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Baloney! Tennessee has consistently ranked not lower than 7th in attendance since 2010 and didn't even have a winning record until 2014
Y'all are doing all the talking hot shot. Tennessee coaches and players are getting ready for Appalachian State.
If we had an accurate Q.B. who could consistently complete the passes you have to complete to make this offense work, this conversation wouldn't be taking place. Most of the passes he did complete, required a "great catch" by the receiver. Yes, some were dropped/missed but we need better accuracy from our QB. Plus his pocket presence is horrible. So we have a trade off.....lack luster passing for a mobile QB. I think this tradeoff definitely affects DeBord's play calling.
Tennessee and Arkansas in the SEC championship game
oh but I really love the campus down in Georgia. The way the campus blends in with Athens, it's just so cool. And Athens is almost like a little San Francisco foodoo faffa. Really neat restaurants and shops. Love that view from the causeway overlooking the stadium. A beautiful setting. But really all the towns are sort of similar but kind of neat in their own way. Oxford, Baton Rouge, Fayetteville, Tuscaloosa, Gainesville, Knoxville,Nashville, Lexington, Columbia are all really cool towns. The SEC rocks!
Actually the comments are better than the article. Over the past 50 years I've been to all of them except the two new schools. They are really all comparable, except Vandy, Kentucky, Ole Miss and State. I think LSU and Florida are the loudest. I think its something about that humid air down there that the holds the sound in. Tennessee is close because the stands are straight up and down and you have hundred thousand people right on top of you. All the schools have good game day experiences, but Ole Miss is probably the best. The Grove is ultimate. Once down there, I was served thin sauteed steak slices from silver serving bowls by waiters in white coats. This is tailgating I'm talking about. The State fans usually have the best cat calls, but you have to be a redneck to understand them, but they're pretty good