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Far be it for me to think the two Heisman winners should be near the top of the list and not a pair of unproven recruits who have yet to even see the field. Given all but two are from the Dynasty Era, to not even have Mark Ingram mentioned at all is weird.
Better than what he used to put in his mouth. Baby steps.
"It remains to be seen how LSU will look after Orgeron’s first offseason, but it is already miles ahead of last year." I see what you did there...
I disagree with your overtime. I say take the NHL approach. Both teams line up at the 15 and kick a field goal. If both teams make it, move back five yards for each overtime. If both teams miss, then move up five yards. Basically, the team that misses loses. Fake kicks are allowed but every kick is considered 4th and goal regardless of where it is kicked.
And I give my daughter a practice test before every spelling test. Am I helping her cheat by showing her where she is weak? This is such non-news.
"I’m a firm believer in the defending national champion remaining in the top spot the following season until another team disrupts the throne." And this is why I hate ALL polls. No one is entitled to any spot in the poll unless they have earned it. In 2011, Auburn was nowhere close to the best team but based on your logic, they should have been in top spot until they lost in Week 3 despite early evidence they were not going to do as well. Polls should be based on how the teams look right now. In that, Ohio State does not look like the best team in the country while Utah has the marks on the resume to support their rank. Ole Miss struggled in both SEC wins while UGA looks unstoppable. At this point I'd put Utah, UGA, and LSU in the top three and go from there as they are the only ones that have proven they belong there. The rest have looked poor or were lucky to get the wins they did. Of course, in the playoff era the media poll is useless in general. Committee has shown they will take the top four conference champions and no one else.
The SEC should grab this guy and pay him off. Then make it a collectible you can only get by going to each stadium and buying that school's piece.
Even more impressive is that fact Alabama sucked for half of those games. Wasn't until 2008 the Bama became a force again.
Forget the injury angle. Take on the four-hour game angle. Games are lasting too long as a result of more pass plays that stop the clock with every incompletion. The NCAA need to take on the NFL clock rules to speed these games up. That way Auburn gets its precious 6-second snaps (when they use them) but Saban and Co. get their few plays per game because the game literally won't last as long.
So let's bring back the computers to decide the top four. Other than the color of jersey Oregon wears (which varies week to week anyway) there was no difference in the match-ups and locations.
I slightly disagree. I think if Ohio State manhandles Wisconsin, they will get in over TCU. The top 4 are ranked regionally to ensure limited travel (Alabama and FSU are closer to the Sugar Bowl, etc). So I think TCU's location in the Top 4 is meaningless other than to ensure they play Oregon. But the playoff committee has said since the beginning that championships matter. With a convincing win over Wisconsin, Ohio State would have one more win than TCU but also the cumulative strength of schedule addition of Wisconsin. I just think OSU has the best chance to supplant TCU even if TCU wins. As for the Top four right now, FSU has the best chance to lose. Again, there place as number 4 is only to ensure they play Alabama in the bowl closest to the two schools.
Why should CSU take less? McElwain has been mentioned for Florida, Nebraska, and Michigan. CSU has plenty of reason to wait for the highest bidder.
Does no one copy edit anymore? Don't rely on the red swigglies. Actually read what you post.
Add-on 2 means the second add-on. I was trying to label them.
Add two more teams and break it into four divisions: North, South, East, West You play the three teams in your division, one permanent rival in the other three divisions and one rotating opponent in the other three divisions. Three and out players to the NFL then promised a chance to see every SEC school. Divisions would be North: UK, Mizzou, UT, Vandy East: UGA, USC, UF, Add-on 1 South: Bama, AU, Miss, MSU West: LSU, Ark, TAM, Add-on 2
Maybe it is me, but perhaps Gameday should just go to a game that will actually be on ESPN at some point that day.
They paid for Bear's house and so the benefit has continued. I would be surprised if most universities didn't have this benefit. And even then it would be considered a taxable workplace benefit. In other words, replace the word "Saban" with any other coach's name and I'd still have no problem with it.
If you listen, you can actually hear the printers in the Alabama weight room warming up.
Who would Alabama lose to? Auburn that allowed a young Arkansas to stay in it for an entire half? LSU that required the entire 60 minutes to finally beat what is to be middle tier B1G team? Texas A&M that gave up 28 points to an awful USC offense? Or Ole Miss that struggled to put away Boise State? It was week one. The only two teams that need to be panicking are USC and Vandy. Vandy could be put out of bowl season next week and USC could lose the East in two weeks. No one else actually plays anyone for another few weeks. Alabama's schedule is still their friend due to how the games lay out. Everyone needs some work after week one. But only two teams have a need to panic. Alabama will still probably be bowl eligible before they play Texas A&M and nothing I have seen this weekend changes that opinion.
And thanks to this article, tomorrow morning Nike will probably get a call from Bill Battle.
I think Art Briles gets it. He's shown a knack for turning around programs with fewer resources than Texas. He already knows the Big 12 and wouldn't have to do much in the way of rebuilding his recruiting pipelines as I'm sure he and Mack Brown visited the same schools. So, my money is on Briles.
I see Tennessee upsetting Auburn and maybe beating Arkansas. Butch Jones will win a game he shouldn't. He has the Vols believing, and getting Auburn in Knoxville when he has shown he has the talent to beat an admittedly weaker Georgia shows me he can beat Auburn. Plus, even a weak Georgia is better than Auburn. I also think Spurrier is losing control of his locker room. While I won't say Tennessee surprises USC yet... It is possible.
Or... The economy sucks and people don't have the money. I haven't been to a game since the recession started and I still don't have the extra money to spend on what I would love to do, attend a game in person.
And Alabama just played against their former OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR and still won by 25. Suck it up, black bear, you lost.
No, I think the BCS was gone either way. Even if the Title Game would have been the classic to end all classics, the hatred of the BCS was palpable. Now granted, the game may have hastened the collapse, but if there are four undefeated teams at the end of the year, there would have been renewed effort. The BCS was on a slow march to death. An instant classic may have slowed the march down, but it would not have stopped it.