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Unfortunately Mr. Richardson is stabled with mules. UF is a .500 team at best and with the SEC improving UF is in trouble.
As spring returns it's time for the SEC to disappear from the NCAA Tournament and return focus to Spring Football & Baseball.
This isn't about endowments. Boosters will find ways to pay because the NIL makes it easier to pay.
Penn is already trying to corner the market on Trannies.
Paying players didn't start yesterday. All they have done is legalize the same thing SMU got the Death Penalty for.
The College Presidents are drunk on TV money. Education went out the window years ago.
USC Recruit: Your 18, your living in a Free Beach Front Condo, your driving a Free fancy car, your making money in movies & your girlfriend's name is Shasta or Bambi. Taxes will not be an issue.
And the Music Business with it's Personal Service Contracts.
At USC(University of Spoiled Children, Sister School of SMU) you can be in a movie(That's how John Wayne started) and get paid whatever the Picture wishes to pay. Your 18 year old ,5 Star Recruit is not going to turn down Money, Movies, Beach Front Condo, Fancy Car and girls named Shasta.
Like USC who's collective will be Hollywood or like Oregon who's collective will be Nike or Texas who's collective is the Permian Basin oil fields.
UF has big problems. Napier returns them to Geo, Bama level will take 4-5 years.
Miami and FSU are not going to return to the glory days. ND is contractually tied to NBC.
The SEC isn't going to breakup the SEC West or East. UT goes West, OU goes East.
USC, OSU & UT protect the Rose Bowl's spot. Old Money.
Both you and Ellis are correct. The NIL will make the corruption that SMU and the old SWC did look like kindergarten in less than five years.
The ACC Commissioner is the guy stuck with the worst TV contract. He wants out and has no way out for several years.
Napier has a lot of problems rebuilding UF. While UF usually can get anybody they want the demise of the programs at FSU & Miami has opened up Florida. UCF playing in Florida & Texas, plus their size(60K+) will be the "Other" Florida team if are not already.
Nashville is a player in the Entertainment Business. That means they do have money and are not restricted in the way they pay people. If Vanderbilt and TN decide to go full in and pay they will rise. Think USC here, you can be in movie's, TV Shows, Music, and have a Girlfriend named Bambi or Shasta. Plus be a millionaire before you are a senior or skip out to the NFL.
USC just bought the Coach and QB of OU. The Collective's can't compete with the Movie business or the Oil Business. The NCAA & the Presidents knew this and did nothing.
Whatever A&M spent or didn't spend is nothing compared to what Texas & USC will spend in order to win. It's very good to be a 5 star recruit.....
It's also how it's going to stay.
TN has the Entertainment Business which allows for "Flexibility" in the way folks are paid and they do have money. Texas owns the Permian Basin which makes them the Saudi Arabia of College Football. Think A&M spent money? We have not seen anything yet.
You are correct. Texas, USC, UCLA, Oregon are vast oceans of money that can and will pay whatever they want. The other Big time schools like Bama, Georgia, UF, OSU, UM, A&M, LSU will pay but their donors have different corporate structures which restrict they way they pay individuals or employee's. Th
The University President's were bought out by NBC,CBS, Fox & Disney.