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He'll be a decent coach just like he's been every else he's coached. He'll probably win more games than he loses and some years will be better than others. There's really no reason to think he'll be a whole lot better or a whole lot worse in the SEC. We've seen other coaches/teams from other conferences come to the SEC and have success, and we've seen other coaches come to the SEC and not have success. He's a good coach, he'll be a good coach in the SEC too.
That's probably because back in March/April you could only get tested if you were showing symptoms. Now a lot people are getting tested on their own or for work related reasons without symptoms. So yeah, I would expect the % of positives would go down.
I think that's a real possibility, but you would have to start earlier than that. The NFL might push the draft back a little but they're not pushing it back all the way to late June or July.
Linehan wasn't employed either, Orgeron got him from the unemployment line. The fact still remains, he wasn't at all a guru in the NFL, just an offensive coach not particularly unique and a journeyman. Martz, Andy Reid, Sean Peyton, Kyle Shanahan, Kingsbury, Bienemy, all coached/coaching more creative offenses than Linehan ever did.
Mike Martz is a guru, built and designed the GSOT, Bill Walsh was a guru, Sean Payton was an offensive guru. Linehan isn’t and never has been in the same breath as those guys. Does that mean he’s a bad coach, of course not. It just means the author over sold his NFL resume, Linehan wasn’t an offensive genius or guru in the NFL. He was a decent coach in the NFL but not particularly unique at all. And I'll move along when I dam well feel like it.
I didn't mention one thing about what kind of hire it was, but I did say he wasn't necessarily a bad coach. My comment was responding to how overstated the author made his resume sound, especially by calling him a guru and then specifically mentioning his Rams tenure which consisted of 3 years of pitiful offense in particular. Mike Martz is a guru, built and designed the GSOT, Bill Walsh was a guru, Sean Payton was an offensive guru. Linehan isn't and never has been in the same breath as those guys. Does that mean he's a bad coach, of course not. It just means the author over sold his NFL resume because he's wasn't an offensive genius or guru in the NFL. He was just an offensive coach in the NFL.
I didn't say LSU wasn't good. I never said anything about LSU. We're talking about Linehan in the NFL. He was a journeyman with by and large average offenses, maybe a better than average one here or there every so often, but not a guru.
What does CoMo have to do with any of this? We're talking about Linehan being a journeyman coach in the NFL as opposed to a legit "guru".
Lots of NFL coaches have "good" offenses, it doesn't make them a "guru" at it. He's was no guru, he was a journeyman coach, that's it. His worst job of coaching was probably the Rams so if his resume was that dam good, the author would have never had to even mention him coaching the Rams good grief.
And no, he didn't stick in Detroit any longer than he did anywhere else.
You're statement had nothing to do with my original comment. Nothing I posted was even about LSU, or what their offense is going to be like, it was about Linehan basically being a journeyman coach in the NFL, not a "guru".
You're on it 100%, and it's been that way for decades now. Lucky for you every little piece of paper they drew out of a had was nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This isn't a hammer job by the NCAA by any means. This is "well, lets just do something to say we did something", clearly they aren't after aTm or the hat would have been filled with a completely different set of little pieces of paper to pull out.
My bad, I thought you meant snubbed and didn't make it as in not invited.
Hey man, I'm not saying he's a bad hire. My comment was more calling out the author for trying to way over sell his resume as a "guru", especially mentioning the Rams where in reality he was awful with guys like Steven Jackson, and Tory Holt. I mean big time offense is bigger now in the NFL than it ever has been, and he was unemployed. Not a guru.
Yeah, I mean he's been around a long time and he'll probably be fine at LSU, but it also seems (at least in the NFL) after about 3 or 4 years either the organization decides it isn't working and they need to go another direction or the HC who hired him decides he want's a new direction. Sam Walsh is a guru, Mike Martz is a guru, for example. Those guys really built something new and spectacular that other teams started copying offensively. Like I said, he's not a horrible coach, I just think calling him an offensive "guru" is using the term way too loosely.
Yeah I've looked it up since this morning. All these kids were ranked based on game film prior to the camp and the game film counts as 75% of the final ranking by Elite 11. However, both 247 and SI don't weigh the game film near that high and make their final ranks more based on how they performed in the camp itself. So the rankings are kind of all over the place.
He was only in Dallas for 3 years, about the same he's been everywhere else. He didn't build anything there, Dak and Zeke happened in 2016.
Davis was there. Here is 247's final summary: "We knew Dematrius Davis was undersized but it’s hard to argue against his productivity and success in the games when it matters. In this setting though it was hard to miss that he just didn’t have quite the same command and arm talent of the other quarterbacks in attendance. Things just looked a little bit harder for him. While that lack of juice undercuts his long-term projection, Davis is still the type of competitor that is equipped to have another big season in the fall and a really successful college career, especially in that Auburn offense. There is a pretty distinct ceiling though that may be a little lower than we initially anticipated." SI talked about how he struggled with arm strength and accuracy during camp. He might have had a crummy 3 days, but he was there and his game film is still solid.
Yeah Linehan has been a long time journeyman but I'm not sure what part of his resume screams "guru". And then you mention his Rams years as some sort of badge, lmao. He's not a bad coach per-se, he's had some decent years here and there and he was an easy hire being unemployed since 2018, but nice job on overselling his actual resume.
I'm not saying Greg is wrong, he may be right. I feel it could go either way for Nix, he may not be slam dunk elite but there's a lot to like also, but I don't see him as often as others do. However, McElroy is not a very good in-game analysts at all imo, in fact he's probably one of the worst in college football right now.
I'm guessing SI is ranking the camp only, I'm not sure. Each may have a different percentage of weight based on how they were ranked before the Elite 11 camp even started.
I'm not sure what ranking you're referencing. I've seen both 247's and SI's and neither Nussmeier (LSU) nor Salter (TN) made the top 11. Vandagriff (GA), Macon (MIZ) and Del Rio (FLA) all made the Top 11 after all 3 days out of the SEC. Salter actually finished dead last in SI's final ranking.
They also steal bulbs from inside landscape lights, and knock over gazing balls.
I think Nix is a great candidate for a break out year. He's got a season under his belt and one of his strengths seems to be composure. He may not be the most talented, and he may not be the most obvious to be considered a top SEC QB but he's got enough talent and he's on a good enough team to have a really good year imo.
I would imagine that these change after every day of the camp. These are like one day bragging rights.
It would be a hole to fill for the Chiefs but I don't think they need him north of $20M bad at all. All of his numbers (sacks, tackles, tackles for loss, hits) were actually DOWN in 2019 from prior year, some quite significantly.
I'm not sure if anyone really contracting this on purpose. It's not smart especially considering they're now finding out "herd immunity" probably isn't an option as people who had this back in Feb/March are now anti-body free in 3 months. I would call any attempt for a team or entire group of people intentionally trying to contract Covid would be better described as "herd stupidity".
SP+ is pretty dang good ranking offensive/defensive units. But it's more of a predictor on what should happen between team x and team y based on stats, competition and the success against competition up to that point. It's not really an overall ranking system per-se.