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Tygart should have been put in last night with the big lead, he's not right for some reason. Maybe remind him he's not in Stillwater anymore and can't hit batters.
Gregory got pinch hit for, so Borofen was in left. Guessing the backup didn't call him off which he should have.
So much for Ben's bragging rights. WPS!
Seems like the offense plays down to the competition. Should be a much better showing and hopefully the D can hold off Gonzaga enough for the win.
Oops, sorry. Been outside working all day and too exhausted to think straight.
And then there was us. Last SEC team standing. Hopefully we can do the conference proud and go deep. Hop on the Muss Bus and cheer us on.
JD's fouls are concerning, bit there were some ticky-tak fouls in that game. JD has been slumping, but should heat up soon. If the rest play like they have been and he gets going, lookout!
Good thing he has all that AFLAC supplemental coverage.
With that 6,834 yards against Texass we should have the heisman on our team. Proof read man, proof read.
I imagine Briles sees something in him and is willing to see what he can make out of it. It may look like he didn't develop in 4 years, but his coaching might have been horrible.
We need to book her for our game in Fayetteville, can't hurt.
Glad we have Cincy early while they are still ranked.
"I know, I know. Alabama isn’t going anywhere. The Tide deserve to start No. 1 in all of the way-too-early Top 25 rankings. As long as Nick Saban is on that sideline, perhaps it’s foolish to suggest that there’s the possibility of a non-Alabama SEC dynasty forming" True on the dynasty, but not on the #1. Georgia is the top dog for now.
We got hosed on this one. The Ragin Cajuns at 16 who really didn't play anyone and lost to Texas whom we beat handily. Should have been up a bit. ESPN has no love for us.
I'm sure Florida will recover, but in the here and now it's embarrassing. Realize this sobering fact. Arkansas even in the pits of despair with Bielema and Morris didn't have a recruiting class that low. Worst class was 21 spots ahead of where you are now. Best get to work.
If the tub-o-lard was worth 4.25M, Sam has to be worth more than that. We don't know the details, but if this is just Sam remember that they will start high with the assumption that the deal finds a happy medium-basic negotiating. I would expect it to land in the $6M range or $5 with big incentives.
I think if the injury thing didn't hit him this year it might have changed his mind. The cheap shot he took during the onside kick against Bama probably didn't help. When you are the type of player he is, you are a possible target to be taken out. Sad, but understand his decision.
I don't care about the threes if we are winning. I do believe Alabama should be #1 with the Gonzaga win.
Careful with your drinking, sounds like someone slipped in some rivalry kool-aid. Maybe the shelter insurance folks.
Worried about Burks status, he's a big part of the offense.
Apparently Club Dub has opened a franchise in Florida
Wow, ESPN needs to take out the Texass love bonus as they have no business at 25. Hogs should be at 25 at least.
Last week they admitted Burks should have been on here but they slipped since we were in a bye week. Now we know it's just pure incompetence.
If we can solve our penalty problem, we should be able to win. That's something that has been holding us back. A fresh KJ will help immensely. I think we'll get burned a bit on the air raid without Catalon.
I think the penalties is where it's at. We killed ourselves right out of the gate with Georgia. If we take away half of those, the game is still a loss, but not as bad. We are often our own worst enemy.