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The '95 Huskers in football. Basketball is harder but I'd say from '89 to '92 the two best in my lifetime UNLV and Duke were happening simultaneously. Too hard to choose between the two in those years.
He did ok for the Chiefs but wasn't a must have they needed to increase payroll for. Good luck in Detroit though.
You would make a great agent for Jeff Saturday. And yeah, there are a ton of QB's out there announcing games.. some good, some not so good, but it wouldn't hurt for Networks to think outside the box just a little so they don't have to actually try and hire QB's who aren't even retired yet just to hire a popular name. They say football is a copycat sport, I guess hiring commentators is as well.
I know it’s not the “SEC”. I spoon fed it to you once, now you’re just being a fkstick because it’s what you do. It wasn’t your conversation, you knew you were fishing and know you’re mad, GFY.
It's not about worth. But even if it was Dak is just an addition to the already colossal heap of players not worth what they're making. So, meh.
Lol way to turn into a complete disaster. Don't forget it's you who went fishing here pal, fishing isn't much fun when you catch the wrong... fish.
Yeah the Rams had no business leaving STL especially when the NFL ignored and broke their own relocation guidelines just to allow it. I think it's going to be a long, long time before StL allows the NFL anywhere close to setting up shop again in their city. If and when it happens the NFL better be prepared to foot the bill 100%, stadium and all. If not then don't bother even taking the exit, keep on driving to Peoria or something.
Pass. I'm not sure even the Heisman itself is as big of a deal as it once was with so many dang awards being passed out these days, and additional one would just dilute the award season even more imo.
2008 Cotton Bowl: The wind was howling as Mizzou trucked McFadden and Ark 38-7. Tony Temple alone scored a still current Cotton Bowl record 4 TD's on a still current Cotton Bowl record 281yds rushing. 2005 Independence Bowl: Brad Smith led Mizzou back from a 21-0 deficit to beat S. Carolina 1968 Gator Bowl: Mizzou destroyed an over-ranked and favored Bama squad 35-10 out gaining them on the day 402yds to 132... without even having to complete a pass.
I just saw Walker Beuhler is actually up there, that's good. I missed his name the first time.
Yeah a few games, not so much from a Mizzou perspective but if he becomes a star the SEC media/fans/people will do what SEC media/fans/people do, claim him regardless and paste his name on lists like these. Anything else you can't figure out on your own and need spoon fed, BamaTime?
Not a comment but a question: Adam, what do you see in the transfer market for Mizzou? Last thing we need is another guard so the headline scared me a bit. Are there any guys out there who can fill the void left by Barnett, JPorter, Tre Jackson ect. guys who can play the #4? Next years incoming class is weak with Wilmore (a very raw big) and only 2 scholly's available so I assume the transfer market is going to be the best bet to find game ready guys. If not there's going to be a huge cliff in Martin's program after next season with losses of Mk. Smith, DSmith, Mitchel Smith and Tilmon.
Yeah a few games, not so much from a Mizzou perspective but if he becomes a star the SEC will do what the SEC does, claim him regardless and paste his name on lists like these.
MPJr will be on there in a year or two as well (if he stays healthy)
Max Scherzer is better and more accomplished than all of them but Mizzou wasn't in the Big12 yet. Kind of surprised David Price didn't make the list but he's on the downswing. Players who should be on there considering some of the names who are would be Harrison Bader and Walker Beuhler.
He's got 4 star offensive potential, but 1 star defense and rebounding. Martin should shoulder some blame though because his usage wasn't great and even guys who could score prolifically like MSmith, DSmith, seem to regress over time. Even Puryear flatlined and regressed as soon as Martin took over. Yes defense matters but Cuonzo was a good scorer when he played so it's strange that his offense isn't conducive for these types of players to flourish and excel. It's almost like guys have to take it upon themselves and find ways to score despite the offensive philosophy. Jackson could score but saw limited playing time, while guys like Watson shoot bricks and stay on the floor. I don't get it, I hope in year 4 we see how this all works.
possibly to the Cowboys at #17 instead of Chaisson like he has above.
And not all the media are pulling stuff out of thin air, they base a lot of this on what they are hearing from teams. I think there's a decent chance he could go to the Cowboys, but I'm not a scout, nor do I work for the Cowboys.
That's fine that you think that, it's just that the NFL has concerns about his tackling regardless what us fans think, and a pro day or agility combine alone wouldn't have eased those concerns and shoot him comfortably up into early or mid 1stRD.
But there's no argument his poor tackling is why he's not a 1stRD slam dunk. Whether he will be a good player isn't the argument, I said he would still be a good player, and even said there's a chance some team may still select him late 1st, but it isn't a guarantee because of his tackling, not because of his athleticism.
No matter what the situation, real life was always going to hit Pittman the hardest because like you said for one it's Arkansas, for another he was hired without so much as FBS coordinator experience. It's really going to be a "I don't know, ask Barry. I don't know, ask Kendal" type of program for quite a while. It's hard to command respect that way but also in a way it's the perfect situation for him as they can only stay pat or go up, there is no getting worse. Every other new coach in the SEC is in a situation to possibly go backwards, so there's more pressure at those schools and in some cases this cancellation period could possibly do more harm to them than at Arkansas.
You can deny the fact the NFL is concerned about his tackling all you want, but it doesn't change the fact they're concerned about his tackling. That's why he's not a 1stRD slam dunk. His athleticism isn't an issue an that alone might get him selected late 1stRD even with the bad tackling issues.
National Championship coaches shouldn't let a coffee mug get under their craw. He should have just laughed it off, that would have been better.
Delpit's athleticism is off the charts, that's not what the NFL is worried about. His wart is all the missed tackling and a pro day would not have lifted any of those concerns since you can't recreate in-game tackling in a combine or pro day. Someone could still roll the dice on him in the 1stRD though, but even if they don't he'll still be a good player.
This is fantastic although I'm sure he'll be missed in St. Louis land. Just what the XFL was designed to do, get guys noticed who the NFL overlooked the first time, and it's already working. As far as the BattleHawks I guess it's next man up, next year. KaKaw!
He struggled defensively for much of the year and under Cuonzo if you don't play defense your floor time will suffer. But zoucat is right, he was coming along late in the year and unless there's a personality conflict or something transferring out doesn't make much sense. With McKinney already gone he's in a great spot to leapfrog Watson and have a much bigger role next season. Certainly wish him good luck if he does in fact enter the portal and move on.
yeah the only way to justify Henry having a better year is to cherry pick one stat, which he wasn't even better in. If you think the difference between 5.6 and 6.0 is minimal then the difference between 5.9 and 5.8 isn't even visible. McCaffery was more productive and had a better year, Henry was on a better team. The Heisman is not a team award, just fyi.
And a benefits are not payment, otherwise they would just call them payments or earnings, but they don't.