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Yeah I am a big time Vols fan but js it's a young team every year. Time management sucked and play calling sucked. Florida isn't exactly an experienced team themselves. Until we go back to power football we will continue to struggle IMO. I'm not trying to bash Butch I like the guy and he's a phenomenal recruiter, but this is the season we were supposed to see how he can straight up coach not recruit. As of right now under Jones we've had the same success as Dooley. What was the point in firing Dooley if we settle for more of the same. I'm not necessarily calling for him to get fired, yet! But we need to evaluate debord and we need to wait and see. If we drop all out big games then I would be fine with pulling the trigger. I mean we need to beat bama georgia ark mizz or florida and we're already 0-1. Moral victories only go so far.
He had the balls to go to his press conference and say they're a young team learning to win. They've been supposedly learning to win close games for 3 damn years under him. I see us struggling to make a bowl game right now unless things change.
No he's not muschamp. Muschamp at least had some sec wins not named Kentucky Vandy and SCar.