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Neggie Baby, You’re behind…he announced today that he is going to…Middle Tennessee State University. Your sources let you down!! He wants to bring them back to their previous glory. Go MTSU (insert mascot name here.)
Reply to: Negan You are such a little man that people call your (NOT “you’re”) Johnson…John!
Haters hate. Cheaters cheat. Pearl will be out before this contract is over. Auburn will pay him double his buy because that’s what they do. Red Neck heaven! Unbelievable!
I’ve said it before…We watch 3 hours of commercials with a football game interspersed in them. Greed is rampant in these times!
Watch it! A lot of very old, very senile fools on here. (Where am I?!?.)
ATM has been cheating since Coach Bryant was there. Haters hate. Cheater cheat.
We did see it the next year when Mac Jones broke all of J B’s SEC records.
Haters hate. Cheaters cheat. Pearl is a cheater. All of his cheating ways can be found on the NCAA website.
Or what you will hear in a few months: I did not pay J Smith to come to Tenn…um, Auburn!
AU posters can’t stand another team to have a championship. They post poorly and play dirty. That’s their culture.
Poor cry baby! Yeah, I want my son to play for him…NOT!!
You UGA people have to argue about anything and everything. You win a Natty and still argue. How I wish so much that you remember all the 1980 jokes!!
I agree, doesn’t matter who is under center, look at the players returning.
Yes…you do not need to go through the portal to transfer, but if you don’t, you have to set out a year. With the portal and NIL enjoy the last few years of college football as we know it. Things are changing at warp speed. I’m going to miss it!
Don’t dis Munson. One of the best…NO the best ever in the SEC.
Don’t hold back, Troll, what do you really think?
Not ever having played organized football at any level, what is “press coverage.”
CIM,NUTC (2020) What does any of this have to do with GA? He transferred to TN. Give it a rest.