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What to do is win, what not to do is lose either before or after winning.
Fisher was on the hot seat following the 2019 season, 2020 got him off of it, and now 2021 has been disappointing minus one Bama win. Not sure he would have even survived 2019 had he been at LSU, and now they want him.
Blue bloods can't have it both ways. If they want Jimbo then $150M shouldn't phase them at all.
Of course it's a good job but yeah, any smart coach is going to demand an uber buyout of all buyouts to sign his name there at this point. But coaches should have huge buyouts at any blue blood school.
I bet you have one of those little LSU mini-footballs in your golf bag. :)
At least they didn't rush the field and wont be fined by Sankey. He's probably very proud of those fans for showing restraint and not committing the SEC cardinal sin.
We knew the defense was bad, but what's getting more and more concerning is no one on the offensive side of the ball has improved over the last 2 years, no one. Hand the ball off to Badie or pass to Badie, that's the offense, which is quite alarming considering Drinkwitz is supposed to be an offensive guru bringing in his own "playmakers" like Hazelton and Chism. This game exposed poor offensive coaching/preparation/play calling as much as it did defensive.
Except they were actually playing better for not wanting to play for him. Kinda odd.
He beat (demolished) TX, that alone is better than a bowl game. /"\ Horns down!
Ridiculous indeed, but at least they didn't commit the SEC cardinal sin and rush onto the field. Sankey will be proud, and happy there's no reason to fine them.
The way he answered it the first time was fine. It's a dumb, trap question to begin with. If he decides at some point that transferring is best for him, now people (fans and media) will dig up this tweet and call him dishonest for saying he was a "Gator through and through"
It's the Scott Linehan trickle down effect. Not one team has ever done better because Linehan was employed there, not one. I warned you there were reasons he's been nothing but a journeyman when Orgeron hired him, and for reasons no fully-functioning brained human can understand, Drink hires him.
Decent half of football then turned into a yawner real quick.
Good read. I called Harsin being a "Homerun" hire back when they hired him and I still think it could be.
Yeah I wouldn't go that far, I don't think Stoops is bush league, but calling a TO there wasn't a good look. Not the same as bush league though.
Yup. If Drink doesn't hang onto the 2022 class that's very possible. Better players is his only chance at being successful at Mizzou, but if his poor coaching/game calling loses them before they even step on the field then his chances of being successful drastically drop. He's not coaching anyone up, not one player.
Lmao. Stoops calls a time out with 3 seconds left and the game over just to try to score for a fourth time from the half yard line. Loser move.
They've got a bye this week, hopefully they focus on keeping the 2022 class together. This season is over, it will be one of the worst seasons since before Pinkel, and yeah that includes the Odom years.
He answered it perfectly fine, it's a trap question. If he say's "no way, I'm committed to being at Florida" then later decided to transfer people like you are going to roast him for being a "dishonest" and just saying what he said because it sounded good at the time.
That's exactly right fuzzy, it's not just Mizzou's defense who looks confused and poorly coached.
Nice job Aggies showing up focused and ready to play.
Guys this is a bad football team and it's been a long, long time since we had a team THIS bad, like Pre-Pinkel. The difference is there are actually decent players on this roster, it's just not showing on either side of the ball.
If Arky fans are whining about a PI call well, go stand in line.
This isn't all that surprising. The "bold prediction" was that Florida would blow out LSU and I said that was certainly bold because I thought these two teams were much more evenly matched than people thought. It's looking that way too.
Games are over by the time the 1st QTR ends. You have to go back to the Bob Stull years to match this ineptness.
None of Odom's teams were this inept, offensively or defensively. And that's not a shout out to Odom by any means, just a realization how bad this team is playing under Drinkwitz.
Yeah, the bad thing is it's not even "just" the defense, this offense (minus handing it off to Badie) looks completely inept and not well coached.