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Please Hire Lanning, so we can all move on. He will probably fail, under the ridiculous pressure...but he's the guy. Throw the largest ever contract at him, and move on.
Don't worry, yall will fall short next year too.
Saban didn't want to coach semi pro football....which is where we are at. Respect to Saban, the game is completely different.
All this conjecture... it's Dan Lanning... that's who Alabama wants, and he wants them. Whether he's Shula, or not.... we shall see. Honestly, get ready for a dry spell Crimson Tide.
The UF Team in the 2000s.... better. But, go on jawja
Hahahhahajahajjajaj A vacuum took a loss
Well doc regardless, how I feel..and I agree with you. I dont have your exquisite mastery of language, the punctuation bothers me. You make some dope posts, I read them, you write really well. Anyway.... GRAHAM MERTZ?!?!??!?!?!
He like Columbia, you? It's so underrated as a destination. It's a inexpensive stay, great food and near 95.
That knockdown/rebound was fantastic. Young man was fantastic today, a bright future, so many promising underclassmen.
Y'all would have won that game 7 of 10 times.
Also, the moderation on this sight is an absolute joke. Probably the worst on the internet, a complete joke.
Graham Mertz. So much smack talking on here, when the Gators picked him up off the portal. SO. MUCH. SMACK-TALK. Si’down chief. Kid is legit, he has been the absolute highlight of this season, the Gators would possibly be 3 and 4 without his outstanding play. As it stands, we have a shot at Atlanta. Mertzenator indeed.
Embarrassing?!?!??! Wtf?!.?! UT was favored?!??! UT was supposed to beat UF in the swamp. GTFO THIS IS SUCH BULLSHOOT.
Nope. We own the Vols. Always will, always have. Period.
You kid isn't sure what they want to do(common).... You would send them to UGA over G.T.? For football?
Players?!? I see Deons annoying kid, but the rest are coaches. Deon is gonna turn College football into the WWE. Look, I like the guy, rooting for him... but I Wireshark he would dial back the s h i t talking. It's gross, amd has no place in collegiate sports. These are kids, students(supposed to be) not professional athletes. It's gross