just wondering if y’all think they could keep it close with Pittmans “expertise.”