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Wow. You have a pretty messed up sense of justice. Not surprised a State fan would bring up cheap shots as a solution to the problem though. Why is the concept of being mentally tough so hard to understand? My point is to use the opportunity (injury timeout) as a chance to gather your offense together and come up with a great next play? Why does it have to be a momentum killer? Mentally weak people use this as an excuse for not getting the job done. Mentally tough people see it as an opportunity to put the ball in the end zone. Cheap shots have nothing to do with any of this.
How a team handles adversity is a mindset. Winners use the time out to gather their offense and strategize how best to attack the next play or the next few plays. Losers see it as a momentum stopper and lose their focus. Winners don't let the distraction affect them and see it as an opportunity to bury their opponent. Losers whine and cry about how they were cheated. Which one are you?
It seems that SDS comes out with a "Kiffen to ______" article almost on a weekly basis these days. Given his nomadic nature, I can see why people would believe it. I feel that Kiffen has matured both privately and professionally enough to where he realizes that money isn't everything. I feel that his dream job is ultimately replacing Saban at Bama. He's in a perfect position to do just that. He doesn't need to go to LSU or any other SEC program to achieve that goal. Oxford loves him as does the entire fan base. It's painfully obvious how fast the LSU brass and fans will throw someone even as beloved as Coach O under the bus. Surely Kiffen realizes that if he leaves, other SEC coaches would absolutely hammer him on the recruiting trail saying his time is limited wherever he goes. Plus, I'm sure State fans would love it if the Lane Train headed anywhere but Oxford. The Egg Bowl needs Kiffen and Leach for more than just a couple of years.
Bo Bounds can kick rocks. Kiffen would be a fool to leave Oxford so quickly. If he were to leave, opposing coaches both in and out of conference would no doubt use his nomadic ways against him in recruiting. Kiffen needs to lay down roots for a while just to prove he has matured as a coach and show he has the ability to build something special. If he's truly that good, he can do that at Ole Miss.
No mustard bottles or golf balls involved in the fracas so Vol fans retain the title. Congrats.
Well, that and actually putting coach speak into action.
To me, when there is an "injury" on the defense, it gives offensive linemen (who never leave when they are on offense) time to rest and it gives time for the offense to gather their thoughts before the next play. I don't see it as a disadvantage for the offense.
IMO, there should be at the very least a 7 figure fine. Or, thinking outside the box, possibly a loss of future revenue by moving the next Ole Miss/Tennessee game that Tennessee is supposed to host (not sure when that will happen) to Oxford. That would give Ole Miss an extra home game that year and Tennessee one less game at home. Either way, the hammer needs to drop hard to prevent this from ever happening again.
By all accounts, it seems that Kiffen handled the situation better than most. It'll be interesting to see Wilbon's take on all of this.
I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing the Rebs hire Mike Leach. It would be entertaining for press conferences if nothing else.
I'm still baffled as to why they didn't at least call defensive pass interference on the play. The db clearly made contact before the ball arrived but it was never even mentioned.
I wish Bama would schedule them just so UCF fans would crawl back into their hole after getting pummeled.
Any truth to the rumor that Hillary invited has UCF to the White House?