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Been no news on Jalen Brooks status and he's not on the depth chart. The NCAA is stupid.
Alright, if you’re going to play the “I’m a better fan than you” game at least make some sense. I’m not wishing negativity on the team. Watching 30 years of mediocre football does not leave reason for optimism. It also doesn’t mean I wish for negativity. Are you one of those people who actually think someone’s thoughts have an actual effect on the team? I don’t expect a new coach to change anything; where did I make that case or the case a new QB changes anything?
...reply I made on here. Evidently my typing is difficult.
Full disclosure: I think they are all L's. I picked the win I did just to be difficult based on another replay I made on here.
Mike Bobo the savior? No Will Muschamp’s best South Carolina defense yet? If they can tackle consistently, which is nothing special. What should we make of Muschamp’s situation? Nothing. The buyout in this Covid-riddled season keeps him around. Game by Game projections: UT - L UF - L Vanderbilt - 2OT L Auburn - L LSU - L Bye - L A&M - L Ole Miss - L Mizzou - L UGA - L UK - W
Sure I'll do that if you will do such for first 4 UK wins in that 5 game streak. A UK fan citing "USC Jr" in football is a joke. Sure Gamecock football sucks, they still better than Kentucky.
Nope They probably did not have the funds after last season and who knows what things look like financially after this season. More importantly it seems Ray Tanner doesn’t want to fire him and so far school administration agrees with the unwarranted contract extensions he has given Muschamp.
There are some bold predictions on here (and I hope you are right), but #1 ain't anywhere near bold. Given Tanner's enthusiasm and willingness to over-reward Muschamp it will probably only take a 5-5 season for him to give Muschamp a two-year extension.
What to expect from Mike Bobo's offense? I thought there would be a difference in play-calling from Roper to McClendon and I believe there was for a while. But then it was back to the predictable throw either too long or for about 2 yards on first down. Run up the middle on second down. Pray the opponent's defense makes a mistake on third down. Never take a shot downfield when time is running out in the 2nd quarter. So what I expect at this point is nothing useful cause between SC and UF Muschamp can't get a consistent offense on the field regardless of coordinator.
"In other words, all the concessions came from Wade’s end, which is not the way innocent people respond to false allegations against them." Maybe this is true for Wade, sound like it is, but it is not true in all cases. When you write "which is not the way..." that statement means: this is how things happen all the time in any situation. That is incorrect. Individuals and companies will concede because it can be less expensive and time consuming than defending themselves. I thought that was common knowledge. Here is why I make this comment. I have a love-hate relationship with this site. It is usually a good source to quickly get information and as a Gamecock fan there are not many good sites to pick from without a paywall, and even the ones with a paywall from what I can tell do not offer much worth reading. And in an article like this the agenda is not politically driven and I'm sick of politics in sports and sports media. But there are also an abundance of articles lacking depth and the amount of mistakes y'all make, specific to writing, is rather incredible. So thanks for what you do well but please do better in some rather simple ways.
First, it is good to hear some positive news. Regardless of outlet its all bad news practically all of the time. Second, he did an excellent job answering the questions, most of which were typical no substance questions.
3 things: Yes whoever wins the NC this year is the champ, thats all to that. There will be no spring football season for the others. Player safety has been a hot topic for a few years now. They ain’t doing two seasons in one year. Gamecocks win it all this year for no reason other than that is the most Gamecock thing to do. Win a natty when there’s really only 3 conferences truly competing and it’s easily dismissed as a serious title by everyone else.
Games in blizzards are no good, I hear ya but I don’t want football in May or June. It begins breaking 90 in enough of the south in May and the ballsack swampfeat accompanies that. Working in the heat is fine. Watching football in it, nah.
Once upon a time he understood defense. Would like to think he still does but performance largely says otherwise.
“ Think back to just a month ago when the Big Ten announced it would play a conference-only schedule for the 2020 season. It was almost universally praised as the league having the foresight to save the season.” You really believe that? This is the exact pattern since about March for anything that gets canceled. Modify, delay, say [fill in the bank] is still happening. Its what people do to give the appearance of trying. Reactions to Covid are varied and inconsistent, information about this virus seems to change weekly, and people are worried about liability. There was never going to be football. I hope what I hear about the SEC forging ahead is true but still don’t see football happening this year.
What is the point in social distancing on a sideline when you are around the same 50-60 guys you have been around since August and everyone got on a plane together?
He ain’t wrong. Also he’ll be missing that guaranteed W. They trip over themselves every season in an ACC game (sometimes it cost them the game but never the division) but by late Nov they remember who they are and I hate it.
Most of the graduates from The Citadel do not enter the military.
Don’t see how it can get worse so default answer is better. But amazing things happen in Columbia when it comes to getting worse at football so I bet they can find a way to do it.
Muschamp apologists - any of those left? He will be there thru 2021. This season, if it even happens, will be excused regardless of record. The buyout is still a stupid number and who knows what things look like financially after playing home games with only 20,000 in the stands which is what it looks to be right now.
Mostly correct. Most of the bad pay part came after giving him a 3 year extension after the 2nd season. An one year extension was all that made sense at that point. But then he got another one after 2018 which was senseless. And yes Tanner needs to go. School did a terrible job in hiring him. No searching at all. Just thought they owed him the job. They could have paid him much more as a baseball coach, that was earned. The AD job wasn’t at all.
Gamecocks also have to adjust to a new offensive system without much of a spring practice to begin learning it. They were awful on that side of the ball as it was.
Dawn Staley is the only with an actual loss here. Sure the contracts says the others are to be paid but they aren't earning it, just her.