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As bad as we are, no, not really. Somehow, we are still the best in state team. Amazing I know.... Given there is literally no other programs in Missouri, grats on being the best in your state, whatever thats worth. He ll, y'all cant even keep an NFL team in the best city in your state...
He wasnt called out... He literally said it himself, on national TV. It was like one of the first things to come out of his mouth, his complete ignorance of CFB. Then he picked tOSU, in Ann Arbor....
Riley is a likable Mullen with a better staff. Also...Riley aint leaving OU, hes already got a ticket to the SEC. Why would he leave one of the beat jobs in the country, that is healthy and rolling, for a current disaster like like UF/LSU.
Im sure Urban will have some openings. If there are no press conferences involved, he will be successful.
He is no where near as bad as Danielson. Not remotely...
Watching him on Fox right now. The guy ain't coming back, at least not this year.
Kiffin would be a disaster in Gainesville imho. Cristobal aint leaving Oregon. He'll have the Ducks as Bama-West in 5 years. Its literally the best situation in CFB outside of Bama. All the money. Campbell, a great HC, would fit as well as McElwain did. Napier has worked in some of the best systems in CFB, Saban went out of his way to steal him from Jimbo/FSU to fill a spot. Im good with Napier, if thats how it all shakes out, and the sooner he gets to Gainesville, the sooner he can right the ship.
He lost the team, he lost the faith of the boosters, and he was disliked by all of the local media. I feel like the majority of the fan base was indifferent, but a vocal large minority disliked his arrogance and lack of humility. Mullen will land somewhere on his feet, no doubt, he is an excellent offensive mind. I feel like he should be in the NFL, coaching And and developing an offense. A situation where he is not the face of a team, where he doesnt have to recruit qnd he can just focus on X's and O's.
The kind where I don't have an employer. I haven't worked for another person since I got out of the Army, nearly 12 years ago.
I don't get the infatuation, though, again, I am biased. I saw the smoking hole that was FSU when Jimbo scampered out of the panhandle. During his time w/FSU there was constant controversy and scandal. Jimbo without Jame is was a 10 win coach, at best, in weak ACC. On top of that, he has one of the best contracts in Football.
All dependant on who LSU signs, but at this point, its looking like Napier is gonna be the next HC at UF. If LSU signs one of the big fish they're after, Kiffin, Fickell, Aranda, etc. its a mute point. Imho Aranda is the guy. But...if they don't, and LSU has to settle. Seems like a huge mistake. I think Napier would have signed with LSU, over UF, all things equal. It's gonna be years before we know
It's crazy, outside of Bama and UgA, Arkansas has one of the best coaching situations in the SEC. Just goes to show, it's not the guy, so much as the fit.
Both C OVID and v accine are moderated... Amazing, what a time to be alive.
Yeah…. The team that fired their coach over the C OVID v accine…
From the outside, though I am admittedly biased, it seems Florida immediately focused their attention on Napier. Seems a bit like LSU is going after every big name in CFB. Going after Jimbo, Fickell, or Franklin, to me at least, is a mistake. Napier is right up the road, one of the hottest names in Football, and has history with LSU. A bit of a slap in the face to not focus on him. We'll see how it shakes out, but if UF signs Napier, and LSU is left standing with out a chair.... Y'alls AD will get some heat. However, if Stoops is the worst y'all do, it could be worse.
It was Chip Kelly, Mullen, and Frost. EVERYONE, felt like anyway, was high on Frost. I feel like Mullen was the third option, Frost was only ever going to Neb and Chip wanted nothing to do with Gainesville. Somehow, amazingly, both Frost and Chip have sucked. Mullen was good-very good and got fired first. Frost is a goner, but Chip, wiley old veteran coach, he knew to stay far away.
A large portion of UF and FSU undergrads get their graduate degree at the other university. Heck... If one of my children wants to study law, or become a clown(lol) I'd tell them to go to FSU. It's cheaper anyway.
Twitter isn't real... Anyway, Lane's not wrong, also given his history, his interactions with former teams, he's probably tired of it all. A rivalry doesn't need to be hateful... Besides, a team should want to win every single game they play. Look at Saban, the benchmark, he pushes his kids to their limit regardless of who they are playing.
There is no way UF drops the FSU game. Tallahassee would riot, half the lawyers that live in the state went to FSU. A good portion went to UF undergrad and then FSU Law.
Mullen embarrassed the guys with the fat wallets. The quickest way to get fired, from any job, fast food to big wig corporate, is to piss off the people that have/control the money. Mullen was abrasive to the media, the fans, and now it turns out, his staff. THIS WAS A KNOWN ISSUE WHEN HE WAS HIRED He was arrogant, unapologetic, and immature. He didn't recruit well enough, he made poor personnel decisions, and he made terrible coaching staff hires. His defences were absolutely atrocious. Had Mullen had even a modicum of humbleness he might still be HC, but he was dead set to maintain his air of B. S. I hope Spurrier weighed in, one way or the other. Spurrier is, for better, or worse, the patriarch of UF football. I certainly hope he had an opinion. Hopefully, now he helps find the next HC...
With Knox running the practice?! Naaaa, it's time to hit the reset button. Going to a bowl in New Mexico, or some other obscure local and getting beat by Directional State University would be worse than calling it a season. It's time to focus on next season...
This season can't end fast enough. Even if we beat FSU, doubtful, Id prefer we pass on a bowl at 6-6.
Florida-FSU SCAR-Clemson UgA-GT If they want to keep it, they can.