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Yeah this isn't overly surprising. Just like we talked about before, no really good all around SEC teams, a bunch of mediocre ones who can hit hot and win a game or two every now and then. And as far as Auburn we could kind of see this coming, still not sold on them being a top 10 team nationally.
That looks like a majestic location.
Much like any major school with big time donors. If they want him out in a few years they'll find the money.
There's not much context here say it's a major GA snub without him having 11-20. I mean does he have GA #11 or #16? Lower? Big difference.
Early commitments like this can be both good and bad. It could be followed up by other commitments as guys try to recruit each other, but there's also a lot of dang time for other schools to continue recruiting early commits in an effort to flip. It's also a lot of time for the commit to see how the staff does in year one and perhaps reconsider. But if this is a rock solid commit then it's a good start to Drink's first class.
Yeah they made Henry fight for every inch, but KC's run defense has a much tougher task against SF.
You may be right, whatever the reason this guy has had a hard time keeping a job since leaving Mizzou after Odom was hired. I think his coaching ability is held in pretty high regard, I mean good coaches have all pursued and hired him. He could be a complete jack-a or just hard to work with though. Idk, just speculating b/c something about him doesn't seem to stick with anyone other than Pinkel.
Yeah there's all that too. This is just a power play by Boise, much like when Texas threatened to leave the Big12. But for the same reason Texas didn't leave it would be stupid for Boise to leave a conference they are contractually awarded more TV money than the rest of the schools. Texas knew they would lose that advantage and so will Boise if they walk away.
I didn't think they'd beat the Ravens. But the Ravens would have lost a lot of games with that game plan Greg Roman put together. They didn't have to score 40 to beat them, but they'll have to in order to win tomorrow.
Henry can run 180yds all he wants, that's not going to get Tenn 35 or more points, they're going to at least need that many on Sunday.
Boise St doesn't want to leave, they know they're the big dog and this entire statement was just them puffing out their chest a reminder. Seriously considering moving to the Pac or Big12 would basically give them zero negotiating tv rights to manipulate or get top benefit in the conference like they have now in the MWC. This is just all words to publicly remind the conference they have negotiating rights.
It's crazy, still have a bout 5 or 6 teams who could win the SEC. It's just not a good conference this year. No dominant team and only 2? that have potential of making any noise nationally, not even likely, but just potentially.
It's not gonna happen. LSU is a cash cow for the NCAA, the last thing the NCAA is going to do is sanction a top TV ratings/revenue blueblood. That like a major TV network cancelling one of their most popular shows. If it were a struggling show then no problem, the hammer would come down, like it always does for schools like Ole Miss, and Mizzou. I mean, we know how this works, it's not right by any means but we already know.
Daddy Luper came to Mizzou via TCU so it's kinda strange he wasn't committed there to begin with.
Honestly at this point I can't decide if all this Beckham at the Championship Game stuff is funny or if it's just more "we should have seen this coming" once he goes full on Antonio Brown and completely ruins himself.
This list is reasonable, but basically worthless.
yeah, but if he can get MoState competitive at that level in THAT conference then P5 schools will definitely be calling again, maybe not the heavy hitters but P5 none-the-less.
No kidding. Despite all the flack that Stephen A. gets I'd take him any day over this guy, or Kornheiser, LeBatard, Wilbon etc. Greenie should have stayed at NW and just been a professor or something, I mean that's exactly what he sounds like a majority of the time.
This still isn't as bad as if a P5 school were to hire DJ Durkin...
Not sure he could pick a place any closer to Arkansas without being in it.
Well it's not going out on a limb to say LSU might not be as good next year, it's not easy to be that good. Even in the scenario Burrow and Brady were returning it wouldn't have even been that easy to repeat an incredible year. Just look at the difference between 2018 and 2019 Clemson, for example. Even with the firepower returning, it's not easy.
Yeah, we discussed this before on a previous SBS article. The NFL is the ultimate goal and I think the only thing that would have ever kept him at LSU would be if Burrow was able to return. But with Burrow gone it was probably a forgone conclusion Brady had better be a gettin while the gettin's good. Not surprising.
The NCAA might make it appear they're "checking out what went down" just to appease the talking heads, or other member schools if they bring it up. But LSU is waaaay to big of a ratings cash cow for the NCAA to take this as serious as some witch-hunters would like. Especially right now. If LSU faceplants next year (which no one expects) THEN you might see the NCAA decide to step in more seriously. I mean we know how this works, if you're making gobs of money for them, they'll take care of you.
There is zero chance the NCAA is going to get involved in LSU football, freshman, soph, juniors or not.
That's exactly right, if Will Wade is still their basketball coach then the football team has absolutely nothing at all to worry about, they never will no matter what.
Yeah I think people are mistakenly (or maybe intentionally) blurring Burrow's season as a QB with the LSU team being the GOAT. Those are two separate things. It's not that hard to conclude Burrow had the best season ever as a college QB. But proving or claiming this LSU team is hands down the GOAT is not near as easy.
Just don't cooperate LSU. Deny, deny, deny even with video footage deny, deny, deny. That's the message and lesson everyone has learned.
Lol probably! I mean that's how it works, no way in hell the NCAA is going to go after LSU over this. I mean in all honesty they shouldn't, but you're right, they'll find someone else to hammer to get their money that Beckham owes them now.