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I don't think strengthening team chemistry is not that much of a concern. What is a major concern that was missed on this was improving special teams. Special Teams play was atrocious this year and put us in bad spots, a good ST might have yielded another win. People have been hard on Scott Fountain, but I think it's more the talent and players in an area that has been neglected by previous coaching staffs and it all came to a head this year. Should be better, but it's something that definitely needs to be worked on.
They assume you are just like them: shady. This is a cocky arrogant bunch like Red Sox Fans and they are annoyingly everywhere like mosquitos.
Ehh...They are all immune thanks to all those COVID parties they had earlier this year.
I don't think this will happen. Davis and Pittman are pretty close. I'm sure it's more money to go to USC, but why step down to the Pac-12? Especially when you have Pittman's mentoring, close to home and probably a bit of a pay bump.
Wow, we can tout a win over a Heisman winner when we beat Texas next year.
I think this is a win-win. These guys get another year of expert tutelage and improve their draft stock. Most of them would be a stretch to make it in the NFL at this point, maybe easier after another year of learning and conditioning. We also gain experience players that know the system and this should reduce the learning curve of the team going into next year. They will need it to ensure we take down Texas in week 2.
Texas Bowl: Arkansas vs. TCU. -Free Whataburger -$50 Buckys giftcard
Watch Auburn blow out their bowl opponent and then make Chad Morris their head coach.
Any of you Auburn fans going to Waffle House to celebrate?
Maybe he's following Pittman. We could use him more.
If Grant Morgan and Mo Brown don't make it back from Saturday's injuries, we're toast-especially Morgan. If he doesn't go down, we would probably have won that game.
Not sure if this was and SEC football game or a school play call The Big 12.
Bold? Hardly. How about Florida skunks TN, LSU beats the spread, Treylon Smith rushes for over 100 yards against Mizzou. That would be bold.
Garbage! So There's only a 6 percent lesser chance that LSU beats Bama than us beating Mizzou: nonsense!
"Most analysts have Alabama QB Mac Jones, Florida QB Kyle Trask, Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, Ohio State QB Justin Fields and BYU QB Ty Detmer as their Heisman Trophy frontrunners, in some order." When did Ty Detmer start QBing for BYU again?
43-21 Bama over Arkansas. Odom prevents the big plays, but Najee steadily racks up the yards and TD's on us.
I would never say impossible to beat Alabama. There have been a few years where this game has been close. I'll give you 99% chance we lose, but not 100, same with LSU or any team for that matter. You could have Mac Jones go down or something and really change the dynamics of the game. That being said I'll take Alabama 43-21.
I take no offense to the Mormon comment, I thought it was pretty funny. If BYU blows out Coastal then they have some traction in the rankings, if they just win then not so much. If Coastal blows out BYU then maybe they take BYU's place, but BYU has a bit more respect and would gain more out of a blowout. At least one more undefeated will be out of the equation. Lucky for Coastal they don't have to deal with the altitude. Great matchup, go Cougs.
Yeah, didn't say but I could see how Vandy football could drive you to drinking. Sales have been up the last few years in Arkansas as well.
Don't worry, Morris will have 30% of his offense installed next year.
BYU turned down UW because of the terms of the deal. UW kept all the TV revenue, had to abide by crazy leftist COVID protocols and could cancel at the last second. Some think this was a ploy to boost Oregon up and let the PAC12 sit at the big kids table. BYU had a decent schedule to start the year, so you can't fault them for the position they are in now as some of you have. They have been willing to play pretty much anybody and many have passed because they are to scarred of losing. It's that way every year, they are not afraid to schedule anyone. I'd like to see BYU and Cincy face off and then we would learn a great deal about both.
To make it even, I'll cancel out the trash talk. We cacelled because we didn't want to embarrass our neighbor too much beating you with a short squad.
Surprised were still playing tackle football at all. They are ruling football to death.
I actually read where Cincinnati and BYU might play on the 5th. That would be a good schedule add and help find out who is really that good and who isn't which could be both, one or none. It would at least eliminate one of them.
There is a happy medium here. Total shutdown is dumb, democrat Governors are tanking the economies out West. Wide open isn't the best idea either. The rate is horribly bad compared to other things as has been noted. The issue here is the taxing of our hospital system. If everyone took some responsibility and wore their mask, sanitized and stayed home when they are sick we wouldn't have this problem. You shouldn't need a law or mandate to enforce anything.
I'm unfortunately stuck here in Sucklahoma. Cali girl turned Okie?
Everyone should know the risks by now. You buy a ticket, you increase your risk. That risk isn't any worse than many other things and you can mitigate it by your actions. That being said, some capacity restrictions should be enforced because that is definitely over the 25%. Dumb Okies.