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Also, am I the only one who sees the ridiculousness/humor in him talking about 'typical Hogs fans spewing insults', when he literally opened his post with "if Pittman was smart, which he isn't".
Not only that, but it's not like he's set the world on fire at his cosching stops after Arkansas. I'm not saying he won't have success at A&M or that it's a bad hire, but they were in need of an OC. Petrino is not someone that you fire a highly regarded OC to hire - end of story. You set a bad precedent firing someone with Briles' success to make that hire - coaching has little job security as it is, and noone will want to work for a coach if he fires an OC with that resume to hire what fans think is a "splash".
So you're telling me the "smart" move is to fire an OC that has produced some of the most productive offenses, as well as highest QB completion percentages, in school history to hire a guy based on "name recognition" that we don't even know will work out as OC. Not to mention, he probably wouldn't even come here due to the circumstances behind him leaving. Last and certainly not least, there would be a major recruiting drop-off because Kendal CAN recruit, and Petrino is a jerk. It doesn't sound to me like Pittman is the one who isn't smart. I bet you're one of those who wanted Les Miles when Bielema got fired, aren't you?
I knew this move was inevitable from the time we hired Travis Williams. It was always pretty clear that he was going to coach the LBs.
Well, there ARE some teams for whom a 16th ranked class would be well below the norm, but I do agree that the phrase "by Arkansas standards anyway" could have been completely left out.
You're absolutely correct. He honestly doesn't have a lot to work with.
People act like the last regime left this team with soooooo much talent. Some people are completely clueless.