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Yeah... no. He didn't just witness jack. He tied up his cousin and watched her get sexually assaulted.
How do you know the guy wasn't saying that? The provided clip starts AFTER the guy made the remark that set Finebaum on the rant.
In what way is that not credible? If the guy was, in fact, trying to put Swinney on the same level as Saban for making back-to-back title appearances with a 1-1 record after 9 years at Clemson... well, they're not the same thing. The only real difference between Swinney and Chizik is that Chizik's title didn't take as long.
Or we could put it to a team vote. Or maybe pull the Honey Badger approach and give him another chance... and another chance... and another chance... and another chance... and another chance... and another chance... and another chance...
That awkward moment when UT fans blame Saban for the words or actions of an LSU homer judge who couldn't do anything because the officers involved conducted an unlawful search...
Or Orgeron picking up Freeze at conveniently the same time Oher was coming out of high school.
Well, unlike Fournette he's probably never, and will probably never, been held to 31 yards in a game.
There usually wouldn't be any massive repercussions over it anyway, regardless of what school it is. Those come from covering it up and allowing it to become an institutional control issue. Thus, considering Alabama fired him for not being forthcoming and was fully compliant in the situation, there's no reason they would.
"Also you seem to think this happens every day." Considering it's happened ON THE FIELD in at least 2-3 of Clemson's games, in the world of college football that's as good as "happening every day".
32-13 with Alabama putting up nearly 500 yards on offense and 250 of those being on the ground... yea, not that competitive.
Or mention all the "Washington tackling" where they did it by the facemask or the collar of the jersey... both of which are penalties.
Not a chance will Saban give them a hard time over those penalties because I'm pretty sure even he'd say they were understandable given that the refs weren't taking control of the game and were letting Washington get away with some pretty dirty stuff. Slinging players down well after the whistle, trying to goon particular players on the ground, and the horse collar that the refs flatly ignored while instead flagging Alabama for the two unsportsmanlikes. To be honest, with dirt-poor officiating like that it's a wonder there wasn't an all-out brawl.
The problem with that thinking, I reckon at least, is that 1: Tagovailoa is a competitive kid with a damn good arm (something Hurts has been spotty with this year in places), and 2: Hurts himself has illustrated that if you're good enough for the spot, Saban will give you a chance to prove it.
Put your tissues in the back of the closet. If the last five years teach us anything, it's that you'll need them after Alabama beats LSU against last season and you cry and blame the refs.
"There’s no word on whether his teammate got up from the hit... except for the video we included which does, in fact, show him getting up from the hit." Once again, SDS goes full derp.
There were also blatant, multiple holds on at least 7 LSU plays I counted that didn't get flags.
Of course, we all know why he did it: because he's making a racist attempt at pandering to black recruits. Wouldn't be surprised if his argument for the change was "Hey, if they'll risk life in prison in the inner cities by killing someone to get em, of course they'll come play football for them!"
"Following the announcement of the College Football Playoff final four, Nike dropped its new uniforms for the teams. And for the third straight year, all four teams are Nike schools. Amazing isn’t it?" How do you feel now that you cursed Michigan with Air Jordan uniforms, Harbaugh? Serves you right for being dumb enough to have your FOOTBALL team dressed in overpriced clothes made under a BASKETBALL player's marque!
Sure. I guess that explains why Alabama is penalized far more frequently than whoever they happen to be playing. I mean, if any football fan knows anything, it's that Saban is the most laid-back coach ever and doesn't teach his teams anything about fundamentals and not making dumb mistakes, so obviously it's just that other teams are more disciplined than his. Oh wait...
Then, by that same measure, Ohio State shouldn't have lost to the team that lost to Pitt.
I'd guess it was a combination of A: The fact Florida had already had one egregious facemask, and B: The fact that he slammed him after the refs had already started blowing the play dead for the facemask, and C: The resulting scuffle afterward. They saw it was getting chippy, and did it to shut it down.
Flagged for what? Pulling a guy who just slammed his teammate after the play had already been blown dead for facemasking, and then getting shoved in the back?
He's actually just got some Barry White playing in the headphones and is warming up for a cheerleader after the game.
This is what happens when you let your team vote on stuff. You start out letting them vote on whether or not their bar-fighting teammate stays or goes, and next thing you know they think they decide who you're paying millions to coach...
What the hell is "New Orleans bourbon"? Bourbon comes from Kentucky.
Actually, only half correct. Per the expanded authority of SEC replay officials this year, they're allowed to review the circumstances surrounding the hit itself, including whether or not it's considered incidental.
Actually, you're dumb. That's a Kick 6 reference.
At the moment, though, the only thing making it not so clear-cut is slight mistakes on Alabama's part... and, even with those mistakes, they're still winning. The talent won't go away, but you can bet those mistakes probably will. The really concerning thing is what are they going to look like if they DO sure up those mistakes? They're allowing the fewest yards of any team in the country, scoring the most per game in the conference... if those DBs can straighten up, there's just nobody that can touch them.
UT's been trying to crutch with the running game lately > Alabama has the #1 rush defense in the country. Dobbs is going to have to go for big yards downfield > Alabama has only one defensive back who hasn't housed a pick. UT's going to have to hope Alabama's offense is ineffective > Alabama has the highest points per game in the conference,