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The future is the Transfer Portal. Bama doesn't need him, he needs them.
The LSU AD has been trying to get rid of Coach O since day 1. His only claim to fame was he was able to pay A&M to pay a massive amount of money to lure Fisher away from a dying FSU Program. All these complaints about the not relating to the Kids because of Trump,etc.,etc are coming from his people This move is very similar to Texas Tech running off Leach. The results will be just as bad plus they paid the man $10M. No big time coach is going to LSU. That's why Coach O got the job 5 years ago.
This is another hallucination coming out of the LSU AD's Office. Why would a coach leave a successful program backed by Nike for Baton Rouge. The LSU AD always hated Coach O and his ego will be the downfall of LSU Football.
Why would Fisher, Sweeny leave a program on the upswing to work for this idiot AD. LSU will pay a heavy price for this.
The AD is an idiot. Neither of these two guys would leave to work for him. LSU goes in the Tank after next year.
Can't believe LSU is this dumb. AD always hated the coach so now he gets his wish. LSU goes in the Tank after next year.
When the Media/Hollywood puts ugly, fat women on the box than the Twitter half Wits can speak. She's a Smart Good Looking women who's good at what she does. Go Girl!
Unfortunately complementing a woman or even admitting you like pretty women is a crime. If she was a Lesbian and Bradshaw was gay than their would be no issue with the comment.
LSU isn't going to fire their coach. This is the same Media that thinks Kiffin is a genius.
Saban mind game for his team, "Were no longer elite". Yep, 5 Star Recruits 2 deep at every position needed to be reminded that everybody in the SEC is a tough opponent. This is why he's a truly great College Coach.
Leach has always won with inferior defensive Talent. MSU is the best defense he has ever had. They will get better. Unfortunately Bama will be ready to play because Saban has been has been on their ass for a week. It will be a miracle if MSU stays within 17 points.
Kiffin's prowess as a coach is all hype. Tennessee this year hasn't beaten a quality team and will once again finish near the bottom of the SEC. If he had stayed nothing would change. With UT and OU joining the conference Tennessee is doomed to the lower realms of the SEC forever.
Tennessee has won against inferior schools and lost to quality programs. This is hype.
UT & OU are not going to get a discount for leaving early. Further the Mouse & Fox are not interested in paying either or will the put up with anything that reduces the Big12 P5 Status. This has never been about Brands only Eyeballs.
Neither UT nor OU should be in the Top 10. Neither defense can stop a Parked car.
Who cares? Neither team is very good.
Jacksonville is a horrible football team with a rookie QB. If Meyer was replaced by a deity(Your choice) they still wouldn't win. As to the great scandal, try being in a hotel where the entourage stays during the week before the game, "Hooker Festival".
State has a better team than people think and A&M has a much worse team. Leach has always had success against A&M so why the surprise.
Is this like Poker? Does A&M get a pass and not have play Bama? That's nice of the SEC.
Loser will be one game above A&M in the Cellar. Kiffen is all Media hype.
A&M was vastly overrated, than lost their #1 QB. After State loss A&M will be lucky to have a winning season. Bad Luck + Rebuilding= Suffering in SEC.
Nobody gets fired at LSU. LSU and the SEC West does what they do, lose to Bama and beat each other up. MSU is the sneaky time to watch. Leach has won with zero defense before.
Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State & Cincinnati. UC gets their moment in the sun and it's Bama vs OSU again.
Aggie Football is a Biblical Quest. It started with Broyles Hogs than losing to SC at the Liberty Bowl because using a Screen Pass was apparently a mystery to Emory Ballard. Now we chase Bama every year like everybody else.
Nice to see Hogs rise up. They were friendly rivals in the old SWC as opposed to others.
NCAA Football is the SEC & Big 10(The Big 2) & the Little 3(Pac12,ACC Big 12).
Florida is good and UT hasn't played anybody. Rough Weekend.
Bama may be "Beatable" but you have to play a perfect game to beat them.