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Have you watched the highlights of last year’s LSU – Georgia game the following lately?
Same guys who said HRC had 99% chance of becoming 45th president.
After averaging 10 wins a season in the SEC West, coaching in a weaker conference, given a few years to recruit, he will definitely be a big winner.
After playing Alabama, win or lose, taking on the Florida Rooster will be like playing a high school team......
Burns is a football expert. Played on the golf team at Unv. of Texas......
Notice he is a Florida Boy...but he's not concidering playing for the Florida Roosters! LOL
I guess shutting down the #1 Passing offense in the SEC by a very good defenses not worth mentioning......
My question is why does a team like UF that chickens out of one game and gets used as a field mop by the only real team they've played all year continue to go up in the polls?
This is an attempt at parody, right?
LOL! With that dumpster fire of a defense?
That's because Tiger Stadium was a tent city for evacuees from N.O. What UF doing for there citizens that would require to cancel a game?
Gators are not only an embarrassment to their fan base, but the entire SEC....
"Tennessee will be out of the race because they will lose to TAM and AL." Exactly why Florida didn't want to play LSU. Cheap way of trying to back into the SEC championship game!
Play the damn game on Monday night. Or are the gators chickening out?
Chavis shot his mouth off last year, saying he couldn't wait to walk into Tiger Stadium as an Aggie.......LSU made him pay for that comment.
Me thinks beating up on cupcakes has gone to Mizzou fans heads. You haven't beaten a power five team yet, And just a hint: LSU ain't no cupcake......
It amazes me how all the SDS staff actually thought Ol Miss was a top 15 team lol. The Noles hung 580 yards and 45 pts. on the Landtuna. A retarded monkey would have known that Ol Miss wasn’t that good.