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It's inevitable, but the first hissy fit between Texas and SEC leadership is gonna be funny to watch unfold.
Honestly when it comes to Football, I think LA historically has been much more of a college town than pro town. They don't support either one very good, or consistently, but both USC and UCLA have always had more support than any of the multitude of NFL teams that city has had, including the current one.
Money yes, branding yes. Multiple championships no, NFL factory no, competing for playoff contention no, etc etc. Colorado has a Natty, whoopie. Competition wise you guys are basically Iowa State, Kentucky, Mizzou, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Washington etc but with money. OU is the real competition this conference is gaining. Yes you've always had money but not much else. Win a few games is right, just like everyone else I just mentioned and I'm pretty sure Bama, LSU, GA, FLA, aTm, ect are motivated to keep it that way. "Enjoy us." Lol, that's sooo Texas. /"\, enjoy that.
Apparently it doesn't take much to be considered a blue blood.
Yeah that's pretty lousy on both sides really. But clearly it was very calculated to squelch or prevent any time for opposition to get organized enough to put together a solid fight. There certainly could have been one and both Sankey and /"\ /"\ new it. This all went down very organized crime like, which isn't surprising considering those involved.
Well there ya go. UTA, that's what you'll be referred to here, (gavel slams)
Well they did add teams, but they just couldn't replace Colorado, Mizzou, Nebraska and aTm as a whole. That was a huge blow and it became apparent pretty quick Ut and OU weren't enough, even though they always thought they were. It just got worse from there.
Yeah it's got to be something. Personally I like Ut. UTw is another option kind of like USCe. Tennessee is UT though.
Agreed, sort of. I would have both Spiller and C-rod above Tank as well. Tank is a tank, but he (and Auburn) will need a special kind of year to be better than Spiller or C-Rod imo. With Harsin (who I think is an excellent hire) just trying to implement his offense I don't see them having that special kind of season in year 1.
Well yeah, adding OU and Texas will probably persuade me to dislike Arky a little less :) Exhibit #263 of about a 1000 why this move stinks>> Getting Barry Switzer quotes now.
Texans can't even get along with Texans, so how does anyone else (minus Oklahoma) have a chance?
A Texas State Senator from Austin would create a bill to block Clemson from switching conference. Then naturally later that day an Oklahoma State Senator from Norman would create his own bill to block Clemson switching conferences.
"Yeah Texas, over there yonder in Mexico past College Station a ways. Good team, good players don't drink the water. Oklahoma, donknow much about 'em Nick says they a throw in. Geaux Tigahs!"
Yeah, I'd rather be the one peeing off the cliff after the other fools jumped.
It's definitely hot take time for the hot takers. But there's no guarantee this is leading to the best thing for college football either. No one really knows yet and more things will have to follow for it prove a good or bad thing. But what I don't think is a hot take is this event will be the one people look back on and say 'that's the decision that started it all', good or bad. Sankey will either go down looking like the godfather of college football or he'll go down in infamy.
Honestly, I'm kind of anticipating the first hissy fit between Texas and SEC leadership, it should be pretty good.
You guys stayed because the SEC was only taking aTm, not Texas and OU. You both tried the PAC and they said no to the Longhorn Network. When you guys flirting with the PAC came out Mizzou said screw you guys. Just recently you both then tried the B1G before contacting the SEC again. Point is you guys are like the Air Supply or Milli Vanilli of college football, I don't even think OU can walk down the street without letting Texas lead the way for you. Eventually Texas will want to walk down a different street and OU will be right there behind them.
Agreed on the OU part. But aTm actually did take a stand, they left them a decade ago, something OU obviously never had the balls to do, and never will. Now Ut has to follow aTm, and there's OU following right behind Ut, like usual.
Yes horns down is good to go, naturally. But will you guys learn to turn your dam wagon around without tipping it over? Actually scratch that, it's too freakin' beautiful seeing that canvas carriage of caca fall over.
@Brokeback: How about.... Tennessee = UT texas = Ut or maybe UTw kind of like USCe
Saban translator: “I don’t really know enough about it”... = "I don't like it. What I do know makes me think this is dumb as hell but obviously I can't that on the record." “I know that the conference commissioner and the people that are above me administratively and organizationally, the college presidents or whatever, need to make decisions like this as to how it benefits our conference and how it affects college football as a whole.".... = "All I know is it's the dumbazzes above me who think this is a good idea and I guarantee you they don't have the slightest clue what this means for college football." "I don’t really know that I have an answer to that.”... = "Don't ask me, ask the idiots who are making this decision."
Based on Oklahoma's track record, whatever Texas wants to do is what OU decides is best for OU.
@ImperialMajesty: I think you're more right than wrong, and there's no guarantee those Football programs will even keep baseball, basketball, or softball with them if they break from the NCAA. They could break Football away from their own Athletic Depts, keep more revenue, and basically be their own entity with their own TV deal leaving the schools and the NCAA to support the other sports. I mean it's a ways off, but it's not as hard to see if the SEC is going to keep inviting football powerhouses who constantly want a bigger and bigger and bigger piece of the pie. As long as they can see how more money can be made it's not like there's a hard stopping point here, that's kind of obvious.
In longview, agreed. The snowball is definitely getting bigger and rolling faster. I just wonder if Football will eventually split away from their own Athletic Departments and just become it's own self sustaining intramural league with it's own TV network. I mean why not? Where does it stop? The future could be a new USFL. Those who don't have the money to survive there (and it would be a ton of schools) I guess would just be stuck with the NCAA model, or whatever exists at that time. You're depressing me Weagle, but I know you're correct.
I'm actually with you on a name change, it's probably overdue seeing how the Conference outgrew it's namesake a long time ago. A Logo update is badly needed too even without a new name. However the one's you've suggested suck. When I hear Yeeeeehawwwww I have that image of your wagon tipping over at mid-field.