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“SEC had 15 of 26 CWS final participants from SEC” But wut conference were they from?
Yeah, they had some wins that practically felt like loses, that’s a Gamecock staple. If UNC = quality win then UF & Auburn do as well. No Muschamp would not have done that. He would have never made the QB changes to. He did once his first year when starting Jake Bentley mid-way thru the year. He peaked early in his sophomore year then struggled hard. Never benched for performance.
Neither ever turned it into the winner they had at ND & UF but both elevated the program and left it better than they found it.
The program could be more successful then not become successful. I said compete for natty’s & conference championships which they do. Undefeated 2004 and played for a natty in 2013. They have been in two national title games even in Saban and Bama’s shodow. I don’t recall the conference title game count and ain’t looking it up right now. They got more to claim than plenty of others in just the SEC alone.
1. This whole situation was not entertaining given how much coverage it received. We need something like a UT coaching search that lead to Pruitt. That thing was a gold mine. 2. “Only Auburn”. Yeah its kinda dumb, but what other little brother school out there competes for natty’s and conference titles like they do? It happening in Columbia. Might be something to this “Only Auburn” business.
At least someone in the college athletics world admitted this playoff business isn't about the best four teams its about money. Which is fine and we all know it so the charade can officially be dropped regarding that. Long been thought the playoff was a response to the Bama-LSU BCS title game. So now that the same two SEC teams have met in playoff twice they gotta get it figured out how to keep printing money but that requires the involvement of other teams. But expansion doesn't guarantee that. There can still be an all-SEC title game. I think it possible there could be an all SEC semi-final if it goes to 12. Either way people would tune out then too. Being on Monday isn't the problem. This thing has always been on a Monday but this season it's suddenly a problem? That's not it.
Ahh this part "rules that are written smartly". It doesn't seem common sense has been part of this rule from the beginning. Remember at first it was throw flag, review and if determined not to be targeting then the player wasn't ejected but there was still a 15-yard personal foul enforced. That was completely stupid and removed the following year. There's no way to legislate the game to be completely safe. Something absolutely had to be done and is being done to make it safer and that goes beyond penalties. We forget how fast this stuff happens. The way targeting is now, there are times when defenders are essentially being asked to redirect their bodies in an impossible manner to avoid a penalty when no malicious intent is present and the crown of the helmet happens to be the first thing to make contact or the ball carrier's head happens to be the first thing hit. Throwing a dude out of a game and missing time on another game, when that is the case, isn't fixing it.
So, wut I take from this is UGA needs to hire Spurrier to coach on Monday.
Sorry not reading Beamer's comments that Satt would be canned but reading Beamers reply when asked about coaching changes. He was asked something along those lines recently and it was coach-speak.
I think getting rid of Satterfield was only conjecture by fans. From fan comments on The Big Spur there was a lot of "seeing what you wanted to see" by "reading between the lines" of Beamer's comments that Satt would be canned. I have maintained Beamer never had intentions of firing him. I agree with your conclusion that it will be more of the same. Perhaps if Rattler is a different maker that won't be obvious next season. Beamer has grown on me but I'm not convinced Satt is the answer at OC.
I think you assessed correctly. SDS two days ago: Josh Vann expected to return. Quick search right before posting this: Josh Vann expected to return. Farner today: Josh Vann listed under key losses.
There was no reason to expect anything different than the results we have.
I’m aware of the beating SC received from UT and it’s irrelevant to anything I said.
I don't read much on SDS outside of the SC stuff & the general SEC stuff. Never read anything by this author that I'm aware of, so it's good to see the SDS staff remain consistent at saying dumb things. This guy is still on the Ole Miss fake injuries narrative. UT had dudes going down too in that game. I didn't see the bowl game, and while I'm sure not all the injuries were legit to keep pushing that as if UT is guiltless in the same thing is dense. They were a surprise team this season for sure. I thought Heupel was the cheap way & quick way out after firing Pruitt with the possibility of having to pay his buyout and potential NCAA sanctions. Incredible job with that offense. But back to relevance. No, that's not a claim you make after one season. But sure go ahead and add the Vols to the Texas and Miami narratives we have to hear about each year.
"We're going to use DK some at quarterback". Good job professional football coach. Could have had that conversation months ago. Satt is now the second, if not third, OC to instantly overlook Dak.
This game was in Tennessee and there was a controversial call. Yet not one mustard bottle or golf ball on the field. I thought I knew y'all. That meltdown in Neyland this year was by far the most entertaining moment of 2021 college football. I know repeat performances are hard but give us something.
Well, that sucks for the 2022 squad but can't blame him. Although was a little surprised given his numbers took a big dive this season. But that wasn't all on him either. The back injury that kept him out of spring and most of fall (and the first game right?) had to be more of an issue that what was made public. He and the other RB's also largely had no where to run for most of the season. Hope it works out for him, appreciate him playing in the bowl game. I'm glad the imminent danger posed by a bowl didn't ruin his NFL future.
I believe it was visible when this was first posted, someone below said he has since deleted the tweet.
Yep. ESPN owns 18 bowl games, has long been a factor in scheduling due to their TV coverage, and soon enough will have all the SEC football TV games. They are ingrained in college football and provide the vast majority of the content for people like Dodd (again, whoever that is) to sit around and talk about and evidently make a living on. This clown ought to be grateful for everything cfb related otherwise no job.
I'm tremendously glad this happened for and because of him today. He's put in much work in his time in Columbia and IMO been underappreciated for it.
Satterfield is a reason they will win; is this a satire site now?
Mizzou & UK both lose, rest of the games are correct in regard to the winner. Bama beats Cincy by a min of 30.
Dukes is the only mayo. But taking a bath in that sounds disgusting. If I was a D1 coach I just donate the money myself versus putting the crud all over me.
I would love for Satterfield to prove me wrong. That is a good thing for Gamecock football.
Did Stetson Bennett bang all the SDS writers’ moms? Y’all hate this dude.
The SWAC & MEAC champs are contractually obligated to play in the Celebration Bowl which conflicts with the FCS playoff dates, rendering Jackson State unavailable for the playoffs. As it stands the conferences don't have much motivation to change that up. The FCS playoffs can cost a school money where as the Celebration Bowl is a revenue generator for those conferences.
Nothing really. Beamer was asked something last week about staff and he gave a coach speak answer. Sort of understandable, I don’t know what these reporters expect to hear. Some initial fan reactions to that is their “reading between the lines” seeing what they want to see and believe a move will come after the bowl game. I don’t think any changes are coming.