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They won’t beat Arkansas who will be very much improved. One win.
How stupid to want your hall of game coach fired. Bubba sounds like a good name for you. Missouri won’t be as good as your third string.
It is not going to matter for Alabama. It is going to be a blow out loss regardless. They will just be trying to save the equipment.
5 ways Arkansas will be better. 5. Better players. 4. Better coaches 3. Other teams could have to play practice squad due to Covid. 2. No expectations. Chad Morris taught us one thing. Talking about being better means nothing. 1. No way the team could be worse.
Missouri will be the easier win and more likely. Odom won’t be ready for Mike Leach.
On the tram to the 08 Cotton Bowl Hog Fans we’re cocky. Worse than Kansas fans. They said the game would be over by halftime. I wanted to rub it in on the way back, but hog fans all left before third quarter was over. They were correct. Game was over at half time.
A career day because of the lack of defense by the Hogs. Morris was a big flop though, no doubt about it.
Just another list, an opinion that means nothing. I’m sure some are better at calling plays than others, but talent has a lot to do with it. Just to play Devil’s advocate. Joe Morehead was a terrible play caller at Mississippi State. Could it be lack of talent? Drinkwitz May be very good, but he wasn’t great at Arkansas State and I don’t recall Boise State being anything special while he was there. Who did he actually beat last year. I could call plays at Alabama, Oklahoma, and Ohio State. It is much easier to call plays when it is third and short all the time. And finally, need I remind you that Chad Morris would have been high in this list a few years ago. Now he is considered a joke for the way he made Arkansas an embarrassment.
The Battleline Rivalry May finally mean something. Arkansas will be playing Missouri for bragging rights as to which team is the worst in the SEC. Right now I think the Hogs are a 10 to 14 point favorite to win the game and will avoid the distinction of being the worst team for the first time in several years.
Rank the sec football teams for this season. 1. Alabama 2. Georgia 3. Auburn 4. Florida 5. LSU 6. Tennessee 7. Texas AM 8. Kentucky 9. Mississippi State 10. Ole Miss 11. South Carolina 12. Arkansas 13. Missouri 14. Vandy
Laura sure is pretty, but her lack of understanding of coaching football is obvious here. There is no benefit to losing by 3 to 4 touchdowns every week. How many games did she play in? I forget!
I agree 100 percent. Now that I think back, the only success the Hogs had was doing the opposite of what Coach B said he was going to do. The second half of the Mizzou and Virginia Tech game set the program back 10 years. Evidently Coach B quit on the team and a coach with a completely different philosophy was brought in. Morris failed to recruit the players who remained from Coach B years and proved to be a terrible and inept manager of players.
Chad Morris was a high school coach who got in over his head at Arkansas. Beliema recruited players for a smash mouth style. He just failed to get enough quality players. Then Morris tries to install a finesse game without out any speed. He tried to red shirt for the future and all the expectations were over hyped. He actually did an excellent job recruiting but some of his goofy comments and actions (celebrating a win over Colorado State by turning locker room into a disco) made him look like Gomer Pyle) instead of Bear Bryant. An SEC program does not tear down goal post when they beat a mediocre team.
If Powell is even in the mix, everyone needs to worry about the ability of the others.
No way this team win more than 2 games. Vandy is the only one I would say is certain. Arkansas will be much better than last year and should be favored over Mizzou. Two wins is a stretch and more than likely just one. Blowout losses: Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The only chance for an upset will be South Carolina. Leach will torch Mizzou with his offense.
It’s not going to matter to Alabama who the starter is. There is no advantage for Mizzou at all.
It’s good that he made the academic all Big 10 team. But academics is not going to help him block against Alabama and LSU.
Mizzou couldn’t beat Alabama A and M much less the real deal. There is a greater chance of a meteor landing on the field during the game than Mizzou winning or even playing close.
Tony: Do you have your medical license? Alabama 79 Mizzou 10. And they don’t get 10 if Saban doesn’t let up.
Only if the Aggies let up early will this not be more than 37.
Sec protects Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Florida and could care less about the others. Arkansas has every right to be upset about the schedule. It would have made too much sense for Alabama to have played best of the East while Georgia should have played the best of the East. In doing so Arkansas and Missouri could have played teams where the games would have been competitive. Of course poor Alabama and Georgia would not be able to ease into the season. That would have made too much sense to give all teams a chance to win one of the extra conference games. By the way, Auburn will beat Kentucky.
Tennessee will never be good again as long as that backstabber Fulmer is in charge.
Well does that mean Tennessee stays. You said top programs.
How long have you been waiting to use the word hyperbolic? Regardless, the SEC has proven once again that they care nothing about Arkansas. This was an opportunity to schedule competitive games for all teams. Instead, they give Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and Florida some preseason warm up games at the expense of Arkansas and Missouri. Not only is this the toughest schedule in the history of college football, how can any momentum be continued after getting destroyed on the field. Player and fan enthusiasm will be destroyed. People will be questioning the ability of the coaches, etc even though Saban would look bad with this schedule if he was coaching Arkansas.
Odom made two major mistakes at Mizzou. Instead of running an offense that would best benefit the team, he tried to run more of a pro style to convince Drew Lock to stay his Senior year and then to sign Kelly Bryant. Bryant could have really helped them in a spread and fast tempo offense. But trying to make him in to a pro prospect was a miserable failure that cost the team a good season and Odom his job. You can’t put any player’s demands before the team. Seldom do you see a fast tempo spread offense that has a highly ranked defense because the offense is not on the field long enough for them to rest.
I hope this is not the case, but today’s players who do not win the starting quarterback job at one school will more than likely transfer out at the end of the year. It is not just quarterbacks either that won’t hang around and be a back up.
It’s coming. Wait until he can’t even beat Arkansas because of the lack of confidence and/or injuries caused by playing such a schedule. Fans can understand losing to LSU and Alabama but they won’t when they can’t beat Arkansas and Vandy.
When recruiting falls off because disgruntled fans become vocal and cause recruits to avoid coming to a place where the coaching staff is probably going to be fired sooner than later. Chad Morris had no veteran talent at all due to what I stated above. The Arkansas fans helped cause Beliema’s demise by being so impatient he could not recruit any talent. That was the talent Morris had to deal with. His recruits would have gotten the program back on track but he had to redshirt for the future which the idiot fans in ArKansas would not give him.