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Vandy pretty much ended the season for Mizzou last year and got Odom fired. If this is truly the new Zou, this game won’t be very close.
Don’t do stuff like this unless you can back it up. Mizzou’s colors are old gold and black. Don’t need yellow helmets. Their best road uniform is the all white with black and gold trim, the black helmet with black and gold stripe down the middle and the small tiger head on the helmet. I can even take the white helmets. The best home uniform is the black jersey trimmed in old gold and white with old gold pants and same helmet as above. The block M does not look good to me unless they put some trim on it.
Pittman is going to find there are a lot of idiot Razorback fans. Wait until the honeymoon is over with.
He would be very good with Florida’s talent. He really doesn’t have much at Arkansas. Why are the two small linebackers and safety making so many tackles? It is because the d line is so bad.
Exactly. Don’t you know Razorbacks have never lost a close game. They get cheated out of it.
There was a clear recovery by the LSU player. Arkansas players pulled and tugged and got it away from him after he was down. And if they follow the rules for targeting, they got that call correct as well. He hit a defenseless player in the head.
The worst and most arrogant fans I ever met were Nebraska fans. Nebraska in general was so arrogant they fired Solich for winning only 9 games. Frost told the truth. He needs to call them out because that is exactly what happened. Nebraska, Tennessee, and Arkansas all have fan bases that have hurt their program by sending the message to recruits that the coaches who hired them are not going to be given time to turn the program around. Muschamp kept the blame off his players and took the heat. He got fired anyway.
Mizzou caught a break. Arkansas would have kicked their butt. On the other side, all this talk about how bad Vandy is usually spells upset for Mizzou. Mizzou had a good season going last year, were considerably favored at Vandy and didn’t show up that game nor the rest of the year. Vandy winning in overtime would not surprise me.
Looks like targeting to me. He used his shoulder and hit a defenseless player in the head. Arkansas never loses. They always get cheated. Been going on for decades.
Things that grind my gears. Golf announcers saying hole location instead of saying the pin is located at the back of the green, etc. We all know the hole is where the pin is. Baseball announcers saying “up in the zone, etc. instead of up in the strike zone”. Using the term good looks instead of good shots in basketball. Just because I look at something doesn’t mean I took a shot. Athletic directors or announcers saying “student athletes” instead of players. We know they are students or should be. Is this away of showing everyone that your players are actually enrolled in school?
By the way, Arkansas has never lost a close game where they were not cheated. Just ask them. This has gone on since Frank blew the game of the century in 1969 even though Missouri was better than the Hogs that year.
I will argue that LSU got the bad call on a touchdown catch that clearly was made and not allowed. On the fumble hog fans are crying about you could clearly see the football loose and the LSU player get possession of it. The hogs kept pulling and yanking and finally got it but after the play was over. The mistake the officials made was not saying that. I would argue that the officials blew it at Auburn by blowing the whistle too early. But had that bonehead play by Bo Nix been called it would have been a gift to the hogs. Not anything earned.
The only reason Mizzou fans haven’t seen much trash talking from Hog fans is it is hard to trash talk when you are the laughingstock of the SEC. But I’ve been around Hog fans for years. Wait till they get their program rolling like it was with Petrino. They will kick Mizzou every year and Kansas fans don’t come close to the arrogance of Hog fans when they are good. They will declare themselves Alabama II.
This transfer rule makes it too convenient for players to quit.
And LSU played a true freshman at quarterback against an experience senior. Just accept the fact that compared to the last two years you actually have a team that wants to win and tries to win instead of making excuses.
In order to have a rivalry you have to win one occasionally. Mizzou has won 4 in a row. LSU has won 5 in a row. Your rival is Ole Miss and Vandy.
You are exactly right. He had the ball and after he was down they pried it out of his hands.
Should have would have could have. Don’t go 0 for 10 on third down and then blame a loss on an officials call. Get some first downs. Back to Auburn. If Nix doesn’t spike the ball backwards then there would not have been a controversy. In other words, sheer luck was the only reason Arkansas had a chance to win and not their good play on the last drive. Arkansas never loses. You always get cheated on every close game you have ever loss.
I would say Odom’s defense worked pretty good. How many points did LSU score on offense? One was basically a pick six. If anyone is trying to find blame it falls on the offense lack of ability to stay on the field. I guess Odom could have blitzed and let LSU score quickly so the players would not be on the field so long.
More than likely, Mizzou loses this game if the two defensive backs don’t opt out and the wide receiver does not get hurt. However, had Mizzou not been shorthanded, they would have won more than likely even if Carolina had been full strength.
Odom made one large critical mistake at Missouri that did him in. It started with Drew Lock. In order to get Drew to come back for his senior year he allowed the offense to be designed just to prepare Lock for the NFL instead of what was best for the team. It continued the next year with a quarterback who would have been much more effective in a spread offense where he could use his running skills. In putting the selfish needs of his quarterbacks first, the offense got less effective the longer it went. In the end it cost him his job.
Looks to me like Jeremy Pruitt is next to be fired. Especially if he loses to Vandy.
Two things saved Mizzou. 1. South Carolina opt outs and best receiver getting hurt early on. 2. Doty didn’t play earlier. If he had, Gamecocks win the game. He was too quick for the Tigers.
He has to beat Arkansas for this to be a good season. The offense looked bad tonight and tigers are lucky Doty didn’t get in game earlier.
It was obvious to me there was a clear recovery by LSU. The player pulled the loose ball back in to his possession and Arkansas took it away after play was over.
“My student athlete?” In the first place he is a football player. In the second place you don’t own him. He is not yours.