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Bla, bla, bla. None of this goofy thread matters. This will be like most court cases; they will settle out of court CBB will get some $ and Arkansas will save some $
Man do we need football back. This site is no place for worldly politics.
Apparently he can also kick field goals, so that' some more depth.
His punt average was 46 yards, that's about 6 yards better than what we've had. I say it's a good upgrade. If your offense is moving very well, you need a good punter.
It really depends on how the school handles it. We've the right protocols and restrictions, it can work. Players: the rule sucks, but if you want to play you'll have to suck it up. Bring them back June 1 and quarantine them one to a dorm room for a couple weeks, crank it up on June 15th. I would also test them and restrict their movement. If it were me, I'd be willing to do whatever I had to in order to keep playing.
SEC will not be the only one. There is a lot riding on this economically. Schools, vendors, mom and pops, hotels, TV, etc. You definitely won't ever be 100% safe, you can only mitigate. This was the whole flatten the curve thing. That might mean almost everyone watches on TV. I could see spaced seating (percentage of capacity) and offered to season ticket holders first so there is some other-than-TV revenue coming in. Pre-game activities will probably be canceled and post-game press will be limited. I think the PAC-12 will want to play, it would be a state thing that would cause issues-most likely California. I would still run with a temporary realignment to deal with any non-participating schools. Independents like BYU could help fill some holes if some west coast schools don't play (assuming they're playing). Finally, I could see sports related people signing a letter that negates any legal action if they catch the virus in what would essentially be an opt-out letter. You can't keep an area locked down forever unless you provide everything for them which isn't feasible. People without jobs that are locked down and can't afford food will eventually have to steal and whatnot just to stay alive. This can be a big domino effect into chaos.
I understand the concern, but I really do wonder how much worse this is than the flu. Going with the low number, the flu kills about 24,000 people a month worldwide (53,000 if you go with the high number). This year alone, 125 kids have already died because of the flu. That's much worse than Covid 19. Maybe this does end up being worse, but right now I'm not so sure. I am sure the economy is going to suffer along with quality of life. Maybe a more measured response would be to not allow anyone in the arena that has been to a highly contagious area (including the west coast), check people's temps coming in and if you have any significant coughing, you are removed. Admittedly the problem with that is that people are not honest. Just look at how many people come to work sick but get by being drugged up.
Wow, trying to make this fabricated battle-line rivalry a thing. Wondering if these are paid comments. I'd say fans are happy with the hire although there was some doubt at the beginning. The assembled staff look great and most have a lot confidence in the program turning around. Mizzou must have flushed their lunch because I think we be eating their lunch this year. Franks is a bit risky, but has the potential to be high reward. If you don't shoot for the stars, you'll always miss.
Reminds me of some 1960's NASA Apollo program manager that dresses like Mr. Rogers. Will Mizzou make it to the moon or burn up on the launch pad? time will tell.
I think the regional strategy is long term. He's got to take what he can get in the here and now to bring some respect back to the program.
Feel for the guy, he has big shoes to fill. Even a good season will be watered down a bit by what Borrow did this year. Conversely, Felipe Franks could have an okay year for us and he'll look like a million bucks.
This is college football, you don't have to earn it, you just have to be called Texas or something.
Am I missing something here? There's talk about domination and equality, but you pull a lower level team like Vandy and replace it with Clemson? If you did this, you might need to expand each by two to capture some other rivalry's such as putting BYU in the Pac 12/14 North with Utah and moving Cal down to the south where it belongs and adding San Diego State or Nevada. Go back to the drawing board.
We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If ND loses, they will be panicking.
I was thinking we were due for some Ohio State legal issues.
I hope they do all that pre-game because it will be a blowout by halftime and spoil their monster victory celebration. Not everyday you beat a juggernaut Chad Morris Arkansas team. Maybe they'll do some Club Dub afterward.
I echo the Boss Hog comment. Feeling good about playing a Morris led offense next year.
Sad when you don't do any better than Arkansas did agaisnt LSU.
Wow, looks like we are trying to be innovative under Pittman. I think this new tackling thing he does could actually work.
Why don't we duke it out in next year's SEC championship, sound like a plan? :D
The line makes a huge difference. I think Starkel would be quite serviceable behind a good line, but he was not cut out to deal with situation we had this year. A little bit better line gets Boyd 100 yards every game. On the flip side, a good line and we'd still have Morris since we would have won a couple more games.
They got one thing right: Gus definitely got a game changer.
Sam Pittman is cut from a different cloth. He has a house in Arkansas, grew up not too far away, he's an Arkansas fan, his wife love's Arkansas, they have family in the area. He wants to retire here, so he's here for the long term, to have success and ride out into the sunset. Hopefully he's successful and that happens. It's not all money for this guy. HY did use his desire to come back home to make a statement on head coach pay though.
A lot of unknowns, but one thing's for sure: the SEC just got stronger-especially the SEC West.
"Couldn’t see him leaving Boca for Fayetteville, but Oxford? Sure" not sure why not other than maybe state of the actual team right now. Fayetteville ranks significantly higher than Oxford as a place to live. One list we were 28th and Oxford didn't even make it.