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I think Arkansas doing so well reveals two things. 1. Mike Anderson was a terrible bench coach and did not teach fundamental basketball. 2. Gafford was inefficient as a go to guy. You can blame it on Anderson and his high school coaches. He never learned to post up or block out.
If Rodrigues wants to be a head coach, get fast freshman quarterback to come with him to Mizzou.
No way Lunney could be hired for this job. How many games has he won as a head coach in a major conference?
Fearless prediction. Arkansas 35 Mizzou 6
Has the team performed on the field this year I would have more sympathy. But they are one loss away from proving to be the worst team in the SEC. if players wanted to go to a bowl game they should have played like they wanted to win in the last 5 games.
Instead of lobbying why don’t you stop playing like the worst team in the sec. Arkansas is better than Vanderbilt so I am predicting they will win this game and break their sec losing streak. Either the players are not very good or the coaches can’t coach. So if Odom is not the problem then the players aren’t who we thought they were. I have never been as disappointed in a season as this one. Kentucky, Tennessee, and Vandy all are terrible teams. Do what does that make Mizzou? The worst team in the SEC after Friday. Go Hogs.
Financial penalty hurts, but Mizzou will prove Friday that they are the worst team in the SEC. They couldn’t beat the other sorry SEC teams and they won’t beat Arkansas. Congratulations hogs for ending your sec losing streak. For Thanksgiving, you need to be thankful Mizzou was allowed in to the SEC or you might never win another SEC game.
Yeah Barry. You are playing on Friday to see which team is the worst in the SEC. Just talking about it won’t get it. You let 4 bad teams beat you already and as bad as Arkansas has looked they are better than Wyoming and Vanderbilt. You have shone nothing that says you can go on the road and beat anybody.
Arkansas is a beautiful state with good people who love their state as much or more than any state in the U.S. Unfortunately, the football program has become the Kansas of the SEC. Good news is coming. Mizzou is the worst team Arkansas has played this year and I see a win for the Hogs on Friday.
Well at least Arkansas is finally going to end sec losing streak
Who said Nutt didn’t make it to a bowl game with McFadden etc? The Hogs played Missouri in the Cotton Bowl the last year Nutt coached although Nutt had already gone to Ole Miss and didn’t coach the game. One of the main criticisms of Nutt was that “it was all about him.” Remember the “I called the play” comment after winning a game. He can’t come back. In my opinion, Arkansas must find a coach who has the ability to develop players and turn 3 star recruits into 4 and 5 stars. Who is that guy?
He’s human. Now we know quarterback was and is not the problem.
Gus knows he can’t win at Arkansas. He is Chad Morris coaching with talent. No way he can get the same caliber of athlete at Arkansas as he can at Auburn. I’ve said this all along. Malzahn and Morris were big winners at the high school level coaching teams with more talent than the competition. When the talent is equal or better, they are no better than any other coach. I don’t think it is possible anymore at Arkansas to recruit enough 4 and stars to compete at the upper tier of the SEC. Hope to be a second tier team as Petrino and Nutt had them.
Although it takes a lot more than 2 years to rebuild a program, the fact that they are not even competitive in most games, and made Western Kentucky look like Ohio State that was the problem. There was no progress. I can’t see any coach being able to rebuild this program unless he gets at least 5 years. In order to get 5 years, it will have to be a big name coach like Jumbo Fisher that fans believe can do it in time. Morris had no track record as a proven college head coach. No coach with a reputation for winning will be willing to come to Arkansas and try to beat Alabama, LSU, and Auburn in order to keep their job. Revenue Spurrier had it going at South Carolina for a short period but even he could not sustain it and I would say it should be easier to win at South Carolina then Arkansas. Moving to the SEC is not going to help if they can’t win the non conference games on the schedule.
Arkansas paid 3 million this year to get beat by SJSU and WKU. Then they want fans to donate to the program when they could have saved that 3 million. Arkansas is the Rutgers of the SEC, and the Kansas of the Big12. The difference is a coach can go to Rutgers and Kansas and win 6 games a year and keep his job. At Arkansas, people will be happy with 6 wins right now but it won’t keep the coach from getting fired after a few years. I regress but I remember how manageable the non conference schedule was supposed to be this year. Four sure wins and two conference wins and the program is on track. Especially because the Hogs were going to be so much better at Quarterback. Speaking of quarterbacks, JSJ has a terrible arm. Morris knows that. He was just trying to save his job by playing Jerry’s grandson. What’s bad is Jefferson was not as impressive as expected against a non power five team.
Morris needs to stop talking about what it takes to compete in the SEC when he can’t beat non conference teams that you pay to play you. If his recruits were as good as he says, they would be good enough to beat teams like Western Kentucky. More than that, the Hogs were not even competitive. That tells me that not only can this coaching staff not coach, the so called great young talent is not so great. Everyone talks about how special KJ is, but he looks very limited to me. Good runner but very poor passer.
Comments Skipper as he is helping his quarterback up after another sack. But I do agree that if Morris felt in the beginning it would be this tough he shouldn’t have come in with the left lane hammer down stuff. Honestly I’m not sure anyone should be expected to turn this around in two years. But it is funny to me that last year supposedly Ty only could absorbs 30 percent of Morris’s playbook but goes to a different team and can do it all.
1. It is lots more than a quarterback issue. Ty Storey played well in a team with some blocking. 2. Morris and Beliema have tried to rebuild with running backs and receivers and should have started with lineman. 3. Tell Jerry Jones to take his money and stay in Dallas. He has ruined the Cowboys and now has helped ruin the Razorbacks. Don’t tell me Morris was not his recommendation and his grandson is not a power five quarterback.
Jerry, Donate another 19 million or so and he can start for the remainder of his career.
Completing 4 0f 9 passes for 25 yards is playing good????No way Jones gives the Hogs a chance to compete in the SEC. Morris is trying to save his job. A real coach would have our Jefferson out there long ago. If there is any hope for the future, Jefferson is the only quarterback to provide it.
What a crock? I spend a lot of time rewinding and watching played several times to see why the defense is getting gashed so bad. Maybe the players aren’t very good but they could at least learn how to cover their gaps even if they can’t stop the bull carrier once they get there. They have not been coached.
This is an attempt to save his job by making Jones happy. If he is truly the best option, no wonder the offense is so bad. We all know Jefferson is the best quarterback, but looks like Morris is scared to move him in front of the grandson of the person who got him the job. I don’t know how good Morris’ son is, but he will never make it to Arkansas.
When your “so called” best player is a discipline problem it drags down the entire team. I don’t understand how a guy can just throw away his opportunity to leave a legacy. This is going to cost him a lot of money down the line. Evidently he is not very smart.
Well, they listen to Jerry Jones about hiring a football coach no wonder they got a bad one. Jones fires Tom Landry and has allowed an incompetent coach at Dallas for years. The only thing Jerry knows about football is how to make a profit.
Morris looks like a guy who knows it’s over. He is probably wondering what they are waiting on to fire him so he can take his buy out and retire. He just won the lottery.
Malzahn can’t win at Arkansas. He has enough trouble at Auburn with 5 star talent.
Arkansas will beat Western Kentucky and Mizzou and Morris will save his job. Western Kentucky is not very good and Mizzou has some internal issues that has turned a good team into a train wreck. All he has to do is play KJ.
I just put down $1000 bucks on Arkansas. With this many negative comments from Arkansas fans, Hicks is bound to play well and win the game.
Also, I agree 100 percent that he should have moved his family. People were and I guess still are ok with him going to Texas every Friday to see his son play but I have never thought that was a good idea. Especially when your team is playing so poorly. He is paid a lot of money to take care of the Arkansas players. He could have moved his family here and at least looked all in.