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No way these middle of the pack teams will ever beat Alabama. They can’t get the recruits that can compare to with them.
Dan Mullen is the one overrated. I’m surprised after the way he finished the season last year. Sure he will win games because he is sitting in a hotbed of a recruiting area. But he has proven to be an idiot and not what I would call a man of character.
I would argue that the 2006 Mizzou team was the best to never win a National Championship. Biden sucks.
You don’t lose games like Arkansas did and call yourself great. They got run over by the good teams. Biden is an idiot.
How could they be a true number one team if they lost? Evidently they weren’t. Biden is an idiot.
Of course the Presidential election was illegal. Why do you think the liberals are against someone proving who they are before they vote? As far as Tennessee crowd, they are not influenced by you liberals and don’t need a safe spot to go hide. Oops! I hope I didn’t offend anyone.
James Franklin was the best overall quarterback on that list. I watched him win a lot of games when the heat was on. He never choked once. I saw Austin Allen choke away several games. Like his older brother, he couldn’t take the heat.
Missouri was obviously emotionally worn out. For one, they celebrated too much after beating a so so Arkansas team at home. It took all they had to come back and win that game. Now they are supposed to beat a much better team with four days of practice. I’m a Mizzou fan but this game could get ugly and be a blowout loss. Iowa is probably the second best team in the Big 10. Although the top of conference is not as good as SEC, the conference is better than SEC from 4th on down.
You need to go to Iowa websites and read what their supporters are saying. They are insulted to be playing such a lowly team as Missouri. They are very disappointed. I saw one positive comment. “At least we won’t have any problem winning our fourth bowl game in a row.”
Mullen is overrated and needs to control the way he acts and how he responds to controversy and or pressure. I don’t know if he believes he is another Nick Saban but you don’t belittle your assistant coaches publicly or in front of your team. It may be he just can’t handle pressure. At Mississippi State he was usually the underdog. There was a lot less pressure on him. As long as he played decent against the best teams and beat the worst people were happy. Now he is at a place where losing is not going to be accepted. That pressure seems to have caused him to crack
I’m a Mizzou fan and I was banned from commenting on a local site called Rock M Nation for not drinking the kool aide. I know this is a different coach but three years ago Odom’s Tigers won 6 in a row against teams with losing records and played Texas in the Texas Bowl. The first series the Mizzou defensive backs were pounding their chest and taunting Texas receivers as if they were something to be feared. Texas proceeded to embarrass Mizzou and proved that the Tigers winning streak was tainted because they still could not beat a team with a 6-5 record. This year’s team has appeared to be better because they did win two close games that they probably would have lost in the past. However, I still argue that the Tigers can’t beat a team with a winning record so are they really that much better than they were in the past? They played hard and beat the teams they should beat. Perhaps if Bazalak had started against Tennessee they would have won that game. But we’ll never know. One more thing, SEC fans have no knowledge of Mizzou’s tradition. I realize this is ancient times, but Missouri had the most wins of any program in the 60’s. Then they fell on hard times for many years. From 2005-2015 once again Mizzou was near the top in number of wins in the country. Many SEC fans, particularly Arkansas fans did not believe Mizzou could compete in the SEC but just because the SEC was winning national titles does not make the rest of the teams juggernauts. Arkansas fans had no knowledge of Mizzou’s recent history other than they boat raced the Hogs in the 2008 Cotton Bowl. My argument was that the top two or three teams in the SEC were very good, but the other teams were no better than Mizzou and probably not as good. When Mizzou and Texas AM came into the league, most people looked at Texas AM as the better program but Missouri had the better program in the Big 12. I think Mizzou proved that their first three years in the conference. Most believe Drinkwitz can recruit Mizzou back to being relevant. I hope so. We will see. But not all Mizzou fans think we have the market on how players and coaches should act.
High school Gus has his millions. He has been able to parlay his good high school coaching record into millions even though he won high school games because he had so much more talent than the opposition. Any coach would have won at those places.
That poor Arkansas receiver must have felt like he was hit by a big truck. Look how far he flies in the air before landing. I noticed he didn’t keep the ball either. Was Bolton supposed to allow him to catch it? I bet that boy as sore Sunday morning.
Truth be told, take away Alabama and SEC is not any better than ACC or Big 10. I think Mizzou and Texas AM have proven that Big 12 was just as good. Both have a strong team at the top and a real bad team at the bottom. In the middle neither conference is superior.
1. Missouri has never gotten any respect from many SEC fans even when they won two East titles. There was always some excuse like the other programs are down, etc. Arkansas fans in particular know nothing about Mizzou football even though the Tigers have won a lot of games the past 20 years. I would argue that it was Missouri who proved that SEC superiority was a myth. Alabama superiority is not a myth but teams like Arkansas liked to beat their chest and say we are better than you because we play in the SEC. Missouri has beaten Arkansas six straight years and didn’t even play them when they had their best teams (exception -see 2008 Cotton Bowl). You would think Hog fans would have gotten the message after that beat down from a Big 12 team. 2. As far as Bo Nix rolling left, for some it is easier to throw a football rolling left because you don’t have to open up to throw it.
If he can’t win 10 games at Auburn where it is much easier to recruit, he’d be lucky to win 7 at Arkansas. That won’t satisfy Hog fans for long.
Yeah and Arkansas was dumb enough to try to take him away from them. No way Gus could win 8 games a year st Arkansas.
He should have gone to his ladies’ soccer team and recruited someone with a good leg.
Gus is one of the best con artists of all time. He is a high school coach who had a reputation for winning at two schools that basically recruited. He parlayed that to getting hired at Arkansas where he helped get Houston Nutt to leave. Then he goes to Auburn and is lucky enough to have a freak at quarterback. He lies to Arkansas State and says he is there for the long hall snd takes his predecessor’s recruits and wins then returns to Auburn. He knew all along he was going back to Auburn. Then he pretends to be interested in Arkansas to get a big contract. He is so overrated as a head coach it’s ridiculous. He knew he couldn’t win at Arkansas. He can win at Auburn because it is much easier to recruit. But as you can tell, unless he has much better talent he is just a run of the mill cosch.
Razorbacks can’t wait to win this one for Barry Odom. They have never really respected Mizzou. Every year when the schedule comes out they mark this as a win. Now that they are actually playing decent football, they do expect to win this game. I know because I live in Arkansas. Perhaps if Arkansas loses again they will start to look at Mizzou as a rival or if they win and Mizzou fans see the true colors of Razorback fans they will find out that they are worse than Kansas fans when they are winning.
Vandy pretty much ended the season for Mizzou last year and got Odom fired. If this is truly the new Zou, this game won’t be very close.
Don’t do stuff like this unless you can back it up. Mizzou’s colors are old gold and black. Don’t need yellow helmets. Their best road uniform is the all white with black and gold trim, the black helmet with black and gold stripe down the middle and the small tiger head on the helmet. I can even take the white helmets. The best home uniform is the black jersey trimmed in old gold and white with old gold pants and same helmet as above. The block M does not look good to me unless they put some trim on it.
Pittman is going to find there are a lot of idiot Razorback fans. Wait until the honeymoon is over with.
He would be very good with Florida’s talent. He really doesn’t have much at Arkansas. Why are the two small linebackers and safety making so many tackles? It is because the d line is so bad.
Exactly. Don’t you know Razorbacks have never lost a close game. They get cheated out of it.
There was a clear recovery by the LSU player. Arkansas players pulled and tugged and got it away from him after he was down. And if they follow the rules for targeting, they got that call correct as well. He hit a defenseless player in the head.