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It's hard to believe Meyer sees Linehan in his long term vision. This sounds more like how they used to put in starter oil to break the engine in for a while and then get something higher quality when it's really ready to run.
He may be the #1 recruit who's left in Missouri. Luther Burden was the 2022 #1 overall recruit in Missouri (also a WR), but we already lost him to OU. As recently as November Coleman was listed as a 4-star so he picked up a star since then. He would be a huge get but no matter where he commits there's a ton of time before these 2022 guys sign.
The need to expand the playoffs because that is precisely what has drawn a line in recruiting. Not all, but most of the top recruits are letting the playoffs direct them these days.
Agreed. And if by chance you have that chance meeting you need to let us know what you find out. It would be very interesting for sure.
He was also probably the 1st $750,000/yr Special Teams Coordinator. He's got Assistant HC added to his title at Texas.
Man, this list doesn't exactly scream "high bar", but I am glad to see Drink isn't afraid to walk right into Bama's building and shop around.
This is a page out of Bob Gibson's book. He never talked to opposing players, just threw it by them or at them. He didn't even talk to players on the same All-Star teams he was because they still actually played on opposing teams.
I do think after 1 and 2 all of those are certainly debatable and can be interchanged.
Yes, but that's compared to other teams with 2020 data. It's not saying they are the best team ever. They were easily the best team this year, no one is arguing that, and SP+ is saying they were the best team this year by far.
SP+ isn't a ranking per se, it's a predictive index based on teams/data during a particular season. It's good for comparing teams who have data in the same season and I do think the CFP should use it as a tool to help determine their rankings as the season goes on, but they don't.
1. 1971 Nebraska 2. 1995 Nebraska 3. 2001 Miami/2019 LSU 5. 1972 USC/2020 Bama Neither one are the greatest of all-time.
I wonder if there's any history between Harsin and Beamer?? It sure seems like Harsin put cross hairs on the kid day one.
Kelly Bryant wasn't the same after the Ole Miss game. Something happened, either he got hurt/played hurt the rest of the season like rumored or something.
It's not nearly impossible, but not having the internet can make it feel that way.
I agree, Tenn wont have bad days every game like they did against Bama, but they obviously also wont have absurdly great days every game like they did against Mizzou. I'm not sure I understand the vitriol here, didn't I post after the Mizzou game Tenn is a legit Top 10 team? I think I did.
I'd listen to Herbstreit all day if Tom Hart, Dave Neal, Gary Danielson, Joe Tessitore and Zarzour were my only other choices. But what they really need to do moving forward is show the NC on whatever network has Gus Johnson at the time.
Honestly, a guy like Stockton would be a great fit anywhere. But yeah, Harsin is a good coach and has proven to always be good with QB's, probably because he was one. That's not to say a long snapper like Beamer couldn't be good with QB's though, he just doesn't have the track record yet.
I wouldn't say it's meaningless. ESPN already released one too and has good reason to try and manipulate next years CFP committee as early as possible.
He would be a great fit at Auburn with Harsin there now.
They should probably just have the Semi's and NC at the beginning of the year. Bama, Clemson, Ohio State and OU. Just get that over with so their players have an opportunity to opt out the rest of the way for the NFL draft. Then have everyone play the regular season followed by Bowl Season.
Agreed, I think Bama deserves the #1 spot here, but Adam did explain his reasoning due to the WKentucky loss.
Yeah that's a good question. I think the NCAA tourney will probably happen but I do wonder about conference tourney? That's just asking for trouble with respect to Covid right before the NCAA's. How many games will be played in reg season/will they be made up? This could get messy.
It just seems weird the only QB records Romo didn't break at Eastern were Sean Payton's. Who is not in the College Football HOF.
I guess we've got a Dan Mullen "I'd listen to other jobs like Philly" quote soon.
I guess they would be #26 looking at the vote tallies, or they could have just shown the top 26.
The Steelers were reeling, a few more weeks of regular season and they wouldn't even have made the playoffs. The toast of the NFL is Lamar Jackson and the Ravens with the performance he delivered.
Aren't 2 of OSU's starting D-Line going to be out with Covid, among other players? This is a weird pick by Tebow if that is in fact the case. They're going to be playing with back-ups.
Yeah, I think the success of Day has largely been him retaining Meyer's "Core 4" on staff. These aren't field coaches per say, but staff members like Director of Football Ops, Development, Sports Performance etc. Some of those guys have been with Meyer since before FLA and they know how to evaluate and develop talent.
@Tidefan: But Ohio State DID beat Indiana head to head. See how dumb that 6-game rule was? If you can see it now you probably never will.