My father spent 58 years of his life as a professor at Notre Dame, so I'm a Notre Dame fan. But I have great respect and admiration for the SEC, the strongest of the P5 conferences overall. Also, I have family roots in Tuscaloosa; some of my ancestors (General Rodes's wife and son, as well as some of his grandchildren) are buried across the street from Bryant-Denny stadium. So, while I'm a Notre Dame fan, part of my heart is in Tuscaloosa.

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Oh man, this is brilliant and hilarious! Great bit of satire.
Maybe the bottom of the SEC is a bit better than the bottom of the ACC. But I don't think that TAMU has a better second-best win than Notre Dame's over NC. I guess TAMU will get a chance to prove that that win wasn't as good as it might have looked. After that game, I'll have a better sense of whether I agree with your opinion.
I don't think that Alabama's defense, or its OL, is as good as in the 2013 ND game. Comparisons are complicated at best.
Seems Nick Saban doesn't agree with you, since he put ND ahead of TAMU and Ohio State in his coaches' poll vote.
ND the #1 most hated? Ok then. Some folks just aren't able to forgive. LOL Much respect to Alabama, and I hope we give you guys a good game.
It's a serious thing to lose a center. We lost Jarrett Patterson, who is one of the nation's top centers as well, and our OL has been significantly weaker since. You can see that the running game has dropped off, and there have been quite a few bad snaps.
And, if things don't go as you predicted, and the game is actually pretty close, will you then say that YOU are the moron? (Probably not...)
I don't think of ND as soft, either. But slow and backward offensively are not unfair to say.
I wouldn't take that as a given. Of course, I don't hate Notre Dame. I 100% DON'T think Aggies got shafted on name recognition. Might have been true 30 years ago, but Notre Dame hasn't rebuilt its name yet. I think it's that our biggest win is a bit better than TAMU's biggest win, and our loss is about the same, and we have a win over NC that TAMU doesn't quite match. Close call either way.
Notre Dame was one team in the first four games, and very much another in the last five. That happens. I certainly agree the team that played Louisville could hardly be called complete, with a bad to mediocre offense. But overall, if you look at the stats, this is a balanced team, and arguably more so than any of the other teams in the top four. If you look at the five categories in which past champions have typically excelled (rushing offense, rushing defense, passing efficiency, total defense and turnover margin), Notre Dame is in the top 20 in three of them, and the other three are in the top 20 in just one (Clemson is in the top 25 in three of them). Here's a table I put together with the rankings: RO n16 a55 o28 c80 RD n5 A31 o35 c24 PE n39 a4 o2 c21 TD n11 a47 o33 c12 TM n42 A22 o11 c42 These rankings suggest that Notre Dame is more balanced than any of the other three, in particular because their passing efficiency has improved a great deal in the last five games (from 131.55 to 160.22, which puts them in about Clemson's area).
Oops. Careless reading. I thought you were talking about Notre Dame, sorry about that. I suppose one could argue that having two national championships in the same time that Alabama has five might engender jealousy and envy. I suppose part of that depends on how old you are.
No, it doesn't, Darth. But one game does, if it's the final in the championship. Not saying we're there yet, but that's the goal.
Oh, and I think Notre Dame can beat Alabama this year. Not saying they will, of course. Not even saying that Notre Dame is the better team. But I'd love to see that game, and I'm sure you would too. :)
Hard to see where fans of a team that whooped Alabama last year has fans that are motivated by jealousy and envy. Just saying.
If Notre Dame is the same team it was in 2013, then so is Georgia. :)
If you want to say that an 89-yard drive that burned the last 4:30 off the clock and put the game away for sure is a "late garbage time TD," you can do that. It seems unlikely that you'd characterize an equivalent drive by Georgia the same way, though.
I must say Alabama looked impressive today against Auburn. A couple of other things: whether it's No. 1 is debatable, but this is a lot better Notre Dame team than the 2012 Notre Dame team that Alabama road graded. As far as all those "NC gave up 53 to Wake Forest" arguments, I don't think Kirk is basing his comments on the records of Notre Dame's opponents. I feel about the same way about that sort of argument as Alabama fans do when people make "they haven't played anyone" comments based on who beat their opponents.
I'm not going to claim that Notre Dame is a championship caliber team until they make it into the finals. But I'd say they have a good chance of making the playoff again this year.
Well said sir. I'm sorry that this happened. Looking forward to our games in 22 and 23.
We paid you 52 million dollars to play football with us and now you want to play football when we don't? The nerve of ya.
Funny, I was going to say the same thing. Notre Dame and SEC fans all agreeing about something. Strange times ... :)
I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing that before. Classy gesture by Burrow.
An exceptional win. We Domers know how good Georgia is.
Congrats to LSU on winning the SEC championship. I think you're a better team than Ohio State, who struggled for a half against a Wisconsin team that isn't as good as either Georgia or Alabama IMO. I expect that you'll be first seed in the playoff. I'm rooting for you guys to win it all.
I think if Ed O won the Miss America pageant, he'd be crying differently.
Sure they will. After oh, 10 years of Alabama being on the level it was before Saban got there — if that ever happens. Then there will be a million articles about Alabama being "overrated." After 20 years, there will be another million about Alabama being "no longer relevant." At least, if Notre Dame is any indicator. Not saying that will happen at Alabama. But if there's anything predictable about college football, it's the bandwagons that the lazier writers jump on to meet their deadlines.