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All you have to do in year one is beat Nevada, Charleston Southern and ULM and everyone's happy; no loses to the cupcakes. Any other win in icing on the cake. The next year you beat Rice, Georgia Southern and Ark Pine Bluff and be respectable in the other games and you're fine. Not really too much to ask. Year 3 is a bit more challenging with Cincinnati and BYU, but all your SEC games except MSU and Mizzou are at home. I think most competent coaches would take that challenge as there is a lot of upside if you can turn the program around and if you go above and beyond the first two years and beat and SEC team, you're a hero.
If they wanted to keep this going for another year they needed to stop the lip service and speak to the fans, address the situation. All the coach speak just fans the flames
No way Arkansas should be 11th. Is our football team pulling that down too?
This is in-line with what Morris has done so far. His first commitment was to Hicks and then Starkel. He certainly gave them both a fair shot (too much of a fair shot) to be the QB1. JSJ is next on the list, so he will give him his fair chance at starting, but I think he's learned that the leash needs to be shorter. It also make a big donator/grandpa happy that he got to start a game. I think it's fair to let him start and if he is totally successfully great, if he falters, bring in KJ. Sounds like both will get time which is good because we'll get to see how they play against teams that have prepared for them and who is the better QB right now.
It was ugly, but it would be nice if we could focus on the one positive from that lambasting which was KJ Jefferson. We have nothing to lose at this point, run him out there even if the playbook is limited and see what happens. I think the world would be in for a surprise as he looks legit. He's obviously the only QB who can do a quality fake handoff.
I've seen several humorous names for this game as a bowl, but all the pre-game fan banter should be labeled the My team's going down the toilet faster than your's pre-game show. Maybe something out of Spies Like Us...MSU and Arkansas fans standing around doing introductions: we suck more, we suck more, we suck more, we suck more.
Hot Seat Tamales, sounds right.
Another week of hog paranoia. I'm not sure what's up with Starkel and the INT's. If Jones starts at QB for this game, we might have a closer more respectable score. Hicks too for that matter. I understand starting Starkel, but until he figures out the INT issue, I think he's a backup. The defense isn't stellar, but a better game on the offensive side doesn't wear out the defense and the score looks better. Remember, it's Bama and their good, this should be no surprise. One TD over the line and Mac Jones is better than most thought, so nothing to see here, move along.
I think this is definitely to set the precedence and establish case law. It also sets the table for firing Morris if it comes to that. We should get a nice Christmas card from SEC members and the Mountain West for doing this and providing easy wins.
Losing is not a mistake. I would say either not switching QBs quick enough or coming out and admitting that this was more rebuild than anticipated and it's going to be rough for a bit but we'll be right by year 3.
I don't think they necessarily favor one team over another, but it wouldn't surprise me if they leaned one way to favor a team (any team) that would benefit the SEC. e.g. Team X is undefeated/in top 4 and in the last game of the season and in jeopardy of being upset.
I love watching this every week. I think Bama is overlooking my Hogs too much (not saying we're going to win), but even FunnyMaine didn't mention next week's game. Hopefully he doesn't choke on some bacon bits.
At some point, Goliath will fall. Most likely against LSU, but it would be hilarious to see the Hogs do it. Let some of the air out of this big elephant head.
I know we've been horrible for awhile now, but I like how the Alabama camp is looking right past us. We scored the most to this points against you last year in what was arguably a bit more dismal season than this year. Without Tua, you won't hang 65 on us this time. The fact that Tua is out has probably instilled some confidence in the Hogs despite this week's shellacking.
Finally another voice of reason instead of all the chicken littles. You look at how we've struggled through the first few games and have been competitive in the last couple; that's improvement. Not the sexy kind, but improvement none the less. Remember that two of our biggest weapons are freshman receivers. So although this is year 2, it's year one for them and I think you are seeing them learn the system and that's why we are getting competitive. Starkel is trying too hard or something, but Hicks is settling in and one of them needs to step up which should give us a win. The O-line complicates this, but I think Hicks has adapted better to the weak line. Morris has not made the best play calls and I'm with people with that frustration. I'm hoping there is a reason other than just boneheadedness, but nobody in the press will ask a direct question like that. I still think this will come together at some point in this season and a fan base will be shocked. Hopefully our whiney, impatient portion of the fan base doesn't make it more difficult. The articles about the "meltdowns" are not good for recruiting.
I think he is an okay leader and motivator, his problem is play calling on the fly. He needs to learn to read the game better as it happens.
No, the fans are not the reason we are losing, but they are contributing to why we might keep on losing in the future. Morris is making bad decisions, but hopefully he gets his stuff together and turns it around. We need to stay behind this team until the season is up instead of trying to tear everything down.
I get the frustration of many fans, but posting crap like this makes it even more difficult for Morris to do his job. Is our play hurting recruiting? Seems to be going the way. But crap like this makes it worse. Most people have generally said give him 3 years at one point or another and everyone I think has said two years, so until he actually at least gets to the end of the season, shut your pie hole and hope it all comes together. There's a time for burning someone at the stake, but we're not there yet. Morris obviously has some things to learn, but give him some time to learn them and you might be surprised what happens if you play the hand your dealt. Blame the dealer if anything, not the coach.
They are just keeping this around for when the hogs play Western Kentucky. It will be a humorous ending to the series if we lose to our former QB.
I've been a Chad Morris supporter since the beginning, but even I'm starting to have serious doubts. As bad as he coached on the field, he should be ahead of Mason who has lost his team. Morris is just losing the fan base.
Ole Miss tougher than Arkansas? They both have Mizzou, MSU, Auburn and LSU, so those cancel out. New Mexico State and Western Kentucky should essentially cancel out. That leaves Ole Miss with TAMU and we have Alabama. Seems pretty obvious we have the tougher schedule.
I partially agree. I think Vandy and UT are in their own tier. This week should prove it.
I think we're going to surprise people at Kentucky. We haven't played a game with everyone available yet, but we should have that at Kentucky. Jackson in the O-line made a huge difference against TAMU and Knox & Warren back will make it a W. By the way, 1-1 in Fayetteville means nothing since this game is at War Memorial in Little Rock. Great research guys.
Come back this evening for our story on "What Saban was thinking while sitting on the can today". These Alabama stories are getting out of hand.
I think Kentucky is actually a good chance for a win, you will see a more complete Arkansas lineup as there have been some key injuries-a week of rest helps too. Western KY makes 4 and they are assuming MissST as you mentioned. Mizzou could also be an upset. At any rate, there are so many bowls now that a few 5 win teams usually make it. The Independence Bowl is the bottom of the barrel and due to it's proximity to Arkansas, I'm sure they would love to host us for the ticket sales as it would sell out.
If we are going to keep Jak off the field for his safety, then we need to prohibit owners from walking their dog down the street, they could get hit by a car. This is all about publicity.