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I don't care about the threes if we are winning. I do believe Alabama should be #1 with the Gonzaga win.
Careful with your drinking, sounds like someone slipped in some rivalry kool-aid. Maybe the shelter insurance folks.
Worried about Burks status, he's a big part of the offense.
Apparently Club Dub has opened a franchise in Florida
Wow, ESPN needs to take out the Texass love bonus as they have no business at 25. Hogs should be at 25 at least.
Last week they admitted Burks should have been on here but they slipped since we were in a bye week. Now we know it's just pure incompetence.
If we can solve our penalty problem, we should be able to win. That's something that has been holding us back. A fresh KJ will help immensely. I think we'll get burned a bit on the air raid without Catalon.
I think the penalties is where it's at. We killed ourselves right out of the gate with Georgia. If we take away half of those, the game is still a loss, but not as bad. We are often our own worst enemy.
I'd much rather play Oklahoma and get the welcome to the SEC sweep, but I think Texas is going to destroy Oklahoma this week.
After the last few years, the Birmingham Bowl would even be nice. At 4-1 already, we should plus up and get a decent bowl. Our fans travel well, so we should have an okay showing, but Ole Miss fans will need to bring it early to be a factor.
Both teams will be ready, but I don't think we'll have the same level of energy that we did against Texas and ATM. I do think this will be a bruising game with a couple players on each side going down with injuries and the Georgia depth winning out. I'd be surprised if we don't see another Goofy targeting call too.
Not too concerned about KJ as it was a knee bruise. More concerned about the officiating. Hopefully we can play a good game without bringing the refs into the post-game commentary.
AM was a fraud. I called a blowout which would have happened if KJ didn't get hurt. They have a poor O-line and couldn't stop bad teams rushing attack. The lack of points scored masked that weakness.
True, but our D has some key adds and more death, so I think they negate each other a bit.
If and a big IF the miracles keep up this week and we beat Georgia and Ole Miss beats Alabama, that would make an epic game in Oxford. Wonder how they would come in ranking wise.
I'd rather face Oklahoma, that would be a complete welcome to the SEC.
I don't think we know how good the Georgia defense is, could be good or great. If just good we could win, but we'll probably lose. If we do lose, I hope we get to play again later this year, wouldn't that be something.
If Ole Miss beats Bama and we beat Ole Miss, we all could have 1 loss going into the last week. That would add some real spice on that finale we have in Tuscaloosa.
If you beat us good Saturday, I think you have an argument, but not yet. If Georgia is the real deal, a win against us is very valuable with our ranking and helps combat the "yeah, but you're in the East" thing.
After this beatdown, Reveille will be an emotional support animal instead of a mascot.
So these teams couldn't throw against ATM: got it. But apparently they couldn't silence the run knowing that was coming. We will surely fair better than Kent St, Colorado and NM and we will be able to throw some. This is always a crazy game, but the more I look at it, the more I get that Texas feeling that we are going to roll.
Any bowl is a good bowl when you haven't eaten in so long. I don't know about 9 wins either, but I would never say never or ain't no way-especially this early. Most people seem to think 8 is max, but you never know how much help from the refs you'll get along the way as someone benefits from the bad calls, it's just usually not us.
I would trade one more game down the road at Jerry's World for a home game this year. If we were bad like the last few years he wouldn't care, but there will be some coin made with a top 20 matchup.
I thought I saw too much Oklahoma crap in that video and having nothing to do at the moment quick counted the separate and distinct team appearances. The Sooners hold the top spot at 7 bits followed by Clemson with 5. LSU and Ohio State come in third with 4. Texas, NC, Georgia and Alabama had 3. The producers must have something for Sucklahoma.
This made me think of a movie which would make the article title better: Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to stop worrying and accept conference realignment. This is that kind of wacky.
Stopped after the first few paragraphs. Why does it seem Georgia fans have to write books in here? Trying to be one of them AAU schools?
Texas has fallen from prominence, I wonder if getting beat down the first few years in the SEC would make things worse. I was also thinking if Bret Tubalard beat you 31-7 in the Alamo Bowl, what will the Pit Boss do?