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Bad coverup of another admissions scandal. Probably related to Lori Laughlin. Crazy stuff.
The thing that got to me is that he cannot get the "ultimate" prize at Arkansas, but can at Arizona: that ludicrous! He's going to do his thing at either place and use the transfer portal and would be successful at either place, but Arizona doesn't make it that much easier. He would also have to start over again and I don't think he wants that. A raise is inevitable. Plenty of pockets to pull from. Muss stays in the winning environment which is probably better for transfer recruiting right now that Arizona. I think he feeds off the fanbase energy as well and that's something he won't get in Arizona like he does in Arkansas.
The good news is we've won not played our best basketball. If we can get back to that, we'll have a chance. Time for some to step it back up.
Unlike TN, we are on the rise. Hopefully they start to rise again, nobody should have to go through that kind of stuff. It's bad for the team, fans and conference.
I don't feel good about this game. You can only win so long and I'm afraid we peaked too early. It should be a good game though.
SDS should put people on administrative leave for making political comments on these boards
I think the fan base will be more patient with Pittman. Inevitably we will have an ugly stretch, but he will own up and not give the pathetic speeches we've have seen from Chaddy. Be real and be honest and most fans will respect that and Pittman all that.
The problem is that a lot of people used steroids. Don't think MLB didn't know what was going on. Astros were cheating and it goes to show that a lot of wacky stuff goes on in baseball. MLB needs to acknowledge the Era and let them in, make a HOF section that addresses the subject and embrace your history good and bad. While they're at it, they need to put Rose in.
Burks is the real deal. Hard to tell which one is really better at this point, but I would say Burks but that's obviously biased. How bout we meet in the SEC championship and find out?
Reality Check Time: Misery Team Natty's: 2 Arkansas Team Natty's 47 Your last team Natty was before I was born in 1964/1965 track. Oh and SEC championships: Misery:2 Arkansas (since your joined to be fair) 29
We'll certainly hope you beat Clemson, but I have about the same confidence in us beating Bama.
A lot of pride on the line with Texas early. A win here would set a good tone for the year. Texas would then be back again-back to losing.
If Pruitt wins and gets a payout from UT, I hope they give it to him in a McDonald's bag.
I don't think strengthening team chemistry is not that much of a concern. What is a major concern that was missed on this was improving special teams. Special Teams play was atrocious this year and put us in bad spots, a good ST might have yielded another win. People have been hard on Scott Fountain, but I think it's more the talent and players in an area that has been neglected by previous coaching staffs and it all came to a head this year. Should be better, but it's something that definitely needs to be worked on.
They assume you are just like them: shady. This is a cocky arrogant bunch like Red Sox Fans and they are annoyingly everywhere like mosquitos.
Ehh...They are all immune thanks to all those COVID parties they had earlier this year.
I don't think this will happen. Davis and Pittman are pretty close. I'm sure it's more money to go to USC, but why step down to the Pac-12? Especially when you have Pittman's mentoring, close to home and probably a bit of a pay bump.
Wow, we can tout a win over a Heisman winner when we beat Texas next year.
I think this is a win-win. These guys get another year of expert tutelage and improve their draft stock. Most of them would be a stretch to make it in the NFL at this point, maybe easier after another year of learning and conditioning. We also gain experience players that know the system and this should reduce the learning curve of the team going into next year. They will need it to ensure we take down Texas in week 2.
Texas Bowl: Arkansas vs. TCU. -Free Whataburger -$50 Buckys giftcard
Watch Auburn blow out their bowl opponent and then make Chad Morris their head coach.
Any of you Auburn fans going to Waffle House to celebrate?
Maybe he's following Pittman. We could use him more.