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After losing to Miss. St., Kiffin ought to quit trying to write his "cute comments" on Twitter and get back to coaching Ole Miss. After all he left Tenn, then got fired by USC, before having to go be an OC under Sabin at Alabame in orderf to remake his coaching image before accepting the Ole Miss job (after spending time in Fla). Or else Kiffin might end up f**king things up again and then who will hire him when Ole Miss is forced to fire him??? Oh...maybe Toledo might take a chance and hire Kiffin then...LOL
Don't worry. A&M is not going to even consider firing Jimbo. A&M does melt under pressure from fickle fans.
What are you talking about LSU guy??? Woodward try to hire Jimbo at the last minute before hiring Kelly and Woodward was offering $15.675 Million a year. Check the historical facts...but I guess you must have flunked history in school at LSU.
Everybody hold on...the refs are still reviewing the incident. We have to wait and see what the refs call ... LOL
Maybe Arkansas outplayed the Aggies for most of the game. BUT if you were really paying attention and you had to be carefully listening...after the piggies missed that field goal in the 4th quarter, there appeared a shadowy thumb's up giving the Gig 'em sign at the top of Jerry World and there was a faint very low voice which said "Gig 'em Aggies!" it was just fate, it was meant to be for the Fightin' Texas Aggies to win that game against the piggies...WHOOP! ... LOL
Last time the Gators were at Kyle Field they LOST.
A&M plays Tennessee next year (2023) at Tenn, Then the Aggies play Georgia ay Kyle Field in 2024. Then in 2025 when t.u. and OU enter the conference, who knows how that will set up for all the current SEC teams.
The A&M-Hogs game next weekend will tell the tale on where the Aggies are in their football program right now. Stay tuned...
What was even dumber is the LSU AD offering Jimbo $15.25 million a year for 8 years to come coach at LSU.
Rememberr the Aggies do not have an Offensive Coordinator. Jimbo handles that job. Fisher needs to be a head coach and hire an OC. I think that after a couple of series in the 2nd half then Max should've come in to quarterback. All that kept happening with Haynes was three and out, three and out, etc.
The Aggies will have a breat team this year! ... LOL
You know, right now Vanderbilt could win the Naty. No SEC teans has played yet. All the fans of the respective schools are already getting mad at somethng that has not happened yet. At this point in time any and everyone could end up as National Champions,,,except Nebraska.
As an Aggie I found Desmond's pick interesting and surprising. But where are the Longhorns? Every year someone always picks t.u. to win the Naty, then the 'horns finish at 5-7. Go figure.
2 items: 1. Coach Fisher said early on that he would not name a starting QB until the Monday before the first game. So why are they saying that Max Jonsson will be? Coach Fiisher is supposed to name the starting QB next Monday. 2. How will A&M (season prediction is 9-3) lose to Auburn when Auburn is supposed to finish 6-6. Plus did one of the Auburn QB's get arrested awhile back? So if Calazada is Auburn's starting QB. then I think A&M could stop him. So I would call this game a WIN for the Aggies.
Texas State should be rated #! right now, since no games have been played yet...LOL.
Well aftter drinking several brewski's, these voters sat down and filled out their predictions. What the heck, it is just pre-season; hobody has played a game yet. Relax we still have 2 weeks to go.
C'mon this is just pre-season. I mean some one voted for Texas to be #1, Chill out, drink a Bud.
Since we don't play the Vols this year, I am rooting all the was for Tennessee. Go Vols!
it will be an interesting season for the Ags. After starting off with Sammy High then the games get more and more interesting. The only other easy game for the Aggies is against UMass in November. The Aggies should be favored against all except Alabama. Have to watch those games though to see how the Aggies do. So I'll just end with...GIG 'EM!
Texas is back? Where? ... to another 5-7 season and no bowl??? The Texas fight song should sing..."Texas choke, Texas choke. ---"
Hmmmmm...South Carolina has not beaten the Texas Aggies yet since A&M has been in the SEC. Rattler is a 'choke artist'. He did not do anything at OU and he won't for South Carolina, Look for SC to go 6-6 and end up in a minor bowl.
If you notice, the Aggies only recruit 4-star & 5-star high school recruits. I would rather see the Aggies with a recruitung class of 18-19 highly rated recruits rather than fill up the recruiting class with a lot of 3-star recruits like t.u. does.
The Ags were not doing well in recruiting last year in the summer. Until Jimbo's pool party at the end of July..then the flood gates opened and look how A&M finished in 2021 for the 2022 recruits. Maybe this is just Jimbo's pattern in recruiting. So stay tuned 'cuz the fat lady has not even warmed up to sing yet...
With all the talent the Aggies now have, probably the best decision for him. Good luck to him.
Who knows how good Arch will be. But Texas has had that overated hype 'sunshine enema' machine running at t.u. since the days of Deloss Dodds. The t.u. faithful drink up the t.u. "We're gonna win a Naty" Kool-aid and get giddy about it in the summertime before football season starts. Then reality sets in because football season opens, t.u. finishes 5-7 (as usual) and the t.u. faithful head fo their local doctor's office for some anti-depression meds because they truly believed all the BS hype t.u. puts out every summer and it ends up as a big downer for them... BUMMER t.u. ... POOOOR texas! (makes ya wanna cry!!! ... NOT)
Texas has had five 5-7 seasons since 2009. t.u. has been mostly a mediocre to losing team in the last 12 years. So how are they now considered a blue blood program? Explain please in today's environment and not from long past history.