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That statement's pretty rich coming from a fan of a Jimbo-coached team. LOL I don't have anything against aTm, but surely even you see the irony here.
I wonder how much of this has to do with Herb Hand. He didn't do very well at Auburn, and now looks to be missing on key prospects at Texas. I don't blame the kids for going where they have a shot at winning.
I could see the Auburn-Minnesota matchup going either way. I wouldn't trust Gus to win it outright, even though I believe Auburn has the better talent.
I heard from Boobie's cousin that he was a lifelong Bama fan who was really miffed he didn't get a chance to play for Saban. That could have something to do with it, or he might just not be that good.
Auburn also won once and almost won another time. UGA went and almost won. That's five SEC teams that have competed at the highest level over the past decade-and-a-half (and all of them but UGA competed at least twice). Compare that to any other conference. It is true that the SEC has appeared a tad weaker over the past few years, but I still wouldn't rank any other conference over the SEC. I mean, even in the last couple of seasons, we've seen Florida (and Alabama) beat Michigan (and South Carolina did recently, as well), Kentucky beat Penn State, UGA beat Oklahoma, LSU and Alabama beat Clemson (with Auburn playing them to the wire twice), Auburn beat Oregon and Washington, LSU beat Texas, Mississippi State beat Kansas State, etc. No, the conference isn't strong top to bottom like some claim, but it's the strongest from top to bottom for sure.
At this point, and it could certainly change, I would take Coach O over Kirby to lead my hypothetical program. His LSU teams have destroyed Kirby's "juggernaut" at Georgia two years in a row. He's a great motivator, great recruiter, has a great instinct for making the right hires, and he has a ring to prove it.
Surely, this has to force the SEC's hand a bit. Even just a few cases of COVID induced by out-of-conference game play could have a disastrous PR effect on the conference. I would love for football to be played this year, no matter the circumstances, but if the SEC follows suit, it will be a bit of a bummer.
This honestly just seems like a terrible idea. At the very least, games between major members of Power 5 conferences should be preserved.
This is just an inaccurate statement. I haven't met one Auburn fan who wouldn't prefer winning the conference/national title. Auburn fans are so unhappy with the 9-4 season that they want Gus fired. Of course beating Bama is great, but it's not THAT great. Don't delude yourself.
And I'm beginning to think you didn't get good grades in school. Even by your own logic, what you're saying here doesn't add up. If Alabama "followed" by implementing their light show into touchdown celebrations, Auburn has yet to "join the party" because there have been no touchdown celebrations involving light shows at Jordan-Hare. The only way you can say Auburn has "joined the party" is if you are talking about the act of getting lights for those purposes, which Alabama DID FIRST. If you want to say that your original post was only meant to say UGA used their lights first, fair enough, though your wording was ambiguous to the point of being misleading. But you can't speak out of both sides of your mouth. It honestly just sounds like you really thought UGA installed theirs first and are now coming up with every excuse under the sun to make it seem like you had a valid point to begin with.
To act like significant parts of Georgia (nearly everywhere outside of the core areas of the Atlanta metro) are not the same as Alabama is quite a mental feat. In fact, the parts of Alabama I see on a daily basis are far more developed (both economically and in terms of modern-day mindset) than where I spent parts of my childhood in South Georgia. As a Georgian, I do prefer my home state, but the Alabama hit job here is unwarranted. You look pretty salty, to be honest. lol
Get off it. Auburn went to two national championship games last decade (tied for second-most in the SEC and third nationally outside of Bama and Clemson, if I'm remembering correctly). Over the last decade, Auburn won 40% of the Iron Bowls that were played, had a Heisman-winning player, and won the SEC twice and played for it a third time. That's hardly what I would call a "pathetic" program. 48-45.
The wording of your original statement is misleading, and you know it. Bama didn't "follow" anybody if they installed their light system first. Stop moving the goalposts because you got called out on your inaccuracy. Yes, UGA made great use of their lights first, and it was a good moment for Dawgs fans and the SEC. But that's not the implication you made in your original comment, and no amount of snark you give changes that.
Annoying comment for sure, but well-deserved. Gus is pathetic in bowl games, even ones that should be wins.
Right. Their floor is still incredibly high, even with all the turnover, and with most major programs in the SEC having some pretty big question marks of their own, it's likely LSU could be a playoff contender next year as well.
Not surprising, but I think LSU will survive. Brady was instrumental in the success this year, but it wasn't a one-man show, and it's not like LSU doesn't have his blueprint. LSU had a great season in 2018, as well (which could have been even better had the aTm game been properly officiated). The program is in good shape. Depending on quarterback play, they could be right back in the hunt for the SEC and beyond next year.
If I'm not mistaken, didn't Trask play in fewer games? He certainly faced better defenses.
You and me both. For all the talk about Brown and Davidson coming back, that first half was a nightmare for the Auburn defense.
Just to be clear, then... Doesn't Gus have a better record against top teams than Richt did? Auburn also routinely beats up on weaker competition at GA Tech, Kentucky, and Vandy's level, so what's your point? Richt lost to LSU and Bama multiple times, which is noteworthy when considering Auburn plays in a tougher division. It's not like Auburn gets upset every other week, even though it's probably true Gus is part of more inexplicable losses than Richt ever was. Kind of balances out when you see Gus at least almost won a natty and has a better record against top competition. Auburn's problem isn't having to find a coach who could beat the lesser teams better or more often than Gus; it's finding one who could compete against the top tier competition better. No matter how you want to slice it, though, it's time for him to go. The Richt comparison is certainly apt, though I doubt we'll be able to find someone better like UGA did. Tough way to start out the New Year.
I just don't see Auburn doing much better than this under Gus. The sad thing is, the last three years collectively have already been an improvement. I bleed orange and blue and always will, but I don't think I'll be watching next season if Gus is still around. His flash-in-the-pan offense is not the answer. Chad Morris is not the answer. Auburn has fielded some of the most inept offenses I've ever seen starting from the Jeremy Johnson days. Glad we beat Bama this year, but that's about the only thing we did do. This whole year was a massive disappointment. Once again, Auburn beats up on obviously weak teams and falls to a majority of teams with a pulse. It's a pattern under Gus. Congratulations to Minnesota on a magical season.
Looked out of bounds to me but just got to keep playing.
Ugh is right. Hopefully the second halves will bring about different results.
Not only that, but it turned out to be a bad deal for Auburn. Auburn can't seem to get past Coach O even when they should.
What's up with that weird lead? Who has had the success Bama has had this decade? No reason to bring that up. Auburn appeared in the national championship game twice this decade, won one, and came within 13 seconds of winning another against an FSU team that had obliterated nearly everyone else on their schedule. Auburn has also been to the SEC championship game three times this decade to represent the hardest division in college football. Auburn has had incredible success this decade in their own right--how about framing it that way? With all that being said, I preferred the natty win to the Kick-6, though both are simply great.