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"But giving up 38 points to Florida has to lead to some acknowledgment of misdeeds." Sure it does but throwing it all on the defense gives no thought to the context of the game; but when is context ever part of journalism anymore? The Gators did not have a lead until the 4th. The TD drives in the 4th were 52, 29, and 37 yards. I'll even concede break that down by avg yards per play and it ain't good. Point is they started with good to great field position, that's not on the defense. Florida punted 7 times, tying a season high for that. The Gamecock offense couldn't stay on the field, not the defense's fault. When that happens at some point you wear out physically and mentally too. So I don't know, maybe take a moment to figure out why 38 points were scored instead of just going 38 huh? Guess the defense sucked, better put that in the article.
This is correct. Great win but nothing is reset for him in the minds of fans. Right now this is an anomaly and not the norm. The defense and run game are finally showing signs of life but I'm not holding my breath yet. The offensive line has made little if any progress and offensive play-calling is perplexing too much of the time.
This isn't news, Dabo has a hardon for yelling at the kickers.
Yep, it was a stunt. He looked into tyring to go up on a billboard. The Toyota dealership is a sponsor of the station and they were the first to call in among the local businesses reached out so no surprise they were the first and were "settled on". Circumstantial evidence suggested this was planned and I think on Wednesday was when he mentioned he looked into the billboard thing but insurance would not allow it.
Newfound? It was one game against a team not doing so well.
This was not a rout. Good win for this team, very nice to see some things from a Gamecock team not seen in a long time but hardly a rout.
"The expectations are great, we understand that." False. Great expectations would not tolerate losing to that UNC team especially in that fashion. Nor would they tolerate a feel-good loss to an elite team. Certainly not the embarrassment of a product put on the field last week, and great expectations would fire the coach not meeting them after they lose 6 in a row to UK this week. Glad you believe in Muschamp Tanner, we no longer believe in you.
Seems like a muscle flex by the school. The Snake screwed something up, it was a big screw up but certainly not a surprise. While on the subject of apologies when will the fans get one for the product on the field and another one for knowing it cannot be fixed with that ridiculous and unmerited buyout in place?
Great start for Hilinski but ultimately nothing matters until after the Bama game. Gamecocks lose by no small margin this week and they must dismiss it just like this win must be. Next two conference games after the Tide will show where they are really at.
He was lauded as a great or even good hire by most fans. The general consensus was "eh". So fans aren't turning on him, he's showing us he won't get it done, and doing so in embarrassing fashion.
Muschamp will not be on the hotseat regardless of how bad this season is going to go. I don't think the buyout prevents him being there either. I simply think his boss will not put him on the hotseat. Even if by some unexpected move he is fired the next coaching search will also be a flop.
Muschamp will not bench Bentley. Should have happened a few times last season. So it's time for Tanner to bench Muschamp. Even without his JB love that coaching job yesterday and constantly fielding bad o-lines & defenses has been enough.
Despite a good record last season I guess da Bears want to continue their losing ways. Never gave Shaw much of a shot either.
The Gamecocks have a way of making unknowns look like All-Americans, couple of y'all too confident here.
Dabo has become an organizational master-mind. He' surrounded himself with excellent coaches, he's been a good recruiter for a while even before becoming the HC. He is not a top 5 scheme guru. That isn't his offense, nor his defense, he is not the play caller. He's done well to recognize what he isn't and put the people in place who are.
So...the author gives the entire Saban quote to give the appearance of keeping things in context then proceeds to write an article based on one word ignoring the entirety of everything else said. Building up the resume for a job at Fox or CNN. Hope it works out. As far as the game goes. For anyone who payed attention to both teams all season you know Clemson played their best and Alabama far from their best. That hardly means if Bama plays their best then they win, they still probably don’t. But it’s not a 28 point loss.
Dabo will attack Alabama's defense by jumping up and down a lot and complaining to the officials when things aren't going his way. By that I mean if Alabama is playing better than Clemson he will assume the officials are missing penalties. Pay good attention to him sometime during a game when Clemson is losing, he turns into a whiny cuss. I know how this must sound coming from a Gamecock fan but its true. Now how Jeff Scott and Tony Elliot attack Alabama's defense is a different story and are the names which should have been in the article.
Bentley had not played that poorly in a while, but I agree this is not as much on him as people want it to be. He's an easy target due to his general play last season and about half of this season. He turned a corner after the bye week. He's not the reason they do not have a run game, cannot tackle, cannot cover, cannot figure out the opponent is going to through the ball to the same dude all the time. He gets some blame, not as much as people want to give it to him because they are too lazy to recognize the other problems this team has.
Reply Fail. Previous comment belongs above to pma. Here's what I meant to say to you. SC just lost a game which is embarrassing even by SC standards, no hiding from that. However, it does not change the fact, at all, that the ACC is weak and Clemson benefits from a weak conference. But I'm sure we are the only fan base who would feel that way. There's no way any UGA fans would throw some shade on the ACC if it was GT and not Clemson in that position. No, not y'all.
I don't doubt your conclusion. But if this is the criteria for staying in the SEC then most of the league needs to leave.
If he did those scouts need to be fired. He played very well from the UT game onward, but I can't imagine him being NFL ready at this point.
Why does SDS put out these "bold prediction" articles with hardly any, if any at all bold predictions? How about just No. 3. Have you kept up at all with Gamecocks football this year? The secondary always gets torched.
Bentley has put together a good second half season, has good career numbers but he's not NFL ready. If Deebo wants to sit out some mid-tier exhibition game to avoid injury I don't blame him at all.
That wasn't an explanation at all. Especially considering the one time they've ever given Scarnecky meaningful snaps was against Mizzou when the entire 3rd was played in a downpour. He handled the ball. Seems like the coach-speak is increasing. Used to appreciate that about Muschamp, he didn't use it much but that has changed this season.
They still have a realistic shot at 6. Chattanooga is supposed to be a win. As things stand they should also beat the Vols. Ole Miss on the road, I’m typically not optimistic about road games but their defense is awful right now so Carolina has a chance. I think the other games are losses. That’s 6-5. Disappointing but they need those extra bowl practices.
TV is the culprit. Ole Steve Spurrier once got a little aggravated after a game where on a rare occasion SC did what they should have done to a lesser team. Most the fans were gone by the 4th qtr, not just students. It was Sep, noon kickoff, over 90 at start time and temp only gets worse as day goes on. No reason to sit in the hot when you know the outcome. Before everything was on tv just about every kickoff in the early season was 7 pm. With the way streaming is now they could still have most games at night and still televise them. Ain't like a national audience is tuning in for South Carolina vs Coastal Carolina just because its on SEC Network.