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With Vanderbilt and the even worse Missouri squad coming up, Tennessee may just finish 7-5. Who saw that coming?
I can't stand UGA football. That being said, the Kirby Smart isn't a good coach talk is so overblown. The man is essentially at the start of his coaching career and has elevated the program in just a few short years. Hoping for a great game next week.
Auburn's defense isn't "that good." I've seen Missouri fans say some delusional things, but that probably takes the cake.
It's locker room talk. Coach is firing up his kids after a big win. Who cares? Nice to see them enjoy this, especially after all the doubters.
Almost lost? Bama scored a garbage time TD to make it look closer than it was. The game was really never in doubt.
Sure, but then nobody would be writing stories about him. lol
Same. Danielson obviously has a fantastic knowledge of the game. I'll never get the "biased" accusations. I've literally seen both sides of a Danielson-commentated game accuse him of bias over the course of the same game. lol If there's any truth to it, I haven't seen it. I personally like his style, but I don't have a problem with people who don't.
Right. Some of those throws were head-scratching. I get that he's a freshman, but that excuse only goes so far.
Auburn's defense being good probably had more to do with the LSU offense being out of sync than you're making it out to be. It's the LSU defense I'd be wary of--simply because that Auburn offense is terrible. Nix gave me Jeremy Johnson flashbacks with some of those throws. Was a fun one to watch, even though we lost. Hope LSU beats Bama in a couple of weeks!
LSU is number one right now, as far as I'm concerned. Defense looks iffy, but the resume speaks for itself.
"By and large, Georgia is classier than most..." No. UGA fans are the worst in the SEC, and it's honestly not even close. They're the first to comment on rival teams' articles, talking trash, spamming comment sections and message boards, etc. It's bad with Auburn pieces, but it's even worse for articles on Florida. I'd be willing to say it's just a small handful of very vocal fans, but it's not. As a UGA grad who's also a life-long Auburn fan, I can attest to the fact that these same people are no different in person. I only went to two games as a student, but I'll never forget UGA fans spitting on the rival teams' band. I'll also never forget getting death threats on Yik Yak for cheering on Auburn. Yeah, not classy at all. Not saying all fans are this way, of course, but the bad apples in the UGA fan base are as bad as they come. Maybe today will be a good dose of humble pie, but more than likely these same trolls will be back to beating their chests and crowning themselves king of college football before too long.
Loved Verne and Gary. Never understood the hate.
In the last decade, Auburn has been to two national championships, won one and came thirteen seconds from winning another. Auburn has also won the SEC twice and has been to the championship game three times. Historically, Auburn is one of the winningest FBS programs of all time (yes, behind UGA, Tennessee, and LSU, but above Florida). Auburn has had three Heisman winners and has stayed relevant in most decades. I'm not saying Auburn is number two, but to act like the other programs are all great and Auburn is somehow a peg below them is ludicrous. I know it's hard being a State fan; I wouldn't like it much, either, but seriously, it's time to stop projecting.
The use of "This is by far the biggest..." to start out back-to-back paragraphs is what got me. I'm not sure anything on this site is proofread. lol
Bratton is the worst. He had an unpaid speeding ticket that he never paid. Really?? I get it. The editorial standards here aren't very high, but this guy doesn't even try.
"The quarterback for the Memphis Express left the Canadian Football League earlier this year after being banished from the league after failing to meet the requirements set upon him when he signed with the CFL." That might just be the worst sentence I've ever read. But then again, it's what I've come to expect from this writer.
Not sure you know what "bottom feeder" actually means, but I'm afraid if Auburn can't correct issues on the coaching staff, that's certainly the direction this program is headed, at least relative to fan expectations.
Like I said, I'm not speaking to this year's team alone but the program in general.
Auburn is better than some, worse than others. Not talking this year alone, but just in general. Certainly the program is above State's, though. lol
Almost 100% sure he won't emerge. But that's not even an issue right now. I think most fans just want to see the offense clicking.
Here's your first one. It might be rash, but I'm sick of losing big games. If Gus had just kicked the field goal like a normal human being in the first quarter, the game might have been totally different. Just ridiculous. Hats off to LSU.
Oh, whatever. Could he have been more polite? Sure. But Paul is way overblowing it with his "rule the world" talk. And not that it matters, but anyone with half a brain would have avoided that question. lol
The article did have a few errors, and not just in spelling/grammar, but in overall flow and structure as well. It's like it didn't get proofed at all. I'm not placing the blame on the writer. Sometimes that's more to do with the editing staff than anything. Even good writers don't always catch every flaw in everything they've written. Also, ironically, Hater's comment isn't error free. lol I get it, one is writing a published piece and the other just a comment, but it still strikes me as slightly comical.