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Of course it's not all doom and gloom, that's ridiculous. Pinkel had better teams than this one get beat worse than that, usually OU. Rakestraw as a true freshman I thought played decent, especially against those 1st round receivers Bama has. He got beat once pretty bad, but otherwise did pretty good. I also liked Knox being in the slot and having more opportunities to get the ball that way. His skill set will show up, Bama is just a very well coached disciplined team defensively and they just don't get beat outside that often. Hazelton had a few drops, which was NOT expected and hopefully was just a first game jitters thing. He was a sure handed receiver at VT.
That one was just as much Burrow's fault, if you saw the entire play it wasn't a fast developing play and he ran himself into that hit. But to your point, the Bengals do need to run the ball more, having him throw 60 or whatever times a game isn't going to work.
It really looks like the days of SEC daunted defenses are days of old, not just FLA but conference wide. A ton of yards and points were being put up in several games.
There were a lot of surprising games Saturday in the SEC, but this was one that I think went pretty close to expected. A close game that either team could win and would be up for grabs late.
The bigger question is will KY continue to complain about not being in the top25, complain about getting no respect despite most analysts putting this game on "upset alert" as soon as the schedule was released? This game was never close to being an upset alert, those experts along with everyone else should have picked the LSU game instead.
#7 is spot on and not really an over reaction at all, just common sense. Sankey's lack of it makes Mark Emmert look more common sense oriented, and that's quite a feat.
There's a big difference between Derrick Henry's career pre-Tannehill and Henry post-Tannehill. The Titans are still winning with just Tannehill but Henry certainly needs to get it going to come close to what he did last season, his best by far.
Well had he put a bullet in her body simply because she was resisting this would be a completely different matter, yeah.
There will be no riots because she's still alive.
The only mistake he made was not starting earlier like the other conferences. He hasn't left the SEC with much wiggle room for error if a team or multiple teams have to postpone a weekend or two of play. You can't get time back and the SEC could easily have been in week 3 right now with a couple extra weeks of cushion. He had plenty of time to prepare for a more timely start but for whatever reason wasn't. Maybe he wasn't confident in his decision to play, who knows, but now it's a few weeks wasted.
He already cost the Bronco's a game because of his drops. Of course he "can" catch, but it's been a slower start than I think most people were expecting. Lack of pre-season and training could also be playing a part in him being behind as well.
Agreed, I'm assuming "being fired" is in respect to performance and I don't think the 1st year coaches are on that kind of a hot seat. I guess one could get fired for something else off the field but how can you put odds on that? If this is solely performance dependent I think odds of getting fired for the new HC's should all be much lower than what they have here.
Yeah, there's no need for the SEC leadership to suddenly defer to common sense. Greg Sankey is turning into Mark Emmert more and more each day.
The NCAA process regarding eligibility and transfers (this year more than any) has finally been one based on common sense in a very atypical year. The SEC has that choice as well, it just doesn't appear SEC leadership is brave enough to actually choose it. What this comes down to from Sankey's POV is would it be better to piss of GA or Ole Miss? That's the tug-o-war which is honestly happening in his head right now, regardless how much he deflects in his public statements.
This is (embarrassingly) amazing. The NCAA actually looks like a more competent group, especially considering the oddities of 2020, than SEC leadership.
Last I knew Mizzou was a +27 so either the line has gone down to the 21 you posted or it has gone up to the 27 I saw on Fanduel. Not that it matters, I don't expect the Tigers to cover either way.
Robinson has always had the arm strength to make any throw, his problem at TCU though was simply making bad decisions or bad throws and turnovers. Bazelak has the physical tools as well but another part of the equation is how quickly has one picked up the playbook, or conversely struggles to understand it enough to execute this offense. No one can answer that except the coaching staff. If all is equal as far as the playbook and preparation goes then I would expect Robinson to be the starter at least for Saturday. But it also wouldn't surprise me if they both play.
That's a big boy with what looks like very good hands. He's got a lot of time left to get noticed, which I guess is also a lot of time left to continue getting offers and flip if he really starts climbing the recruiting ranks. However, committing this early to Mizzou is a good sign for an in-state kid and hopefully means he really does want to stay in-state, otherwise he could have just stayed uncommitted and continued letting the offers roll in. And the block at 2:01 Lol, splat!
@tonytiger: Exactly. He also had two drops in yesterday's game before Lock went down, one was a 3rd down drop that would have gone for a 1st sustaining a drive, instead they had to kick it away. Jeudy has some catching up to do (no pun intended).
Hopefully Drew's isn't serious. Denver has no chance without Lock.
They need to start introducing an alternate helmet. The Uga logo would be cool, for example.
Again, it'll probably get worse before it gets better. This is really too bad.
Nice read. I didn't know #1, 2, 3, 8, or the last part of #10.
I don't think any school can go wrong with a black jersey, they all should have one at least as an alternate imo.
Well it can't be too unexpected, things still might get worse before they get better as far as the football season. On the flip side though you have to commend Charlotte for doing the right thing and not hiding information just to get a payday.
Yep, I think Drink has taken notice and has already recruited well as far as Ends. Whiteside is solid but man, he just hasn't had much help lately, or what we were accustomed to during the D-Line U days.
I'm actually a little concerned defensively, especially in a conference only schedule. Yes top 20 over all and all that but if you take a bit of a deeper dive this defense (line) hasn't put pressure on the QB in several years. Sack numbers and TFL have been very pedestrian. The 2nd and 3rd levels of the D have been solid but Walters and Haley need to find a way to get more production/pressure out of the Ends especially, and interior as well. I don't put the D on Drink and I don't think he wanted to worry about it too much right off the bat is why he retained most of the D coaching staff.
The way I understand it an 8-game sched plus Champ Game. Ohio State could either be 9-0 or 8-1. They will not go 8-0 and not get in their Championship game. 9-0 would suffice without issue for Playoff consideration, even 8-1 if they win the Conf. Champ Game should suffice. But a 7-2 B1G Champ probably wouldn't make it assuming the ACC, Big12 and SEC Champs all have none or 1 loss plus another ACC, Big12 or SEC team with 1 loss.