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This is a good pick up. His offer list exploded recently with Kentucky, Arkansas, Bama, Miami and Baylor all offering him. Probably a kid the recruiting services are under rating a bit.
I'll only be jealous if he suddenly decides to play defense, but that's doubtful on a Will Wade team.
Well clearly a big reason Arky's schedule is so tough is having to end it @Mizzou and Mizzou's is quite a bit lower due to Arky being on it.
His other finalist was kansas. It kinda makes you wonder (well the NCAA wont) how Ku and LSU both suddenly became his final two after his original '4 finalists' didn't include either Ku or LSU. Lol, cha-ching! Self and Wade doin their thing...
Of course being on campus now if it doesn't become toilet paper target #1 would be quite amazing. I guess they could add on to it down the road. After Saban retires they can add a statue of him riding on it, maybe have a Bear Bryant hat hanging off one of the tusks or something. It can be forever-evolving.
Lol and it's the commentary for good reason, duh! You better hope Will Wade isn't paying him for defense, because there's very little there.
He may not have went Pro but he clearly left to get Paid. Good luck X.
That just oozes motivation. A half million well spent.
If 6 QB's are taken in the 1st RD of the draft then there will be several Exec's and Coaches losing their jobs in a year or two.
Even with the Wyoming loss the Tigers were 5-1 to start the season, then Kelly Bryant got hurt and that was the real turning point. Bryant just couldn't be Bryant or run the offense like he was doing prior to the Ole Miss game, which we won but that was the last game Bryant was actually effective due to the injury he suffered that game. It's not easy basically losing your starting QB who was absolutely killing it for 6 games, even though he was still trying to play through it.
I kind of see it as Baze and Drink developing together. I think both in ways performed better than people were expecting last year. And clearly both showed areas where they need to perform better. The red-zone Rountree show wasn't just about Rountree but it became that way because I think Drinks play calling in the red-zone was pretty bad most of the year, especially when it came to passing plays or QB runs. He was putting Bazelak in a bad situation with play calling as much as anything imo. So the red-zone play calling has to get better, and if it does then some of those TD numbers for Connor should get better as well because they can't just default to Rountree anymore after two bad play calls.
Yeah, need a big and a ball handler from the portal yet.
I kinda feel both sides of it come into play. I'm sure they decided to fire him now because of recent results, but if it weren't for the allegations they'd probably be more inclined to keep him on and give him an opportunity to turn it around.
"How ESPN reportedly handled the Kirk Herbstreit, Dan Orlovsky situation." ESPN spoke to both men and declined to comment. Nice work SDS staff.
ESPN has really gone downhill going on over 20 years now. They will never get back to the days when they had respectable reporting and professionalism. Orlovsky and Herbstriet are both a far cry from the Meyers, Mees, Gayle Gardner, Tirico, Stu Scott, Bob Ley types. The 90's truly is the last great decade of ESPN. It's like the kiddie channel these days, no wonder so many great reporters have left the network over the years.
I don't think anyone could argue it WASN'T as good as Duke/KY. I guess if there are respected people in the basketball world who witnessed both and they're saying this game topped it, then it's really hard to argue. Maybe this ending will replace the Tyus Edney footage in most March Madness hype videos, hope so I'm really tired of seeing that over and over every year.
Regardless of best fit, he'll cut his list down to 4 playoff teams, just watch.
Well, part of getting the he-said-she-said story straight is probably the very reason they're asking him to testify. Duh!
Yeah the post-season system is probably the biggest limiting factor, which actually effects the recruiting gap imo. Expand the playoffs to at least 8 or 10, give recruits more choices and it would be a better system for sure and strengthen college football overall. Not just for the top G5 team, but for deserving teams like aTm just this past season. It's overdue.
Good trade, Gordon has 3 years left and the Tigers didn't have to send any cash considerations.
Not sure what does that have to do with anything. Are you saying he shouldn't start so the lesser QB's DON'T transfer?
Yeah everyone is getting a free transfer this year whether they've transferred before or not. Moving forward as long as kids only have one free transfer then it should simmer down a bit after this year, hopefully.
Eager and with conviction, that's always the right way flash horns down.
I guess it was either enter the portal or retire, either way he had a great run.
It's at least the 2nd if not the 3rd time this guy has entered the portal, just to return to Texas the previous times. I doubt Sark will play those games like Herman did and accept him back if the kid changes his mind and wants to go back to the Longhorns again.
Other than Pinson, the only ones transferring are the ones who didn't play much if at all, and they're the one's who would be getting the playing time next year and a big reason why it looked so bleak. The only one so far that I was somewhat wanting to see was Chang but Watson and Braun were in the system 3 years and couldn't crack playing time. There are over 1000 players in the portal so that's a ton of kids changing colors and Cuonzo is getting a second life so-to-speak to land better players than he has the last couple of years. I actually feel a little bit better this way than if Watson, Braun and Pinson were having to be depended on more. Now, if Kobe and/or Pickett enter the portal then those are serious experienced guys that they really can't afford to lose and it might be panic time. Like mutigers1987 said, we haven't lost the incoming freshman yet either so this might look shocking on the surface but I think it could turn out to be better if Martin takes advantage of this opportunity more than he did the first go around.
Mizzou is in desperate need for a big man but no thanks.