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Media markets was like so 2010 expansion. That is an awful reason to expand now because with streaming it no longer matters where you physically are, the number of TV's in a geographic market doesn't matter. It's all about brand in this day and age, that what TV Networks want which is what now made Rutgers, Maryland, etc the "media market" types bad choices in a hurry. Someone needs to grab ND, not because South Bend is a great TV market, but because they're Brand will bring eyeballs and net a TV deal gold mine.
I guess it may be just as accurate to say the SEC is joining Texas and OU.
Well LSU doubled his salary, which has probably never been done before so there's the "mid-season" mystery.
Lol had the kid chose Bama instead, SDS would've never approved this piece to be posted.
That depends on the term 'flouder'. I think your correct but my definition of flounder would be winning 2 or 3 games. If that happens he's definitely on the hot seat. But another 5-7 or 6-6 year and he should still be safe. He's building something and even after next year wouldn't have served a full 4-yr recruiting cycle so I think it's got to be pretty bad for him to end up on the hot seat.
Lol, no one played for the Title in 1997. They didn't do that back then.
He would have started year 2 at GA as well, probably Bama too. The fact is no matter who he chose out of those was going to be a good choice.
"I learned my lesson so I wont name names aight, but Texas just bought that Manning kid." - Nick Saban.
Don't stop there, get automatic raises, auto extensions AND a yearly escalating buyout like Stoops. The longer he's there the Higher his buyout gets, that's by far the sweetest coaching contract in sports.
Is this Tournament gonna be on the Ocho or what?
@gwhite713: Well, they didn't push back quite enough, evidently.
Maybe it's the humble pie they needed, if they allow it to be a teaching moment then
No kidding. I mean if it obviously didn't bother Sankey enough to do anything about it why the heck should it bother Finebaum and the fighting elephant trunks so dam much now? This all happened over a month ago for pete's sake.
"On Monday’s episode of “The Paul Finebaum Show” on the SEC Network, Finebaum revisited those comments." ... of course he did, 2nd verse same as the 1st.
That sounds pretty accurate (no pun intended) compared to what I've seen on his ASU footage.
Obviously no one's going to get suspended because this request is nearly a month old already.
But it's their own fault Conner, so they (nor you) can't act like they're being mistreated now.
I don't think anyone hates TN, it's just funny when the blatantly cocky faceplant. Any team (TN or otherwise) who was that cocky would have had a hard time finding people supporting them.
I'd rather roll with what we have than take on Jayden Daniels, especially if Horn stays on board.
It's debatable if Daniels would even been an upgrade at Mizzou. I think a lot of people are acting like his Freshman season (which was good) was the only season he's played. He's had a couple of clunkers since then. His comp% is up, but otherwise he hasn't replicated the production of his freshman season. Decent legs and mobility.
Drink was looking for a QB when back in the Spring it became more of a reality Horn may enter the MLB Draft. Horn still may enter the draft so Drink needed assurance of a 3rd QB on the roster and tried to upgrade while he was at it. But it wasn't the other way around. Cook will be fine, not elite by any means but fine, and he will be better than Bazelak limping around on one leg for a majority of the year last season.