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"Don’t believe everything you read." "Luke Doty is ready to be a star" Where exactly would I have read that? I have read that nowhere. He's not even assured to be the starter, Gamecocks looking at a 3-9 season at best this year.
I believe around 20-something departures, but stopped counting a while ago. No one besides Kevin Harris was a consistent contributor last season and is the only expected major contributor this year. Although with the new transfers SC is primed for a run at the Sunbelt title. As for UT comparison. There dumpster fire is burning more rapidly right now but Columbia’s has been burning longer. So this fan base is better equipped for it. Many Vols still don’t understand they aren’t good.
Tennessee is still putting together a staff so this one may not be complete just yet.
Do recruits meet Jessica first? Maybe think about rolling her out there first before some assistant coach.
Know what makes it even better? Is when no one, not the AD, not the board of trustees who approve these things, ensure offset language makes it into the contract. Evidently that is the way to go.
"At times in the past 2 seasons, the secondary was one of the best units on the team, if not the best against Auburn in 2020 and Georgia in 2019, which fueled those improbable and impressive wins. Do these games complete the list of the times they were the best unit on the field? Nothing else comes to my mind. They were a constant liability otherwise.
I don't know if you always live up to your screen name but no doubt here.
This makes no sense. I don't find any fault in these dudes who want to leave, the program has been a wreck. If it has something to do with being upset that Muschamp is gone then please leave. But FSU is a dumpster fire too. Why not go somewhere you have a chance to win? He did not leave due to lack of playing time. Wonder what the benefit of going form one loser to another is.
Turn them into a group of 5 team? Have you seen the product on the field in the last three years? Group of 5 would be an inmprovement. Who knows if he's a good hire, was not who I wanted as a fan but there's no way to say it's a bust hire at this time. Also if Gunner's gone, then he's gone. One 5* is not the linchpin of success for a program.
Guessing this is for DC? Don't see how you get a dude to leave Florida to come take the same job at South Carolina.
If you cover the SEC for a living then you know LSU’s win over SC was not about TJ Finley. He played well, sure. But this defense was a special kind of awful from a place that has had no shortage of awful defenses in its history and excels at making first time starters and no-names look like all conference studs.
I think the SEC expects teams to take a bowl invitation cause yes they do share the money. Extra practices; how many can that really be with the game on Sat and does it even matter since its the remnants of the old regime running stuff still? If they are going to be doing anything right now I’d much rather see them giving more time to strength training and learning whatever the new system will be. All of this season needs to end and move on to 2021.
The game is on Saturday. The two extra practices will be a huge help for this group...
No. I will not be optimistic about Gamecock sports presently. If in years 3&4 Beamer posts winning records I will consider looking forward to year 5. Year 1 is going to be another dumpster fire, just not enough talent. Hope they get 4-5 wins in year 2.
It did make sense to keep Holbrook, and he was kept longer than he should have been. Kingston appeared to be a one man search also. He had a good first year as you said, the second was ungood. Had to keep Muschamp due to the unwarranted extensions that Tanner proposed and was approved by admin. Muschamp earned a one, at the very most two year extension after 2017. Not three and he was given another year after 2018, never should have been a thing. We also don’t know Muschamp was the only one who would have taken the job, that is an assumption. It was not even a bad hire given how the search had been run. Which was also not done well. If Beamer was Tanner’s No. 1 then I too am afraid its a mistake. The facilities got their start from Spurrier’s work and influence. I hope Tanner is raising money. The athletic department was somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 million in debt before now owing Muschamp 15 million and whatever the assistant buyouts will cost plus all the new contracts for Beamer’s staff. His most important role as AD is hiring & paying coaches. He is not handling that well.
Yep, one of the best things Spurrier did. He wanted teams that could be a threat to win in conference. Once he got that, beating Clemson was a much easier task. At the time those were some of Clemson's best teams until they stepped up even more since 2015. Obviously becoming a competitive team in the SEC no longer equates to beating Clemson anymore. But we should be able to field a team that can be expected to make elite teams earn the wins. It's a given that the Clemson game is a blowout every year. That has to go.
This continues to get worse. I assumed there was mitigation language in it. The salary initially offered Muschamp was reasonable, these stupid extensions and the buyout being 75% were the I knew it, now this. Tanner is not good at the most important part of his job. He has now hired four coaches: 2 football, 2 baseball. No's 1 & 2 are out, No. 3 is looking bleak at the moment and No. 4 (Beamer) of course remains to be seen. What I fear in the Beamer hire is he is the guy Tanner wanted all along, which so far means he is not the guy.
Some of you Vol fans are doing it right with the humor, albeit different from what I am used to. This is my first football season outside of the Knoxville area since 2015. I loved to hear the meltdowns from callers on the radio after a UT loss. It was nothing with UT itself, it's that there was at least one serious 10 win prediction by a caller each season, and it seemed somewhere someone could be found who was astonished by each loss. Now some of y'all are sounding like the Gamecocks used to. Mocking and sarcasm are about the only ways to smile when your team sucks. We have moved on to apathy ourselves.
This is not a plan. The only thing he can try to plan for is to quit getting blown out all the time.
The players loved Mushcamp. Muse would take a bullet for him but not catch a football for him.
Coaching: I (HC), F- (Defense), C (Offense - Bobo was decent) QB Play: D Receivers: F Running Game: A+ (Y'all please do not transfer) Offensive Line: F All Defense: F - although I am not sure if you can grade something that does not exist.
Report: Nothing has changed. Beamer is still the leading candidate per everyone everywhere but nothing is official yet. Just time for another post.
They are moderating the comments now? This should be special. We'll see if this gets through since it hints at criticsim. Some of the SDS boys are thin skinned.
Bizarre decision - used to that. Winning - not so much. Think he is the best candidate out of the people they have bothered to contact. If you care about winning you make Freeze and Meyer tell you no.
If the ACC would admit what they are doing I think this would be rather entertaining, would not care. In this jacked up year where the Big 10 will get a team in playing only 5 games, then absolutely do what is in your conference’s best interest. Just don’t give people a bs reason. Would be great if ACC commissioner would just release a statement saying something like Yeah, we want a shot at getting two teams in the playoff. Probably won’t ever have this chance again so we doin it.”
Not winning a division is not a requirement for post-season play. This is a tired argument. 2011 Alabama is the team you meant. As the regular season played out, they were the second best team that year. The best team happened to be in the SEC west also. Bama lost by three to them in OT. The BCS’s goal was to get the two best teams to play for the natty. It happened most years, it did for 2011. The following year the SEC had half the conference finish with at least 10 wins. UGA was a few seconds away from giving ND the curb stomping instead of Bama doing it. Several teams were good enough that year in the SEC to win about any other conference. A team not winning a division sometimes means jack depending on how strong a division is and how weak others are. The conferences are not equal, so not winning a division does not mean a team isn’t still worthy of playing for the national title.