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I echo the Boss Hog comment. Feeling good about playing a Morris led offense next year.
Sad when you don't do any better than Arkansas did agaisnt LSU.
Wow, looks like we are trying to be innovative under Pittman. I think this new tackling thing he does could actually work.
Why don't we duke it out in next year's SEC championship, sound like a plan? :D
The line makes a huge difference. I think Starkel would be quite serviceable behind a good line, but he was not cut out to deal with situation we had this year. A little bit better line gets Boyd 100 yards every game. On the flip side, a good line and we'd still have Morris since we would have won a couple more games.
They got one thing right: Gus definitely got a game changer.
Sam Pittman is cut from a different cloth. He has a house in Arkansas, grew up not too far away, he's an Arkansas fan, his wife love's Arkansas, they have family in the area. He wants to retire here, so he's here for the long term, to have success and ride out into the sunset. Hopefully he's successful and that happens. It's not all money for this guy. HY did use his desire to come back home to make a statement on head coach pay though.
A lot of unknowns, but one thing's for sure: the SEC just got stronger-especially the SEC West.
"Couldn’t see him leaving Boca for Fayetteville, but Oxford? Sure" not sure why not other than maybe state of the actual team right now. Fayetteville ranks significantly higher than Oxford as a place to live. One list we were 28th and Oxford didn't even make it.
Not saying we're a better team, just had a better performance. How on earth do we score 20 and aTm only scores 7. Although one wonders how our game with aTm would have went with KJ Jefferson at QB instead of Starkel.
Wow, worse than us! We scored 20 with our inept offense.
I don't think the game this week helped LSU. You didn't cover the spread against a consensus horrible Arkansas team and you were only ahead by 1 point after a quarter and a half. If we don't make some dumb decisions like sliding early or going out of bounds early, it would have been close at halftime too.
I think he has some compelling reasons to come to Arkansas. Wazzu is not going to attract the best players-it's in the middle of nowhere. While you can say that about Arkansas too, you have the added benefit of being in the SEC, NWA is a bastion of civilization in Arkansas and he would inherit a great group of young receivers. It would be an easy transition. He has proven himself with great offenses, all he needs to do is hire a decent DC and he can be a juggernaut.
defeat like Chad would have, Lunney. Bad typing today.
One thing I learned from week 13 is SDS still doesn't report well. This Arkansas game was different from Chad and one of those things in revolving QB's, but not what SDS thinks. KJ Jefferson went out of the game for concussion protocol, so a QB had to come in and that QB was Starkel. Starkel didn't sparkle and instead of riding him to defeat, Lunney like Chad would have, he pulled him after two series and gave another QB a shot. That QB (Jack Lindsey) impressed in his debut by leading two TD drives. Lindsey never would have seen the light of day under Morris.
"I’d be much more concerned if we were going to play A&M without these kids." More worried about a team we almost beat (should have beat) this year? We don't know what we have right now, but if Morris was far and away the biggest issue we had, this game could be interesting. Our offense has talent, we just have made bad play calls which could change this week. You'll surely score at will, but there's a small chance it could be a shootout. A shootout would test the metal of LSU since Arkansas hanging around could certainly get into players heads as the game progresses.
So you're telling me there's a chance? LOL.
Like many coaches, he has/had issues, but might be okay in Fayetteville. WalMart has brought a lot of culture and whatnot to NWA that his wife would enjoy-granted, still not paradise for her. He's not dumb though; I would say the same thing to dispel any rumors so my current team thinks I'm all in-even if I wanted the Arkansas job.
I don't think any Arkansas fan thinks we have any chance at winning this game, we just hope for a respectable showing. That being said, I hope the team is looking past us like some of the fans. We honestly don't know what we have here. Chad is gone, but the team is for the most part the same as it was. If the biggest problem was bad play calling from Morris and attitude problems, we might see a better product on the field Saturday. This team has shown glimpses of competence being competitive against TAMU and KY. And finally gave up 38 to Vandy...Vandy! If Vandy can put 38 on you, we have the potential to do the same.
All you have to do in year one is beat Nevada, Charleston Southern and ULM and everyone's happy; no loses to the cupcakes. Any other win in icing on the cake. The next year you beat Rice, Georgia Southern and Ark Pine Bluff and be respectable in the other games and you're fine. Not really too much to ask. Year 3 is a bit more challenging with Cincinnati and BYU, but all your SEC games except MSU and Mizzou are at home. I think most competent coaches would take that challenge as there is a lot of upside if you can turn the program around and if you go above and beyond the first two years and beat and SEC team, you're a hero.
If they wanted to keep this going for another year they needed to stop the lip service and speak to the fans, address the situation. All the coach speak just fans the flames
No way Arkansas should be 11th. Is our football team pulling that down too?
This is in-line with what Morris has done so far. His first commitment was to Hicks and then Starkel. He certainly gave them both a fair shot (too much of a fair shot) to be the QB1. JSJ is next on the list, so he will give him his fair chance at starting, but I think he's learned that the leash needs to be shorter. It also make a big donator/grandpa happy that he got to start a game. I think it's fair to let him start and if he is totally successfully great, if he falters, bring in KJ. Sounds like both will get time which is good because we'll get to see how they play against teams that have prepared for them and who is the better QB right now.
It was ugly, but it would be nice if we could focus on the one positive from that lambasting which was KJ Jefferson. We have nothing to lose at this point, run him out there even if the playbook is limited and see what happens. I think the world would be in for a surprise as he looks legit. He's obviously the only QB who can do a quality fake handoff.
I've seen several humorous names for this game as a bowl, but all the pre-game fan banter should be labeled the My team's going down the toilet faster than your's pre-game show. Maybe something out of Spies Like Us...MSU and Arkansas fans standing around doing introductions: we suck more, we suck more, we suck more, we suck more.