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This loss will help Georgia win the division. However, it may keep them out of the playoff unless they win the SEC Championship. Mizzou possibly could have slipped by them if Georgia was undefeated and either over confident or playing tight. But not now. Georgia was never going to take Florida lightly but now they will really get after them.
If Mizzou learned anything from the Wyoming game, this one will be over quickly. “Respect all opponents, but fear none.” Prepare for Vandy just like you would Georgia and play with confidence at Georgia just like at Vandy.
Beat Auburn and Gus will get fired. Then he might be talked in to coming to Arkansas. However, would you want a coach who had the talent he has at Auburn that could not beat the Hogs?
If Mizzou truly learned their lesson At Wyoming, they won’t mess around with Vandy. It will be over quickly. We will see.
I agree you have to give the guy three years for the next coach because there will be a next coach after next year. Morris is not a strong leader. He was an offensive coordinator at a school with outstanding talent. He finally won 7 games as a head coach but it is beyond my understanding as to why anyone would have thought that qualifies him to be the head coach of Arkansas.
At least the uniforms will look good.
Arkansas took Chad Morris because they thought they were getting a Gus Malzahn clone. But Morris is in a place that is a lot harder to win than Auburn. That’s why Gus would take the job. Having said that, I think it is a mistake to hire a head coach based on his success as a coordinator. Instead, hire a guy who can lead and motivate. Then he can hire good coordinators who can recruit.
Play calling didn’t cost Georgia the game, it was turnovers. It is hard to overcome 4 turnovers.
The worst thing that could happen to LSU would be to be ranked higher than Alabama before they play. Wait until you beat them first.
Missouri is at least top 15.
Thanks to South Carolina, any chance of catching Georgia flat or over confident is gone. Also, just because Mizxou has dominated some bad Florida teams the last few years, does not mean they will beat them again. But let’s say they do. My biggest fear is that the Tigers go to Arkansas over confident and let Arkansas beat them. Playing in Little Rock will not be easy.
As long as Morris can “keep the locker room” I think he can turn the program around. But I’m not sure he can do that. When Barry Odom at Missouri was very close to losing his job, he gave a fiery speech telling everyone that he knew what he had in the locker room and that the players knew it and that he was the guy to turn it around. He said: “I am the man for this job, I will win here.” He was telling the truth. Chad Morris makes the comment that “this team is fragile.” He is an offensive x and o guy but not the leader needed to turn it around in my opinion. Looking back, Houston Nutt was great at getting his players to buy in but not the “offensive guru.” I would take the fiery leader anytime. He can hire the x and o guy.
Arkansas has never been more than a second tier team in the SEC. second tier teams are those that can’t win the Championship but are competitive in most league games and are able to beat the teams in the bottom tier. Second tier teams also make a run at a division championship occasionally but not consistently. They don’t have the ability to reload. However, for the past 8 years or so, Arkansas has been in the bottom tier and must find a coach who can develop 2 and 3 star recruits into 4 stars.
What does that comparison tell us? 1. Arkansas football is broken. Bielema wanted to out Alabama Alabama with lunch mouth football but even Alabama no longer plays that way. 2. Morris wants to have this Gus Malzahn type offense but has yet to get a quarterback that can run it. 3. Neither have bothered to recruit enough lineman or linebackers. If the SEC is a line of scrimmage league, this explains the main reason neither one has been successful. 4. Neither one seems to be able to develop the players they recruit. Arkansas is never going to be able to recruit with the big boys in the SEC so Arkansas needs a coach that can turn two and three stars in to four stars. (See Missouri)
Kentucky just beat the team (at home) who lost to San Jose State. Arkansas and Kentucky are just ahead of Vandy as the worst teams in the SEC. The SEC is top heavy with some very good teams but the bottom half is so bad they embarrass the league.
As bad as Malzahn has been treated at Auburn, I believe he would have taken this job if he thought you could win at Arkansas. However, Arkansas should at least be as good as Ole Miss and Mississippi State but are Vandy II right now. And should be able to beat a team who can’t pass the ball.
Again, Kentucky has no offense because they have no quarterback and can’t score. Hogs will win if score 21 points.
Kentucky will be the worst offense Hogs have played. Score 21 points and win the game.
Red helmets are great. I prefer the all white bit red pants is okay. Just forget the white helmets.
Gus is pretty good when he has the most talented team but who isn’t. The reason he won in high school was because he coached at schools that had more talent than those he played against. Jimmy’s and Joe’s matter most. That’s why Gus knew not to come to Arkansas. He can’t develop players and he would have trouble recruiting enough 4 and 5 stars there to allow him to win 10 games a year.
In order for Arkansas to win 10 games, the Hogs would have to win 4 non conference games, beat Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Missouri and the other SEC East team, plus two of the following. Alabama, Auburn, Texas AM, LSU. How often do you believe the Hogs can do that. In reality, the Hogs should be able to win 7 or 8 consistently. But even then, that means they must win all 4 non conference games and 3 conference games for 7 wins and 4 for 8 wins. Knowing they probably can’t beat Alabama, Auburn, or LSU, the must win 3 of the 5 remaining games. Who can they consistently beat? My point is that in no way is Arkansas a 10 win team consistently. Neither is Texas AM.
Keep winning and they will come. I think the Wyoming loss has affected attendance just because it has tempered some of the enthusiasm and expectations. You also can’t blame Mizzou fans for being scared to go all in yet because it is difficult not to remember the way Mizzou failed to win the SC and Ky games last year. We don’t want to be so disappointed again. Get to the Ga game 8-1 and just play them a good game and I believe you will see a full house for Florida.
Cale Garrett is not only a great player, but he when he makes a great player, he just acts like he has done it before. No beating on the chest or taunting. Very refreshing to see. It is sad he is out for the season. Th one injury along with Kelly Bryant the team could not afford.
If anything, the Wyoming game has made Mizzou more dangerous. They were embarrassed and learned that every game and every play they have to bring it. What is bad is that arguably the best linebacker in the SEC is out for the season. But if you have not watched them you probably don’t realize how good they are.
How can Sports Illustrated believe Hogs have chance to beat Missouri? Every year when looking at possible wins, people list Mizzou. I guess Arkansas could beat them if Mizzou doesn’t try and turns the ball over 5 times. Otherwise, they will run all over the Hogs.
He can’t afford tags on his car? Or just irresponsible and not very smart?
it wasn’t pass interference. He was in the way of a guy who was trying to get to Starkel and got creamed. That was a terrible decision to throw a pass into that crowd.
Not going to cut it in the SEC or against teams like San Jose State.