My father spent 58 years of his life as a professor at Notre Dame, so I'm a Notre Dame fan. But I have great respect and admiration for the SEC, the strongest of the P5 conferences overall. Also, I have family roots in Tuscaloosa; some of my ancestors (General Rodes's wife and son, as well as some of his grandchildren) are buried across the street from Bryant-Denny stadium. So, while I'm a Notre Dame fan, part of my heart is in Tuscaloosa.

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Well said sir. I'm sorry that this happened. Looking forward to our games in 22 and 23.
We paid you 52 million dollars to play football with us and now you want to play football when we don't? The nerve of ya.
Funny, I was going to say the same thing. Notre Dame and SEC fans all agreeing about something. Strange times ... :)
I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing that before. Classy gesture by Burrow.
An exceptional win. We Domers know how good Georgia is.
Congrats to LSU on winning the SEC championship. I think you're a better team than Ohio State, who struggled for a half against a Wisconsin team that isn't as good as either Georgia or Alabama IMO. I expect that you'll be first seed in the playoff. I'm rooting for you guys to win it all.
I think if Ed O won the Miss America pageant, he'd be crying differently.
Sure they will. After oh, 10 years of Alabama being on the level it was before Saban got there — if that ever happens. Then there will be a million articles about Alabama being "overrated." After 20 years, there will be another million about Alabama being "no longer relevant." At least, if Notre Dame is any indicator. Not saying that will happen at Alabama. But if there's anything predictable about college football, it's the bandwagons that the lazier writers jump on to meet their deadlines.
This was a great game between two of the best teams in college football. I can't remember a game where I was so often amazed at a great play. A couple of dozen plays in that game would have been the one or two plays that stood out from the rest in the average top-25 game. Hats off to LSU and Alabama for showing the rest of us where our team needs to be — Notre Dame in particular — to be a real championship contender.
I don't reckon the coaches are unaware that they have no say in who gets in and who doesn't. So how would they be "doing their level best" to keep anyone out, since their level best doesn't amount to a thing?
Let's see. "We would have beaten them worse than they beat us if they were playing in our house, and the only reason we lost anyway was because of bad officiating." I know you're not a PSU fan, but how many times have we heard all that before?
Same could be said of last year, too. And then they went and whooped Alabama as badly as they whooped all those meaningless teams in their crappy conference. (But that was luck. The worst SEC team is still better than the best ACC team outside of Clemson, so Alabama was already half beat up from playing their oh-so-demanding SEC schedule. And then Alabama had to play that dangerous Oklahoma team, while Clemson got to play that pushover Notre Dame. If Clemson were in the SEC, they wouldn't have stood a chance.) Life just ain't fair.
The point being that the committee has a track record of rating good wins over good losses.
There's always a crowd like that until you start winning. Then they either jump on the "he was always one of us" bandwagon or go away. Right now, we have a dedicated band who hate Brain Kelly beyond all reason. Their tune used to be "Brian Kelly has shown that he can win at the Group of 5 level, but he's obviously in over his head at a program like Notre Dame." Now, it's "Brian Kelly has done a fine job of rebuilding the program, but he just isn't the guy to get us to the next level. Oh, and Chip Long is one terrible OC." So yeah, we Domers know how you feel.
Great win for a great guy. Looking at this game shows every Notre Dame fan what our team needs to aspire to to get where we want it to be. Two great teams played a great and inspiring game last night. Best of luck to LSU going forward. I hope you win it all.
"Talent wise they are on the level with the second tier SEC teams like LSU,Florida, Auburn, and Texas A@M." Isn't that about how they were ranked going into the Georgia game? If so, how is it that they were overrated?
Since you are using God to back up your arguments, let's have a closer look at them. "God hates cheating." I believe that this statement is true: "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love." (1 John 4:8) Therefore, if God hates, then God does not know Himself, and love hates. With these I must disagree, as I must with any statement that God hates anything.
Don't suppose that that something could be ... the Florida Gators? I guess we'll find out.
I was certainly pleasantly surprised by the discipline and fundamentals on our rather green defense. In only his second year as a coordinator-level coach (he was promoted from LB coach when Mike Elko left) Clark Lea is showing himself to be a top talent.
I'll stick around. :) Seems that only recently the SDS profiles have allowed you to select a non-SEC avatar, so there may be more of us around.
It's easy to dump on Notre Dame when you don't play them. Teams that play them often come away with the feeling that they are better than expected. We'll see.
Hey, we all make mistakes. Against that fumbled punt we had a dozen penalties, the most in Brian Kelly's tenure.
I have to say that Florida played pretty well against Auburn. I was expecting Auburn to win. But I still don't think that they're top five material.
Sounds like he's a Grand Valley fan, and wasn't at all happy about it.
Well, now. Recent USC fans have taken to feeling insulted when you refer to their team as "Southern Cal." Perhaps, by analogy, "Central Floor" is an even more ultimate troll. I hope I didn't just start something ...
Tim Tebow seems unimpressed with anything having to do with Notre Dame in general. (I know, he isn't alone there.) So, he looks like one of those people who is unimpressed by any team who doesn't roll over Notre Dame. That's fine, of course. I'm about as unimpressed by his comments as I'm sure he is about the fact that I don't Florida at all impressive.
Thanks MD. :) We were as impressed with the defense as anyone; weren't sure before the game how they would do. Bigger concerns on offense. Which is funny because it was supposed to be the other way around before the season. Injuries and lack of depth at RB have flipped that script.
Kmet sure had a coming out party after breaking his collarbone in August. As for making the CFP, we'll need some help, but it isn't off the table. If there are only three other teams with fewer than two losses, our chances are good. This wasn't the year we were supposed to have a sniff of the playoffs anyway, though. Folks were putting us about 9-3 pre-season, and putting Michigan in the playoffs.
I think we (ND) got outcoached in the third, to be sure. It was all the Domers screaming about conservative playcalling in the third. And then we put that great drive and stop together at the beginning of the fourth, and everyone was screaming about how we would have won going away if we had played like that in the third. That only worked because of the surprise element, though. We tried to score again with that two-minute drill stuff and you stopped us.