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7 out of the top 10 states for power 5 commits over the last decade are from the South, just confirms what we already know, SEC SEC!and also confirms why Michigan and others want the satellite camps so bad
"Florida State and Clemson are the only ACC schools with football programs that would fit into the SEC", Virginia Tech has a mediocre couple years and suddenly they aren't a good program? They also fit in culturally and program wise and until a 2-3 years ago ran the ACC, and they have also played georgia, ut, bama, and lsu in recent years
Sometimes I think SDS hires people who aren't even SEC football fans and are millenials too lazy to do easy research
They've actually played several times with UT leading the series 5-3, before the SEC both UT and VT played in the old Southern Conference and have played each other as far back as 1899, SDS t
I think it had more to do with the commitment of #1 Juco DE Jonothan Kongbo this past week
VT is a bigger job than South Carolina and putting it in the same realm as Mizzou is insulting, the other thing is there is no way they would hire Smart instead of Bud Foster if they were going the coordinator route. VT went to the National Championship game in the BCS era and went to several BCS bowls, and ran the ACC until the last 3 mediocre years, SC has nothing and has never won a conference championship in their history
Virginia Tech and Miami are better jobs than both South Carolina and Mizzou as well as a few other SEC jobs, the only difference I would have on this list is maybe switching VT and Miami, and even with the drawbacks Hawaii has to be better than ULM and North Texas
I love The Citadel vs. Virginia Military Institute rivalry, "The Military Classic of the South", haven't had the pleasure of attending one yet but i'll add it to the bucket list
"We" can be used by Alumni, I know many of the people on this site weren't and are probably offended by this, you can still be a fan of a team without having graduated from the institution, but talking smack to alumni of another SEC school and using "We" when you didn't even attend said university makes you looks idoitic
I've been to SC for a couple games, I've also been to Lane stadium for enter sand man, its not a comparison
with Virginia tech getting back to strength and Miami getting better too, a conference with FSU, Clemson, VT, MIA, and a decent GT with a few mediocre programs mixed in and a partial Notre Dame, isn't too shabby, not SEC but nothing to mock
I would take South Carolina off that list, move WVU higher, and add Virginia Tech
They should start Lambert at least to start the season, he can manage the game decently enough, has the running game and other tools around him, in the east this year game management might be all they need