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Agreed. They need to have a specific portal entry period at specific times of year depending on the sport. I thought they did but maybe because of the pandemic and free transfer stuff they lifted all that for the time being.
That's a good point about the suspension thing, as it is they can just run away and avoid the suspension. But I would say those players should not be allowed to enter the transfer portal if they are under or have been handed down a suspension until AFTER that suspension is served.
Why not just save some airline fuel and have both teams fly back to CoMo together, play the game on Saturday and give Miss State Sunday to walk back? :)
Lol, obviously I haven't been to Neyland much, but yeah when you experience something for the first time the things that stick out are usually the things that are odd or unique about the experience. The hometown fans there were great though, no doubt about it.
How many more tons of crumbling concrete will fall off Neyland stadium between now and then? And why does Washington get the nicer looking boat in the press release graphic?
I think he'll make an immediate impact retuning punts, we haven't had a good one in a long time. Of course it feels like we haven't forced a punt in a long time too.
Yeah I think this is 100% the result of Brian Kelly hiring Mekhi's HS coach. The timeline of the hire, then him entering the portal a week later is quite telling imo.
Defense could use some more veteran leadership that's for sure. Manuel is a good leader but there's a lot of young guys on that side of the ball. Somehow, someway they've got to get back to being able to get pressure off the edge, hopefully Hopper can step right in and help accomplish that.
Expansion was on the fast track until Sankey let it leak the SEC was adding UT and OU. That's not really debatable at all. There was absolutely no rush to add them, they are both tied into their grant of rights for 4 more years. A little common sense and he would have waited for expansion to get signed off on FIRST, which like I said was on the fast track early summer. There would have been none of this garbage that went on after the announcement, none of this Alliance crud would have surfaced. He just didn't think it through well enough and wanted to beat his chest too soon. Live and learn.
Yeah, the less people who have a stake in it the less will be interested. What the NFL has going for it is gigantic fan bases for each team compared to college teams, including all the P5 schools. P5 fan bases on an individual level are absolutely dwarfed by the average NFL team. The more regional NCAA football becomes the harder it's going to be to survive and keep viewership.
Well they certainly shouldn’t throw debris on the field, but please Dak don’t act like they shouldn’t be frustrated after a quarter century of seeing results like yesterday, that’s a battle you simply won’t win. “Support” doesn’t look like throwing stuff on the field, but it’s also unrealistic to think standing up and applauding yet another early exit because they’re with you “think and thin” is what support should look like. Players use the “in the heat of the moment” excuse all the time for doing sht they shouldn’t do during a game, the way that game ended was about in the heat of the moment as it gets for fans as well.
Yeah I agree too. And I don't see how or why that isn't doable either.
Oh I agree, but it's just as petty to get upset about it and post some kind of 'comeback' statement on twitter over it.
He was only in the portal a few days, you would think he could wait it out longer for a better offer. But, with 2600+ kids in the portal you don't want to wait too long because there are no where close to 2600 spots.
Yeah there are classes or categories there I think. He's not all-time great in the same category as Saban or Osborne, but the broad stroke great that includes outstanding coaches like Holtz, Mack Brown and Switzer I would say so.
The NFL absolutely owns January time slots after New Years Day, so the ultimate solution day/time slot wise is to configure the playoffs so the Championship Game is New Years Day. I'm not sure how they do that without even having a workable playoff format but even playing on a Saturday up against NFL games is not going to increase viewership much, if at all. I really don't think it being on Monday is the issue, it's always been on Monday, people are fine with Monday they're just obviously not fine with watching a game they just saw a few weeks prior.
That's right. Going up against the NFL on either day would be viewership suicide.
I remember Chris Kiffin being mentioned for the Mizzou DC opening last season. I can't remember with certainty if he actually interviewed or not but I'm thinking he did and it probably would have been a pretty good hire.
Yeah so here’s how my evening went. Emptied the dish washer, got dinner going for us, ate dinner then got the wifi photo frame set up we received as a gift kind of worried I’d have trouble getting done by game time. All went well with plenty of time to spare. 8:00 game time relaxed and ready to go. 8:17 we were down 22-3 flipped over and watched The Great Escape with Steve McQueen. Good movie.
Quad 1 wins are a tool to help determine and separate bubble teams and help with some of the more mid-range seeding come tournament time, right now like you said they really don't mean much because Quad 1 is a very broad stroke. Beating the 69th ranked team on the road is a Quad 1 win. I don't feel like repeating this whole thread so you can just read my comments on why I don't think Auburn has done enough yet to be considered #1 in the country this week.
A year ago Paul was making the argument that Texas was not a blue blood in the sport and was quite frankly "irrelevant" to college football. Now he's referring to them as a "blue blood" being added to the SEC. Lol, the fence that Finebaum jumps over from side to side must be about 8" tall.
Like I said, Auburn has a very good team this year and could possibly be ranked #1 at some point, that's certainly not out of the question. But today at this point in time they just haven't beaten anybody yet to put them ahead of Gonz or Baylor right now imo. They haven't even played a Top 15 team yet and that's the only question mark at this point. We know they're good, but worthy to be #1 right now without a top win is hard to say.
And rankings should count when you play them because it goes both ways. Sure UConn has dropped out but they were 22 when AU played them so that counts as beating a ranked team imo. By the same token Alabama was 24th and shouldn't count as beating a Top 10 team just because they were ranked in the Top 10 weeks before playing them, or weeks after playing them.
Team rankings, I like it because there is a calendar and you can pick the week, even a particular day of the week although they don't change daily obviously.
Clearly I'm not using current rankings because I'm giving Auburn credit for beating 22nd ranked UConn, and so are you.
That's a good point, I can only imagine the Saban worshiping that would be going on had Mac Jones been a former walk on when they won last season, or the amount of shade thrown at Ohio State if Justin Fields had won the Heisman and then lost to Bama.
@PortPatrol: ya know by the end of the year Auburn may be ranked #1, but right now like we said above they're hard to judge because they've played zero top 15 teams and it's hard to put them in a category with Baylor or Gonzaga who have already beat multiple Top 10 teams. I just don't think they're in that category... yet. There's a lot of parity, but it's not Auburn and everyone else or Auburn, Gonzaga and everyone else by any stretch of the imagination which is where CFB-Fan seems to be wanting to put them right now.