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"Yeah 220/221 whatever it takes." - Michael Keaton Mr. Mom
And a College Football 12-team playoff with this parity is going to become the best tournament in sports (minus the annual Russian Face Slapping tourney).
This poses an equally intriguing question... Who's gonna win the SEC East?
I mean that's kind of the point of an overreaction piece isn't it?
Holy smokes, I think the speed will definitely play.
He basically is, have you seen his contract? Each year he wins just 7 games he receives an automatic extension and raise. That deal is the very reason he hasn't left KY. He'll never get a deal that sweet from any major school, it's probably the most coach friendly contract in all of sports.
I love the way we're playing offensively right now, and yeah man this start feels dam good! But I have to say, initially anyway, I'm a little worried about drawing LSU next week. Usually, teams who suffer a tough loss like LSU did tonight are not the teams you want to see next on your schedule. They know they need a win to stay in the running for the West. But that's just the way the schedule shakes out so we just have to be ready. Can't be thinking about 5-0, 6-0 or be on any kind of a high all week, we have to be prepared like it's as much of a desperate, must win for us as it is for them.
Trust the process Brian and be patient. There's no reason to panic or do anything drastically different until at least AFTER next week. :)
Yeah, we might get the customary 2.5-3 points for being at home.
Honestly, I'd rather play Ole Miss than you guys next week. House or no House, Kelly will make sure it's a very motivational week... defensively. Teams who suffer tough losses like you guys just did are NOT the kind of teams you want to play next.
What a finish! That was a super fun game to watch, good ol' fashioned Big12 football right there. It brought me back.
That was by far the best game Vandy has played all year. Seals isn't going to give the game away like the QB they've been starting all year, he's experienced and smart. A lot of Vandy's yards came in garbage time just going for broke.
Regardless of Heisman, Cook is absolutely dealing right now. I have to take back any doubting thoughts, comments, snarks whatever negativity I was feeling about him after the first couple of weeks. He's got an absolutely gorgeous deep ball and those over the shoulder throws he was making today I don't know man, I can't remember an MU QB who placed a ball as perfectly as he's placing it, and he's got receivers with great hands. Today was Theo's breakout. If only Peat hung on to that razzle dazzle post play, mmm. BUT.... they've got to fix the discipline and penalty issues. When they lose, THAT will be the reason I'm afraid.
Mizzou can't get them all. You're welcome :)
ZOU! I evidently replied to myself below, but it was meant as a reply to you, ha.
Yeah, I think the jersey/pant design this season is the best we've had in a long time. But that helmet screams LSU to me, not that LSU has bad helmets, but the more they try and come up with alternatives the more they end up just looking like someone else. They should just stick with what works. Mizzou's helmet throughout the 80's and 90's said Mizzou (in a branding sense) more than any they've ever had. It's like these doodledinks at Nike are so focused on trying to find a new brand with this helmet, then that one, now another, they never realized MU already had one all along. Even if they didn't call it a 'brand' back then.
I like the all-whites, but that helmet needs to find itself deep in a storage room somewhere and forgotten about. I know they're trying to find "cool" alternatives for Milennials and Gen zzz... or whatever, but when your helmet for decades and decades was near perfection to begin with it's just all downhill from there, as they're obviously finding out.
I could take him or leave him, but you can't deny what he's doing (and at the P5 level) in short order is pretty remarkable. It's almost exactly what he did at the G5 level which people scoffed and said it couldn't happen at a major school. They've already won more games than most projections and 'way too early' prediction lists had them winning. When he said "get us now because this is the worst we'll ever be", I can see how that could rub thin-skinned folks the wrong way, but at the same time it very well might be true.
I hope they keep the XFL rules though, especially for kickoffs and some of the extra point stuff. Both are exponentially more interesting and functional than what the USFL does, which is basically just what the (boring and colossal waste of time) way the NFL handles it.
In the Memphis game it was a 76yd bomb to Johnson you saw for a TD, but yeah, it was very similar to Burden's TD in the K-State game, only longer! Luther had a monster day against Memphis but unfortunately didn't find the endzone.
A year or two ago we did have a receiver who had the dropsies but it wasn't Lovett. I think it was either Dove or Knox. Lovett finished 2nd or 3rd in the SEC in Receiving Yds last season behind Hyatt, so I can't imagine he had all that many drops. That's unfortunate to hear.
Moving him to the slot (Lovett's old spot) is basically the equivalent of putting players in the best position to succeed. Perhaps the coaching staff wanted him there all along, perhaps it was part of why Lovett transferred-- knowing that's Burdens spot moving forward, who knows. I am kind of shocked how 'pedestrian' of a season Lovett is having at GA. Perhaps the best thing about Burden is how good of a teammate he is, and how he's almost always the first one celebrating someone else getting a TD. He's truly got it all and it's been a pleasure seeing him take off this season.
Lol, I mean maybe he struggles with the whole up/down, higher/lower concept, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that's not the case.
I know Mizzou isn't usually climbing up in the polls but leaving the down arrow there after moving UP 3 spots is nothing but a troll job.
No, I hate kU and Texas, if you really need to know.
No. I'm saying they deserve (have always deserved) the opportunity to profit off their name, image and likeness.
When the NCAA doesn’t allow athletes to even have jobs or benefit from their image and likeness like people on music scholarships can, or cheerleading scholarships, or academic scholarships can when none of those are generating near the money the athletes do (for the NCAA) it’s an extremely raw deal. I mean the NCAA fined a golf player $100 because she used a campus hose (and campus water) to wash her car down. If she were allowed to have a part time job she might have been able to wash her dam car at a car wash duh! That’s how ignorant the NCAA has treated athletes for way too long. I never said they didn’t get anything, I said (and am arguing) they have a right to a piece of the pie they’re generating (EARNING), which is enormous, and tuition or room and board doesn’t even cover a minute sliver in that pie especially in football. If you want to force athletes to pay for tuition in exchange for NIL, then have any band members on scholarship pay partial for tuition in exchange for the gigs they allowed to play for pay while going to college (yes, a lot of them are in bands on the side who play for pay). Athletes have been getting a raw deal for too long. There’s simply not a good argument against it tbh. Amateurism? some might say. Congress put that to bed in less than a day.