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Act like you won a game before. Good grief. Nolan is shaking his head. Evidently you didn’t expect to win.
I believe Bobby Petrino is a changed person and there is nothing wrong with second chances. But I doubt his hiring is enough to save this train wreck of a football program. It will keep the fans engaged until the season unfolds and they only win 5 games. Then what?
Petrino is coming home. Hog fans are ecstatic. Preseason top ten team with this hire. ????
They won the West when Auburn and Alabama were on probation. They were never going to win the SEC. Houston Nutt would give up his first born to coach at Arkansas and got them to their ceiling in the SEC and idiot fans ran him off. They preferred a guy with no integrity in Bobby Petrino who made them the laughingstock of college football and the Hogs have remained there ever since. So yes, Arkansas administration is probably the dumbest in the nation.
Arkansas fans don’t seem to remember how Missouri dominated the Hogs in the 2008 Cotton Bowl. D line U stuffed McFadden in the turf and that team also gave up the fight. I do know a lot about Arkansas. I watched the Game of the Century against Texas in 1969. Just as Frank Broyles lost that game with poor coaching, with a few scattered years along the way, the Razorbacks have always been underachieving because they are ALWAYS OVERRATED and OVERHYPED.
I love it when Arkansas fans have to deflect the conversation from football to something else. This poverty program owns Arkansas. Better players, better coaches, and a better program with stability. By the way, thanks for the good seats at “the Zou South “ Friday. I like watching games at the 50 yard line.
Arkansas started the scuffle with the roughing of Cook on the sideline. The guy that needed to be thrown out was Morgan. Refs should have thrown a flag on Cam Ron Johnson but didn’t so Morgan hit him from behind. He also threw some punches. But Drinkwitz should have answered that differently. Personally I think it was the first time Arkansas has shown any fire all year. The problem is they just fired Mizzou up and their superior athletes took over the game. I live in Arkansas but am from Missouri. The Arkansas fans and media has blatantly disrespected Mizzou ever since they came into the SEC. They didn’t think Mizzou was worthy of being their permanent rival and ever time Missouri would win the game they would say how can we lose to that team. They always looked at the Mizzou game as a W when projecting wins and loses. Then when they would lose they would say Arkansas had best team but just didn’t care about that game. The truth is only two times has Arkansas had the better team and Mizzou won one of those. The Arkansas football program is a low tier sec program and not in the same level of Missouri and hasn’t been for years.
Missouri is running out of gas. You could see it in the Florida game where they had to settle for field goals and could not contain Florida. Florida lost to Arkansas at home. Arkansas played Alabama, LSU, and Ole Miss close. Players are excited that Sam Pittman is returning and want to win this game for him. They also want to kick Mizzou out of the top 10 by beating the “poverty school from the Notth” which will never have the tradition and fan support the Razorbacks have. Arkansas doesn’t feel Missouri is worthy of being their rival. The only reason Mizzou is winning is because SEC is down this year. Hogs beat Florida at Florida. They will beat Mizzou at Fayetteville and prove Mizzou is not truly a top 10 or even top 25 team. Arkansas Razorbacks 38 Misery 24
We will who is laughing after the Hogs steamroll the poverty college from the north on Friday. Hogs are back baby?
Which program is the most pitiful? Arkansas or Kansas?
If Missouri is not a Top 10 team Georgia is not number 1, 2, 3, or 4.
As a Missouri fan, every game I wonder if this is the one that nothing goes right and they play uninspired and get beat. The should have beaten LSU and could have beaten Georgia. It scares me that they finally have received some recognition. I just hope that Brady Cook, Cody Scrader, and the seniors on defense won’t let the team get complacent. That’s the only way they can lose either of the last two games.
I want say something about stars and recruits. How do they get to be 4 and 5 stars? It’s based on who and how many are recruiting them. The NFL is full of players that were 2 and 3 stars. People act like a 4 or 5 star is automatically going to be great. The transfer portal is full of former 4 stars that couldn’t get on the field. Good coaches know how to evaluate and develop athletes.
You ever been to St.Louis or Kansas City? You underestimate the amount of talent there.
In the 60’s and 70’s Missouri was a national brand in football. Then Ohio State, Notre Dame, Nebraska and others came in and cherry picked the talent in St. Louis and Kansas City. Gary Pinkel won because of stability and the ability to develop good athletes into good football players. There has been defensive lineman from Missouri all over the NFL that were not highly recruited but developed by a staff that Pinkel was loyal to and they were loyal to him. If Drinkwitz who made it a priority to keep the talent home continues to be successful, Missouri can be just as productive as Florida. It helps because the administration at Missouri understands the importance a strong foundation. Give Napier a chance to build that foundation and you will see positive results. You can’t build a foundation firing coaches every two or three years.
Missouri is not Kentucky as someone suggested. The 2007 Mizzou team was ranked number 1 and would have been in a 4 team playoff. Missouri has St. Louis and Kansas City from which to recruit. By the way Luther Burden is from St. Louis. He did cross the River his senior year to play for East Sait Louis but he is a Missouri guy.
I don’t care what the recruiting ranking is, Missouri has aggressive athletic players all over the field. Only two teams in the SEC have this on both sides on both sides of the ball. Georgia and Missouri and Georgia was unable to bully them. In fact, if they changed uniforms you would have thought the Missouri was more athletic and more aggressive.
Mizzou is finally getting some respect being ranked in top 10. That makes me nervous I hope players still believe they have more to prove. Losing a game or 2 at the end of the season would undo all of the hard work it took to get here.
I live in Arkansas. He needs to stay in South Carolina because I like Sam P but he is not going to be around much longer. Arkansas is a place where coaches go to ruin their reputation as coaches.
He and his staff got greatly out coached against Missouri. But I think you are going to find out just how good Missouri is. Missouri is as good as Georgia. Move that game to Missouri and Georgia loses.
I hate Arkansas more than Kansas. Don’t sleep on them.
Born and raised in the Bootheel of Missouri where we got our news and TV from Memphis. I became a Tennessee football fan because Missouri got so bad after 70’s. I remember watching Bill Battle, Johnny Majors teams play. I didn’t like it when Majors got stabbed in the back by Fulmer. But I still pulled for them until Mizzou joined the SEC. I liked Heuphel at Mizzou but the Tigers either had a poor defense or that fast paced offense kept the defense on the field too much to be effective. That stunt Heuphel pulled last year was completely classless.
That’s not true. Heuphel left for central Florida before Odom was fired. Had he stayed, Drew Lock would have been in Heisman conversation.
Mike Irwin of Pigtrail Nation said last week that he would be a big Tennessee fan Saturday. He refuses to accept the FACT that Missouri has a better football program than Arkansas. Like many Arkansas fans, he is delusional and won’t admit this could be real. That Missouri is a place better suited to have success than Arkansas. Their problem is they won’t acknowledge just how good Mizzou was at the end of Big 12 years because they have such SEC bias. Mizzou can beat Arkansas 10 straight times but it’s because Arkansas doesn’t care about Mizzou. Just an afterthought. Please put it on them this year. STP. MIZ
I couldn’t believe Tennessee was favored. But I was glad. If anyone has watched this team play they would know they are athletic, gritty, and well coached on both sides of the ball.
I live in Arkansas so it is the most important game to me. You would not believe how Arkansas fans and media look down on Missouri . They refer to Mizzou as the “poverty school from the north” and the only reason Mizzou has ever beaten them is because beating Arkansas is a big deal for Mizzou whereas Arkansas is too much of a better program to be concerned about Mizzou
Stupidity on the part of those who gave him such a contract in the first place. He has it made now.
He is not worried because he knows 1. He has a good buyout. 2. He can get out of Fayetteville. Nobody is going to come to Arkansas and not end up getting fired. 3. He will be happy again.