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A successful game will be not getting embarrassed for once.
This team isn't going to sit back and play when they feel like it. Yes we are playing with house money, but you have some kids with something to prove and the coaching staff to finally help them do it. There's always someone who will call for someone's head, but as long as the team plays hard there will be no significant call for Pittman's head. Maybe Drink's after we upset you guys.
Way to give us the finger in that thumbnail/frontpage picture.
Wow, how are we worse than Vandy? This is the same network that had us going to a bowl before the BIG came back. The ESPN FPS has us like 20 points better than Vandy. CBS SMH.
Interesting that he said both UGA QB's will play. Either he think UGA will be doing a big time sharing situation (unlikely) or he expects to be out of it in the 4th and they will throw in the 2.
That mask almost looks like a neck brace. Stay tuned for part II where Bobby teaches Boomer Bear how to pick up women.
Or some arrogant jwrk wearing a necklace of nuts and says THE Ohio State University. That Boomer Sooner crap around me is just as annoying.
He must have been intimidated by the Arkansas defense and didn't want to be embarrassed in week 1 :D
Surprised someone isn't claiming the liberals and or the BIG are paying them to sit in an effort to derail the college football season.
our curse is apparently better than yours. hopefully we exorcised it.
quite the difference between the Mississippi's, Mizzou and Arkansas. We should be a bit lower or more likely them a bit higher like 600/1
Assigning points to each opponent, Auburn squeaks by with a slightly tougher schedule. However, when you factor in our situation it is definitely the toughest schedule ever faced. If Auburn and Arkansas were apples to apples, you'd certainly edge us out in my opinion. Maybe if we factor in Morris, you have something.
No bias at #25 there.
Morris was essentially a gamble. There appeared to be the potential to break out and have something special. I'm sure Gus wooed the Foundation into thinking so. I don't think he has all the tools to be a SEC HC and he certainly couldn't adapt. He hyped people up and then totally flopped. If you can't beat the cupcakes, then you loose everybody. Pittman is not promising anything grand or getting in the left lane with the hammer down. He's just promising that we will play hard and I think he'll definitely deliver on that. We won't change coaches anytime soon. I think you will see a noticeable improvement this year despite the lack of practices and Pittman will have the time to recruit the guys he's needs. Also, the "anonymous" thing is a bunch of BS.
Those dang Navy type guys always hot-bunking and spreading the virus. :D
It stinks, but Pittman essential got a free pass out of this. Nobody would be surprised if we didn't win a single game and it would all be chocked up to COVID and Morris aftermath. All he has to do is look respectable and I think we can all agree that shouldn't be a problem-the bar is pretty low.
This is posturing. There is a very, very small chance that these guys are way better than we know and they just needed competent leadership. You catch Georgia early and off guard and maybe your good enough to just straight up beat the Mississippi teams and Mizzou. That would be a surprise. Back to the posturing: we flop, nobody remembers this article/comment. We pull off a miracle and she sounds her horn saying she called it and looks like a genius. No lose situation for her. I hope she's right.
We are still a go for high school football here in Sucklahoma, you'll have a tough time explaining why your fans kids can play football, but the college students can't.
I'd have players sign a waiver to mitigate the legal repercussions. Acknowledge there is risk, they have the opportunity to opt out with no penalty, team will do everything they can to make a safe environment, but no guarantees. You get sick we'll pay your medical, but no lawsuits.
Let's see if I can tee somebody off with my 2 cents. COVID 19 looks to have a higher death rate than the flu-not drastically higher, but higher. Flu is more rampant than what is portrayed as most people don't go to the doctor for it, they just stay home sick or medicate and go to work and spread it. So I'd say COVID doesn't spread much worse than the flu. If you could lock the world down all at once, that would be great, but you can't, so life needs to go on and people need to take precautions. If you are high risk, lay low for awhile. If you are at all sick, stay home. The problem is that people today are dumb. Going to bars and getting drunk in a tight space is a bad idea. Birthdays, weddings and funerals are also bad as there is a trust issue (people let down their guard) and people hug and cry which makes things worse. There is risk in life and it's a bit higher now. Be careful and go about your business. No reason to close theaters if they space things out (our AFB theater has two blocked off rows between rows you can sit in and you must wear a mask and sit 4 seats away from another party in your row). It's more dangerous at Walmart where everyone and their brother goes for groceries and stuff as you have to checkout and touch card readers or screens to checkout and they are wiping down after every use, but we haven't shut them down. We need to move on and play, but do so wisely.
Good luck with Morris' trick plays, they worked sooooo well for us.
I could see us getting one really tough opponent and then Vanderbilt. It essentially gives both of us a chance to win at least one game. Maybe they can get a sponsor and make a big deal of it. The Jack Daniels Bottom of the Barrel Kickoff.
All conference schedule = most-likely another poor record for us.
Last year's Arkansas team was frustrated and without much hope. They also just had to play Auburn and Alabama. We play you in game 3 and although it's after Notre Dame (assuming that game is played), the team should still be in decent spirits and relatively fresh with some experience under their belt. You play two cupcakes. So I'm saying we have a chance.
Not to take anything away from our guys who played hard, but stats get a bit padded when you are always on the field. More playing time = more tackles. So how much of a loss are we taking, not as much as it might look like.
On the surface, a fair evaluation. There is one factor that was left out of this equation though: offense. A significant part of the reason the defense was so bad under Morris is that it was always on the field. If you are 3 and outing almost everytime (or throwing picks) your defense will tire quickly and morale will fall.