I am an Aggie grad with a BS and Masters degrees from Texas A&M

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Scott Woodward, the LSU AD, will go after a big name for a new coach. Woodward was AD here at A&M when Jimbo Fisher was hired and he was the big reason that Jimbo is here now at A&M.
I don't know about Ole Miss beating the Aggies. Aggies have a good defense, Ole Miss has no defense. Let's see how the season plays out.
With one loss, 'Bama's road to a championship looks a lot harder now. Yes they will win out and make it to the SEC Championship game. Georgia will be favored there though. If 'Bama loses there, then they are out of the Naty hunt this year. Can Kentucky beat Georgia this weekend? Things just got a lot more interesting in the SEC? Well let me just add: Gig 'em Aggies! WHOOP!!!
How 'bout dem fightin' Texas Aggies? WHOOP!!!
2 years coaching is not enough time for for a thorough evealution. The jury is still out as to whether he is a coach, a good coach, or a great coash. Time will tell/ But for now he is locked in, right?
Let's see here, Ole Miss has not beaten the Aggies since 2016. Ole Miss next game is an Open Datte. Next they play Alabama then Arkansas. So we'll see how Oke Miss does in the next 3 weeks.
Great game Hogs. And let me add (from the old SWC)..."Pooooooor Texas"
Looks like Jimbo made made the right decision by coming to Aggieland.
Alabama is quick to point out that the Ags have to break in a freshman redshirt QB. Well, aren't the tide doing the sane with their freshman redshirt QB?
I wonder, will Texas (i.e. t.u.) whine, like they did in the Big 12, for a penalty when an SEC opponent gives Texas the " 'horns down" sign when they play 'em.
Also, it was pointed out that Texas and OU are contractually obligated to stay in the Big 12 through the 2025 season. So if they are allowed to join the SEC (which I doubt will happen) it won't happen until 2026.
The Texas legislature can stop Texas from leaving the Big12. The legislature stopped A&M from becoming a member of the SEC back in 1995 when the Aggies were first invited to join the SEC at that time.