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Offseason news has hit a new level of boring.
“One of the last red flags of the Will Muschamp era was the Swiss cheese defense displayed during the final 6-game losing streak…” Sometimes I wonder if this site actually covers college football. This Swiss cheese began in 2018 and was on full display in 2019. Then there was this nugget: “ It’s difficult to see this group producing anywhere near the games that the Gamecocks enjoyed the past 2 seasons when it was one of the best units on the team in upset wins against Auburn in 2020 and Georgia in 2019.” And that was it those two seasons. And really against UGA Makuamu had a great game, the unit did not. QB’s have done whatever they wanted for about three seasons against SC. The coaching staff wasted talent. The personnel athletically, probably takes a hit but a better system should bring improvement no matter who is back there. But improvement in this unit doesn’t mean they will be good, just incase I need to make that clear.
0-12 yet being competitive in every game would be an improvement. Most decent teams have a "how did they lose that game" moment once a season, SC was it for Auburn last year and Vanderbilt was even more of a dumpster fire than the Gamecocks where.
I think I am going to be disappointed by the outcome of NIL. I'm rooting for chaos. As a Gamecock fan I am not entertained by that football team. I used to really enjoy watching Alabama cause I like defense but defense is not a thing anymore but I hope they keep winning cause angry Nick Saban is the best thing going in college football. All that to say I look for the entertainment value which is rapidly decreasing in cfb. So I am hoping all the NIL stuff creates pandemonium but more than likely not much will change for watching football. Have a good day buttplugs.
Negan. Normally I am entertained by your outlandishness but most of this is just wrong. I doubt Beamer will be a good hire but Muschamp had to go. He was never a threat to UGA. They snuck out the win in 2019 when Kirby decided to be more of a Muschamp than Will that day. Only in 2018 was it thought SC would threaten UGA and the dawgs steam rolled them in Willy B. Sure they went to bowl games his first three seasons but it was that last bowl game where it was clear the nose-dive was upon us. They lost 28-0 to the powerhouse known as the Virginia Cavaliers, and got worse from there. If I was a fan of any other east team I would want Muschamp to stay put too.
Colin Hill is a key loss. This article should not be taken seriously.
“The distribution from the SEC cut the athletics department deficit to $27 million.” Copied that to make sure I did not misread it. $23 million of free money reduced the deficit to $27 million? Thats out of control. Probably should have been closer to a deficit of $14 million, after the supplement. Poor decision making was not listed among the causes of the deficit.
I'd rather not see the playoff expand but the "too many" games argument that is always made against it makes no sense. The two teams playing in the FCS championship play 16 games every year, and that is assuming one of those teams has a first-round bye. If they didn't a team could potentially play a 17th game. It already happens every year.
That first paragraph is spot on. It will not stay at 12, in addition to your basketball example, playoff expansion has happened in the lower divisions. It will happen in FBS especially since it's such a cash cow. Each time the right people can figure out how to increase the profit. And good for them if they do, but to believe that it will expand to 12 and that satisfies everyone - that ain't happening.
Never liked the auto-bid idea due to winning a conference. Your statement should be all that is needed to see the error of that format.
The conferences weren't formed and don't exist to be a feeder system for playoffs. If that were to be the case then they all need to cease to exist as they do and the NCAA should group the schools.
This welcome news. Hasn’t been any good news from the basketball team in a while.
I don’t care about the sportsmanship aspect but spin it however you want re: top scoring baseball team. They are the #4 seed, from the Horizon League so yes UT was expected to win. How many players on their roster did Vitello recruit? It was over-celebrating a game you were supposed to win.
All of this is correct. Some season's I wish the Gamecocks had at least two of them on the schedule.
You really need an answer to that question or just trying to find a way to take a shot? If you need the answer it's because when they are done with the out of conference they do not get to go play in that trash league on the west coast. If you just wanted to take a shot, do better.
This is the second time someone from SDS has suggested Miami will be a challenge for Alabama. Miami is one of those teams that people keep predicting “will be back.” The Tide will steam roll them. I know these games are scheduled years in advance but nothing about SC for the last several years suggest they should go on the road for non-conference games other than Clemson. Another bang up job by the athletic department.
Was unaware internet comments kept a football coach from doing his job. You must be a sunshine pumper.
Only two for the Gamecocks? Would not have been hard to make a case for more.
Still don’t see SC as for sure in. Currently 28-17, 12-12 in conference. Two SEC series left which they most likely fall 2-4. Split their remaining two non-conference games 1-1. They will do jack in the SECT as always, one more loss. Final record of 31-23, 12-14. One quality series win, swept 2x (as of now), and they have been on a steady decline since the competition picked up in the second half of the season.
Bentley’s freshman season was good. Which is why most of the rest of his time was so frustrating and puzzling.
Probably no way for this defense to be good with the talent on hand but something as simple as actually making tackles will show instant improvement. We saw this from those terrible 2014/15 teams for a few seasons then they regressed the last couple years. Would think changes in alignment & coverage have to help something. Horn drafted #8 and Makuamu drafted too. So... NFL talent on the roster yet an opposing QB could do anything he wanted the last few seasons so long as he threw with accuracy cause some was always open, then of course the first to guy to get to him (cause someone had to make the 7-yard journey over there) wasn’t going to tackle him.
I have no idea how that happened. Nothing about that makes sense.
"Who else gets in? South Carolina definitely..." I hope so. They are at risk of finishing with a losing conference record. With the slump the offense is in they will not win the series against MSU nor UT. The play UK on the road and have been a bad road team this year. They have to go 4-5 from here on out to finish with a .500 conference record. Most seasons a non-losing SEC mark gets a team into the postseason, occasionally a sub .500 record in conference makes it. So I hope that does not deviate this year, but fewer out of conference games could impact the selection process.
No doubt the immobility of the QB did not help a thing, but it was not a good group last year. I recall watching plenty of bad O-line play. Double-checking just to make sure it's not my memory: Pro Football Focus gave them a rank of 100 as a unit. The numbers available on football outsiders are abysmal, the highest rank they had in any category was 75th. If you avg all nine categories they have the rank comes to 96.
The OL was not good last season. How Kevin Harris lead the league in rushing is a tribute to his tough & smart running, the use of the fullback was a help too. No passing threat to help him all season either. He can have another great personal season and/or the RB corps can do well but until they can pass worth anything and the defense remembers how to tackle it’s going to be another crappy season. Beamer buying in on the OL lessens my confidence in him.
Joyner was not used by the previous staff despite a few declarations earlier last fall that they needed to get him on the field and get him the ball. One of their biggest mistakes. You might be right about the rest.