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Gamecocks also have to adjust to a new offensive system without much of a spring practice to begin learning it. They were awful on that side of the ball as it was.
Dawn Staley is the only with an actual loss here. Sure the contracts says the others are to be paid but they aren't earning it, just her.
So far he is an expert on the subject. Defenders are generally 6 ft or more away from ball carriers.
One of Spurrier's final mistakes was not trying to hire him after Florida fired him in 2014. Muschamp is a better DC than the patch work dual coordinator thing they had in 2015 and he could have been recruiting coordinator too. The thing Spurrier didn't do and didn't want to do would have had a better answer than what they had. Who knows maybe they still would have sucked but it was pretty clear that keeping that defensive staff together was going to be useless.
My definition of success is an opinion. Its a good one, but may not prove to be true. Wasn't sold on him from day one. Had no idea he was a candidate until he was hired.
Thats an "I"ll believe it when I see it situation." He's had talented players and OC's as an HC yet always putrid to avg offenses. Kurt Roper was his first OC at SC, Muschamp was high on him too like he is Bobo. I thought his playcalling was wildly predictable and ineffective, but so was last season. Muschamp is the constant and so is lousy offense. As far as who is better? Who really knows? But pretty clear that unless what you say happens, and I'd prefer it does, that WM just isn't a good HC. So I don't know but the school has a baseball coach serving as AD to figure that out.
Success will be getting Muschamp out of there for under 10 million. Which is still an unwarranted number, but the buyout will be around 13 million after the season. So figure out a way to save a few million, that's about the best to hope for at this point.
They wouldn't let the man through a pass, maybe someone will grow a brain on that offensive staff and get him the ball at receiver.
Never underestimate South Carolina. They are absolutely capable of losing 10 games.
MJ, you can't honestly think the two are on the same page. Right?
This is mostly a clickbait website about a game played by 18-22 year olds, I don't take stuff on here personally. With that said I can appreciate a good internet slap-fight so here goes... How do you think changing the subject by citing part of Gamecock football history proves I do not do my homework? That was not the subject. That disproves nothing I said, and you got what you said wrong. Gamecock football was not relevant under Holtz; for a couple of seasons it looked like it might be but then it went straight back to 5/6 win seasons. He was influential in the hiring of Spurrier, which was the most important thing he did in Cola. With Spurrier around it became relevant for a bit. I'm aware of where Holtz was prior to coming to SC. There's a little bit of Gamecock football homework for you. Feel free to copy it and use it properly at some point. So sounds like yewtee got a good coach. Did SC get the dregs? We'll see. If you want to think that so be it. Evidence for Hughes would suggest he did just fine in his role with UT though. But we'll see. If you want to discuss - I'll willingly discuss. However I'll say this, I haven't spent much time commenting on this site until recently. What little I have seen from you does not come off as someone who wants to discuss (until this comment I am replying to) but you're welcome to show me otherwise. If you want to talk trash - I'm here for it. It's part of the fun of sports. If you want to tell me I'm wrong - I got time for that too but you need to do a better job of trying to prove it.
Rocker's contract was up, that's why I did not say both of them chose to leave UT but that may have been the case. Noteworthy however that the next DL coach was not announced until Rocker had another job. Outside of this article Hughes has not referred to as "former director" just simply the director, present tense. And I do not know what service you look at but I have seen how UT recruiting has done, it's been doing very well. So before accusing someone of not doing their homework maybe you ought to read thoroughly. And no I have never heard of Chip Long, don't care. I'd be glad to have your ignorant take anytime on anything, I appreciate mindless comedy.
Well, there's alot of assists leaving Cola lately and its all probably irrelevant cause this season needs to be Muschamp's last. Where is that obnoxious Vawl fan who likes to talmbout the rats jumping off the ship in Columbia? Gamecock football will likely never be anything special. So I would love to hear his take on why at least one if not 2 staffers chose to leave the powerhouse in Knoxville for the dumpster fire in Columbia?
Nah Next year's class consists of one recruit after the decommitment. Meanwhile UF has 8, UGA has 3 including a 5*, and yewtee has 4. Looks like he's falling behind in recruiting too.
Guessing this is wut da vawls do to feel relevant now? Troll on Gamecock portions of the site. Y'all ovdere on UGA, UF, Bama, LSU? Didn't think so. Had a winning season again but still not near winning the division (won't be anytime soon). So have to do something I suppose to bump the self-esteem.
You can still cut the cord. You're nit forced to watch football.
Doty and Lloyd who have yet to be on the team are already impact players? Cool.
I screwed up several words in that comment. SDS should give me a contract with a stupid buyout for being a commenter. It's clearly a precedent in the coaching industry that you don't have to be effective to. E a millionaire; why not bring that over here?
Every time there is a recruiting article or discussion on any platform there talk and hope of hiw new players will impact a team. Why? Unless you're pulling in elite class or at least a few elite players such a thing rarely happens. Players like Lattimore and Clowney who were physically NFL ready as freshmen make impacts. They even had a 5-star guy in Pickens and how often did we hear his name. The only reason Hilinski saw the field was Bentley's injury. Muschamp has had classes rankes like this each year and he doesn't develop talent. Nor does he use talent effectively. See Dakereon Joyner, they are wasting his time. Doty should decommit yesterday. Nothing will change in 2020 including articles and hopes that the 2021 class will make a difference.
Glad they have a foundation to work with. I was concerned a few guys would depart the O-line and then they would have to put inexperienced players out there who would, for reasons unclear to me, move a defender out of the way on 3rd or 4th and short. That is not how this offense is designed, don't want anyone messing it up.
If he follows suit he'll do well next year away from Musclecramp. I hope he does. I used to think his shortcomings were mostly on him but after another highly touted QB struggled on a Muschamp team its up for debate where most of the faults lie for Bentley's inconsistency.
Ahh, the ol' fire the coordinator before you're ultimately canned anyhow move. Because even though the coordinator is not good the HC is the ultimate problem. Nice.
All that means is it sucks less. Still sucks tho.
I would think he would want a or is it some school records which he could capture with one more game? However if he's not 100% I hope he doesn't play. His coaches have shown all year they aren't going to show up, then much of the rest of the offense follows suit. He can't beat Clemson by himself, no bowl, what's the point to go out there not being able to play at 100% when most everyone involved with you won't give 100%?
I believe he was only intending to compare the first 3 years to anyone else's first 3 but is still garbage. Spurrier's first season was 11 games. He didn't get the 1-AA game in 2005. If that had been the case Muschamp would be tied for wins in that time frame. There's more that could be said about what a stupid statement that was. This guy is dense.